Interior design is like totally the coolest way to spruce up your space. When you decorate just right, your home or office can go from meh to amazing.

But sometimes coming up with new ideas is such a drag. That's where these interior design blogs save the day! We found the chillest blogs full of drool-worthy pics that'll fuel your inspiration tank.

See the freshest living room looks, discover what styles are bopping now, and get motivated to re-do your crib. We know that moving cost is often high, so some blogs even have easy DIY projects if you're on a budget.

Decorating is such a fun way to make your place all your own. So next time you need a boost, check out our list of blogs. Scroll through the rooms you covet for a few and get your creativity flowing.

🚀 How We Picked the Best Interior Design Blogs

As you know there's an insane number of interior design blogs out there these days. It can definitely be overwhelming trying to narrow it down to the good ones! That's why we picked a few factors that can help identify if top interior design blogs actually worth following.

  • Quality Content: the best blogs share pro-level tips, cool room makeovers, product finds, and info from industry insiders rather than just stock photos. We wanted blogs with substance.
  • Regular Updates: consistency is key. We looked for blogs that post fresh stuff on the reg so you always have new inspo to check out.
  • Aesthetic Vibes: great visuals are so important when gathering decor inspo! We went for blogs with lovely high-quality photos that fuel your design dreams.
  • Tangible Takeaways: things like DIY guides, checklists and detailed project stories help you actually apply what you learn, not just admire pretty pics.
  • Personality: the most enjoyable home decor blogs feel like you're getting insider tips from a friend through their writing style, not like a stuffy magazine.

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45 Interior Design Blogs to Inspire You 🛋️

1. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy interior design blog

Apartment Therapy

Should totally check out this home decor blog called Apartment Therapy. It's all about making your place feel as cozy and inspiring as possible.

They've got the best pictures of rooms that look so dreamy. You can get inspo for living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens - they cover it all. They also have tutorials on how to do stuff like paint a room, fix up your bathroom, or make your tiny apartment feel huge.

It's perfect if you want easy ideas to spruce things up without spending a fortune. The blog is super fun to scroll through when you need a boost of motivation.

2. 🏅 Our Pick - Studio McGee

Studio McGee interior design blog

Studio McGee

This blog is one of the best interior design blogs run by Shea and Grey McGee, these total pros in the interior design world.

Everything on their site is just so dreamy and put together. They've got the dopest before and after photos of rooms they've designed. It's crazy how they can totally transform a space. Studio McGee also has tons of tutorials on their blog if you need help with decorating.

Whether you wanna redo your bedroom or spruce up your entryway, they've got you covered. There's also lots of cute furniture and home goods on their shop. Like how cool is their McGee and Co collection?

Why is Studio McGee Our Favorite Interior Design Blog?

Studio McGee is one of the best blogs for interior design that stands out because it provides really high-quality and inspirational content. Everything on the site is beautifully photographed and styled. They clearly put a lot of effort into making their projects, rooms, and advice look amazing. This makes it really motivating to browse for design ideas. The quality also means you know the tips and recommendations come from industry professionals.

3. Decorilla Interior Design Blog

Decorilla Interior Design Blog interior design blog

Decorilla Interior Design Blog

This interior decorators blog is all about helping you renovate rooms with the help of pro interior designers. It's awesome because they offer both in-person design help from real experts in your area and also fully online design consulting.

So if you want to revamp a room but don't have tons of time, their virtual services have you covered. They'll give you styling recommendations and pretty 3D renders of how your place could look all fancy - it's pretty neat!

This one is among interior decor blogs that is also full of banging before and afters that will motivate you to get started on your next project.

4. Young House Love

Young House Love interior design blog

Young House Love

This interior design blog is run by John and Sherry Petersik, they’re always renovating and fixing up their houses.

It’s super cool cause they post detailed before and afters of all their projects. Doesn’t matter if it’s a huge kitchen reno or something small like painting a room - John and Sherry have you covered with awesome tutorials.

