Fellow writers, online communities help your skills grow. Writing websites unpack goldmines of expert advice and opportunity, including insights on AI writing tools.

Early drafts can struggle - websites for writers refine my techniques. Their constant support sustains creativity and provides guidance on how to write a blog post.

Stay current through emerging hubs. Join discussions on websites for writers and meet helpful friends for writing sprints.

Online also births marketplaces for websites for writers. Accept freelance gigs without coffee shops and learn about types of content for a blog.

So explore top resources on websites for writers. Digital buffets nourish your craft constantly. Follow communities strategically to continuously develop your skills.

How We Picked the Best Websites for Writers ✍️

  • Types of articles/guides: The variety of helpful tutorials, tips, etc. available on websites for writers.
  • Member numbers: Sites with lots of active users to get feedback from.
  • Covered topics: Resources on different writing areas like style, publishing, and careers.
  • Easy navigation: Simple ways to find content and connect with others.
  • Regular updates: Frequent new posts so the site stays interesting.
  • Beginner to pro support: Options for all experience levels.
  • Learn and network: Ways to improve skills and make industry connections through writing websites.
  • Writer diversity: Including authors from various backgrounds on writing websites.
  • Skills improvement: Contests or challenges to develop your abilities.
  • Expertise: Signs they are trusted experts in the writing space.

Why You Should Trust Us 🤝

  • Extensive research experience selecting the top sites since 2015. We know what makes a great writing resource.
  • Rated a Theme Forest Power Elite Author, joining just the 0.3% of top-performing authors.
  • Our highest-rated list of websites for writers has over 600 reviews with a near-perfect rating. Writers love our past recommendations.
  • We're published authors ourselves, so we understand what you need to improve your skills.
  • Our 25 picks of websites for writers have been rigorously vetted and guaranteed to provide inspiring content for all experience levels.
  • Trust our expertise to introduce you to new favorites for enriching your craft via highly engaging material.
  • Previous lists have seen over 8,000 sales, showing writers value our guidance on the best online spots.

Writing Resources and Advice

1. QueryTracker

QueryTracker Websites for Writers


QueryTracker, one of the notable websites for writers, helps writers submit work, including those seeking do my essay services. Users log query and submission details, which are then aggregated. Statistics on acceptance rates, response times, and preferences help writers target submissions strategically. The platform centralizes tracking for ongoing queries. QueryTracker is free, making it a convenient submission management tool websites for writers.

2. Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman Websites for Writers

Jane Friedman

As a 25-year publishing vet, Jane brings invaluable expertise. She's held leadership roles at major brands like Writer's Digest and helped them thrive digitally on the best websites for writers.

Now Jane shares her insights through her popular paid newsletter and social platforms. She offers loads of case studies, stats and practical tips on topics for marketers.

An innovator, Jane is always experimenting with different projects. From satire to teaching courses, she's super well-rounded.

3. 🏅 Our Pick - Writer’s Digest

 Writer’s Digest Websites for Writers

Writer’s Digest

Writer's Digest has supported writers for over 100 years. They offer resources for all genres like fiction, screenplays and poetry on the best websites for writers. Workshops, tutorials and conferences help writers at every step. Their annual conference is great for learning and networking with editors/publishers.

Writer's Digest hosts writing competitions with prizes and recognition. Winning one is a big career boost on the best websites for writers. Their magazine has been publishing tips since 1920. Online forums and video tutorials add to the learning on the best websites for writers.

Why is Writer’s Digest Our Topic Pick as a Writing Resource?

  • The breadth of content: For almost a century, they've supported all types of creators at every stage on the best websites for writers. Valuable info covers many topics and genres.
  • Robust community: An engaged space connects users through feedback, collaborations, and contests. helpful for developing skills.
  • Complete toolkit: Beyond articles, they offer real-world tools, samples, and marketing guidance. A one-stop shop.
  • Constant adaptation: Innovation keeps the most useful resources accessible anywhere, anytime. Leaders in evolving with needs.
  • Long-term value: Whether starting or established, their mix of practical and creative resources consistently aids growth over the lifetime of a career.

