Have you ever felt lonely during your journey to losing weight?

If you can easily relate to this, keep reading!

Maintaining weight loss requires ongoing inspiration, guidance and check-ins. That's where weight loss blogs provide crucial support.

We've selected 25 top blogs run by health experts. Consider them your online crew, providing recipes, plans and advice to keep you focused on your goals. Their support will fuel your success all the way to lasting results.

🔝 How We Picked the Best Weight Loss Blogs

When deciding which weight loss blogs to feature, we looked at a bunch of different factors to handpick the best recommendations. Here are the main factors we considered:

  • Practical Content: The blogs needed to provide useful tips, strategies and information, not just general discussions. Our focus was on actionable resources.
  • Consistent Updates: An actively maintained blog ensures readers have fresh, engaging material to stay informed and driven in their journey. We prioritized blogs with regular posting schedules.
  • Varied Perspectives: Individual goals, experiences and circumstances vary. So we featured blogs represented by a diverse range of writers.
  • Clear Communication: While the topics may sometimes be challenging, we looked for blogs that convey their messages understandably.
  • Authentic Experiences: The featured blogs demonstrated real commitment to the lifestyle through the voices of people who have been through the process.

🤝 Why You Should Trust Our Recommendations

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When we tell you which weight loss blogs are good to follow, it's because we really know what makes a blog great. You can trust our recommendations!

🥑 Top 25 Weight Loss Blogs You Should Follow

1. Fitnessista

Fitnessista weight loss blog


Gina Harney started The Fitnessista to document her 40-pound weight loss. But her blog has grown into so much more! This page proves successful weight loss is totally doable without deprivation.

Gina shares easy recipes that are hearty but also sound indulgent. Who wouldn't want to eat pecan pie oatmeal or pumpkin pie protein smoothies? Her "Transformation Tuesday" series offers tons of before and after photos for motivation.

What we love most is that The Fitnessista is all about balancing indulgence with wellness. Gina proves you can treat yourself without going off track. Her bright, uplifting style makes healthy living seem fun and approachable.

Whether you're just starting out or trying to maintain, Gina has you covered with practical tips. Follow her on social media too for daily inspiration! This weight loss success blog is a must for finding delicious, balanced recipes.

2. Lasta.app

Lasta.app blog page

The next blog is Lasta.app blog or the ultimate guide to effective intermittent fasting for a healthy weight loss journey. If you are tired of the same old weight loss routines, Lasta Fasting is created to revolutionize how to approach your health goals.

In the blog, you can find information about meditation, nutrition, mental health, and, of course, comparisons of different weight loss apps and platforms. Within their app, you will discover meal plans, insightful tips, a fasting tracker, and the latest feature - food logging.

The blog's friendly tone and clear comparisons make it enjoyable. You can get a personalized recommendation plan by taking a quick quiz, tailoring advice to your preferences. And we personally love their design and colors.

3. Snack Girl

Snack Girl weight loss blog

Snack Girl

Next up we have Snack Girl, the brainchild of blogger Lisa Cain. Lisa was tired of replacing junk snacks with healthier options, so she started creating her own recipes.

Now Snack Girl provides meal plans, desserts, and reviews of food products. Lisa features quick and easy options perfect for busy schedules. Whether you need breakfast on the go or a last-minute dinner, her blog has you covered.

What stands out most to us about Snack Girl is Lisa's down-to-earth approach. She keeps it real about struggles and slip-ups. Lisa's transparency helps readers feel less alone in their own journeys.

4. The Holy Mess

The Holy Mess weight loss blog

The Holy Mess

First up is The Holy Mess blog by Melissa, a dietitian who aims to un-complicate health.

Melissa keeps it real about experiencing stress, emotions, and real life while pursuing wellness. On her blog, she discusses intuitive eating without restriction and shares easy healthy recipes.

What stands out most to us is how Melissa views health as a flexible journey rather than rigid rules. Her approach is practical and packed with empathy. It's so refreshing to read!

