Finding the perfect flattering dress can be such a struggle, we know! You scroll through pictures hoping for inspo, browse website after website, and try on every dress in the store - but nothing ever seems to fit quite right.

But we have some super exciting news that can change the game - learning to sew. Yay! How? Sewing blogs!

When you can craft your own clothes, the possibilities are endless. You choose the fabric, dictate the design, and make sure it hugs your curves in all the right places. No more feeling squished in spots or swimming in others.

Making your own outfit is so empowering too. No more praying the sales rack has something in your size. Take the reins and create looks that let your unique style shine. The best part is you'll fall in love with how you feel wearing something you put together with your own two hands.

So grab some beginner sewing patterns and let's discover the best sewing blogs together!

🧶 How We Picked Best Sewing Blogs

Here are some chill factors to consider when picking the dopest sewing blogs:

  • Projects: You wanna see all the fly stuff they're making, from clothes to accessories to home decor and beyond. Photos of the finished projects are key.
  • Skill level: Think about if you're a beginner or more advanced sewist. Find blogs suited to where you're at skill-wise.
  • Supplies: Do they recommend good fabrics, patterns, tools? Bonus if they list specific ones they used for each project.
  • Teaches: Make sure they actually teach you how to sew each project, not just show the finished look. Step-by-step tutorials are clutch.
  • Style: Check if their vibe gels with your own taste - lowkey, bold prints, vintage vibes, modern sleekness, etc.
  • Writing: The writing should be easy to digest. Not a bunch of long-winded fluff - keep that tutorial info flowing.
  • Design: An aesthetically pleasing blog is more fun to look at and cruise around on the reg. Bonus for original graphics too.

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As website experts, we really understand what makes people love a blog. Things like intuitive layouts, options to personalize, fast load times on any device.

So you can trust that we know how to pick out awesome blogs specifically for your needs.

30 Best Sewing Blogs to Fuel Your Passion 🧵

1. The Crafty Gemini

The Crafty Gemini sewing blog

The Crafty Gemini

Come on over to The Crafty Gemini site run by the one and only Vanessa. She'll show you around in her funny intro video. This is the best sewing blog that is full of cool stuff for any crafting lady like you.

You'll find loads of video guides to teach you all sorts of projects. And we mean lots - over 450! Vanessa explains everything in a way that's easy to follow. You'll be crafting in no time with her help.

The Crafty Gemini has online clubs too and patterns galore to make your own things. Shopping is also on the site with fabrics and tools and whatnot.

2. Whipstitch

Whipstitch sewing blog


This is one of the best DIY blogs out there for you! It's run by this lady named Deborah and man, does she love to sew.

On the blog you'll find lots of fun posts about all the clothes and quilts and other stuff Deborah makes. She takes tons of pictures so you can see exactly how each project comes together step-by-step. Deborah also writes easy to understand so even us new sewers can follow along.

There's recipes for dresses, shirts, pants - you name it! She's also got tutorials for learning how to quilt if you want to try that.

3. The Sewing Loft

The Sewing Loft sewing blog

The Sewing Loft

Another one among the sewing websites that you should check out! It's run by Heather, who just loves crafting and quilting.

On her blog you'll find all kinds of fun projects to make. Heather posts easy patterns for bags, clothes, quilts - she even shows you how to use up those scraps of fabric! The patterns are super easy to follow even for beginners. Plus Heather gives lots of tips on sewing techniques and tools. She also has free online classes if you want extra help.

If that wasn't enough, Heather has a shop with more patterns you can buy. Oh, and she has videos on YouTube too! You'll always find new stuff to inspire your creative sewing side.

4. 🥇 Our Favorite - Tolly and The Buttons

Tolly and The Buttons sewing blog

Tolly and The Buttons

It's run by Tilly, who loves fashion, sewing and creativity. On the site you'll find all kinds of fun projects and patterns to make.

Tilly shares easy tutorials for clothes, quilts, bags - she even shows you sewing techniques and tips. The tutorials have tons of clear pictures so are super easy to follow. And Tilly gives you free online workshops if you want to learn more.

There's also an online shop where you can buy patterns or sewing books. Oh, and don't forget to check out Tilly's blog for more inspiration!

Why is Tolly and The Buttons Our Favorite?

They post fresh new projects almost every week too so it keeps us motivated to sew more. Also their blog itself has a clean, colorful aesthetic that's easy on the eyes and a vibe we love cruising. For all these reasons, Tolly and The Buttons is for sure our MVP fave blog to stay inspired and improve our skills.