They make everything seem so easy even though we all know renovating is usually a total pain. The blog also has sweet decor ideas if you just want to browse for fun stuff to spruce up your place.

5. 🏅 Our Pick - All Sorts Of from Amber Interiors

All Sorts Of from Amber Interiors blog

All Sorts Of from Amber Interiors

This is one of the top interior design blogs that is run by Amber Lewis and it's filled with cool stuff. Amber covers all sorts of topics from interior design to lifestyle stuff.

She gives tutorials on decorating different rooms and putting together outfits. All Sorts Of also has some sweet product recommendations if you wanna shop for fun things for your place. Amber makes everything seem pretty easy to do too.

There's also lots of interviews with different artists and designers if you wanna learn about their work.

Why is All Sorts Of from Amber Interiors Our Favorite Interior Design Blog?

While they share beautiful design projects and home décor ideas, they also feature lifestyle topics like travel, health, entertaining and more. This makes the content really well-rounded and enjoyable to browse for anyone interested in design or simply looking for a creative source of inspiration. Another reason it's a great blog is the personal touch from founder Amber Lewis. As a designer herself, she gives readers an insider's perspective through her own projects, advice columns and styled photos.

6. Cococozy Decorating Blog

Cococozy Decorating Blog interior blog

Cococozy Decorating Blog

This interior decorators blog is run by Colette Shelton, aka Coco. She posts super cool house tours, room makeovers, decor ideas and sweet outfit pics.

Coco will give you all the inspiration you need to renovate rooms in your place and put together dope outfits. She also has a bunch of shopping guides if you wanna browse for fun stuff to spruce up your crib or closet.

I really like that CocoCozy covers homes, interior design and fashion all in one place. It's perfect if you feel like browsing for renovation ideas, decor steals or cool summer looks.

7. EyeSwoon Home Decor Blog

EyeSwoon Home Decor Blog interior design blog

EyeSwoon Home Decor Blog

This is one of the interior decor blogs that has the coolest products and recipes, it is run by Athena Calderone. Athena gives the site her signature aesthetic and it's full of cute decor, fun tabletop goods, sweet kitchen tools and more.

There's also drool-worthy food posts if you wanna try making some new recipes. EyeSwoon helps you style your place from head to toe.

If you need ideas for gifts or just wanna browse some cute brands, EyeSwoon has you covered there too.

8. Design Milk

Design Milk interior design blog

Design Milk

This coolest home decor blog is filled with the coolest home goods, kitchen stuff, pets items and more.

Design Milk covers everything from architecture to interior design to tech gadgets. They find awesome brands and highlight new launches that you'll wanna shop. Whether you're browsing for your place or looking for a gift, Design Milk has you covered.

The site makes it easy to discover dope brands both big and small. There's always fresh articles on the latest designs too. It's perfect if you just wanna see creative spaces or need ideas to spruce up your crib.

9. Remodelista

Remodelista interior design blog


This site is filled with super-inspiring house tours, kitchen ideas, outdoor space makeovers and more. If you were looking for best blogs for interior design, this is the right source for you.

Everything on Remodelista is seriously aesthetically pleasing. They share products, color palettes, DIY projects - basically everything you need to renovate or style your place.

They also have tons of easy projects you can do yourself on a budget. And they have super useful guides on things like flooring types, countertops and bathroom updates.

10. The Inspired Room

The Inspired Room interior design blog

The Inspired Room

This is the interior decorators blog that is full of the coziest home makeovers and aesthetic room transformations.

The creator Jenny finds the chillest decor inspiration and affordable dupes for high-end looks. She shares home projects, easy seasonal change-ups, product faves, and stunning room mood boards.

Every post is so visually pleasing and makes you excited to style up your own place. It's perfect if you're shopping for new things or just daydreaming about home design.

11. Style by Emily Henderson

Style by Emily Henderson interior design blog

Style by Emily Henderson

Emily gives us a peek inside her super stunning homes and shares all her decorating tips and renovation secrets. Truly one of the best DIY blogs.

