We all know that freelancing online is getting really big these days.

It seems like everywhere you look, more and more people are making money doing freelance work from home. Whether you're just starting out or have been freelancing for awhile, or need to hire a freelancer, it can sometimes be hard to find new opportunities or people.

That's why we put together this list of some of the best freelance websites out there.

No matter what kind of work you do - writing, design, customer service, or whatever - we've got some suggestions for sites to check out.

What is a Freelance Website? 🖥️

Let's make it clear. Basically, a freelance website is an online place where people can go to find people like you (or post jobs for people like you!) to do contract work.

The clients could be companies, individuals, other freelancers - really anyone looking to hire someone temporarily without having to deal with all the formal employer junk.

On these sites, clients will list out jobs they need to get done - stuff like writing articles, designing graphics, sorting data, and more. Then freelancers like yourself can browse through, find something that matches your skills, and bid on or apply for the projects.

How We Chose Top Freelance Websites 📝

To find the top dog freelance platforms, we looked at a few key things. First up was the number of jobs posted. We aimed for sites that had tons of fresh new projects added every single day. No one wants to join a platform with nothing but crickets, amirite?

We also peeked at how long the sites had been around. Obviously newer sites could still be great, but we figured more established platforms probably had their act together.

Next we checked out reviews from real users - both freelancers and clients. It's always better hearing from people who have actually used a site versus just company hype.

Finally, we made sure the sites seemed beginner-friendly but also had complex jobs for more experienced peeps. A good freelance platform caters to all levels.

After reviewing dozens of candidates using these criteria, the platforms you'll meet next stood out as the ultimate All-Star All-Stars.

Best Freelance Websites to Find Work 💼

1. Fiverr

Fiverr freelance website


Fiverr is probably the most well-known site for small freelance jobs or "gigs" as they call them. It started out focusing only on $5 projects way back then, but has grown since then. Now you can find both tiny and bigger tasks.

Freelancing Type: graphics design, digital marketing, writing and translation, programming and probably anything else.


  • Tons of super specific gigs so you can really niche down
  • Easy to set up a seller profile and start taking on projects right away
  • Great for trying out smaller freelance tasks before tackling bigger jobs
  • Established marketplace means plenty of clients browsing
  • You get paid quick once a gig is complete


  • Some complain the site fees eat into already low earnings
  • Harder to build reputation on micro-tasks versus longer-term clients

2. Upwork

Upwork freelance website


Upwork is a major player in the freelance world. It's one of the best places to find some high-paying longer-term projects. This is probably one of the freelance websites you've already heard about. So why not try it out?

Freelancing Type: from programming and tech roles to writing, customer service, accounting, and design work. Tons of opportunities.


  • Employers tend to post bigger, higher paying jobs than other sites
  • Easy to create a detailed profile to show off your skills
  • Get hired on fixed-price contracts or hourly rates for flexibility
  • Great search tools to filter jobs and find perfect matches


  • More competition since it attracts pros from all over
  • May have to submit more proposals before scoring a project
  • Employers can be pickier since they're paying more fees

3. Freelancer

Freelancer freelance website


Freelancer.com is one of the mega sites where people go to find and bid on freelance work online. It's been around forever and has tons of users. Basically one of the most popular freelancing websites out there.

Freelancing Type: standard website builds and app work, but also things like writing, customer service, accounting - you name it.


  • Seriously massive pool of jobs to choose from across a bunch of skills
  • Easy to make a profile and start browsing listings
  • Payment is handled through the site so you know your cash is protected
  • Tons of people use it so good chance of scoring work
  • Great for new freelancers just starting out


  • Site fees eat into your earnings a bit
  • Interface seems a little basic for how huge it is

4. Toptal

Toptal freelance website


Toptal is a site where you can find and hire really skilled freelancers for your projects. They claim all the people on their platform are in the top 3% of freelance talent. So this is a freelance website for hiring.

Freelancing Type: developers, designers, product folks, finance experts, project managers and more.


  • People are supposedly super talented since Toptal screening is intense
  • Good chance projects will get done on time and under budget since folks are experienced
  • Can hire for short or long term work depending on needs
  • -Payment handled through site so you know freelancer will get paid
  • Useful if you need specialists not usually found elsewhere


  • Pricing is on the higher end since you're paying for top talent
  • Smaller pool of freelancers than bigger sites means less options to pick from
  • Might be overkill if your project doesn't require that level of expertise

5. Jooble

Jooble freelance website


Jooble is one of those freelance platforms where you can look for work anywhere in the US and abroad. They've got listings from tons of different job boards all in one place.

Freelancing Type: any industry you can think of - office work, trades, healthcare, education, retail, food service, etc.