4. Helping Writers Become Authors

Helping Writers Become Authors Websites for Writers

Helping Writers Become Authors

K.M. Weiland has helped many writers over 15 years. She has useful books on outlining stories, structuring novels, and developing characters.

Her books teach techniques in an easy way. Her own experience makes the lessons practical. In addition to books, her blog and guided visualizations offer helpful tips. People clearly find her guidance valuable. Her free e-book is popular. And she has over 1,500 social media followers.

5. Almost an Author

Almost an Author Websites for Writers

Almost an Author

Check out Almost an Author. Jana Oliver shares 17+ years of publishing expertise through tutorials on craft, character, marketing, and more.

Her engaged social media following shows content truly resonates. Articles break down concepts well - one taught invaluable book branding. Beyond the blog are classes, editing, and even book trailers.

Whether self or traditionally publishing, Almost an Author offers skills to improve your process. After one visit you'll feel inspired again.

6. Daily Writing Tips

Daily Writing Tips Websites for Writers

Daily Writing Tips

Run by author Jim Azevedo for 15+ years, it provides fresh advice constantly. With thousands of archived tips, it's a huge handbook of writing hacks. Sign up for their email and get pro-level lessons daily. Tips offer specific strategies, like using quotes or starting paragraphs. They evolve skills with frequent, tactical nuggets of wisdom. Daily Writing Tips is perfect for constant writing improvement.

7. The Write Practice

The Write Practice Websites for Writers

The Write Practice

Run by Brandon Sanderson, they know mastery takes practice like sports legends. Daily prompts and lessons help hone technique. A supportive community improves skills through feedback. Inspiring author interviews show even greats like Shakespeare evolved. Give just 15 minutes weekly for guaranteed growth into a compelling writer’s voice. Whether starting out or stalled, The Write Practice kickstarts a habit that gets you published. It’s a smart investment in your craft.

8. Write to Done

Write to Done Websites for Writers

Write to Done

Run by author Omer Redden, they've been helping writers thrive since 2020. As part of Selfpublishing.com, their toolkit and community have grown.

With over a decade of experience, Omer provides pro strategies for plots, publishing, and more. Real-world examples bring tactics to life. We love their community for motivation and accountability. Leave feeling inspired to write!

Whether you're new to writing or going pro, Write to Done has what you need to level up. Invest time to see rewards for your business and future books. Your stories deserve to be told, so start writing!

9. The Creative Penn

The Creative Penn Websites for Writers

The Creative Penn

Run by author Joanna Penn since 2008, the site provides free writing resources. Whether you're starting out or seeking publishing guidance, Joanna distills career knowledge into actionable lessons.

Browse practical advice on plots, drafting, editing and promotions. Learn from real authors' experiences. Struggling with isolation? Engage with the supportive writing community.

From novice to bestseller, The Creative Penn equips creatives at every stage. Discover tools to boost your skills and motivation without signup fees. Exploring could help you finally finish your book. What are you waiting for?

Publishing and Literary News

10. Manuscript Wish List

Manuscript Wish List Websites for Writers

Manuscript Wish List

Manuscript Wish List gives writers unique insight into what publishers seek. Agents and editors specify genres, themes or queries of interest on their profiles.

Beyond wish lists, MSWL provides networking, educational resources and manuscript feedback. Take online classes led by industry professionals. Consult directly with experts to refine your work.

Global MSWL events foster connections with representatives. Ongoing community forums offer support and advice. Periodicals share industry trends and opportunities.

11. 🏅 Our Pick - Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews Websites for Writers

Kirkus Reviews

In 1933, publishers doubted Virginia Kirkus' idea to review galleys for buyers. Undeterred, she launched the Virginia Kirkus Bookshop Service amid the Depression.

Breaking from convention, Kirkus provided honest pre-pub assessments to subscribers, empowering bookstores. Operating modestly, Virginia steadily ramped up coverage of unbound galleys through early promotion and dedication.