Emily gives super practical advice on everything from layout changes to decor styles. She also doesn't hold back on budget-friendly ideas if you're on a timeline.

You'll learn so much about design trends while just having fun browsing. Emily writes her posts so you feel like you're getting a tour from your friend.

12. Mad about the House

Mad about the House interior design blog

Mad about the House

Natalie writes about the coolest house tours, renovations and decorating trends in a really fun, easy-to-understand style.

You'll seriously get lost looking through all the beautiful room photos and renovation before and afters. Natalie gives super practical advice even if you live in a smaller place.

She also shares lots of budget-friendly ideas. Whether you're just browsing for fun or renovating your own home, you'll learn so much about styles and products.

13. Decoist

Decoist interior design blog


Another perfect option in the list home decor blogs. They cover awesome interior design, decor trends and room inspiration.

Decoist shares high-end homes plus super affordable looks if you're on a budget. They give really practical tips too so you can totally recreate the styles yourself.

Whether you're inspired by modern vibes, cozy farmhouse or minimalist looks, Decoist has you covered.

14. Lone Fox

Lone Fox interior design blog

Lone Fox

Check out this interior design blog for all your interior inspo needs. Drew curates the coolest home goods, decor items and even vintage furniture.

Lone Fox has high-end pieces plus super affordable finds too. Drew writes blog posts to explain each collection in a fun, easy way.

It's perfect if you're renovating your space or just daydreaming.

15. Chris Loves Julia

Chris Loves Julia interior design blog

Chris Loves Julia

Truly one of the sweetest home decor blogs! Chris and Julia share the coolest home tours, DIY projects and decor trends.

Since 2009 they've been documenting their house renovations and family life.

Chris and Julia make decorating totally approachable whether you're remodeling or daydreaming. They give super helpful tips and tricks too.

16. Clever Decoration Blog

Clever Decoration Blog interior design blog

Clever Decoration Blog

This home decor blog shares the coolest house tours, renovations and decor trends.

They give tours of crazy fancy homes plus super cool makeovers of smaller spaces too. Architectural Digest explains styles in a really easy to understand way.

Whether you're dreaming of your dream home or fixing up your own pad, Architectural Digest has you covered.

17. Coco Lapine Design

Coco Lapine Design interior design blog

Coco Lapine Design

This is one of the top interior design blogs. Sarah shares the coolest house makeovers, room ideas and style trends.

She explains styles in a super clear way whether you're into modern farmhouse, hygge vibes or minimal looks. Coco Lapine has got you covered for any room in your home or apartment.

Sarah also tests out tons of products in her home decor blog so you know what's actually good.

18. The Bright Bazaar Interiors Blog

The Bright Bazaar Interiors Blog interior design blog

The Bright Bazaar Interiors Blog

Bright Bazaar one of the interior design blogs to browse for home inspo! Will shares the coolest house tours, room makeovers and style trends.

You'll seriously lose track of time looking through all the beautiful house photos. Will explains different styles in an easy to understand way whether you're into coastal vibes, city living or hygge looks.

Will also loves to travel so there's dreamy hotel spots and destinations to discover.

19. Becki Owens

Becki shares the coolest house makeovers, room styles and weekly deals in this interior decorators blog.

Becki explains different styles and decor trends in an easy way whether you're into coastal vibes, classic looks or maximalism. She also tests out lots of products to help you make smart buy choices.

Check them out when you need motivation to spruce up your space or want new styling tips. Becki Owens makes discovering design super fun and chill.

20. Shea McGee

Shea McGee interior design blog

Shea McGee

Shea and Grant share the coolest house makeovers, new product launches and weekly finds. This is like one of those cool fashion blogs but in interior design industry.

They explain different styles simply whether you're into cozy vibes, modern farmhouse or eclectic looks. Studio McGee has you covered for any space.

