If you are a fashion enthusiast, thrifting can be one of the most exciting things you will ever do. The best thing about it is the thrill of the hunt, where you get surprised to find something amazing at a low cost. But budget shopping is not the only benefit, thrifting allows you to reuse a product, making it an eco-friendly practice that protects nature.

But the problem is, you need to know how to thrift in the right way and turn a vintage cloth into a fashionable outfit. That may be challenging, but our list of best thrift fashion blogs will help you out.

These bloggers are fashion enthusiasts who will teach how you can look like a celebrity without breaking the bank.

Best Thrift Fashion Blogs and Bloggers You Must Follow in 2023

1. Dina’s Days

Dina’s Days thrift fashion blog

Dina’s Days

Dina will inspire you to spend less by going for secondhand pieces and use your creativity to make something beautiful. She started this thrifted clothing blog to share what she buys, her love for secondhand shopping, and make people aware of the financial and environmental advantages.

From secondhand gift ideas, thrift store recommendations to shopping for secondhand clothes, this is the right thrift stores blog.

2. Fashion Steele NYC

Fashion Steele NYC thrift fashion blog

Fashion Steele NYC

Monroe Steele created Fashion Steele NYC in 2010 to write about thrift fashion. The site has now grown to a popular platform, with 136k followers on Instagram and 58k subscribers on YouTube. This is the best thrift stores blog out there, so make sure to check it out.

3. Key To Fashion

Key To Fashion thrift fashion blog

Key To Fashion

Key To Fashion believes that fashion is a way to tell who you are, express yourself without even speaking a word. Being one of the best resale fashion websites, it is packed with fashion tips and style inspiration.

You will find amazing articles that will teach you to find unique vintage dresses, inform you about the things you can miss while thrifting, educate you about fashion trends, and so on.

4. Thrift Love Life

Thrift Love Life thrift fashion blog

Thrift Love Life

This thrift style blog touches on many topics that include fashion, DIY, and lifestyle. The creator of this blog, Pamela, is from Kingston, Ontario. She will teach how you can have a budget-savvy fashion and lifestyle. Her blog posts like Bohemian dress DIY, turning a blanket scarf into a poncho, and thrift hauls will tell you that creativity has no limit.

5. Never Pay Retail

Never Pay Retail thrift fashion blog

Never Pay Retail

Hannah is an Australian thrifting enthusiast who loves the thrill of finding something interesting and surprising in the op shops. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your thrifting adventures with others, Hannah will make you understand that thrifting not only helps you save money, but it preserves nature and helps many fill their stomach.

You can expect valuable tips and guides in the blog for secondhand shopping.

6. Old World New

Old World New thrift fashion blog

Old World New

If you believe in sustainable living, you are going to love Old World New. Addie Fisher, the founder of this blog, loves to have a sustainable lifestyle that doesn’t harm the environment and maintains natural beauty. Visit her site to start your eco-friendly and sustainable fashion journey. This is a truly unique thrift stores blog.

7. Thrifts and Tangles

Thrifts and Tangles thrift fashion blog

Thrifts and Tangles

Thrifts and Tangles have valuable resources that will teach you the art of thrifting. Tyler Chanel created this blog to help women enjoy thrift shopping and live a sustainable life.

She lives in Los Angeles and will show you her stylish outfits and guide you to find the best secondhand stores. She also delivers content on fashion, lifestyle, hair, gift guides, DIY, and many more.

8. Keiko Lynn

Keiko Lynn thrift fashion blog

Keiko Lynn

Keiko Lynn started blogging when she was in high school and later created this fashion blog. She says that her purpose in opening this blog was to motivate herself to dress up and remain concentrated.

She writes about her daily life, talks about fashion, and shares beauty tips in this blog.

9. Thrift Dee

Thrift Dee thrift fashion blog

Thrift Dee

Thrift Dee by Deeanna Soicher is one of the best Goodwill fashion blogs that will help you find treasures in a thrift store. The creator is an experienced thrifter who has designed a beautiful home by shopping for highly affordable vintage products.

You will love her posts because she will teach you how you can save money and have fun at the same time.

10. Thrifted and Taylor’d

Thrifted and Taylor’d thrift fashion blog

Thrifted and Taylor’d

The author of Thrifted and Taylor’d loves to recycle things to find new uses for the old products. If you are confused about which style suits you the best, the blog will help you find your style.

In addition, she will teach you to take inspiration from social media posts while thrifting and get the best clothes for your closet.

11. Le Hoarder

Le Hoarder thrift fashion blog

Le Hoarder

Michelle Blashka, the creator of Le Hoarder, is a fashion enthusiast mom. This is her online fashion and beauty journal, where she shares her experiences of thrift and style.