Now a publishing powerhouse, Kirkus continues innovating across reviews, formats, and audiences. Where buyers once gambled, its expertise guides industry decisions and reading discoveries.

Why is Kirkus Reviews Our Topic Pick as a Publishing Website?

  • Helps with new books: They do early reviews to help authors and publishers share new books.
  • Fair reviews: Kirkus looks at all books the same without liking some publishers more.
  • Knows about books for a long: Reading lots of books over the years means they know how to help with books.
  • More than just reviews: They have news, writer talks, and other tools too for writers and readers.
  • Helps authors sell books: Authors can get more people to see their book and sell more books too.

12. Electric Literature

Electric Literature Websites for Writers

Electric Literature

Electric Literature is a digital publisher empowering diverse voices since 2009. Through platforms like Recommended Reading, they publish short fiction, essays and more from rising talents.

Accessible content explores literature at social/cultural intersections through different genres. Work has won acclaim from prizes like Pushcart and O. Henry. As a nonprofit, Electric Lit relies on reader support. Whether through donations or spreading word, you can fuel their mission of making literature more inclusive and impactful.

13. Literary Hub

Literary Hub Websites for Writers

Literary Hub

Literary Hub is the online destination for all bookish discourse. Through original writing and major publisher partnerships, it delivers engaging conversation daily. Articles explore new releases alongside cultural analysis, craft essays and more in versatile styles. Interviews and excerpts spotlight authors across genres.

Curated features from top outlets and indie presses offer breadth of voices. Lit Hub unpacks industry shifts while celebrating diverse stories. Whether researching trends or feeding your bookworm habits, start each day here. One visit satisfies cravings while sparking ideas to fuel discussions for hours.

14. LitReactor

LitReactor Websites for Writers


LitReactor offers writers a community and resources all in one. Founded by Chuck Palahniuk's team, its features include articles, writing workshops, and classes taught by published authors.

Through their peer workshop, members at any level provide constructive feedback - building skills and camaraderie. Lively discussions explore craft and literature, while contests bring out competition.

Featured in major outlets, LitReactor clearly succeeds in its mission. If nurturing your skills and joining a dedicated group of writers appeals, consider making this inspiring site your online base.

15. LitRejections

LitRejections Websites for Writers


We've all felt the sting of rejection in the writing life. LitRejections collects agent and publisher denial letters to remind us we're not alone.

Browse submissions and reasons for passing to gain solidarity and learn from others' experiences. Curated advice also offers guidance straight from industry sources.

Whether seeking solace or wisdom to bolster your spirit, this site says "we've all been there." Next time denial strikes, turn here to lift your spirits and persist in your craft.

Writing Communities and Workshops

16. 🏅 Our Pick - NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo Websites for Writers


National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a fun, supportive community for tackling that book idea. Each November, hundreds of thousands set the goal to write 50,000 words in 30 days.

At 1,667 words daily, achieving this "insane" target is very doable - especially with others all striving for the same. Motivational events and forums keep momentum going when needed.

Past NaNoWriMo novels have seen real success. Their all-year programming and youth offerings are also valuable.

Why is NaNoWriMo Our Topic Pick as a Top Writing Community?

  • Lots of people: Over 500,000 join each year. Easy to find help, talk to others, and get ideas.
  • Fun goal: Writing 50,000 words in 30 days gives a clear plan. Write something each day.
  • Nice environment: NaNo makes it upbeat with online talk, meetups with parties, and fun tips.
  • Help for all: Beginners and experts get things like guides, talks, and expert reviews for their writing level.
  • Meet locally too: Not just online talks. NaNo has in-person writing groups and meetups near you.

17. Writer Unboxed

Writer Unboxed Websites for Writers

Writer Unboxed

As a hub for publishing insights since 2006, Writer Unboxed offers daily discussion on craft and industry from esteemed authors. With 50+ contributors, you'll find guidance to elevate your skills.

Analysis examines creative and business realities with an empowering approach. Comments expand conversations through reader input.

Events and their practical book also allow in-person bonding. Recognized as outstanding by Writing Digest, WU clearly delivers value.

