Running short on name ideas for your brand new fashion blog? As hard it might seem, choosing a name for your blog that’s just perfect is absolutely critical. Read as we list 189 fashion blog name ideas to help you kick start your blogging journey. Plus, extra bonus, you’ll get to read insider tips on what to do and what to avoid while crafting the name for your fashion blog.

Let’s get started.

Explore: 189 Fashion Blog Ideas for You to Steal

Get inspired or simply copy-paste. Here is everything in different categories to help you choose a name that’s more customized for your blog:

Catchy Fashion Blog Name Ideas

  1. Fashionstar
  2. Iconic Sparkle
  3. Dang Fashion
  4. GenZ Stylist
  5. Expresser
  6. Bold Chic
  7. Bold and Glamorous
  8. Wearing It
  9. Insider Stylist
  10. FMagazine
  11. Fashion Fixed
  12. Fall Fashion
  13. Keep Styling
  14. Fashion Insider
  15. Latest Iconics
  16. Beauty Babe
  17. Glamor It
  18. Fashion Stories
  19. 9to5 Fashion
  20. Hang of Fashion
  21. Style Junkie
  22. Dope Magazine

Creative Fashion Blog Name Ideas

  1. Blush and Glow
  2. Mr.Styler or Ms.Styler
  3. Fearless Fashion
  4. Fashion for Everyone
  5. Badass Styles
  6. Solid Style
  7. FitsWell
  8. WearWhat
  9. Curvy Guide
  10. Pacific Specific
  11. Celeb Fashion
  12. Undoing Style Cliches
  13. GenZ Stylebook
  14. Fashion Feed
  15. All Things Style
  16. Classic Modern Fashion
  17. Fashion Sincere
  18. Colorful X (Your name)
  19. Him & Her Styles
  20. Snaps and Style
  21. Style with Me
  22. Off Duty Fashion Officer
  23. Wholesome Fashion

Quirky Fashion Blog Names

  1. You wore what?
  2. Wore That Already
  3. What to Wear
  4. Wardrobe Gone Wrong
  5. Better Fashion Sense
  6. From Flop to Fab
  7. Fashion Codes
  8. No BS Fashion
  9. Blonde Gone Stylist
  10. Fashionary Blog
  11. Style Cravings
  12. Striving for Style
  13. Fashion Maniacs
  14. Fashion Gone Monica Geller
  15. Better Ways to Style
  16. Retro to 3D Fashion
  17. Fashion for Virgins
  18. Fashion from Future
  19. Home and Fashion
  20. Fashion Gone DIY
  21. Aiming Affordable Fashion
  22. Fashion in 4K
  23. Fashion Beans Spilled
  24. Everything Goes Fashion

Cool Fashion Blog Name Ideas

  1. Snappy Styles
  2. Focus Fashion
  3. Fresh It Up
  4. Style by Choice
  5. Fashion by Choice
  6. Fashion Innings
  7. (Yourname) Fresh
  8. She Walks
  9. Luxury Icons
  10. Fashion26
  11. Blush with Style
  12. Sassy Styles
  13. Style Island
  14. Me and Dresses
  15. NYK Chich Stylist (Put any city)
  16. Retro Fashion
  17. Posing Near Wardrobe
  18. Sparkle Wears
  19. Pretty Party Wear
  20. The Wear Place

Unique Fashion Blog Name Ideas

  1. Yes to Fashion
  2. Collections Restyled
  3. Style Meets Chic
  4. The Wanderer Stylist
  5. Cultural Stylist
  6. Beyond Fashion
  7. Chic Wears
  8. Clash of Styles
  9. Style Toasts
  10. Fashion Vitamin
  11. Pinch of Glam
  12. Luxury Made Affordable
  13. Outfit Arena
  14. Fashion Village
  15. Art Style Class
  16. Queen Designer
  17. Style Depicted
  18. New Style Vibes
  19. Everyday Uncommon Styles
  20. Vague Made Trendy

Cute Fashion Blog Name Ideas

  1. Miss Fashion
  2. Her Beauty Portal
  3. Stay at Home Model
  4. Get Ready with Coffee
  5. Unpolished Beauty
  6. Street Beauty Magic
  7. Fashion Magic Everyday
  8. Featured Fashion
  9. Hair Gone Cute
  10. Styling for Him
  11. Her Style Choice
  12. Dresses Gone Prettier
  13. Fashion Imagined
  14. Beauty Gone Blushed
  15. Morning Coziness
  16. Naughty Style Choice
  17. Beauty Sun kissed
  18. Magazine for Her
  19. TikTok Stylist
  20. Ready in 2 Minutes