Whether you're looking to get started with small changes or want to maintain without burnout, Melissa's positive perspective is sure to motivate. Check out The Holy Mess for guilt-free wellness inspiration!

5. 🏅 Our Favorite - Organize Yourself Skinny

 Organize Yourself Skinny weight loss blog

Organize Yourself Skinny

Next is Organize Yourself Skinny - the perfect weight loss blog for productivity lovers! Blogger Kristin runs the show with habits, household tips, and simple meal plans.

Kristin proves how getting and staying organized sets you up for success naturally. Her realistic weekly schedules save time and money, preventing cheating or giving up.

We admire how Kristin empowers readers through doable steps - like meal planning Sunday for a smooth week. Small changes gradually lead to big results when you're set up for wins!

Overall both these blogs are virtual cheerleaders. Their message? Being kind to yourself fuels long-term change. So go check them out, friends.

Why Is Organize Yourself Skinny Our Favorite?

The recipes on the site use simple, easy-to-find ingredients and have clear directions even beginner cooks can follow. They include prep time, cook time and number of servings. You get lots of ideas beyond just recipes like meal planning guides, cooking tutorials and motivational articles. too.

6. Run Eat Repeat

Run Eat Repeat weight loss blog

Run Eat Repeat

Next on our list of must-read weight loss blogs is Run Eat Repeat. Run by marathoner Meghan, this best weight loss blog has everything you need as a fitness-focused foodie!

Meghan shares easy recipes optimized for runners plus training programmes for all levels. Her nutritious meals sound delicious and will fuel your workouts.

What we love most is how Meghan debunks common diet myths. She proves you don't need to deprive yourself to lose weight - in fact, indulging in moderation can improve performance!

With refreshed recipes and motivational story posts, Run Eat Repeat is perfect for staying on track. Check it out for weekly meal plans too.

7. Runs For Cookie

Runs For Cookies weight loss blog

Runs For Cookies

For a fun spin on health and wellness, look no further than Runs for Cookies! Blogger Amanda brings laughter and her charming personality to every post.

Amanda completed her first marathon while eight months pregnant! Now she focuses on balancing runs with treats through hilarious stories and photos.

Our friends, amid business chaos, keeping things lighthearted is key in this weight loss blog. Amanda's uplifting message is all about enjoying life's little pleasures - in moderation.

Runs for Cookies proves getting healthier doesn't mean sacrificing joy. Check it out for a dose of motivation, inspiration - and lots of baking recipes too!

8. Simple Nourished Living

Simple Nourished Living weight loss blog

Simple Nourished Living

Up next on our list of top weight loss blogs is Simple Nourished Living. Run by Amanda, this site proves eating healthy doesn't mean bland or overly complicated meals.

Amanda shares flavorful recipes perfect for busy schedules. She shows how to pack lots of nutrients into easy dishes everyone will love.

We appreciate Amanda's focus on listening to your body and finding balance with different food groups. Simple Nourished Living makes healthy food approachable and enjoyable.

Check out this weight loss success blog about weight loss for simple meal plans, grocery lists, and motivational before/after photos too. Amanda's down-to-earth advice is ideal for any stage of your journey.

9. Carrots 'N' Cake

Carrots 'N' Cake weight loss blog

Carrots 'N' Cake

Next is our pal Jody's blog Carrots 'N' Cake - the perfect read for those with a sweet tooth! As a dietitian, Jody combines her baking passion with nutrition know-how.

Jody shares creative dessert recipes that are also good for you. Who said health means giving up your favorite treats? Her recipes allow you to indulge and stay on track.

Go check out Jody's fun, realistic approach to maintaining healthy habits long-term. This is definitely the best weight loss blog that you need to follow.

10. The Slimming World Blog

The Slimming World Blog weight loss blog

The Slimming World Blog

Need support and recipes for your goals? Check out The Slimming World Blog, one of the best weight loss blogs you need to follow.

