It seems like every week there’s some shiny new platform begging for our attention. But in the chaos, one of the oldest methods around just keeps crushing it - email!

Now we know email may not sound as glamorous as the latest social "it" girl. But let us tell you, after nearly a decade of us marketers wrangling pixels, we've learned that email is still the best way for businesses to build real connections at scale.

The statistics don't lie - over 120 billion emails get sent daily! That’s a lot of eyes that could be seeing your message.

While flashy newcomers are busy running our ad budgets into the ground, we can reach massive audiences for pennies using good old email.

📧 What is Email Marketing?

Before getting into exactly why email is important, it helps to understand what we mean by "email marketing."

Basically, it's using emails to promote your business, products, or services to people who have actually signed up to hear from you. These people have willingly given you their addresses because they're interested in what you're selling.

Then through sending them cool stuff on a regular basis, the goal with email marketing is to give them useful information, get them to trust you, and keep them involved with your brand over time.

Do it right, and you will make casual customers into loyal fans who will keep coming back again and again.

In our ever-evolving digital customer engagement environment, connecting operational efficiency to your marketing strategy can significantly boost your business outcomes. Understanding and optimizing key performance indicators such as sales per labor hour provide not just insights into your sales strategies but also influence how effectively you're able to convert leads into loyal customers. This nuanced approach allows for a more cohesive business strategy where marketing and operational excellence meet.

📥 20 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Important For Your Business

1. Reach Large Audiences 🗣️

Now that we’ve got the basics down, let us tell you why email is hands down the easiest way for business owners like to scale our reach.

With email, we aren’t limited to whoever happens to see our social posts that day. Once we start building our lists, we have the power to directly put our messages into the inboxes of thousands of people — no algorithms or third parties standing in our way.

Email open rates are way higher than you might expect. On average, emails see an open rate around 20-30%. Studies show email recipients spend an average of 53 seconds engaged with their emails.

Do the math here — if our list has just 1000 subscribers and we send one email a week, that’s potentially 1000 people interacting with our message. Grow that list to 10,000 subscribers? We’ve now reached 10,000 potential customers without needing a single “like” or “follow”. It’s like having our own personal publication! One of the most important email marketing benefits!

2. Reach Customers in Real-Time 📢

STYLEVANA email marketing


One seriously slick thing about email is how it lets us move at lightning speed. Whether we have to spread word of a hot last-minute sale or just found a spicy new industry rumor, emails get it handled.

Like say some new inventory just flew in - we can fire off a quick note to our peoples in minutes to let them know before it's all gone. Or holiday deals hitting different? Email allows our impulses to become impulse buys without delay.

And we aren't relying on algorithms or luck to maybe show our stuff. Once our emails launch, those are landing in inboxes within the hour bare minimum. No guessing if our message will even be seen.

We can authentically engage in real-time as opportunities come by.

3. Build and Nurture Customer Relationships 👥

Building customer loyalty is so important in business, but how do we do it at scale? This is where the benefits of email marketing are brighter than any other channel, friends. While social media gets us one-time glances, email lets us develop relationships over the long run through regular communication.

Over time, this steady stream of value-added contact earns their trust so they start to feel like we’re old pals rather than salespeople. Before you know it, casual customers feel like old friends!

The more casually you interact with your subscribers, the better the engagement. Those small human details help them feel personally invested in your brand, even with thousands on your lists. Just greeting people by name puts a smile on their face — and ours too when it drives more clicks!

At the end of the day, those meaningful connections are what keep the sales rolling in month after month.

4. Dive Website Traffic 🖥️

Another reason why email marketing is important. We've got a secret weapon for spiking traffic. Anytime we send an email to our lists, it's a chance to include clickable links back to our site.

Maybe we tease a new blog post or product page in the subject line. Over time, this steady link-sharing trains our subscribers so they start going straight to our sites for more info.

Sometimes a simple "Read more" button does the trick. But putting together a quick crossword puzzle with site links as clues? Traffic city! Give people a reason to navigate around and you'll be rolling in visits.

5. Improve Conversions and Sales 🛍️

Shein email marketing


The question "why is email marketing important" gets answered by this point. At the end of the day, as marketers we want happy customers spending money with our businesses, right? Well email is one of the most powerful channels we have for driving those crucial conversions.

Anytime we send an email to our lists, it's an opportunity to directly promote special deals, new products, or exclusive offers. We can highlight incentives like flash sales, BOGO deals, or discounts for our VIP subscribers. By making that impulse buy easily accessible, it's way easier for our people to just one-click and checkout.