Inspirational Fashion Blog Name Ideas

Inspirational Fashion Blog Name Ideas

Inspire others

  1. Fashion Advised
  2. Learning New Styles
  3. Expanding Fashion
  4. Adapting New Styles
  5. Finding Vibes
  6. The Lifestyle Cover
  7. Elite in Mundane
  8. Style Never Stops
  9. Wrist Never Empty
  10. Magic Style Beans
  11. Class Meets Fashion
  12. Born to Style
  13. Street Fashion Icon
  14. Unknown Celeb Stylist
  15. Glam Fam
  16. Pro at Vibes
  17. Get Picked
  18. Be in the Trend
  19. Fashion Hot Shots
  20. Style Gone Sexy

Men Fashion Blog Name Ideas

  1. All Men Styled
  2. Men’s Fashion Palace
  3. Fashion for Manly Men
  4. Men Fashion Highlights
  5. Featured Fashion for Men
  6. Beard Styled
  7. Gym Bro Styles
  8. Man of the Town
  9. 20Something Men Fashion
  10. Alpha Wears
  11. Street Champ Styles
  12. Men Style Chemistry
  13. What Men Wear
  14. Digital Men Style Guide
  15. Gents Fashion Revoked
  16. Suit Styles for Men
  17. Men Chics Dig
  18. Styles for Himself
  19. The Coolest Men in Town
  20. Men’s Fashion Guru

General Best Fashion Blog Name Ideas

  1. Shine and Style
  2. Fashion Vela
  3. Go Style or Go Home
  4. New Fashion for New Gen
  5. Fashion Bold
  6. Bold Chic Styles
  7. Full Time Fashion
  8. Styling Kings and Queens
  9. Babe Gone Visco
  10. Future Forward Fashion
  11. Fashion Ends Here
  12. Broken Fashion Fixed
  13. Fashion Myths & Truths
  14. Discovering New Styles
  15. What’s Best to Wear Today
  16. Born Stylist
  17. Style Ambitions
  18. Style Crew
  19. Styles Not Coming Slow
  20. And It Styled

Insider Guide: 9 Tips on Discovering a Fashion Blog Name that Just Feels Right

Below, you’ll find expert tips on discovering a new fashion blog name. Some dos and don’ts, and some quick hacks to get the wheels moving fast in the right direction.

Start with this first and foremost step:

1. Figure out the nature of your fashion blog

The first step will be to figure out exactly what your blog is about. Just a simple broad and general fashion blog name won’t cut it. Get specific with your content ideas, and name accordingly. Here are some questions that will help you figure out:

  • What content will you be publishing more frequently?
  • Who is your exact target audience you’ll speak to?
  • What do you want your blog to feel like? Bold? Empathetic? Clever? Humorist?
  • Pick any 3 to 4 words that best describe your blog and the overall feel of it.

Once you discover all that, the next steps will be much easier and direct to follow.

2. Brainstorm new ideas

Seems like an obvious thing to do, right? The problem is some people might find it difficult to narrow down and focus on one single thing. Especially, when they’re unaware of where to start.

Here’s a single most important tip on brainstorming new ideas, which you can learn from a big name in history. It can help in brainstorming for your new fashion blog name:

  • Consume relevant content, like movies, fashion vloggers on YouTube, photographs, or fashion magazines. Do it just before sleeping.
  • Don’t obsess over it. Be free and try not to think about it. And let the subconscious brain do its magic.
  • Next, first thing in the morning, sit alone for a while, or go for a walk, and start churning out epic ideas for your fashion blog’s name. Focus on the content you’ll be publishing, and how your blog should feel like to your audience. You’ll be surprised how fast and good you start pouring ideas. From your brain to right onto your notes. Write everything that comes out, there’s nothing good or bad about them. Those are just ideas.
  • After that, give yourself a short break. Come back, and start filtering the names that have the required characteristics, and boom! You have it.

I learned it from one of the best writers ever lived on the planet, Ernest Hemingway.

3. See what your peers are up to

See what’s already working. Google ‘fashion blogs’ or go to FeedSpot, and analyze hundreds of top fashion blogs.

Get inspiration. Try to do something similar because that stuff is already popular, and the audiences can relate to them easier and better.

analysis competitors

Get inspiration from the competitors

If you find a name that you’d wish you had, alter it a bit. See if you can include a word or a letter, or throw your name in between.

It’s all about getting creative, trying different things, and figuring out what just ‘clicks’.

4. Keep it shorter than 15 characters (and when to exceed)

Go with something short, punchy, and compact. Look at the examples: Gucci, Zara, Adidas, Rolex, Prada, Armani, Hermes, and Nike. These are some of the biggest brands in the fashion industry. Can you dissect the single most obvious pattern in their name?

They’re short and punchy. Do you think it’s just a coincidence? Not likely. It’s a well-sorted out marketing strategy with great minds behind it.

Shorter names are almost always easy to remember, easy to get on the tongue, and are easy to spell. Of course, that’s not the only thing that makes these brands so successful. But you get what I’m talking about.

Your best guess would be to always choose something simple, short, and memorable.

However, that shouldn’t stop you from thinking out of the box. Sometimes you can go with even two or three words if that sounds memorable enough.

For example, Go Style or Go Home. It feels a bit longer, but it has that kick of relevancy that can help it go viral or at least become memorable.