5. The Orange Lingerie Blog

The Orange Lingerie Blog sewing blogs

The Orange Lingerie Blog

It's run by a company that makes sew-your-own lingerie patterns. This is one of the sewing websites that got all sorts of easy patterns you can download so you can stitch your own bras, undies, slips and more.

The patterns have clear instructions with lots of pictures so are fun and easy to follow. They also do video classes if you wanna learn special techniques.

On the site you'll see all their cute pattern choices, plus tips for materials and fit. Oh, and they share customers' awesome creations on their blog too! Whether you're new to sewing or a pro, Orange Lingerie is perfect if you wanna make your own fancy undies.

6. Sew Sweetness Blog

Sew Sweetness Blog sewing blog

Sew Sweetness Blog

It's run by Sara, who loves making all kinds of cool bags and projects and runs one of the best sewing websites. On her site, Sara shares tons of free and easy patterns to sew bags, quilts, accessories and more.

The tutorials have super clear pictures so even beginners can follow along. Sara teaches online classes too if you wanna learn new skills. She also tells her life story and how sewing became her passion.

Whether you're new to sewing or a pro, Sew Sweetness is the place to find fun patterns to try. Sara will give you heaps of inspiration with her cute creations.

7. Made By Rae Blog

Made By Rae Blog sewing blog

Made By Rae Blog

This is Rae's blog, she designs the coolest patterns for clothes and more. Rae started her blog years ago when she was home with her kids.

Now she shares heaps of fun projects anyone can make. Her tutorials have super clear photos so you'll have no troubles following along. Whether you're new to sewing or a pro, you'll find tons of inspiration on Made by Rae.

Rae tells her story of growing her family and business. She seems like such a happy lady! We bet if you visit this one among sewing blogs for beginners, you'll leave feeling creative and ready to start your next sewing adventure.

8. So Sew Easy

So Sew Easy sewing blog

So Sew Easy

It's run by Mayra who's been sewing her whole life. Mayra grew up in Panama where she started sewing as a little kid.

Now she shares all kinds of cool projects anyone can make. On her blog you'll find free patterns, tips and tutorials with super clear photos. Whether you're new to sewing or a pro, So Sew Easy gives heaps of ideas.

Mayra has lived all over like Africa, the Caribbean and Asia. She brings these experiences to her designs. This is the perfect sew craft blog to get inspiration.

9. Cashmerette

Cashmerette sewing blog


Check out this awesome sewing blog! It's run by Jenny, who designs the coolest clothes for curvy ladies. Jenny started sewing when she was older cause nothing fit her right.

Now on her site, she shares easy to make patterns for all sizes. Whether you're a newbie or pro sewer, Cashmerette has what you need. Jenny puts so much work into fitting real women's bodies perfectly.

We bet you'll find heaps of inspiration browsing Jenny's cute styles. She seems like such a happy lady who just wants everyone to feel good in their bodies.

10. Charmed Patterns

Charmed Patterns sewing blog

Charmed Patterns

It's run by the super talented Gertie. Gertie designs the prettiest vintage styles ever. Truly one of the top fashion blogs!

She got super famous cause she made all the dresses in this old sewing book. Now Gertie shares videos and patterns for anyone to try. Whether you're new to sewing or a pro, Charm Patterns gives heaps of ideas.

Gertie seems like so much fun too - she's been on TV shows and writes books! We bet her blog will get you fired up to dive into your next sewing project.

11. Mood Sewciety Blog

Mood Sewciety Blog sewing blog

Mood Sewciety Blog

Mood Fabrics is a super cool fabric store that has all sorts of amazing materials you can use for your crafting projects. But beyond that, they have this cool blog.

They've got all sorts of posts about sewing, fabrics, fashion and more. Whether you wanna learn new skills or just see what styles are trending, there's something for everyone.

You'll find free sewing patterns to download so you can make your own cute outfits. They have tutorials to teach techniques like working with different materials. And there's also fun stories about the latest looks on the runway.

12. Made Everyday with Dana

Made Everyday with Dana sewing blog

Made Everyday with Dana

This page introduces Dana, the lady behind Made Everyday. Dana loves getting crafty making all sorts of stuff, so this is one of the thrift fashion blogs.

She shares fun projects you can sew yourself using regular materials around the house. Even if you've never sewn before, Dana will show you easy ways to learn.

You can also check out her online TV show with the same name for more ideas. She has lots of tutorials, recipes and a fabric book in her shop too.

13. BurdaStyle Blog

BurdaStyle Blog sewing blog

BurdaStyle Blog

The Burda Style blog is super cool if you like a sewing blog. They post all sorts of fun stuff like tutorials for making your own clothes.