So when emails come from a brand that we've grown to see as a friend, we're way more likely to trust them and pull the trigger on that purchase. Your regular communication can prime your lists to be receptive customers!

6. Increase Brand Awareness 📣

Every time our emails hit inboxes, it’s free advertising just seeing our logo or message! Think about how often we scroll past social posts without noticing - but emails mean our branding has dedicated screen real estate users check daily.

Even simple touches like catchy subject lines paired with our brand strengthens recognition over time.

And we’ve got free reign over what we share, so we can deepen how our brand is understood directly to subscribers. By highlighting our vibe, mission or silly office stories, we become more fleshed out in people's minds.

Sharing is caring too - email makes spreading our deals and laughs super easy through forwarding.

7. Send Timely Campaigns ⏰

This factor, too, shows the importance of email marketing. With email, we can churn out campaigns in a pinch to capitalize on current events or freshly launched deals. Maybe World Cup game is on tonight and we wanna share a watch party promo - easy, emails can get that out as quick as possible.

You're also not tied to any set schedule like with other channels. If unexpected news lands on a Tuesday, nothing stops you from sending an email the same day about it. Your subscribers know they'll get the inside scoop in real-time.

Not only that, but emails allow hyperpersonalization so each message can speak to what's fresh for the recipient. If a particular viewer's fave football team is playing, we can tailor our CTA just for them.

8. Increase Customer Loyalty and Retention 📈

Another very big reason why email marketing is important. By regularly shooting personalized, valuable messages to your subscribers, you'll always be top of mind. This constant contact breeds serious familiarity and comfort over time. Customers start seeing you as their go-to guy rather than another business just hunting sales.

And when you personalize based on what people have bought before, showing you remember little details about them, it creates a strong emotional bond. Even a quick "Hey Anna, how's those garden shears treating you?" works wonders!

Getting subs involved through polls, reviews or funny quizzes deepens those connections too. People feel invested in your success. Studies show email laughers that interact spend over 20% more cash long run than one-timers.

9. Explore Cross-Selling and Upselling Opportunities 🔄

Still not sure why is email marketing important?

Aside from making actual sales, you know what's almost as sweet? Selling additional stuff to customers you already got on the line! And let us tell you, email is the secret way for maximizing those valuable cross-sell and upsell chances.

See with email, anytime you got a new item or pack you think subscribers would dig, you can put it front and center with one quick message. Just a "since you liked x, try y!" tag team is all it takes to casually offer complimentary options on the down low.

And you can hyper-personalize these messages based on what people bought before for super tailored "we know you love gardening gear, so these gloves are for you" recommendations. Sold! That's just more green in your pockets.

10. Send Cost-Effective Campaigns 💰

Testing subject lines, calls to action, and whatnot helps maximize open and click rates fast. Then you double down on what's working based on the analytics. Last year you tried 50 subject lines and found one that boosted clicks 25%? Use it for your benefit.

Staying thrifty leaves room in the budget to test new offers, products, or creative angle without breaking the bank. Keeps the whole operation growing over time through constant optimizing.

Customers also engage more with frequent, useful messages that don't feel like some hard sell spam. Being low-key earns trust by blending info with strategic promotions.

11. Automate Email Campaigns 📩

iHerb email marketing


This part once again proves the importance of email marketing. Automated emails are sweet for streamlining customer contact.

Here are some key reasons:

  1. Triggers are clutch - emails can fire off automatically based on peoples' actions. Like shooting them a note when they buy stuff, add to cart then bail, or download content. Perfect timing every time.
  2. Drip campaigns are also handy - you set up a series that taps folks regularly over weeks or months. Daily, weekly, whatever scratches your rhythm. Slowly builds relationship equity.
  3. Onboarding journeys are super useful too. New subs get a structured intro that presents your offer, thanks them for joining, then keeps the education flowing.
  4. Automated reminders are solid gold for keeping important dates top of mind. Like renewal alerts or follow ups - peoples' diaries stay sharp.

12. Direct and Personalized Communication 👥

See with email, your messages bypass algorithms and go straight to inboxes. That direct access is huge because it lets you hyper-personalize subject lines, content, and calls to action based on purchase history, location, preferences, all that good stuff.

You can message specific groups individually. New people get one message while longtime supporters see exclusive deals.