  • Massive selection of jobs since they pull listings from all over
  • Can search by location so you see only relevant options
  • Lets you save searches and jobs to look at later
  • Easy to browse popular categories like work from home gigs
  • Mobile app makes searching on the go convenient


  • Lots of listings means it can be tedious to find exactly what you want
  • Quality of postings may vary since they come from different sources
  • Need to apply direct on employer sites so Jooble is just a search engine

6. Aquent

Aquent freelance website


Aquent is a best freelance website that helps other businesses find talent, services, and solutions for their work needs. They've got multiple divisions under one roof.

Freelancing Type: marketing, design, creative roles, programming, project management, and more. They also pair companies with agencies and vendors.


  • One stop shop with different options like staffing, freelancing, and agency services
  • Global reach so you can find talent worldwide
  • Work with big name clients so credibility is solid
  • Provide extras like payment handling and compliance
  • Tools for remote collaboration and project management


  • More expensive than individual talent sites since they offer full solutions
  • Might be overkill if you just need someone for a simple role rather than a whole package
  • Still requires sifting through multiple sites within their network

7. Flexjobs

Flexjobs freelance website


FlexJobs is a best freelance website specifically for remote, work from home, part-time, and flexible style jobs. Everything is hand-screened too so you know it's legit.

Freelancing Type: office jobs like accounting or customer service, creative roles like design or writing, healthcare, education, tech, you name it.


  • Only lists remote and flexible jobs so saves time
  • New jobs added daily across the US and globally
  • Vets each job so you avoid scams
  • Provides advice, skills tests and events to help your search
  • Customer support if you need any help


  • Paid membership model so you have to sign up to see full listings
  • More specialized than a broader job board so smaller pool of options
  • Some jobs may still require occasional in-office work

8. Guru

Guru freelance website


Guru is a freelancer website that connects businesses and individuals to freelancers from around the world. They've got professionals listed in tons of different skills categories.

Freelancing Type: design, development, writing, admin work, accounting, online marketing. The list is long.


  • Huge pool of freelancers globally in many languages
  • Can browse profiles and see reviews/works to pick the best fit
  • Payment protection and options for invoices/milestones
  • 24/7 support if you need help with anything
  • Free to post jobs and get quotes from pros


  • Can be time-consuming to sift through long lists of freelancers
  • No guarantee the lowest bidders will provide great results
  • Some potential freelancers could lack experience

9. LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn Jobs freelance website

LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn Jobs is a section on the popular LinkedIn social network for professional profiles and connections. It's focused specifically on finding new career opportunities.

Freelancing Type: Lots of jobs like admin, marketing, sales. Also tech, healthcare, business, design, writing, and more.


  • Leverage your LinkedIn network and profile to apply
  • Browse jobs posted directly by major companies
  • Filter by location, industry, skills, and more
  • Easy to keep track of applications and open roles
  • Profile shows employers you're active on LinkedIn


  • Freelance options are somewhat limited
  • You need a good LinkedIn network and profile built up
  • Job search features aren't as advanced as dedicated sites

10. SimplyHired

SimplyHired freelance website


SimplyHired is one of the best AI-powered freelance websites that aggregates posts from various job boards and company sites onto their platform. Makes finding options super simple.

Freelancing Type: More general than some sites but often lists contract/freelance roles for things like writing, design, development, translation, bookkeeping, real estate, and personal assistance type jobs.


  • Searches literally millions of jobs from across the web in one place
  • AI assistant helps you find suitable roles
  • Filters by location, remote status, salary and more
  • Lets you easily save searches and set up job alerts
  • Syncs with LinkedIn so you can apply directly


  • Freelance picks are more limited than niche platforms
  • Quality of individual postings can vary widely
  • Has less info on companies vs going direct

11. Behance

Behance freelance website


Behance is mainly an online creative portfolio platform owned by Adobe. Artists/designers use it to display their skills and projects. This is one of the best freelance websites for artistic jobs.

Freelancing Type: graphic design, web design, illustration, photography, branding. Some overlaps with dev like UI/UX. Limited non-creative jobs.


  • Beautiful portfolios to highlight your work and style
  • Large global creative community to connect with
  • Potential clients can discover you through searches
  • Trend data on what's popular in design world
  • Free to set up profile and upload work


  • Not designed as a traditional freelance marketplace
  • You need to actively hunt for or be discovered for jobs
  • Limited filtering/search for actual freelance roles
  • Skill/industries not as diverse as broader sites

12. ServiceScape

ServiceScape freelance website


ServiceScape is a freelance website where you can find talented freelancers to help with all sorts of tasks. Whether you need some writing edited or a design made, they've got pros for it.