You can learn how to add cool details or try different techniques. We especially like when they show examples made by readers - it's inspiring to see what others create!

They also share trend stories to give you sewing inspo. Check out their fashion posts. And you can get tips for picking fabrics too so you know what works best. With colorful pics and simple instructions, the Burda Style blog makes sewing seem totally possible and fun.

14. Polkadot Chair

Polkadot Chair sewing blog

Polkadot Chair

They've got tons of free patterns for all sorts of projects you can make. Whether you're just starting out or are more experienced, there's sure to be something fun to try.

They make everything easy to follow too with simple instructions and pictures for each step. You can search their blog by category too so you can easily find just what you're looking for, like bags, clothing or holidays.

They've even got recommendations for beginner projects if you're new to sewing. With so many cute things to make, it's hard to pick favorites!

15. Sew Liberated Blog

Sew Liberated Blog sewing blog

Sew Liberated Blog

The Sew Liberated is one of the sewing blogs that is super cool for anyone into sewing their own clothes and more. They've got all sorts of patterns you can make like pants, dresses, tops - the options are endless!

All their projects look super comfy and stylish. You'd love browsing to get new outfit ideas. The patterns seem beginner-friendly friendly too since they explain each step clearly.

But more experienced sewers will probably find some challenges too. People share photos of what they made using the patterns, which is neat for getting inspo. The bloggers also post helpful sewing tips and thoughts on slow living.

16. We All Sew

We All Sew sewing blog

We All Sew

We All Sew is super cool for anyone who likes making stuff by sewing. Whether you're just starting out or really experienced, there's tons of project ideas to check out.

They have patterns for quilts, clothes, accessories and more. The site is fun to browse to get inspiration for your next craft. All the guides have clear photo steps so even beginners can learn new techniques.

It's also neat seeing what other people make from the same patterns. The bloggers share handy sewing tips too, plus news on the latest tools. They really want everyone to feel welcome in the community.

17. Noodlehead

Noodlehead sewing blog


The Noodlehead blog is of the sewing blogs for anyone into sewing and crafts. They share so many cool patterns you can make, like bags, wallets, clothes - the options are endless!

All the projects look so stylish too. The tutorials have really clear step-by-step photos so even beginners can learn.

It's also fun seeing what fabrics other people used to make the same patterns. The bloggers share practical sewing tips too, plus news on new fabric collections. They seem like they really want everyone to feel welcome.

18. Melly Sews

Melly Sews sewing blog

Melly Sews

Melly Sews is super cool for anyone who loves making their own clothes and projects.

The author shares lots of fun sewing patterns you can try, like shirts, dresses, accessories and more. All the tutorials have clear step-by-step photos too so even beginners can learn. You can steal new crafting ideas!

It's also neat seeing what fabics other people used to make the same things. Melly gives handy sewing tips as well which is helpful. She seems really welcoming to people of all skill levels. The blog is inspiring to fuel your creativity and meet others who enjoy DIY crafting.

19. The Crafty Gentleman

The Crafty Gentleman sewing blog

The Crafty Gentleman

Mike shares tons of neat projects you can try like sewing, woodworking, leather crafting and more. It's also fun seeing what tools and materials he recommends.

All the tutorials have really clear photos so even beginners can follow along. Mike seems really friendly and wants everyone to feel welcome doing crafts.

He shares practical tips which is helpful. Whether you're just starting out or more experienced, The Crafty Gentleman is inspiring and gives you ideas for your next fashion project.

20. The Fold Line Blog

The Fold Line Blog sewing blog

The Fold Line Blog

The Fold Line blog is super awesome for any sewers out there. They share heaps of cool patterns you can make like clothes, toys and home decor. They also give handy tips which is helpful when you're stuck on a project.

It's also neat seeing what other people have created using the same patterns. The tutorials have really clear photos too so even beginners can follow along.

The Fold Line team seems really friendly and wants everyone to feel welcome crafting. Whether you're just starting out or more experienced, their blog is inspiring and full of new ideas for you. Can we also appreciate that The Fold Line is one of the most creative fashion blog names out there?

21. Fabric Wholesale Direct Blog

Fabric Wholesale Direct Blog sewing blog

Fabric Wholesale Direct Blog

They've got awesome guides on everything like how to sew different types of fabric and clothes. There's also glossaries to explain all the technical terms so nothing is confusing.

We especially love how the posts have tons of clear photos so it really feels like someone is walking you through the project step-by-step.

The bloggers do a fun job making it seem pretty easy to tackle bigger tasks like making a dress.

22. Sew Can She

Sew Can She Sewing Blog

Sew Can She

They've got tons of free sewing patterns you can choose from to make whatever you want. There are patterns for quilts, bags, accessories, clothes - you name it!