Be sure to check out their #mcgeeandco shop too for tons of new home goods and collabs. So, this website is on our list of best interior design blogs for a reason.

21. Anita Yokota

Anita Yokota interior design blog

Anita Yokota

Another option among the best interior design blogs handpicked for you. Anita shares the chillest house makeovers, organization hacks and DIY projects.

Anita explains different styles simply whether you're into laidback vibes, bohemian looks or cozy corners. She's got you covered no matter your jam.

Don't miss her product picks and home therapy tips too. This is one of the top interior design blogs to check out when you feel like sprucing up your space or need design motivation.

22. Decor8

Decor8 interior design blog


Check out this one, it's one of the cutest interior design blogs! Holly gives some deets on her sweet journey in home inspiration.

She started blogging way back and now gets to do the coolest stuff like write books, teach classes, shoot for magazines and even launch her own! Holly's also living her best life in Germany with her little family.

Don't miss her stories on chilled Euro trips, lush home makeovers and budget-friendly style tricks. Holly makes discovering design totally fun and easy.

23. Dezeen Interiors Blog

Dezeen Interiors Blog interior design blog

Dezeen Interiors Blog

This blog shares the coolest makeovers, product spots and Euro trips. They explain different styles simply so anyone can follow along whether you're into fun, funky vibes or minimalist modern.

Don't miss their sweet house tours, job listings and videos too. Def check them out whenever you need fresh ideas to jazz up your space.

Dezeen is one of the top interior design blogs that makes discovering design super fun and easy. You'll get tons of dope inspiration, so enjoy exploring!

24. HGTV Design & Decorte

HGTV Design & Decorte interior design blog

HGTV Design & Decorte

One of the best interior decorators blog out there for you! This blog is super cool for anyone who loves home decor and design ideas. You can find lots of pictures to get inspiration on how to makeover rooms in your house.

They have designs for every room like living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. My favorite are all the before and after photos of house makeovers - it's amazing how much better the rooms look once they add their magic touches!

There are also videos you can watch of designers completely transforming boring homes. They share smart storage solutions and affordable updates you can easily do yourself.

25. Hospitality Design

Hospitality Design interior design blog

Hospitality Design

This is one of the interior design blogs to go if you wanna know all the coolest stuff happening in hotel and restaurant design.

They share pics of amazing projects people are working on all over the world, from fancy hotels to cool restaurants. It's fun to see the before and after shots and imagine how they transformed boring spaces.

You can also read quick profiles on interesting people in the industry. They also have videos and podcasts so you can listen while you work.

26. House Beautiful

House Beautiful interior design blog

House Beautiful

This is one of the home decor blogs that are like home decor heaven! You can find tons of cool ideas for how to make your place look awesome.

They've got pictures of celebrity homes that are super fancy. They also show regular houses that are totally transformed - it's crazy how different rooms can look. I spend hours browsing all the different styles like modern farmhouse or tropical vibes.

They also have articles on new paint colors, furniture pieces and kitchen gadgets - it's helpful for getting inspiration on what's hot.

27. Ideal Home

Ideal Home interior design blog

Ideal Home

This blog is so cool if you love making your home look nice! They have tons of pictures to get inspo from for your kitchen, living room or bedrooms.

This website is among the best blogs for interior design that also gives tips on decorating on a budget or little updates you can do yourself.

You can learn heaps from their decorating experts too. I like watching the videos of house makeovers step-by-step. They show you hacks for better lighting or storage solutions too.

28. Interior Style Hunter

Interior Style Hunter interior design blog

Interior Style Hunter

This is the best interior design blogs for checking out fancy home designs! They have tons of pictures of really high-end houses and apartments that look straight from a magazine.

They also share tips from pro interior designers on how to make your space look more lux.

You can also learn cool stuff from the podcast and videos. I like when they interview designers and ask them questions. Sometimes they explain how to do stuff yourself too, like tips for planning out rooms better.

29. Design Chic

Design Chic interior design blog

Design Chic

This blog is super chill if you love looking at pretty home designs! They show lots of pictures of really nice houses that make me want to redecorate.

