Reading is really important for doing well in school and it's also a key step to start a book blog, where you can share your thoughts on the stories you discover. Lately, more people are using websites to read stories instead of just books, including various reading websites for free. We checked out lots of these online reading websites for kids, including reading websites for free. We picked the best ones for helping kids learn.

Whether you need free programs new adventures, or the best blogger books to guide you, we have some great options, like these reading websites for free. They make reading fun anywhere you go. These reading websites for kids will get even reluctant readers excited to read more. Take a look at our top choices - they'll start you on a path to reading success!

📚 How We Picked the Best Reading Websites for Kids

  • We looked at a lot of reading websites for kids to find the ones that would really get kids excited about reading. Only the most fun ones made our list.
  • It was important that the reading websites for kids' material was good for all different age groups. The sites needed to work for little ones just learning letters and also for older kids improving their skills.
  • Tools like hearing the words out loud, comprehension questions, and learning new vocabulary helped keep the lessons interactive and entertaining.
  • Making sure personal info stayed private and safe online was a must to keep parents from worrying too much. We only approved reading websites for kids that were very secure.
  • Having different types of content like stories, videos, games, and creative activities kept things interesting for all types of learners.
  • Either being low-cost or free meant families could try different reading options without spending a bunch of money.
  • Easy to use on any device allowed busy families to squeeze in learning anytime and anywhere also being a good example of homework help websites.
  • Hearing from other parents and reading teachers confirmed these reading websites for kids are truly top-notch for helping kids get better at reading everywhere!

🤝 Why You Should Trust Our Recommendations

  • Our team has reviewed well over 100 different websites to bring you the cream of the crop.
  • With over 8,000 sales of our most popular theme, you know we only recommend the truly top-notch resources.
  • As one of the top authors on ThemeForest with a 5-star rating from over 600 happy customers, you can trust our taste!
  • We've got the experience and expertise to distinguish great educational content from just okay.
  • Safety and quality are our top priorities, so you don't have to worry about protecting your little learners.
  • You definitely can't go wrong sticking with options from industry experts like us!

📖 Why Reading Websites are Helpful for Learning

  • Kiddos today are digital natives, so reading websites speak their language. reading websites for kids make learning to read fun.
  • Interactive tools like games, videos, and quizzes keep kids engaged and better retain information compared to books alone.
  • Individualized lessons mean your learner gets material perfect for their own level, whether beginner or advanced.
  • Immediate feedback helps emerging readers correct mistakes right away to improve quickly.
  • Tracking progress makes it easy to motivate kids and see what skills to focus on next in reading websites.
  • Anytime, anywhere access on any device allows learning to happen even on the go. No skipping lessons!
  • Struggling readers get extra support through audio, translations, and other multisensory aids.
  • Top teachers create high-quality content to supplement what kids learn in school.
  • Reading websites are as important as traditional reading. These reading websites for kids get kids comfortable with both.
  • It's a budget-friendly, often free way for the whole family to discover the joy of reading together.

💯 Best Reading Websites for Kids

1. Epic

Epic Reading Website


Epic is a website and app for kids to read books. It was created in 2015 to make reading fun for children.

Epic has lots of books, videos, quizzes, and audiobooks from popular publishers. There are over 35,000 things for kids to read. The books and stories are good for elementary school ages.

Kids can use Epic at home or school. It has features that help them read like words being spoken out loud. Teachers can also use it for lessons and assignments. Parents and teachers can check how kids are doing on Epic too.

2. Tumblebooks

Tumblebooks Reading Website


Tumblebooks is a website and app where kids can read electronic books, making it a standout among book reading websites. It was created in 2002 to help children enjoy reading on online reading websites.

Tumblebooks has hundreds of ebooks from popular children's publishers, positioning it as a valuable resource among book reading websites. The stories are ones that kids will know like fairy tales and chapter books. When kids read on Tumblebooks, the words are spoken out loud which helps early readers. It also has games and quizzes that make reading exciting.

Teachers and parents can access Tumblebooks from any computer, tablet, or phone. Teachers use it for lessons and assignments in class. Kids can read Tumblebooks at home too. It tracks how far children get in each book so teachers know their reading level. Both kids and teachers really like Tumblebooks.

