Feeling lost in the daily grind? Wondering what it's all about?

You aren't alone. Life has a way of throwing stress our way, even when things seem good. But stress less - we've picked out 39 blogs by people who "get it." You may be surprised how relatable strangers can be. This community got your back with relatable wins for riding the rollercoaster called Life.

So take a breath, scroll on and let their inspiring insights get your mojo back in the game.

💆‍♂️ How We Picked the Best Mental Health Blogs

To do that, we checked out lots of posts on hundreds of mental health blogs. We looked for blogs that explained things in a simple, easy-to-understand way. It was also important that the writers seemed genuine and didn't just throwing around psychology terms nobody knows.

We also paid attention to how often the blogs updated. Stale blogs from years ago weren't helpful. We wanted blogs people could keep going back to for new posts.

By reading lots of samples, we aimed to find blogs that offered a nice balance of info and personal stories. Sharing experiences can help people feel less alone with their struggles. In addition to exploring blogs for mindfulness and support, actively engaging in your mental health journey is crucial. Initiating the process can be as straightforward as performing a simple search for therapists who resonate with your personal challenges and preferences. This empowers you to start a transformative path toward well-being

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So be sure that we know what we are talking about! We picked the best mental health blogs based on our high standards.

🎗️ Best Mental Health Blogs for Awareness and Support

1. The NAMI Blog

The NAMI Blog mental health blog

The NAMI Blog

Looking for reliable info on mental health? Check out NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Their goal? To help people with mental health issues lead happy and healthy lives.

NAMI provides education, and support, and raises awareness about mental health. Whether you're a parent seeking mental health blogs or someone looking for motivation, NAMI's got your back. They believe in hope and the power of every person.

Everyone's welcome at NAMI, one of the top mental health blogs. No matter who you are, where you're from, or your background, they make sure everyone gets a fair shot. So, if you're diving into topics like mental health, NAMI's a great place to start.

2. Healthy Place

Healthy Place mental health blog

Healthy Place

For starters, did you know that Healthy Place stands tall as the most visited mental health blog out there? Yep! And there’s a reason why. Beyond the jargon and complex phrases, they offer straight-up, genuine support for people dealing with mental health concerns.

Wondering about the brains behind the content? While they’re not rocking white lab coats, they're skilled writers who specialize in health articles. So, this is one of the best mental health blogs out there.

We all love a motivational blog after a long day, or perhaps a dive into blogs about gardening for stress relief. But what sets Healthy Place apart is their mantra: "peace of mind". They're here, loud and clear, reminding us all – you’re not alone in this journey.

3. 🥇 Our Favorite - Your Mental Health Pal

Your Mental Health Pal mental health blog

Your Mental Health Pal

Ever wished for a buddy who just gets it when it comes to mental health? Well, consider this blog your supportive friend, who reminds you that speaking up about your feelings isn't just okay; it's downright revolutionary!

Your Mental Health Pal focuses on more than just raising awareness. The blog creates a cozy digital nook for anyone dealing with mental health concerns or supporting a loved one through their journey.

Ever caught yourself diving into the realm of motivational blogs to find some energy, or maybe you encountered mom blogs while in postpartum depression? Well, think of this mental health blog as your mentor, simplifying the complexities of mental health for you.

Why is Your Mental Health Pal Blog Our Favorite?

Your Mental Health Pal has genuinely carved a niche. Not just because they're informative, but because they're genuine, uplifting, and, well, pal-like.

Whether it's pushing for better assistance or pointing you to crucial resources, they've got your back. And here’s the cherry on top: the blog stands firm in its belief of a brighter future, where mental well-being isn’t just a sidebar; it’s front and center. So, we guarantee that this is one of the best mental health blogs handpicked for you.

4. Mind

Mind mental health blog


This isn't just another mental health blog — it's a key player in the mental health scene. Mind isn’t just about talk; they're all about action. From helplines to dishing out solid legal advice.

Mind is all about community. From uniting a legion of individuals to building a robust network of advocates, they're basically the influencers of the mental health world. Easily ranking among the best mental health blogs out there.

Looking for local support or maybe localized mental illness blogs? This is one of the blogs on mental health that got you covered, with over 130 localized branches offering tailored support. It’s like having 24/7 tech support, but for mental wellness.