Some rooms are super fancy but they also have regular houses that give cool ideas. So, this is one of the interior decor blogs to find inspiration.

You can also see interviews with designers or house tours which are so fun to follow along. The ladies that run it write in a really fun relaxed way too.

30. The Design Files

The Design Files interior design blog

The Design Files

This is one of the interior design blogs that show lots of pictures of really nice houses that make me want to redecorate.

Some rooms are super fancy but they also have regular houses that give cool ideas.

You can also see interviews with designers or house tours which are so fun to follow along. The ladies that run it write in a really fun relaxed way too. Whether you want big renovations or small updates, there's always inspo.

31. Wit and Delight

Wit and Delight interior design blog

Wit and Delight

Kate writes articles about renovating rooms like basements and making them feel new with fresh paint and comfy furniture.

She shows beautiful pictures of homes that mix old and new styles together to make them look extra welcoming. You'd love looking at the colorful wallpaper she chose and all the cute decorating ideas people share in their homes.

Kate also tells us about designers who make their houses feel so warm and relaxing.

32. Design Hunter

Design Hunter interior design blogs

Design Hunter

This blog is awesome if you wanna find cool stuff to decorate your home and get new ideas! They share posts about different types of interiors like living rooms and kitchens.

You'd love looking at all the pretty pictures of rooms and seeing what kinds of furniture, lighting and art people use. They also do lists of my top 10 favorites, like the coolest table lamps or mini rugs. It's fun to see what designs make the cut.

Design Hunter has lots more than just rooms - they write about lifestyle stuff too.

33. Fresh Design Blog

Fresh Design Blog interior design blog

Fresh Design Blog

This is one of the interior design blogs that is full of awesome ideas to make your home look totallyfresh! They have lots of tips for decorating every room like the kitchen and bathrooms, and even outdoors.

They write posts with easy ways you can spruce up your garden area. Did you know you can add different edging along your pond to make it look nicer?

And they give suggestions on lighting, rugs, and accessories to make your pad feel more put together.

34. Décor Aid

Décor Aid interior design blog

Décor Aid

This site is so cool if you want to decorate your place but don't know where to even start! They explain all the different interior design styles like minimalist, coastal, and farmhouse so you can figure out what vibes with you.

And they have tons of cute room pictures to help show what each style really looks like. I love browsing through all the living rooms and kitchens to get ideas.

Decor Aid is also mega helpful if you need a decorator to do the work for you. They have a whole list of designers in different places so you can find someone local.

35. Dear Designer

Dear Designer interior design blog

Dear Designer

This blog is full of awesome home inspo! They share the coolest interior decorating ideas like kitchens and bedrooms.

The blogger also takes trips to cool places like Portugal and shares her adventures. You can steal design tips from the houses and places they visit.

Dear Designer mixes it up too with posts on topics like the best outdoor furniture sets or current obsessions like those green wall tiles. This is one of the home decor blogs you need to follow.

36. Love Chic Living

Love Chic Living interior design blog

Love Chic Living

This is one if the cutest interior design blogs picked for you. Jen writes posts about styling up different rooms like the kitchen, living room and bedrooms. She shares cute photos of how she did her space too.

Jen does fun roundups of the hottest Christmas trends or best outdoor furniture. She even reviews new home gadgets and appliances.

Whether you need ideas for renovations or just wanna browse fresh styles, this blog has tons of options. Jen makes interior design seem so achievable even for places with kids.

37. SwoonWorthy

SwoonWorthy interior design blogs


This blog is so cool if you're obsessed with styling your home like. Kimberly, the owner of the blog, also started her own candle company, so you can swoon over the scents too.

Swoon Worthy isn't just about viewing Kim's fresh interiors though. She gives tons of fun DIY tutorials if you wanna save cash doing projects yourself.

Kimberly also offers styling services now so your place can look magazine-worthy without stress.