So don’t be sleeping on email’s direct firepower combined with crafty personalization. Reach people inbox to inbox, not through algorithms - they’ll thank you for it.

13. Produce High ROI 🙌

Now, ROI is also one of the major benefits of email marketing. We’re talking low fixed costs no matter how many peeps you reach. Optimize your rates and you can make bank with not much scratch.

Email also lets you talk to existing customers on the regular with customized deals. This gets them buying again and pumping those lifetime value numbers up.

And we can target the precise peeps most likely to take action using purchase data and profiles.

When you leverage these ROI techniques, your email program starts generating some serious results year after year. It's too good not take advantage!

14. Run A/B Testing for Improved Performance 📬

We've already touched on this. Let's make it clear.

Always be testing different email angles is smart practice. And email makes that kind of tinkering easy as one-two-three.

You'll take something in your email—like the subject line, image, or call-to-action—and test a few different versions. Maybe you try "Up to 50% Off!" vs "Our Biggest Sale Ever!" as subject lines.

Then your email provider splits your list randomly so half get one version and half get the other. This lets you compare how each performs side-by-side.

Some things you can measure are open rates, how many clicks each version got, or if more people bought something after seeing one version over the other.

15. Divide Your Audience Into Segments 🎯

The answer to "why is email marketing important" gets clearer, right?Audience segmentation is awesome for serving up tailored emails.

Here's how it goes down:

  1. You have to collect all kinds of info from people - like their signup form details, purchase histories, survey answers, website behavior, all that good stuff.
  2. Use your CRM or profiling tools to spot patterns. Maybe those who visit your blog tend to buy one product more than others. Or customers in California act different than Texans. Whatevs sticks out.
  3. You can even break them out automatically. Like segment pardners who just made their first buy versus loyal customers versus people with carts they never finished.

The options are endless! Target exactly who needs what message.

16. Reach Customer on Mobile Devices 📲

First up, responsive design means your messages look fly whether recipients open on phone or desktop. The formatting adapts to any screen seamlessly.

Also optimize for tapping since touch interfaces are way different than mice. Big click zones and single column flows keep fingers from blocking stuff. Smooth sailing.

Mobile users also flit around quick, so keep things skimmable. Previews, short subject lines, and bullet points encourage scanning. No one has time for tons of text.

17. Measure Campaign Performance and Make Data-Driven Decisions 📊

Tracking your email metrics and leveraging data is clutch for maximizing results. Use email marketing services to make it work.

Here are some tips for you:

  • Set up analytics to monitor key KPIs like open and click rates, conversions, and revenue per message.
  • Check industry standards so you know what's considered a good performance.
  • A/B testing subject lines, copy, images - all that good stuff - is money.
  • Make sure to check what’s actually making that coin. Are loyal customers or new people spending more after clicking? Use those learnings to laser-target new subs.

18. Collect Feedback and Survey 🎤

Semrush email marketing


Surveys are a straight shot at getting the real opinion from customers. Ask what they actually think of your service, brand, the whole experience. Huge intel.

That input shows where people get hung up or what could be better. Fix those pain points and loyalty and hype will rise accordingly.

People spill what they want too, giving you cool ideas on fresh drops. Make stuff to match actual needs and wants = guaranteed hits, zero misses.

Squash issues before they squash you.

19. Integrate With Other Marketing Channels 🖇️

Email is super helpful for linking all your marketing moves as one tight unit.

Emails can share what you're pushing on social media, your website, search campaigns and more. Drives mad traffic between avenues.

Leads from one spot like search engines can also be nurtured with automated emails until they're fully in your corner. Closing all the conversions.

Retargeting site visitors who bailed is easy too through personalized emails welcoming them back. Another shot at sealing the deal!

20. Provide Excellent Customer Service 🤝

Surveys and feedback forms in emails make it simple for peeps to spill what they're digging or if anything's bugging them, straight intel for you.

Email marketing let's you send your customers stuff they actually care about by knowing their likes and past buys.

Who doesn’t love surprises? Sending exclusive offers and loyalty perks is also your way of getting to your people's hearts.

Through emails, you keep the convo going, share exciting news, bring cool stuff, and most importantly, always lend an ear to what your customer have to say! It's brings your customer support to another level.

🎉 Wrapped Up

Now you know all the insights of email marketing, and surely have discovered why it is important for your business.

In closing, tune up your email game with tailored messages, feedback loops and teamwork across channels.

Small tweaks make great gains I'm telling you!

Go forth and optimize - you got this!