Freelancing Type: Big on writing jobs like editing, proofreading, translations. Also graphic design.


  • Huge pool of freelancers across many skills
  • Portfolios help you check out their work
  • Secure payment system for transactions
  • Chat feature for talking to freelancers
  • Filter searches in lots of different ways


  • More writing/creative focused than tech skills
  • No guarantee on quality since it varies by freelancer
  • Smaller community than big freelance platforms

13. 99designs

99designs freelance website


Fellow designers, this is one of the coolest freelance platforms for you. And of course, those who are looking for some slick designs. 99designs is a site where you can source design work from all around the world.

Freelancing Type: design-based freelance jobs like logos, graphics, branding, websites.


  • A wide variety of projects to pick from
  • Contests get you lots of options to pick the best design
  • Feedback helps improve future projects
  • Secure payments through the site
  • Good options if you want quick turnaround


  • Limited to design/visual freelancing mainly
  • Contests mean spending more for revisions
  • Quality varies depending on designer
  • Smaller community than bigger freelance platforms

14. DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd freelance website


DesignCrowd is a site where you can source design work from all over the world. They connect clients with freelance designers globally. Truly one of the most practical freelancing websites out there.

Freelancing Type: visual design like logos, branding, websites, graphics etc. Lots of options for creative freelancers.


  • Huge pool of designers from different countries to pick from
  • Get multiple portfolio options to choose the best design
  • Welcoming rates from designers worldwide
  • Contests ensure quality options within deadlines
  • Easy payment and project tracking system


  • Limited to visual design mainly, less tech jobs
  • Contests mean higher cost than hiring directly sometimes
  • Quality depends on the individual designer

15. SolidGigs

SolidGigs freelance website


SolidGigs is one of the best freelance websites you can use to find freelance projects across many skills. Whether I'm looking for writing, design or dev work, they always have new gigs posted.

Freelancing Type: from web design to content writing. They cover everything from tech to marketing to creative fields.


  • Constant stream of new job postings keeping you busy
  • Detailed job descriptions make it easy to know what's required
  • Simple proposals and contract process
  • Get paid quickly once the work is approved
  • Account managers help land more clients


  • Have to market yourself across many skills
  • More generalist than specialist sites
  • Less communication with clients through the platform

16. Dribble Jobs

Dribble Jobs freelance website

Dribble Jobs

Dribbble Jobs is a part of the Dribbble community site where design work is regularly posted. It connects creative freelancers with companies globally. This is one of the mist popular and coolest freelance sites for designers.

Freelancing Type: Primarily visual design jobs like graphics, branding, illustrations etc. Great for designers.


  • Huge active community of designers to find work
  • Vetted job posts from reputed companies and indies
  • Get exposure to new employers through portfolio
  • Can browse jobs across locations and skillsets
  • Easy to apply directly from relevant job listings


  • Limited to visual design and creative fields
  • Smaller job pool than dedicated job sites
  • Quality of leads depends on individual posters

17. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour freelance website


This is one of the freelance sites that offers a way to connect worldwide as an independent pro. Market your skills well, do great work and gradually develop your profile on the site over time.

Freelancing Type: design, websites, marketing, writing, or anything in between - they've got jobs posted in those areas and more.


  • Global clients and set your own hours
  • See competitive rates and easily contact employers
  • Payment is secured until projects are complete
  • Reputable users who are vetted businesses


  • Competition from many freelancers
  • Building a strong rating takes time
  • Platform fees taken from projects

18. DesignHill

DesignHill freelance website


Whether you're a graphic designer, illustrator or some other type of visual talent - this is one the best freelance website connect with clients worldwide. It's basically an online marketplace full of creative freelance opportunities.

Freelancing Type: logo making, website building, product packaging, t-shirt printing - pretty much anything visual. Illustrations, photos and other art projects are also available.


  • Global clients from over 100 countries
  • Set your own hours and rates
  • Get work in areas like app icons, brochures, books and more
  • Option to participate in design contests
  • Payment is secured through the site
  • Big network of over 150k creative freelancers


  • Stiff competition for gigs
  • Reliant on reviews for repeat work
  • Cut taken by the site on projects

19. Codeable

Codeable freelance website


Codeable is a freelancer website that connects WordPress professionals with clients around the world looking to hire for various projects. Even your skills in UI design tools can be handy on this website.

Freelancing Type: WordPress theme/plugin development, site upgrades, bug fixes, custom solutions and more.