38. lovePROPERTY

lovePROPERTY interior design blog


This site is awesome if you love homes like us! They share the coolest house tours and before and after makeovers.

Love Property also gives tips on renovating yourself and the best places to invest in properties.

They have articles on decorating trends so you can steal fresh styles. Love Property even tells you deals on mirrors, furniture and appliances to make over your own place.

39. A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess interior design blog

A Beautiful Mess

This blog is so fun to browse if you like crafts, recipes and decorating! Ema has all kinds of cool projects to make like wreaths, sewing accessories and even gifts.

Ema mixes it up too with posts on topics like plant care, party dips and holiday how-tos. Whether you need inspo to make something crafty or are searching for your new favorite recipe, this blog has you covered!

40. Homey Oh My

Homey Oh My interior design blog

Homey Oh My

This interior design blog shares the cutest room makeovers and styling ideas.

Homey Oh My isn't just about viewing pretty rooms tho. Mandy mixes it up with lifestyle posts on topics like organizing tips, motherhood musings and product roundups.

Whether you need ideas to revamp a space or want fresh hacks, this blog has you totally covered girl! Now I can't wait to steal all her design tricks and try the fun projects. Looks like you'll be getting lost in Homey Oh My for hours finding all the decor inspo and goodies.

41. My Scandinavian Home

Niki gives us a look inside the chicest Swedish, Danish and Norwegian homes. I could spend hours drooling over the sleek white kitchens, cozy living rooms filled with plants and gorgeous bedroom inspiration.

She also shares her travels around the Nordic countries so you feel like you're along for the ride. Btw, of you got inspired to start your own blog, check out the best lifestyle blog name ideas.

Niki also has posts on Scandi design trends, stories about her life in Sweden and roundups of bombastic brands.

42. Paper & Stitch

Paper & Stitch interior design blog

Paper & Stitch

This blog is totally rad if you're into crafts, DIY projects and fabulous home decor ideas like us!

Sarah has loads of bomb room makeovers and home tours to lust over. Whether you need ideas to re-do your space or just wanna steal all her swanky style tricks, you'll get lost scrolling for hours.

She does everything from full house transformations to cozy nook makeovers on a budget. Our fave was seeing how she turned her boring landing into a total dream zone. Girl knows what she's doing!

43. frankie

frankie interior design blog


They've got heaps of beautiful home tours and product features to lust over. Whether you need inspo to re-do your space or just wanna steal all their fab style tricks, you'll be scrolling for days.

The editor finds the coolest indie makers and shares their trippy designs. Our fave are those cosmic peace flowers - so gorgeous!

They also have cute craft ideas if you wanna get creative. You gonna have a go at making that papier mâché vase.

44. Laurel Home

Laurel Home interior design blog

Laurel Home

You can find posts about renovating rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. Laurel talks about choosing paint colors, furniture styles, lighting ideas - all kinds of decor stuff. She often talks about projects she's working on like installing cabinets or picking flooring.

The blog is updated regularly so there's always new content. Laurel writes in a fun, chatty way too so it's easy to understand. She gives you a peek inside high-end places but also budget options.

If you're looking to redo a room in your home or just want decor inspiration, Laurel's blog is a great place to check out. You can search it to find solutions for your specific needs too.

45. Old Brand New

Old Brand New interior design blog

Old Brand New

Han shares the dopest home tours and makeovers to lust over. Whether you need inspo for decorating your space or swooning over gorgeous houses, you'll be scrolling here for days.

She finds the coolest vintage items and indie makers too. She also gives awesome tips on how to re-do your place without dropping major bucks.

Now you can finally make my room Pinterest perfect too!

Summing Up 🙌

Hope you're feeling inspired to refresh your space or make some cozy home decor! Make sure to keep up with these creative blogs and accounts that fuel your hobbies.

Following fun pages is a great way to discover new decor tips, tricks, tutorials, and more. You'll be shocked by how much inspo they provide.

Happy exploring out there friends!