This weight loss blog shares tips from real people who've made healthy changes. They show how to focus on nutrition while still enjoying meals - sounds balanced right?

We love that it shows weight loss as a journey. Sticking with changes can be tough when life gets busy. Having others cheering you on helps make wellness fun long-term.

Take a look - you'll find meal plans, ideas for celebrations and success stories.

11. Ruled Me

 Ruled Me weight loss blog

Ruled Me

Data and nutrition lovers, Ruled Me is perfect if numbers are your thing. Blogger Liz breaks down science simply in every post.

Through tracking macros precisely, her experience proves results are possible. But she cares most about lifelong wellness, not just dieting.

The structure offers control during stressful times. Her blog about weight loss provides clear steps toward balance without complexity. Check it out - you may find inspiration for long-term health. Stay awesome!

12. Fit Girl’s Diary

 Fit Girl’s Diary weight loss blog

Fit Girl’s Diary

Need meal plans, fun workouts, and tons of motivation? Fit Girl's Diary is the perfect place! Updated daily, this weight loss blog shares nutritious recipes alongside high-intensity training routines. Progress photos showcase daily journeys towards fitness goals.

Beyond clean eats and exercise, weekly tips cover self-care, mindfulness, and stress relief. The blogger proves transforming your body doesn't mean depriving yourself. Her constant cheers help keep positivity flowing long-term in one of these motivational blogs.

Speaking of motivation, their engaging Instagram provides bonus content. Whether you want workout buddies or meal prep inspiration, FGD delivers. Recipes balance weight loss with still enjoying tasty dishes.

13. Low Carb Love

Low Carb Love weight loss blog

Low Carb Love

Craving quick wins or long-term health? Low Carb Love adapts low carb/keto nutrition for both through delicious recipes and easy science. Breakdowns explain carb restriction’s perks.

Reviews spotlight tasty snacks fitting various lifestyles. Questions address carving out low-carb routines. Weekly challenges encourage newer recipes while staying accountable in this blog about losing weight.

Liz shows tweaking carb intake optimizes energy, hormones, and total well-being - not just numbers on a scale. Beginners and experts find value in exploring balanced permanent habits over restrictive diets. Recipes suit all experimenting with fewer carbs.

For those following or considering a low-carb diet to support their weight loss and health goals, finding diverse and delectable meal options can be a challenge. Elevate your journey with meticulously curated low carbs meal kit solutions, designed to inspire delicious nightly feasts that align perfectly with your dietary preferences. Opting for these meal delivery services simplifies the process, ensuring you stay on track without sacrificing taste or variety.

Motivation comes from sustainable changes, not calorie counting. Low Carb Love delivers resources supporting both principles.

14. The Lean Green Bean

The Lean Green Bean weight loss blog

The Lean Green Bean

Health fans, looking for clean eats and lifestyle tips? Check out The Lean Green Bean. This weight loss blog makes nutritious meals and staying active seem totally doable. She shows fitting wellness into real life seamlessly.

We love the variety of recipes - find plant-based, keto, or paleo options for any eating style in this blog about weight loss. Also get workout inspo, self-care tricks and all done exercising joy. Let her community motivate you in this health journey!

15. 🏅 Our Favorite - Prevention RD

Prevention RD weight loss blog

Prevention RD

Diving deeper into nutrition? Check out Prevention RD for reliable expert insight.

This registered dietitian's blog about losing weight content makes the science of eating for health super approachable. Digestible explainer posts cover topics like macros, gut health, and diet trends.

Get practical meal planning help without sacrificing flavor. Recipes highlight whole, minimally processed ingredients for balanced eating. Discover delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that nourish your body and soul.

Follow along a transformational journey towards sustainable well-being too. Both lifestyle newbies and pros will feel empowered learning from this weight loss blogs source. Prevention RD is your passport to dietary clarity!

Why Is Prevention RD Our Favorite?