5. Adding keywords in your fashion blog’s domain (and does it even matter?)

Google already denied in their Tweets that adding exact keywords in your domain doesn’t help in ranking directly at all. Sure, it was a ranking factor before 2012. But, Google quickly figured out it was becoming more spam than helpful. Watch as Sam explains in detail.

Including a keyword in your domain name is only a good practice in the sense that your audience might find your blog relevant. And that too comes at a risk of labeling your blog as a spammy site.

For example, if your blog is about the best makeup kits, and you get the exact matching domain, – that straight up might look spammy to your potential readers.

So, the best thing to do is to go with something brandish that people can trust and identify as an expression of their style.

Instead of getting a domain bestmakeupkits, you can get KitStylist, for example. Which feels more brandable.

6. Mix, match, and cross words

By using thesaurus or dictionary, combine different words and phrases. Cross breed words, or put your own name in the middle. You can also find fashion glossaries on Google to see new and never heard words. It’s all a matter of experimenting. After a few tries, you might get something banger.

7. Calling out your audience in your blog’s name

Specifying your audience right in your blog’s name can also be good practice. You’ll be instantly recognized as a blog of their interest.

For example, GenZ Style Guide. Or, Men’s Fashion.

But, that depends upon what type of content and what audience you’re going to target. If you can, call out your audience. It can grab their attention, making you instantly recognizable.

8. Get as specific as you can

Focus on what values and content you’ll be providing on your blog. Really zoom in. Find related terms, phrases, or go-to slangs your audience might use. The more specific you get, the better recognizable you become to your exact target audience you want to speak to.

For example, if you’re blogging about only Men’s Street Style guides, don’t name your blog as Men’s Fashion. That feels too broad and too competitive. Think about all the fashion brands and blogs already existing.

So, can you guess what should be your go-to term? Exactly. Men’s Street Styles, or anything specific and relevant. Of course, that’s just an example, but you get the idea.

9. Don’t forget to check the availability

The name you’d like to have for your blog, there’s a chance it might be already taken. That especially happens when you’re going for ‘.com’ extensions.

check the domain availability

Check domain availability

So once you discover the name, head over to GoDaddy or Bluehost domain name checker. Type the name, hit enter, and see if it’s available.

Your first priority should be to go with the .com extension. Why? Because the .com extension is popular and feels more credible. People are used to it – and this is why, you’ll rarely see brands’ websites’ with extensions other than .com.

But, it’s not a rule though. If anything else, such as .net or .co sits well, you can go for it.

For example, this popular men’s magazine has a .net extension and gets over 80000 visits per month now: That tells .com is not a ticket for success.

And not only on the web, do check the availability on social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as well. Because you’ll be interacting with your audience there, too.

Quick Hack: Use a Fashion Blog Name Generator

Leverage the power of AI. Use Nameboy generator, which will help your creative juices flow. Here’s how you can get the best out of it.

  • Visit Nameboy.
  • From the top right corner, from the drop-down menu, choose the blog name generator set.
  • Next, enter 2 or 3 fashion-related words or keywords where it says in the box. If you’re struggling where to even find those words, simply Google: Fashion Glossary. You’ll have websites with long lists of words, terms, and phrases. Start putting those in the name generator. The best thing is to put the words that are closely related to what type of content you’ll be publishing. For example, a general ‘fashion blog’ might not cut it, if your main content will revolve around makeup kits. So, the better way to do that will be to go with words that surround makeup kits. Take this as an example, and experiment similarly for your blog’s name.
  • After putting those words, hit enter, and you’ll get lists of the names generated. Pick something that you vibe with. Or, take some inspiration. As already told, those names may not be perfectly suitable, but they can at least get the wheels moving.

I recommend Nameboy because, besides generating you blog names, the website also has free resources on growing your blog, marketing, website set up, and more. Cool thing, it’s the oldest AI name generator, helping bloggers and business owners since 1998.

Guide: How to Register Your Fashion Blog Name

You can register your blog’s name to own the copyrights through domain name service providers like Namecheap, GoDaddy, and Hostgator. Prices and other features may vary in each platform.

I recommend Bluehost because it has over 2 million active users and has thousands of positive reviews. And you actually get your domain for free in the first year, if you pair your domain name and their hosting services.

Here’s how you can do that:

  • Visit Bluehost, get started with the desired package, and then you’ll be asked to put your domain name. Type it there, continue, fill in the details, and submit. Once the payment goes through, congrats! You now own your fashion blog’s domain.

Wrapping Up

So, there you’ve it – long lists of fashion blog name ideas, and a guide on how to come up with your own.

Use anything from the lists or discover on your own following the guidelines. Be creative and give the process a little time. But remember, at the end of the day, it’s always about getting started with something. You can always change your domain later if ever needed. The real deal for now is to get started.

Do share your thoughts in the comments.

Or, read the next steps on building and customizing your fashion blog on WordPress.