She posts beautiful pictures of her dress with the prices she got them, which will certainly inspire you to get into thrift shopping and have more fun without killing your bank balance.

12. Thriftanista in the City

Thriftanista in the City thrift fashion blog

Thriftanista in the City

If you are looking for fun and economical ways of living, this blog will help you the most. Thriftanista in the City by Troy is an excellent fashion and lifestyle blog that is packed with thrift hauls, crafts ideas, and how-to articles to live your life to the fullest.

Troy is from Chicago and is passionate about affordable fashion.

13. GS-JJ.com

GS-JJ thrift fashion blog


GS-JJ is a company that specializes in making custom pins, custom patches, and other products. This is one of the best thrift stores blog where you can learn more about how to decorate your old clothes with pins, patches and other small decorations, and get tips on how to make your old clothes look new, thus making your old clothes more fashionable and eye-catching.

14. The Salvation Army Thrift Store

The Salvation Army Thrift Store

The Salvation Army Thrift Store

Thrift Store is run by The Salvation Army in Canada to fund their social programs and services. This was started by General Booth around a hundred years ago to overcome social and environmental challenges. The blogs contain numerous content on thrift hauls and will inform you about thrift shop fashion.

15. Sadie Seasongoods

Sadie Seasongoods thrift fashion blog

Sadie Seasongoods

Sadie Seasongoods is an excellent blog to learn how to make projects using thrift and vintage pieces. Though it’s not a style blog, you will get inspired by the creativity and thrifting experiences of Sadie. She believes that we should avoid buying new and instead reuse the old. So this is definitely one of the best vintage fashion blogs to check out.

16. A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess thrift fashion blog

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess by Elsie and Emma is focused on fashion, DIY projects, home decors, and recipes. In a popular blog post titled Elsie’s Thrift Tips, the author says that she and her sister started thrifting when they were in high school, and they still love to do it because it allows many pieces at a price of just a few dollars.

17. The Second Hand Stylist

The Second Hand Stylist thrift fashion blog

The Second Hand Stylist

The Second Hand Stylist will help you fill your wardrobe with low-budget fashionable, and sustainable clothes. Rachel’s love for thrifting is visible in the fact that she always prefers secondhand shopping. She runs this blog to encourage people to embrace the eco-friendly practice of thrifting.

18. A Vintage Splendor

A Vintage Splendor thrift fashion blog

A Vintage Splendor

If you want to learn how to get attractive vintage clothes in your collection, this blog can help you the most. The posts will inform you where you can buy vintage clothes, deliver unique vintage gift guides, give you tips for thrift shopping, and many more. This is definitely one of the vintage fashion blogs you need to check out.

19. Let’s Go Thrifting

Let’s Go Thrifting thrift fashion blog

Let’s Go Thrifting

Jackie Jardine started Let’s Go Thrifting in 2010, inspired by her extreme love for writing and thrift shopping. Jackie will share her experiences of visiting flea markets, thrift stores, and secondhand book stores to hunt for vintage fashion pieces, jewelry, books, or anything that interests her. So if you were looking for some vintage fashion blogs, there it is!

20. Thrift Smart

Thrift Smart thrift fashion blog

Thrift Smart

From affordable fashion and makeup tips, helping you understand how smart is a thrifting lifestyle, to informing you about the best thrifty ornament ideas, this blog is going to make you a creative secondhand shopper. Thrift Smart runs one of the largest stores in Nashville, offering excellent used products, including clothes, furniture, books, etc.

21. The Thrifty Runner

The Thrifty Runner thrift fashion blog

The Thrifty Runner

In this thrift shopper blog, the author posts about her secondhand shoppings and the treasure she collects on the first Thursday of every month.

In one of her posts, she wrote about a Lilly Pulitzer Elsa Top she bought at $10, Mountain Hardwear Pyxis Jacket at $7, and Athleta Studio Cowl at 8$. This shows the extreme saving opportunity you get from secondhand shopping.

22. The-Thrift

The-Thrift thrift fashion blog


Here you will find awesome thrift shopping tips, style inspiration, reviews, and ethical news. The-Thrift is one of the best vintage fashion blogs on the internet that will teach how to get into sustainable fashion without killing the fun.

You can expect content on childrenswear, menswear, womenswear, homeware, and vintages shopping.

23. Dressing For Me

Dressing For Me thrift fashion blog

Dressing For Me

The author of Dressing For Me is an influencer from Atlanta, Georgia, who shares her experiences of life and fashion in the blog. She loves styling and has an inclination towards thrift and vintage shopping. The thrift style category in her blog contains many photos showing several of her pretty secondhand finds. So if you are into vintage clothes blogs, don't miss this one.