The recipes only use basic, simple ingredients that are easy to find. Directions are clear so anyone can cook them. The writer is a registered dietitian so recipes and articles give trusted dietary info not just food. Recipes are sorted by kid-friendly, quick meals, etc. so you can easily find what you need.

16. The Healthy Foodie

 The Healthy Foodie weight loss blog

The Healthy Foodie

Craving tasty, Instagram-worthy meals you don't need a science degree to make? The Healthy Foodie weight loss blog has you covered.

Photos in these weight loss blogs with pictures stop you scrolling and start you salivating! No calorie-counting required with recipes made for enjoying life.

Nourish your inner foodie while nurturing your well-being. Discover quick weeknight meals, crowd-pleasing dishes for hosting and snacks that satisfy every craving.

Join a community of this blog about weight loss where feeling good means loving the skin you're in and the plate in front of you too.

17. Andie Mitchell

 Andie Mitchell weight loss blog

Andie Mitchell

Need nourishing inspo from real women? Andie Mitchell runs one ofthe best weight loss inspiration blogs.

This body-positive role model uses her platforms to redefine health and beauty on her own terms. In blogs about losing weight, she proves change happens at your own pace through sustainable self-care.

Discover balanced workouts you'll actually look forward to, mental fitness tools, and nourishing recipes for EveryBody. Get daily motivation to honor where you're at in life’s journey in these motivating blogs for women.

Whether losing or maintaining, follow along a vibrant wellness ride focusing on what really matters - loving yourself inside and out. Andie invites you to do the same! This is one of the weight loss blogs with pictures you have to check out.

18. A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss

A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss weight loss blog

A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss

Filled with culturally relevant wisdom, this weight loss success blog is the sisterhood and inspiration you need to thrive. Relatable stories in weight loss inspiration blogs prove achieving goals is possible while staying true to yourself.

Find flexible meal plans, low-impact workouts you'll enjoy and mental wellness practices to carry your whole self through life's twists. Community support helps maintain focus on non-scale victories in these blogs about losing weight.

Join and discover a tailored path to well-being on your terms. Your best journey awaits in this safe space.

19. No Thanks To Cake

No Thanks To Cake weight loss blog

No Thanks To Cake

Need cake obsession support? Emmie's your gal!

This weight loss blogger proves in inspiring blogs for women that you can lose weight without totally banning your favorites. Recaps in weight loss blogs with pictures show realistic cravings win.

Emmie runs one of the top weight loss blogs and shares how making small daily swaps like cauliflower-crust pizza helped her drop 125+ pounds healthily. Find flexible recipes for balancing indulgence and nutrition that won't leave you feeling deprived.

Community encouragement through hilarious weekly vlogs in blogs about losing weight makes difficult moments more laughable. Join a safe space that understands lifestyle change is a learning journey - no perfection required!

20. Authentically Emmie

 Authentically Emmie weight loss blog

Authentically Emmie

Authentically Emmie is one of the best diet and mental wellness blogs that spreads everyday positivity.

Get inspired by her transition to a body-positive lifestyle embracing curves, cellulite, and all. Moving past a slimming-obsession mindset towards self-love shines through in weight loss inspiration blogs.

Fun fitness videos keep workouts from feeling like a chore. Mental wellness tips keep your motivation on track through life's ebbs and flows in her honest weight loss success blog.

Discover your most beautiful self through Emmie's journey. A daily dose of her authenticity makes even your toughest days feel brighter.

21. Peanut Butter Fingers

Peanut Butter Fingers weight loss blog

Peanut Butter Fingers

Craving more than just numbers on a scale? Meet Emily. Beyond sharing dance videos and drool-worthy recipes in weight loss blogs with pictures, this blogger focuses on wellness from the inside out. Witty weekly vlogs in blogs about losing weight show it's possible to lose weight while still enjoying life.

Find flexible meal plans featuring whole foods, self-care rituals, and mental fitness tools that fit your flow. Join a community where transformation means becoming the best version of you.