5. The ADAA Blog

The ADAA Blog mental health blog

The ADAA Blog

What's ADAA? It stands for Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Trustworthy? Absolutely. They’ve teamed up with top pros in psychology, psychiatry, and more.

It stands tall among other blogs on mental health. Their content is straight to the point, backed by research, and oh-so-relatable. They share over 300 articles tailored for digital folks like you. From handling anxiety in IT to finding balance as a content creator, they've got insights.

When the world's making your head spin, hit up the ADAA Blog. It’s a go-to reminder to take care of your mind. Their 'Stories of Triumph' section is a must. Real tales from real people, show you're never alone in your struggles.

6. The Mighty Mental Health

The Mighty Mental Health mental health blog

The Mighty Mental Health

This blog is all about mental health stuff. Whether you're going through anxiety, depression, or other things, you'll find people here who get it. They share stories to help you feel less alone. There are also articles with tips on how to manage mental health issues.

The Mighty community is huge! Over a million people are members. You can join groups to chat with others who understand your struggles. Make friends while talking through tough times. There's also private messaging if you want one-on-one chats.

It's run by people with lived experience of mental health challenges. So they know what readers really need to hear. You won't find judgment-just support. Whether you're having a good or bad day, this is the right mental health blog for you.

7. 🥇 Our Favorite - The OCD Stories

The OCD Stories mental health blog

The OCD Stories

This blog is all about OCD stuff. The guy who runs it, Stuart, interviews lots of professionals and people who have OCD. Some episodes are really inspiring. Others have great tips on managing anxiety and obsessions.

The podcast is super popular. It's downloaded millions of times! You can listen whenever and wherever on things like Spotify. Stuart talks to all kinds of folks, from therapists to people who volunteers to help others with OCD.

Joining their Facebook or Instagram is fun too. You'll see pictures and videos that go with some episodes. There's also info on upcoming guests. The blog seems really supportive and wants everyone to know they're not alone with OCD.

Why is The OCD Stories Blog Our Favorite?

This blog is really helpful for understanding OCD. It shares true stories from people dealing with OCD every day. They talk openly about all types of OCD symptoms, not just easy ones. This helps remove shame and shows people they are not alone struggling.

Doctors also write pieces, so it gives both real experiences and facts. Readers learn about treatments and ways others improve over time. The blog creates a group where people find hope in each other's journeys. It teaches about OCD in a real way that feels good to read. Truly one of the best mental health blogs about OCD.

8. Clear Recovery Center

Clear Recovery Center mental health blog

Clear Recovery Center

This place called Clear Behavioral Health wants to help people dealing with mental health issues and addiction. Their goal is making sure everyone feels good and their life has meaning.

Clear Behavioral Health helps folks with different problems at their locations. They have places for teenage mental issues, substance abuse treatment, and online therapy too. Professionals write the blog posts based on what they see helping clients.

The blog publishes new articles pretty regularly. They cover a wide variety of topics so there's bound to be posts people can relate to. Even if you're not getting help from Clear yourself, the blog offers useful resources.

9. Postpartum Progress

Postpartum Progress mental health blog

Postpartum Progress

Postpartum Progress is one of the most popular mental health blogs about problems with feelings after having a baby. Katherine started the blog because she felt bad and worried after her first baby. She had postpartum anxiety and OCD.

The blog helps new moms who feel sad, worried, or not like themselves after birth. Postpartum Progress is one of the top blogs for talking about feelings and health when you're pregnant or had a baby. Truly one of the top mental health blogs for moms.

The blog gives support and facts to help moms feel better when struggling with things like depression, anxiety, worries that won't stop, or feeling very high or low after birth. It has become the best place online for mom to learn about these issues.

10. Mental Health America

Mental Health America mental health blog

Mental Health America

This is one of the blogs about mental health that shares stories from people involved with Mental Health America. Different people write posts, like employees, volunteers, and partners. They talk about living with mental illnesses or addiction issues.

All sorts of topics get covered on the blog. They range from coming out stories to technologies impact on body image. No matter what challenges readers face, there's usually a relatable article. Writers also share things they've learned that might help others coping with similar struggles.

New articles are added pretty regularly so following the blog means always having fresh stuff to read. Their "chiming in" approach lets a variety of voices be heard, making it one of the best mental health blogs.

11. bpHope

bpHope mental health blog


This mental health blog is all about bipolar disorder and has tons of info. People who have bipolar write posts sharing their experiences. There's also articles from doctors on stuff like symptoms, treatments, and research.