3. 🏅 Our Favorite - Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets Reading Website

Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets is a national literacy initiative created by educational media nonprofit WETA. It is known as one of the finest free reading websites. For over 20 years, they've been bringing the latest reading research to parents, teachers, and anyone who wants to help kids succeed.

On their site, will find hundreds of articles, videos, parent tips in multiple languages, book recommendations, and more - all for free. Educators can access lesson plans, classroom strategies, professional development courses, and ways to incorporate tech. Kids will love the videos of their favorite authors and all the book reviews. Parents will appreciate the simple tips and multilingual resources.

Why is Reading Rockets Our Favorite Reading Website for Kids?

  • They've been perfecting their site for over 20 years based on the latest reading research from experts.
  • As a creation of educational media nonprofit WETA, you know their resources are high-quality and not just out to make a profit.
  • It's totally free to access hundreds of articles, videos, tips, book recommendations and more - an amazing value.
  • Educators can get everything they need like lesson plans, tech ideas, professional development and more.
  • Kids love seeing author interviews and reviews of their favorite books to get excited about reading.
  • Parents really benefit from their simple, easy-to-understand advice and multilingual options.
  • They've earned a reputation as one of the best by consistently delivering engaging content for all ages.
  • No other resource has Reading Rockets' depth and breadth of high-quality, free materials.

4. PebbleGo

PebbleGo Reading Website


PebbleGo is an incredible online research database created by Capstone to make nonfiction topics engaging for elementary kids. With PebbleGo, children can explore different curated modules like Animals, Science, Social Studies, and more. They'll find simple Wikipedia-style articles accompanied by illustrations and videos. It's the perfect place for kids to satisfy their curiosity about the world in a safe, user-friendly interface.

Educators also love how easily PebbleGo aligns with curriculum standards. Over 3 million students already use PebbleGo in 20% of schools nationwide. With such great stats, you can feel good knowing PebbleGo will keep your young learners excited about discovering new facts.

5. Storyline Online

Storyline Online Reading Website

Storyline Online

Storyline Online provides a wonderful service for children. Famous actors take the time to read popular picture books on the website. The actors bring each story to life through their exciting voices. Teachers find Storyline Online helpful in the classroom.

Doctors also use the site to keep young patients occupied. Additional educational materials are included to improve understanding of the stories. Anyone can stream readings anytime, anywhere in the world through the online resource. Children are exposed to new books that can aid in development. It is amazing the nonprofit organization is able to bring reading and learning to so many kids each month

6. Starfall

Starfall Reading Website


Starfall is one of the most amazing online reading websites created by teachers to make learning fun for kids. Founded by Dr. Stephen Schutz who struggled with dyslexia as a child, Starfall is designed to build skills through interactive games, songs, books, and movies.

Educators love how the activities align with state standards in reading and math. Kids have a blast exploring at their own pace without any pressure. Parents can feel good knowing Starfall doesn't collect personal data or have ads. Both free and membership content are available to meet different needs. It's easy to see why Starfall has been such a hit in classrooms and homes for over 20 years.

7. Storynory

Storynory Reading Website


Storynory is a website that provides audio stories for children. It started in 2005 and has grown to be the largest collection of free audio tales on the internet. Children can listen to famous fairy tales that people have known about for a long time. They can also listen to new stories and stories from other places in the world. All the stories are read out loud very well by voice actors who do it as their job.

Teachers have found Storynory helps students develop listening skills and imagination. Parents will be happy that kids can enjoy stories that entertain them and also help make reading better. Storynory offers many free stories for children to listen to.

8. FunBrain

FunBrain Reading Website


FunBrain has been a go-to site for educational games since 1997. With hundreds of activities for kids in grades pre-K through 8, there's something here for every young learner. Games cover math, reading, problem-solving, and more - all while being tons of fun!

Educators love that skills are reinforced in a safe online space. And parents can feel good knowing FunBrain doesn't collect any personal info. They've got engaging games for every subject. Best of all, everything on FunBrain is completely free! We recommend checking it out - your kids are sure to love it while also improving important abilities.