Everything is clearly explained so even beginners can follow along. The best part is all the patterns are free to download so you don't gotta pay for anything.

Some super cute projects are zipper pouches, gift boxes, quilts made from fat quarters, and organized home things like baskets.

23. Grainline Studio Blog

Grainline Studio Blog sewing blog

Grainline Studio Blog

They share lots of tips and tutorials on their patterns. Their patterns are really cool cause they have styles for tops, dresses, jackets - heaps of options! The pictures always make you wanna give the projects a try.

If you're new to sewing, don't stress - the instructions look deadset easy to follow. They use simple words to explain everything.

The blog is also fun cause you hear about behind-the-scenes stuff at Grainline Studio.

24. Guthrie & Ghani Blog

Guthrie & Ghani Blog sewing blog

Guthrie & Ghani Blog

This blog is full of awesome stuff if you like sewing your own clothes and homewares. They share heaps of tutorials on how to make cool projects using their patterns and fabrics.

The pictures always look so neat! There's also fabric reviews so you can see what you can make with different types.

If you're new to sewing, don't stress. Lauren writes everything so simply even I could follow along. They also have sweet tips on sewing techniques which is hills handy. Oh and they have giveaways sometimes of patterns and fabrics.

25. A Rose Tinted World

A Rose Tinted World sewing blog

A Rose Tinted World

This blog has heaps of awesome sewing and craft ideas that are super fun to do.

Jo from UK shares everything from easy Halloween decorations to cool Christmas decor made from fabric. Some of the projects look so cool, like the padded fabric Christmas tree!

Jo loves getting creative with her little girl which is cute. There's heaps of inspiration if you want to make your own stuff or do some arts and crafts with the kids.

26. Sew Over It

Sew Over It sewing blog

Sew Over It

This is one of the best sewing blogs out there. They have loads of awesome sewing patterns you can download for dresses, tops, bags - all different skill levels too. They also have heaps of fab fabrics to choose from for your projects.

You can even learn new sewing skills through their online classes! It's awesome cause you can watch tutorials at your own pace on whatever techniques you're trying to learn.

Heaps of friendly sewers share pics of what they've made too which is always inspiring.

27. Curvy Sewing Collective

Curvy Sewing Collective website blog

Curvy Sewing Collective

This blog is awesome for any sewists with a few extra curves. They've got heaps of reviews on patterns for plus sizes so you know what will really work for your shape.

There's also cool tutorials if you need help doing adjustments or just want tips on techniques. Members share pics of their makes which is so inspiring!

You can also find all sorts of other handy info like indie designers that cater to larger sizes, fabric stores with bigger selections and stories from curvy ladies.

28. Sew Mama Sew

Sew Mama Sew sewing blog

Sew Mama Sew

This site is full of awesome free patterns for all sorts of stuff. They've got tons of clothing patterns like dresses, tops and skirts that are easy to follow.

There's also tons of other crafty patterns for things like face masks, rice heating pads and stuff.

They also have super helpful tutorials to learn new skills. Whether you're brand new or just want tips on something specific, they got you covered.

29. Oliver And S

Oliver and S sewing blog

Oliver and S

They share heaps of free sewing patterns you can download so you can whip up tops, dresses and other fashion on a budget. The posts also have loads of helpful tips on fabrics to use, how to style things and tutorials for new techniques.

It's really inspiring to see what other people make too. They share pics on Instagram and Flickr of their own creations, as well inspiration from around the web.

Whether you're a total newbie or an expert sewer, this blog is fun to browse for fashion on a dime and learning new skills.

30. Nancy Zieman Blog

Nancy Zieman Blog sewing blog

Nancy Zieman Blog

This blog keeps the legacy of the legendary sewing guru Nancy Zieman alive. Even though she passed away a few years ago, her friends and team still share her great tips and tutorials online. They want to spread her love of stitching to both new and experienced stitchers.

You can tell they really want to honour Nancy and her teachings. As well as lessons, they post about new fabric patterns and chat about sewing challenges people can join in.

Whether you're just starting out or an old pro, there's heaps to inspire you to pick up your needles. It's really cool they keep Nancy's wisdom going so others can learn her fast and easy sewing ways.

Wrapped Up 🪡

Hope you got lots of inspiration from checking out these awesome sewing blogs! There's so much to discover with free patterns, tutorials and just general crafty awesome-ness.

We'd say take some time to properly browse the sites and see what they're all about. Some blogs post super regularly so following them means your feed will be full of new ideas all the time.

Definitely bookmark this article or save the links so you can easily go back for more.