All sorts of topics get covered on bpHope. They talk about things like work challenges, relationships, art activities, and meditation methods. Some celebs have bipolar too so they share celebrity profiles. Even kids and teens can learn about bipolar on there.

Whether you have bipolar yourself or just trying to understand it, checking out bpHope is worth it, as it is one of the best mental health blogs on bipolar disorder. The site aims to provide hope and support, which is definitely helpful for anyone coping with this condition.

12. Mindful

 Mindful mental health blog


This blog is all about mindfulness meditation and living healthy. They have articles on how to meditate for beginners and more advanced practices. There's also pieces on using mindfulness for things like handling anxiety, getting better sleep, etc.

All kinds of topics get covered like self-care and compassion. Sometimes they talk to mindfulness teachers or share guided meditations with calm music. People can find free classes too.

New posts are always being added so it's great having somewhere to regularly check for fresh tips and ideas. Their magazine goes more in-depth too if wanting to read longer stories.

13. The Sane Blog

The Sane Blog mental health blog

The Sane Blog

This blog is run by SANE Australia, which supports people dealing with mental illness. It shares stories from people who've gone through different experiences. Folks talk about things like coping with stress, battling self-stigma, or managing conditions like bipolar disorder or PTSD.

They cover all sorts of topics on the blog. Some articles discuss things like taking care of your mental health while being a parent or keeping a job. There's also pieces about dealing with the struggles of the public health system.

Whether just starting to deal with mental illness or struggling for years, the SANE is one of the top blogs on mental health that offers hope and helpful ideas. They know how to promote blog for free, sharing a top-quality content.

14. Happiful

Happiful mental health blog


In this mental health blog the authors give advice for dealing with conditions like anxiety and depression or issues like relationships and stress. No matter what someone wants to learn about, there's probably a piece here for them.

They talk about different subjects like therapy, lifestyle changes, and important life stuff. Some articles even share peoples' personal stories which are really interesting to read. It's written in a way that's easy to understand.

Whether just wanting to feel less alone or looking to improve mental well-being, Happiful seems like a great place to find some peace of mind. Even the topics that sound serious are discussed in an approachable way.

15. A Place of Hope Blog

A Place of Hope Blog mental health blog

A Place of Hope Blog

This mental health blog is run by The Center, also known as A Place of Hope. It's a treatment center that helps people with different mental health issues and addictions. On their blog they share articles about all sorts of topics like depression, anxiety, trauma and more

They cover various subjects from basic info about different disorders to more detailed pieces about stuff like the stages of grief. Articles even discuss wider topics like personalities or emotional intelligence.

Whether looking to understand conditions better or get support, their blog seems really helpful. Friends and family trying to help loved ones could learn here too, so it is the most universal and one of the top mental health blogs out there.

16. Project Energise

Project Energise mental health blog

Project Energise

Project Energise was created back in 2016 as a way for its founder to get healthy again. Feeling lost, they started exploring daily habits that could boost both mind and body.

By writing about practices like mental health, philosophy, and routine-building, the site aims to inspire discovery. All opinions shared are the founder's personal experience unless cited from studies.

Over the years, Project Energise has evolved into a chill space for chatting habits. Posts cover topics like mindfulness, wellness routines, productivity tips, and living according to stoic teachings.

17. National Elf Service

National Elf Service mental health blog

National Elf Service

The National Elf Service, one of the most useful blogs about mental health for scholars and not only, was founded by Douglas and André, who noticed research wasn't reaching busy healthcare pros! Their company Minervation aims to fix this.

Over 20 years working at Oxford University, they built a helpful network. Now they share the view that: knowledge fades fast, research is hard to find, and pros don't have time to read it all!

Their solution? Accessible summaries of new studies, advice and policies on the National Elf Service blogs! The site also loves using blogs and social media to spread knowledge.

18. Anxiety Gone

Anxiety Gone mental health blog

Anxiety Gone

Anxiety Gone is one of the mental health blogs that aims to provide resources for managing mental health.vTheir website is loaded with articles about reducing stress, practicing self-care, understanding conditions, caring for others and more. Guest writers also share lived experiences.

Their hugely popular subscription boxes take the guesswork out of self-care. Each themed box arrives full of fidgets, journals, teas, bath bits and more to nourish mind and body.