24. All Things Thrifty

All Things Thrifty thrift fashion blog

All Things Thrifty

Brooke Ulrich, the face behind All Things Thrifty, is a mother of four kids. In the blog, you will find inspiration for thrift fashion and tips for economical shopping.

She shares interesting guides for DIY and crafts that are easy to understand and follow. If you are looking for some cool sustainable projects, don’t forget to check her blog.

25. Chic on the Cheap

Chic on the Cheap thrift fashion blog

Chic on the Cheap

When Lydia bought a turquoise leather bag at $60 from TJ Maxx, she became so excited that she started Chic on the Cheap. Her blog focuses on thrifting fashion, and she shares excellent tips and ideas to help you make the best out of your thrift shopping. She says that she loves fashion, but only when it’s under budget.

26. Sunset Saraid

Sunset Saraid thrift fashion blog

Sunset Saraid

Saraid started this blog as an Instagram account to help others through her creativity and love for fashion. She likes to play with vintage pieces and use them to design something attractive. If you have some cool thrift pieces, you can get featured in her Thrifter Thursday on Instagram. This is one of the best vintage clothes blogs out there.

27. She Thrifts

She Thrifts thrift fashion blog

She Thrifts

Kari founded She Thrifts to share her passion for secondhand shopping. She says I love the thrill of the hunt. In addition, she has also got into the adventure of reselling on eBay, which helped her earn a significant amount of profit. Visit her blog to learn from her experiences.

28. Discoveries Clothing

Discoveries Clothing thrift fashion blog

Discoveries Clothing

Discoveries Clothing is an online thrift store in Canada that sells new and gently used clothes for all age groups and genders. From things to wear on the flight, how you can stop yourself from getting bored, the difference between colors and prints and patterns, to why you should go to secondhand shops, the blog posts will make you a better thrift shopper with a good understanding of styling.

29. Thrifty Chic Shop

Thrifty Chic Shop thrift fashion blog

Thrifty Chic Shop

C Agatha says that she enjoys shopping at thrift stores and vintage shops so much that she starts shopping any time she finds one. The website has a collection of some of her attractive finds of secondhand clothes and accessories. So if you want to follow vintage clothes blogs, we found a perfect one for you.

30. Looking Fly on a Dime

Looking Fly on a Dime thrift fashion blog

Looking Fly on a Dime

Patrice from New York believes that your wallet should never limit your style. She created this site for all the females who want to dress like celebrities but are low on budget. Check her blog to learn from her thrift shopping strategies and fashion tips.

31. Thrift My Fashion

Thrift My Fashion thrift fashion blog

Thrift My Fashion

If you are looking for a blog to help you explore thrifting and an economic life full of joy, Thrift My Fashion can be an excellent choice. Niqua Jeanette from Florida has an intense love for thrifting, and her posts generally are focused on the latest styles.

32. Sammy D Vintage

Sammy D Vintage thrift fashion blog

Sammy D Vintage

Sammy Davis has been thrifting for over a decade now, and 85% of her wardrobe is packed with vintage clothes. Her fashion blog will educate you about styling, tell you how you can find and sell vintage clothes, inform you about the basics of thrifting, and share insightful posts on the history of vintage clothes. This is one of the vintage clothes blogs that will get you inspired.

33. My Thrift Store Addiction

My Thrift Store Addiction thrift fashion blog

My Thrift Store Addiction

My Thrift Store Addiction by Cecilia focuses on projects and DIY made from the surprising thrift finds. Cecilia will show you how you can make incredible crafts from the secondhand pieces that are neglected. All you need is some creativity and passion for thrifting to get started.

34. Thrifty Shopper

Thrifty Shopper thrift fashion blog

Thrifty Shopper

This site contains interesting posts that will make you believe that you should never underestimate what catches your eyes on a thrift store. Thrifty Shopper is run by Rescue Mission, which has 18 thrift stores in several countries. The stores provide funds for financing programs like feeding the hungry and giving shelter to the homeless.

35. The Thrifty Life

The Thrifty Life thrift fashion blog

The Thrifty Life

The Thrifty Life will give you ideas and inspiration for thriving and getting the best out of your vintage shopping. In addition, you will also find informative articles on making and saving money to achieve your financial goals.

36. Two Stylish kays

Two Stylish kays thrift fashion blog

Two Stylish kays

37. Mint and Thrift

Mint and Thrift thrift fashion blog

Mint and Thrift

Gisel Luna believes that thrift shopping is highly thrilling. You can always expect to find stunning pieces in the stores with the inventory constantly changing. In Mint and Thrift, she writes about her personal style, trends, and thrift shopping. She also talks about her major experiences or happenings in her life.