9. Raz Kids

Raz Kids Reading Website

Raz Kids

Raz-Kids is a very good website for children to use for reading practice. It has over 800 electronic books for students at different levels, from easiest to most difficult. Teachers and parents can find books at just the right level.

Children enjoy exploring the interactive books on any device before answering some questions to show their understanding. Teachers learn how students are doing from useful reporting. The electronic books even have a read-aloud mode and Spanish versions for support.

10. Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids Reading Website

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is a truly phenomenal online learning resource for all ages. With interactive lessons, videos, and tools for personalized practice, kids can explore subjects like math, reading, and more at their own pace. Educators love detailed reports to best support students.

Parents will appreciate following their child's progress from anywhere. Best of all, it's completely free! Just ask Barbara - she's never too old to learn. With contributors from all over the world, Khan Academy is opening up education to anyone, anywhere.

11. StoryPlace

StoryPlace Reading Website


StoryPlace is a one-stop spot for virtual library fun! Launched in 2000 and freshly redesigned, it offers all the great activities kids love at their local library right from home. With favorite tales, songs, and more in easy online and mobile format, little readers are guaranteed entertainment.

Educators appreciate the early literacy resources for parents. Best of all, it's completely free thanks to grants from funders like Smart Start and IMLS. Even during a library visit, kids ask to check out StoryPlace afterward.

12. FreeKidsBooks

FreeKidsBooks Reading Website


FreeKidsBooks is a one-stop shop for fantastic free books and educational resources. With hundreds of stories separated by age group, from toddlers to young adults, it's super easy to find the right reads. Whether you need bedtime tales, homeschool materials, or just fun stories to share, their growing library has you covered! We love that they offer textbooks and other resources too through their Free School Textbooks project.

13. ABCYa

ABCYa Reading Website


ABCya has lots of games for kids from kindergarten to 6th grade. The grownups who made the games are parents and teachers. They know that kids learn better when they are having fun. The games are put into groups by what grade level and subject they are for.

They teach things like times tables, parts of a sentence, typing on a keyboard, seeing patterns, and more. ABCya also has games that are just for fun. Kids who learn in different ways and have different abilities can find games they can do. With so many choices, every kid should be able to find something they want to play.

14. Bookopolis

Bookopolis Reading Website


Bookopolis provides a great space for kids ages 7-12 to connect with other young readers online. As the founders are also parents themselves, the top priority at Bookopolis is ensuring online safety. The main goal is to ignite a lifelong love of reading, and they've found engaging ways to do so.

Kids can rate books, get personalized recommendations, and chat with friends about favorites. Teachers utilize it too to build classroom reading communities. Bookopolis also motivates reading through fun badges and points. Between the social features and rewards, kids using the site get excited about diving into new stories.

15. Bookshare

Bookshare Reading Website


Bookshare is one of the most popular book reading websites, that has a very large electronic book library. It has over one million two hundred thousand titles. This makes it the biggest collection of ebooks in the world. The books are in many different types of genres and languages.

Bookshare helps people who find it difficult or not possible to read printed words. Many members can join for free or a small amount of money because Bookshare is a nonprofit. Volunteers and partnerships with publishers help Bookshare add more titles. The ebooks can be changed to be easier to read.

16. CommonLit

CommonLit Reading Website


CommonLit is committed to making sure all kids, especially those in high-need schools, are ready for college. It is one of the finest free reading websites. Their literacy model provides teachers with everything needed - over 2,000 free and high-quality reading passages, assessments to track progress, and professional development too. It's really well-rounded.

Studies have also shown how effective it is. As educators themselves created CommonLit, they know teachers appreciate resources that are flexible, and research-based and make their jobs easier. CommonLit covers the Common Core standards and was created by teachers, for teachers.

17. Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl Reading Website

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl is an educational website from Oxford University Press. It is one of the best free reading websites for kids that provides a lot of resources to help children learn important skills from when they are two years old until they are eleven years old.

Oxford Owl has a big library with electronic books that children can read. The books change level based on each child's reading ability. Children can also listen to stories being read out loud with one touch. Oxford Owl teaches important things like phonics, grammar, and spelling through fun games and activities. Parents and teachers say good things about the high-quality materials.