Anxiety Gone aims to destigmatize mental health challenges through open discussion. Engaged social channels provide a welcoming space to share thoughts, find accountability buddies and learn from others with similar struggles.

19. Mental Health @ Home

Mental Health @ Home mental health blog

Mental Health @ Home

Mental Health @ Home was created by someone who knows the mental health struggle all too well - the founder has depression and is chronically ill. So this is definitely one of the best blogs on mental health to check out.

They used to work as a nurse and pharmacist, helping others with serious issues. Now disability means blogging is their mission. Through open writing, the founder aims to destigmatize mental hurdles. They get real about personal experiences with topics like depression symptoms.

Readers can learn lots - the founder has degrees in nursing and pharmacy! Articles cover a mix of topics. The founder wants to help however they can on life’s mental wellness journey.

20. Hilary Jacobs Hendel

Hilary Jacobs Hendel mental health blog

Hilary Jacobs Hendel

Hilary wants to teach about emotions - an important topic our world often skips! But science proves tuning them out isn't good. Feelings can cause stress or anxiety.

Using Hilary's special techniques like her Change Triangle tool can help life and relationships go smoother though. Her articles explain plainly without hard words. Stories and quick activities in this mental health blog demonstrate the ideas simply.

See more through videos, classes or her book. The focus is handling daily stuff or mental hiccups by knowing feelings better. Whether you want to understand your emotions better or are struggling already, check her out. Hilary welcomes you to feel happier and healthier.

21. The Huffington Post – Depression

The Huffington Post – Depression mental health blog

The Huffington Post – Depression

HuffPost's is one of the mental health blogs that puts real people at the heart of every story. They help readers navigate world issues through a personal lens. Readers submit their own personal essays, self-care journeys, stories of finding treatment that works and getting involved in advocacy locally.

Articles discuss managing symptoms, therapeutic techniques, medications guides, mental health news/policy updates, inspirational pieces, explained science behind conditions, lifestyle changes to support well-being and more.

They advertise screenings of mental illness-focused films, wellness workshops, support group meetups, patient conventions, and charity walks individuals can participate in.

22. Pick the Brain

Pick the Brain mental health blog

Pick the Brain

PickTheBrain is one of the top blogs about mental health that has been uplifting readers with a focus on personal growth topics like productivity, motivation and more. Erin started it all and still oversees content as Chief Editor. Expert guest writers from all walks also contribute wisdom.

Most articles explore personal productivity, getting motivated, self-education, understanding psychology behind our thoughts + living philosophically.

You can find anything helpful for living your best life! It diverges from traditional "self-help" styles. Jargon-free explanations of concepts make content accessible whether you're new to self-improvement or a lifelong reader.

23. The Guardian Depression Blog

The Guardian Depression Blog mental health blog

The Guardian Depression Blog

The Guardian's depression blog is a welcoming space to learn and support each other. Whether you need insight now or just want to understand more, they are among the best mental health blogs that got you covered!

Personal stories show readers they aren't alone in their experiences. Experts also regularly contribute their knowledge. Topics include managing symptoms, lifestyle changes to aid wellbeing, news affecting the mental health community and more.

Even entertainment recommendations aim to spark joy during tough times. Comments help reduce isolation through shared discussion. It's the perfect one-stop online sanctuary. No matter where you are in your journey, discover comfort and useful tips.

24. Global News Depression

Global News Depression mental health blog

Global News Depression

It's one of the most insightful blogs on mental health that shares lots of articles about depression on their news page tagged for it. They post stuff from their different local stations all across Canada. You can find news stories, videos and more all in one place. They add new things often so there's usually something recent.

They talk about different topics like research on depression, stories of people dealing with it, and ways people are finding help. Some pieces are lighter like how someone finds joy in dog sledding. But other times it's more serious covering sad stories too.

Whether just looking to learn more about depression or going through a tough time yourself, this seems like an easy place to find info. Even family and friends trying to help someone could find it useful.

25. Centre for Mental Health Blog

Centre for Mental Health Blog mental health blog

Centre for Mental Health Blog

Centre for Mental Health works to build a fairer system. They research ways to serve those facing challenges equitably. Certain groups deal with higher risks yet less help - unfair! Through evidence and ideas, the Centre helps services meet needs and reduce gaps.

Their approach is inspiring - policy analysis, collaboration, data, sharing stories. As they say, "No health without justice, no quality without equality." So, being the best mental health blog, they deserve to be checked out.