  • Global pool of clients with different timezones and budgets
  • Vetted profile shows your skills and experience to clients
  • Money is secured so you know you'll be paid for jobs
  • Reviews and ratings help build your reputation
  • Quick client responses as their need is matched to your profile
  • Fixed price estimates mean clear costs from the start


  • Stiff competition from other WP pros on the platform
  • Flat fees taken from each project
  • May be less jobs listed compared to broader freelancer sites

20. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit freelance website


TaskRabbit is a site where people in need of misc tasks done can find helpers to do things like furniture assembly, grocery shopping or handyman work. So if you are looking for small tasks, this is one of the best freelance websites for it.

Freelancing Type: local jobs like moving help, yard work, putting Ikea furniture together, waiting in line for tickets, and more odd jobs around town.


  • Find tasks nearby anytime
  • Fast payments after completing jobs
  • Build experience and reviews from tasks
  • Work is flexible around your schedule
  • Directly message clients about jobs
  • wide range of small jobs available


  • Mostly smaller paid tasks rather than major projects
  • More competition from other Taskers in your area
  • Reliant on getting good reviews for repeat clients

21. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely freelance website

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is the best freelance website dedicated to helping people land remote jobs in things like coding, design, sales and other flex work folks can do from anywhere.

Freelancing Type: programming jobs like front-end and back-end development, design positions, customer support roles, marketing freelance jobs and more remote friendly tasks.


  • Jobs from all over the place so more options
  • Dedicated to remote work so no commute
  • Filter by location to find gigs near you
  • Open roles in different fields not just coding
  • Employer reviews to check them out
  • Easy to browse categorized listings


  • Stiff competition for roles as it's popular
  • May have to dig to find hidden remote gems
  • Rely on employers posting openings

22. WellFound

WellFound freelance website


Wellfound connects job seekers with growing startups looking to hire help across many roles from software engineers to salespeople. This is the best freelance website to start a side hustle.

Freelancing Type: tech-related jobs like coding, product roles, designer jobs, marketing, operations, customer success and more at launching companies.


  • Tons of jobs at new and interesting startups
  • Profiles highlight salary and equity upfront
  • Global companies mean different locations
  • One click applications make it simple
  • Browse salary data to know what you should ask for
  • Connect directly with founders hiring


  • Stiff competition for roles at hot startups
  • Less regular updates on roles at bigger companies
  • Have to market yourself effectively among other candidates

23. AuthenticJobs

AuthenticJobs freelance website


Authentic Jobs is a site dedicated to helping creative specialists like designers, developers and other artistic professionals land work. You'll find lots of freelance and full-time jobs cause this is one of the best freelance websites.

Freelancing Type: from design positions to marketing freelance gigs, customer support roles, product jobs, dev work and more.


  • Only creative focused roles not other random jobs
  • Filter by location, employment type etc
  • Employer reviews to check them out
  • Mobile friendly browsing on the go
  • Resume builder tool for applications
  • Open community board to discuss opportunities


  • Might get lost in the creative crowd
  • Employers may not post regularly

24. FlowRemote.io

FlowRemote.io freelance website


Flowremote is one of the best freelance websites to find freelance gigs online. It has a nice clean interface that makes browsing jobs easy.

Freelancing Type: web development, design, and online marketing.


  • Tons of listings from agencies and startups all over the world posted daily
  • Can filter jobs by location, industry, skills needed etc to find the perfect fit
  • Some jobs let you get early access before they're public which gives freelancers an edge
  • Companies seem legit since you can view their website and LinkedIn profiles
  • Platform offers free resources like ebooks and webinars to help freelancers


  • Competition is tough as it attracts freelancers globally
  • Need to have a polished profile and proposals to stand out from the crowd

25. Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance Writing Gigs freelance website

Freelance Writing Gigs

FreelanceWritingGigs is the best freelance website for writing jobs. It's been around for ages and has tons of regular jobs posted. You can easily browse opportunities by clicking different categories like blogs, journalism, editing, and more.

Freelancing Type: This site is strictly for freelance writing jobs. You can write a blog post, for example.


  • New jobs added daily across different genres and topics
  • Can apply directly on the site or find client contact info
  • Tools and resources section helps writers improve their craft
  • Forums to connect with other freelancers and industry experts
  • Sign up for job alerts in your niche so you never miss opportunities


  • Tough to stand out from the many applications employers receive
  • May need to build a portfolio first before getting high paying jobs

Wrapped 🆙

The freelance world can seem intimidating but honestly there's opportunities out there if you put in the effort.

Don't be afraid to try different platforms and niches to find your perfect clients. Building your portfolio and online presence takes a grind but the payoff of flexible freelance freedom is totally worth it.

Keep hustling on sites like these - we're sure with some effort you'll land awesome projects in no time. The online freelance space is only growing so keep that positive mindset.

Now get out there and happy hunting!