38. Acteevism

Acteevism thrift fashion blog


If you are a strong supporter of sustainable fashion, you need to visit this blog by Megan McSherry. At Acteevism, you can expect posts that will educate you about the ways to move more sustainable, best sustainable swimwear brands, how you can recycle your clothes, where you can shop for sustainable fashion, and many more.

39. Thrift Thrift

Thrift Thrift thrift fashion blog

Thrift Thrift

Lesley Mailman writes about the treasures she finds in thrift stores like shoes, jackets, denim, sweaters, pants, etc. Like most of the bloggers on the list, Lesley gets excited when it comes to thrifting.

40. Chancella Blog

Chancella Blog thrift fashion blog

Chancella Blog

The author believes that you need to use your complete self, including your talents, experiences, love, etc., to succeed in any endeavor. This is how the author created the Chancella blog. The site shares thrift hauls that will make you an expert at secondhand shopping.

41. ThriftShop Chic

ThriftShop Chic thrift fashion blog

ThriftShop Chic

This is another excellent thrift fashion blog that will help you enhance your secondhand shopping experience. The website is a resourceful platform for those who want to learn how to use creativity to make a stylish outfit out of thrift finds.

Apart from these, the blog shares thrift hacks and informs about online secondhand shopping, minimalism, Personal Color Analysis (PCA), etc.

42. Thread and Thrift

Thread and Thrift thrift fashion blog

Thread and Thrift

Mandy Pattullo, the creator of Thread and Thrift, is a printmaker and textile artist. Her blogs contain many posts on DIY, crafts, and thrifting, where she explains her projects with photographs.

43. Born to Thrift

Born to Thrift thrift fashion blog

Born to Thrift

The author of Born to Thrift grew up in a poor Vietnam immigrant family. They always resorted to thrift shopping to meet the ends. The author learned from her mom how to buy stylish and smart pieces. This fashion blog is all about thrift shopping which the author loves even today.

44. Hey Allie

Hey Allie thrift fashion blog

Hey Allie

Allison Kelley believes that thrifting is an exciting treasure hunt that allows you to find surprising pieces and fall in love with it. She posts about her experiences on the blog, which includes her thrifting secrets, lessons learned from thrifting, and DIY ideas.

45. The Spirited Thrifter

The Spirited Thrifter thrift fashion blog

The Spirited Thrifter

Nicole created this blog in 2012 when her husband lost his job, and she found that thrifting allows economical and sustainable fashion. It has been nine years, and she still loves the adventure of shopping in thrift stores. Visit her blog or check her Instagram to see her surprising thrift finds.

46. Eco Thriftly Living

Eco Thriftly Living thrift fashion blog

Eco Thriftly Living

Eco Thriftly Living by Zoe is a sustainable lifestyle blog that will teach you how you can spend less, care for the environment, and still have a lot of fun.

Zoe says that with increasing levels of air pollution, water pollution, and climate change, thrift shopping can be a significant step to protect nature.

47. ThriftStyle

ThriftStyle thrift fashion blog


ThriftStyle says that secondhand clothes are growing in popularity, and one in six people shop in secondhand stores. The blog contains tips and strategies for thrift shopping to help you get the best products at a low price.

48. Elleisforshe

Elleisforshe thrift fashion blog


Elle says she has loved fashion since she was ten years old. When her mom started taking her to the thrift stores, she realized she could make fashionable outfits from what she found.

She created this thrift store finds blog to share what she digs out of her secondhand shoppings and her creativity to make something cool.

49. Inspiration Thrift Store

Inspiration Thrift Store thrift fashion blog

Inspiration Thrift Store

Inspiration Thrift Store had its first shop in New Jersey in 2007 with a mission to provide new and used products at a low cost. The blog posts on the site inform the readers about the latest offers and discounts in the stores. The website also shares shopping guides and talks about fashion trends.

50. OMG! Thrift

OMG! Thrift fashion blog

OMG! Thrift

It's all about thrift shopping, which is basically finding cheap used clothes and stuff at places like Goodwill. The blog gives lots of tips on how to thrift like a pro so you can find the best deals. They talk about why thrifting is awesome too.


This is the list of some of the best thrifting fashion blogs and bloggers that you should follow to be an expert at thrift shopping. You must have realized that thrifting is like embarking on an adventure where you can hunt surprising treasures at a meager cost. Apart from these, secondhand shopping is an eco-friendly practice that allows sustainable fashion.

So, get into this exciting adventure and invent your own unique style. Also, let us know if we have missed any thrift fashion blogs that should have been on the list.