The Centre has driven big changes like workplace support, maternal care and more. This is one of the top mental health blogs that takes a multi-step process using research, economics, communication and lived experience.

26. Psychology Today

 Psychology Today mental health blog

Psychology Today

PT is one of the mental health blogs that really connects the dots when it comes to mental health. Through their massive therapist directory, millions can find help near home whenever needed. Major props to them for making caring so accessible.

What we love most is how PT explains complicated topics so anyone can follow along. By sharing diverse views through interviews and personal stories, we start to notice our shared humanity beyond labels.

Their longtime success shows the power of knowledge for good when presented simply. PT sets the gold standard for extracting lessons from research in a way that educates without elitism.

27. Clear Recovery Teen

Clear Recovery Teen mental health blog

Clear Recovery Teen

This mental health blog is from a rehab center called Clear Recovery that helps teens with mental health problems. They add new articles all the time about different issues teenagers face like depression, anxiety and more. Some explain disorders while others give parents tips.

They talk about a variety of topics from problems with social media to non-suicidal self-injury. Some pieces looks at bigger issues too like how climate change causes anxiety in youth. The articles even discuss things affecting whole generations like exploring "Gen Z mental health."

It seems like an informative place to learn about teenager challenges. Whether you're a teen struggling yourself or a parent looking to offer support, this blog seems really useful.

28. The Wing of Madness

The Wing of Madness mental health blog

The Wing of Madness

This site shares tons of info about depression to help people understand it better. They have different sections covering things like diagnosis, treatment and living with depression. There's also areas for specific topics like depression in teens or men.

The articles are written so anyone can understand them, not just doctors or therapists. They discuss depression in depth but not too technical or confusing. Sometimes they review wellness boxes too that have mindfulness activities.

The videos on their YouTube channel also explain issues simply. Whether learning about depression for yourself or a friend, or looking for advice on how to help others, this blog seems really useful.

29. Anxious Lass

Anxious Lass mental health blog

Anxious Lass

Anxious Lass does such important work by sharing their own anxiety journey openly. This is the best mental health blog that shows struggles come in all forms, impacting people from different walks of life - helping reduce stigma.

By fostering an inclusive, non-judgemental space for honest dialog, they empower readers to learn from diverse lived experiences. Seeing common battles linked by shared humanity is so healing.

Highlighting ongoing resilience-building rather than being "cured" recognizes mental wellness as a process, not absolute. Their holistic blend of CBT, exposure therapy, self-care and community taps into mental fitness from many angles.

30. The Blurt Blog

The Blurt Blog mental health blog

The Blurt Blog

This is one of the best blogs about mental health dedicated to helping people dealing with depression. They have a bunch of useful resources on understanding depression better and places to get support. They keep stuff light but also obviously care a lot.

They have different sections to learn about depression and find help if you're struggling. I also saw they sell wellness boxes called "BuddyBoxes" that seem like they could give a fun boost. It's cool they try different things beyond just articles.

Whether you're depressed yourself or trying to understand a friend, this looks like a great website. It would also probably help family members who aren't sure how to support their loved one.

31. Storied Mind

Storied Mind mental health blog

Storied Mind

John, the creator of this blog, explains why he started Storied Mind - to share his story and help others coping with depression not feel so alone. He writes very openly about what it was like struggling with sadness.

There are real stories from people about living with depression. Reading them is comforting because you feel like someone really gets what you're going through. John breaks down feelings in a way that's easy to relate to.

Plus there're free books on topics like relationships when depressed or parenting with mental illness. The books and stories give useful suggestions that seem manageable.

32. Radical Transformation Project

 Radical Transformation Project mental health blog

Radical Transformation Project

This site aims to help people manage depression, anxiety and totally change their life for the better. They regularly post articles on all sorts of topics like stress relief, fitness, relationships and more. Some pieces give practical tips while others provide advice and motivation.

They discuss issues that many people face like how to be happier after a breakup or regaining motivation after something difficult. Some articles also explore bigger life themes like improving mental health with a dog.

It seems like a informative place to find ideas and support. Whether looking to boost your mindset, deal with depression or anxiety, or simply live healthier, this blog might offer helpful insights.

33. Beautiful Voyager

Beautiful Voyager mental health blog

Beautiful Voyager

Beautiful Voyager was started by Meredith Arthur after dealing with anxiety her whole life. She got diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder at age 40 but could never find resources that made sense to her.