Whether maintaining or starting a new chapter, Emily teaches that what and how you nourish your mind and body matters most for sustainable happiness.

22. Livofy Blog

Livofy Blog weight loss blog

Livofy Blog

Need inspo to take your self-care up a notch? This is one of the blogs about losing weight that has you covered.

Discover how small daily shifts like morning yoga flows or evening meditation help reduce stress in weight loss inspiration blogs. Fun recipes cast nutrition as nourishing not restricting.

Motivating profiles show truly healthy lives aren't perfect - they're lived! Laugh along as Emily shares real moments on her thriving journey in this honest weight loss success blog.

Join a community that understands well-being evolves every day. Find motivation to embrace your brilliant natural self through Emily's journey.

23. Fat Girl Skinny

Fat Girl Skinny weight loss blog

Fat Girl Skinny

Want real talk from a woman who's been there? Follow Leah's inspirational journey!

In her candid weight loss blogs about losing weight, Leah teaches that health looks different for everybody. Posts show progress isn't always linear but believing in yourself is key. They provide flexible recipes, fun home workouts, and mental wellness tips to carry readers through the ups and downs in these weight loss inspiration blogs.

Find recipes utilizing simple, affordable ingredients that accommodate different lifestyles. Workout routines range from low-impact to challenging.

Leah maintains an inclusive, judgment-free community. They support each other's non-scale victories and setbacks alike in the best weight loss blogs. Progress pics showcase that transformation isn't about achieving a number but feeling your best.

Whether losing or maintaining, Leah proves lasting change happens from the inside out. Discover your most vibrant self on your terms through her journey in this best weight loss blog!

24. The Healthy Mummy

The Healthy Mummy weight loss blog

The Healthy Mummy

Busy mamas, need easy ideas for nourishing your crew? This blog is for you!

Founder Rhian provides kid-tested recipes even littles will love in weight loss blogs with pictures like one-pan meals and sheet pan dinners. Meal prep guides make home cooking hassle-free.

They motivate with routines you can sneak in around school runs. Supportive communities in this weight loss success blog help readers stay on track post-baby through personalized plans and apps.

Fuel your family with simple, budget-friendly recipes that cater to different appetites and allergen needs. Workout guides include modifications for postpartum bodies.

Mothers can join a supportive network as they maintain healthy lifestyles for their families through various stages. The brand has expanded to nutrition products and an app to provide personalized plans, further resources, and motivation to readers.

25. PCOS Weight Loss Blog

PCOS Weight Loss Blog weight loss blog

PCOS Weight Loss Blog

Ladies with PCOS, looking for guidance from someone who really gets it? Look no further than the PCOS Weight Loss Blog - your new fave weight loss blog!

Run by a nurse practitioner specialized in PCOS, this gem of a blog packs a big support punch. Real women show struggles and successes managing PCOS symptoms through weight loss in these inspiring blogs about losing weight.

They provide customized intuitive eating principles highlighting nutrient-dense whole foods to nourish well-being. Recipes aim to balance macros while avoiding triggers in these weight loss blogs with pictures.

Workout routines accommodate various abilities without triggering disordered behaviors. Mental wellness tips help manage stress without shame.

Join a safe, supportive community in this top weight loss success blog. Find motivation through others' resilient stories to honor your health wins, on your terms. Resources cover effectively communicating health needs with doctors.

The goal is empowering women with PCOS to sustainably manage physical and emotional hurdles. An inclusive approach focuses on health, not numbers, in the best weight loss blogs.

Start Your Healthiest Journey

These blogs talk about different things like healthy recipes, lifestyle changes, and issues specific to certain conditions.

Many bloggers believe in focusing on balance instead of strict dieting. They show enjoying life and taking care of yourself go hand in hand. No matter your goals or where you're at, you'll find blogs you can relate to.

Connecting with online communities through these blogs can really help keep you accountable as you improve your wellness. Reading stories from real people who lost weight and kept it off is inspiring stuff.

And remember, your beauty is undeniable! Keep shining!