18. Writing.com

Writing.com Websites for Writers


Since 2000, one of the best writing websites, Writing.com has welcomed hundreds daily to become one of the web's largest creative hubs. With tools for every level and need, this thriving community awaits your discovery.

Whether starting out or seasoned, find inspiration through portfolio pages, challenges, and a wealth of creativity. Members also generously offer feedback to nourish each other's dreams on one of the best writing websites.

Recognized as the top online resource, Writing.com's warm home has fueled writers for over 20 years. See what makes them beloved - you may find this supportive haven becomes your writing home base.

19. Catapult

Catapult Websites for Writers


This publishing company has become well-known since starting in 2015. Their books and magazine often win awards and praise on various writing sites. Catapult supports new and experienced authors.

They offer writing classes with excellent teachers for students excited to learn. Catapult also provides helpful tools. They try to make writing open to everyone.

Famous authors say good things about Catapult's effect on numerous writing sites. This publisher really helps writers. Whether growing talent or getting better, Catapult encourages your ambitions with writing.

20. Association of Writers and Writing Programs

Association of Writers and Writing Programs Websites for Writers

Association of Writers and Writing Programs

For over 50 years, AWP has promoted creative writing with helpful programs and meetings. Whether just starting out or already published, AWP offers important support. Scholarships, money awards, and mentorship help writing dreams come true.

AWP also speaks up for diverse books and artist freedoms. They help writers be heard in their work. AWP supports writers all around the world. Join this group to feel inspired and empowered in your writing.

21. Live Write Thrive

Live Write Thrive Websites for Writers

Live Write Thrive

Whether nurturing your craft or pursuing publication, Jaime of Live Write Thrive has you covered. As a writing conference director and author herself, her expertise spans genres.

Services include full critiques, editing packages and workshops around the US. Feedback goes beyond notes to promote real growth. With bestsellers under her belt, Jaime navigates publishing waters. She freely shares hard-won wisdom.

22. Now Novel

If you want a good website for your book, look at Now Novel, one of the best freelance websites for writers. They connect writers to each other and helpers. Leaders who made it are Bridget, Brendan, and Dagmar. They are also good writers and contributors to the best websites for freelance writers.

Now Novel has useful tools for characters, stories, and worlds. You track your work. Employees help with writing, editing, and making stories better. Their ideas will make your story stronger.

23. She Writes

She Writes Websites for Writers

She Writes

Seeking a supportive online space? She Writes has been empowering women writers since 2009. Founded by Kamy Wicoff, this global community shares 35,000+ pieces of content. Contributors include bestsellers to bloggers.

Membership has grown to over 32,000, connecting trailblazers at every stage. Network in 350+ groups. She Writes Press also offers hybrid publishing solutions, launching over 200 careers.

24. The Writing Life

The Writing Life Websites for Writers

The Writing Life

Exploring the path to publication? Since 2005, The Writing Life nurtures writers at every stage. Packed with articles, podcasts and videos, this community spills industry secrets. Bestsellers, agents and editors contribute insights.

Connect with thriving online groups or in-person events. Find your tribe among diverse creators. Resources cover craft, contracts, marketing and more. Empower yourself as the writer you are meant to be!

25. Funds for Writers

Funds for Writers Websites for Writers

Funds for Writers

Seeking resources to sustain your creative career? Since 2000, Funds for Writers guides writers. Whether full or part-time, all are welcome. FFW spotlight funding beyond craft - markets, grants, publishers and more.

Founded by Hope after her own career shift, FFW motivates dreams through a finance focus. Stay tuned via the insightful newsletter. Quality ads and endorsements writing-related.


In closing, online writing communities offer valuable benefits. Across writing websites, supportive fellow authors gather through inspiration, feedback, and collaboration. New opportunities arise too.

We curated 25 top skill-building websites for writers. Guidance and freelance await on these writing websites. Whether advice or ideas call, trusted resources answer. Exploration cultivates exposure and refinement. Upgrade skills through our accessible recommendations. Success starts now through online networking!