So using her tech skills, Meredith created the site she wish she had when looking for answers. Beautiful Voyager is all about supporting "overthinkers" and helping them manage stress and anxiety.

On the site you can listen to Meredith's podcast where she talks to guests about meditation, mindfulness and mental wellness. There's also articles about Meredith's work in magazines.

34. Love and Life Toolbox

Love and Life Toolbox mental health blog

Love and Life Toolbox

This blog has tons of great articles and advice for dealing with feelings and getting along with others better.

You can learn all kinds of stuff like how to communicate better with your partner or feel happier day-to-day. The writer Lisa really understands these topics cause she's a therapist!

There are easy-to-read articles on subjects like family history, trauma and more. Even things like intimacy and single life issues. You don't need therapy to benefit - just reading real stories can give ideas.

35. Chipur Healing for Depression, Anxiety, Bipolarity, Stress

Chipur Healing for Depression, Anxiety, Bipolarity, Stress mental health blog

Chipur Healing for Depression, Anxiety, Bipolarity, Stress

The founder of this blog, Bill White, created Chipur to teach about mental health in a simple, no-pressure way. As a counselor, he explains things very clearly for anyone to understand.

In addition to articles, Chipur also has a podcast where people share their personal wellness journeys. Hearing different stories gives more perspective.

What makes it the best mental health blog is that it covers so many topics - from stress relievers to specific conditions like anxiety or depression. Bill also talks about lifestyle and treatments which was interesting.

36. Lawyers With Depression

 Lawyers With Depression mental health blog

Lawyers With Depression

Dan created LWD after facing his own mental health struggles as an attorney. He wants the site to reduce stigma for others in the legal field. The blog not only has helpful articles but also a podcast where Dan interviews guests about relevant topics.

Content discusses a variety of issues beyond just depression like anxiety, addiction or burnout common for lawyers. Readers can leave comments to ask questions and offer each other support. This builds open discussion.

Some pieces provide coping strategies for lawyers under stress while others normalize shared experiences. Dan also speaks at law schools and firms to educate more widely on wellness topics through his work.

37. My Brain’s Not Broken

My Brain’s Not Broken mental health blog

My Brain’s Not Broken

Nathan, the creator of this best mental health blog, openly shares his experiences with depression and anxiety for over 10 years. In addition to thoughtful articles, there's also a monthly playlist where Nathan shares inspiring songs related to wellness.

He aims to normalize struggles through open sharing and validation. Content covers a variety of important mental health and mental illness topics written clearly. Some posts provide coping tools while others just understand shared feelings.

Definitely check out My Brain's Not Broken if looking for one of the best mental health blogs or blogs about mental health challenges without judgment.

38. Bipolar Burble Blog by Natasha Tracy

Bipolar Burble Blog by Natasha Tracy mental health blog

Bipolar Burble Blog by Natasha Tracy

Natasha shares what it's like living with bipolar disorder in an easy way. She regularly posts articles to help explain different aspects of bipolar like how the illness makes people think or deal with suicide. Some pieces give personal stories while others break down topics more. I

t's nice she writes in an easy way anyone could understand.There's also sections about getting help if you're struggling or resources on bipolar. Cool that she does podcasts and free classes too beyond articles.

The classes especially seem useful to learn more depth on bipolar. She also mentions her book which must be interesting to read more of her story. So, trust us, this is one of the best mental health blogs out there.

39. Anxiety Sisters

Anxiety Sisters mental health blog

Anxiety Sisters

Lauren and Alyssa started their blog to help others dealing with anxiety issues. Sharing personal stories has reduced loneliness and shame for many readers. Their goal is normalizing talks about mental health.

Now the blog covers a wide variety of topics. Fans leave comments suggesting new ideas. Lauren and Alyssa talk about these on their podcast too. The podcast interviews experts and others struggling like them.

Readers can chat in the comments and support each other. Courses teach skills for certain anxieties like social anxiety. In-person meetups happen around the USA for discussions and relaxing activities.

💛 More Care, Less Stress

The above-mentioned blogs have their unique perspectives, sometimes differing from each other. But all of them have the same idea: you are not alone in your healing journey.

Never feel ashamed of being different. You are who you are with all your features combined.,

Be kind to yourself as you are to others.