18. ReadingIQ

ReadingIQ Reading Website


ReadingIQ is an educational program for phones and tablets. It helps kids in kindergarten through sixth grade learn to read with fun stories, games, and activities. The program tests students to see how well they read. Then it makes the stories and games easier or harder based on the test results.

Teachers say ReadingIQ matches what kids need to learn in school. It also makes reading fun so kids want to do it. Parents see kids getting better after short lessons using ReadingIQ. Both teachers and parents use it a lot because it helps students learn to read well and is easy to use.

19. ReadTheory

ReadTheory Reading Website


ReadTheory understands that all learners are unique - their model celebrates those differences. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, their adaptive AI personalized each kid's curriculum based on abilities.

Teachers love how passages are auto-assigned and graded to just the right level of challenge. As scores improve, content gets a bit tougher; if struggling, it becomes easier so confidence builds. They've helped over 18 million students in 175 countries! With expertise from 100+ years in education, their high-quality stories, articles, and lessons really work.

20. ReadWorks

ReadWorks Reading Website


ReadWorks is making huge impact in addressing the literacy crisis. It is one of the best free reading websites for kids. For over a decade, their free resources have supported 5 million teachers and 30 million students. Hhaving engaging, high-quality materials that are proven effective is invaluable - and ReadWorks delivers on this.

Built on the science of reading, their passages automatically assess comprehension to personalize learning. With a reach of nearly 1 in 8 U.S. students, including 93% of highest-poverty schools, their results are large-scale. Between the research backing and national support, it's easy to see why ReadWorks is such a popular resource for helping students learn how to read.

21. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg Reading Website

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is one of the best free reading websites for kids with lots of free digital books. It started in 1971 and was the first place that gave folks electronic books. Their goal is to help make books for everybody to read without paying money. Anyone can look through their big library, which has over 60,000 book names from old favorites to new stories.

Project Gutenberg began eBooks and their idea kept helping more readers on computers today. If a person wants to find books to read without using cash, they can see nice stories in their large library. It has been helping folks read free books on the internet for a very long time.

22. Planet eBooks

Planet eBooks Reading Website

Planet eBooks

Planet eBooks is considered as one of the most popular free reading websites. They try to make the digital books on their site easy to read on all different types of devices like phones, tablets, and computers. Many other free eBook sites have books that are hard to read because they are not very good quality.

Planet eBooks wants to publish some high-quality free books that are just as good as books you have to pay money for. The books they share in Australia do not have copyrights anymore so anyone can download them. People should check the copyright laws for their own countries before getting books from Planet eBooks.

23. Magic Tree House Kids

Magic Tree House Kids Reading Website

Magic Tree House Kids

Created by the one and only Mary Pope Osborne, this series has taken readers on wild adventures for over 25 years. From dyno lands to undersea worlds, Jack and Annie see it all from the coziest treehouse HQ.

Even better, the accompanying Fact Trackers give extras on each destination. With Illuminaer AG Ford and longtime illustrator Sal Murdocca bringing the pages to life, every book is a visual treat. And with the whole fam involved like writers Will and Natalie, it's an event for all ages.

24. Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs Reading Website

Reading Eggs

As an Aussie company helping millions of kids learn worldwide for over 30 years, they know a thing or two about what works. From toddlers just starting out to teens improving comprehension, their multi-level reading programs keep lessons interactive and engaging.

With top teachers and animators behind it all, each student gets individualized learning. No other tool out there gives such amazing value.

25. Whooo's Reading

Whooo's Reading

Whooo's Reading

Run by some very wise owls, this online reading program is just what the feathered doctor ordered. With colorful characters like Otis the Owl and a ginormous library filled with stories, activities, and games, sprouting readers will spend hours swooping through each lesson. Parents will love the progress tracking too.

Enrich Your Imagination

We hope you're feeling inspired to check out some of our top reading websites for kids! We worked hard to select only the most fun and educational options guaranteed to get little learners excited about books.

Whether your child needs that extra boost or is just looking for new adventures, these reading websites for kids have something for every reader. Who knows, you might have a certified bookworm on your hands before you know it!

Thanks for reading through our recommendations. Now get out there and put some of these great online reading websites to work for you. Happy exploring!