You have to admit it, travel makes life colorful and interesting to live. When you are out traveling, you would be excited every morning for the adventures that await you.

Many people who love traveling create blogs to document their journeys. If you also want to be a travel blogger or you already are and looking for creative ideas, you are in the right place.

In this article, we have pulled together a list of the best travel blogs on the web (not in any particular order) that will give you numerous ideas and inspiration to succeed as a travel blogger.

📍 How We Picked the Best Travel Blogs

There are so many amazing travel blogs out there with beautiful photos and inspiring stories from all over the world. We spent time checking out tons of different blogs to find the best of the best. These travel blogs stood out to us because they have some really cool features:

  • They have clear writing that is entertaining but also gives you useful details on places to visit and things to do.
  • The photos are gorgeous and really put you there. You can tell these bloggers put in effort to take stunning shots.
  • They update regularly so you always have new content to enjoy. Frequent posts also mean the information is current.
  • The design of the blogs is visually pleasing and nicely organized so content is easy to find.
  • You can tell these bloggers are passionate about travel and sharing their experiences. Their love for exploration comes through in their posts.

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🗺️ 20 Inspiring Travel Blogs on the Web

1. Legal Nomads

Legal Nomads travel blog

Legal Nomads

This is one of the most unique travel blogs out there! Jodi had planned to take a year’s sabbatical from her corporate job to travel the world. She started Legal Nomads in this period to share her travel and food experience. On the blog you can find stories about certain places she went, tips for eating gluten-free when traveling, and guides on topics like digital traveling and changing careers. It talks about Jodi quitting her lawyer job to travel and what she discovered, plus resources for people in similar situations or with health problems.

2. The Travel Blogs

The Travel Blogs travel blog

The Travel Blogs

It was started by this dude Matt who was always traveling and struggling to find good blogs about the places he wanted to visit. Matt made this site to make it easy to find awesome travel blogs from all over. There's an interactive map where you can browse posts pinpointed on places worldwide. You'll find blogs from big time bloggers and also up and coming writers just starting out. Good variety to check out daily. If you've got your own travel blogs, Matt makes it easy to share your stuff too so more people can discover it. Just submit on his site.

3. 🏅 Our Favorite - Salt in Our Hair

Salt in Our Hair travel blog

Salt in Our Hair

Hannah and Nick, two travel enthusiasts from the Netherlands, started Salt in Our Hair as an Instagram account. Then they leveled up, created a blog, and posted every week, so now they are of the best travel blogs. The site began to get media attention and gradually became an award-winning travel website that features sustainable travel ideas, tips, and guides. On their site, you can find blog posts about tons of cool destinations they've been to. There's guides for places all over like Bali, Sri Lanka, Peru and more that tell you the best things to see and do there.

Why Is Salt In Our Hair Our Favorite Travel Blog?

They have articles with helpful advice. There's tips for stuff like starting your own travel blog, using less plastic when traveling, what camera gear they use, and how to plan an awesome trip. It seems like their goal is to give people inspiration for travel and make the planning process easier. The blogs are super detailed but also fun to look at with nice pics.

4. Alex in Wanderland

Alex in Wanderland travel blog

Alex in Wanderland

Alex in Wanderland is one of the most popular travel blogs on the web that features almost everything you need to know as a beginner travel blogger. Alex writes about various tourist destinations, adventure sports, travel planning, photography, travel gear, etc. You can find posts about all the cool places Alex has visited. There's blogs for destinations all around like Thailand, Indonesia, Egypt and more. She writes about what she did there and includes lots of her awesome pictures, so this is one of the top travel blogs with pleasant content.

5. Wandering Earl

Wandering Earl travel blog

Wandering Earl

Many people leave their jobs and devote their full time to adventure and exploration. If you are one of them, Wandering Earl is the blog you should check. The site covers everything related to long-term travel and will teach you how you can make it a realistic lifestyle option. As well as travel stories, Earl also gives helpful tips and advice. This is one of the travel blogs with articles on how to fund travel long-term, work on cruise ships, and plan awesome trips.

6. Travel Freak

Travel Freak travel blog

Travel Freak

Jeremy created Travel Freak, one of the most unique travel blogs, to connect and reach people who what to explore the world, live an unconventional life. His content on travel tips, mindset, and earning money got featured in many reputed platforms like Forbes, New York Times, INSIDER, National Geographic, etc. As well as their travel tales, they also share helpful tips. There's articles about budgeting trips, packing light, digital nomad jobs and more. Sometimes they even offer trip ideas if you need inspiration for your next expedition.

7. HoneyTrek

HoneyTrek travel blog


Mike and Anne Howard realized that this world is huge and their life is short. So, without wasting any time, they embarked on a trip around the world after they got married. Now they have become travel journalists and full time nomads who will tell you how you can also realize your dream of taking a multi-month trip. As well as their travel adventures, they also share helpful tips. There's articles about housesitting to travel cheap, glamping spots, planning road trips, and more. This is one of the travel blogs examples where you'll find everything you need.

8. The World Travel Guy

The World Travel Guy travel blog

The World Travel Guy

David is an American traveler who discovered his interest in adventure when he was on a hiking trip to the rocky mountains in Colorado. So, he set out to travel the world and document his journeys, creating one of the most insightful travel blogs. Apart from informative articles, we are sure the exquisite photographs on this blog will make you fall in love with traveling. As well as their travel tales, David also shares super helpful tips and guides. There's articles on hiking trails, beaches, hidden gems and how to plan trips yourself.

9. Oneika the Traveller

Oneika the Traveller travel blog

Oneika the Traveller

Although the contents on this blog are for every travel enthusiast, it will be really inspiring if you are a black female. Oneika shares her experience of traveling 115 countries on 6 continents through her impressive writing skills. She has received numerous awards, like a gold medal in the 2018 SATW Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition. As well as her travel adventures, Oneika also gives helpful tips. There's articles on budgeting trips, working abroad, volunteering opportunities and more. Definitely one of the best family travel blogs you need to follow!

10. The Travel Book

The Travel Book travel blog

The Travel Book

If you are concerned about environmental pollution and all the harm we people are doing to nature, The Travel Book is one of the unique travel blogs for you. This blog will inspire you to travel eco-friendly and lower the negative impacts on the environment as you explore the world. They share posts about cool places they've visited around Europe, Asia and elsewhere. As well as their adventures, the blog also has guides on doing simple things like reducing plastic use, choosing environmentally-friendly accommodations and transport.

11. Camels and Chocolate

Camels and Chocolate travel blog

Camels and Chocolate

Balancing a career, managing a family, and also traveling may seem complicated. Kristin Luna, the founder of Camels and Chocolate, is easily doing it and can teach you the same. She is a journalist by profession and talks about her travel experiences in her blog. On top of her own trips, Kristin curates fun articles about destinations from other bloggers too. It seems her goal is inspiring others to explore the world while pursuing their dreams. If you were looking for female travel blogs, this one is the perfect option.

12. Getting Stamped

Getting Stamped travel blog

Getting Stamped

When you see the photographs featured on this blog, you would hardly be able to restrain yourself from traveling. Hannah and Adam, the couple behind Getting Stamped, became full-time travelers after getting inspired by others doing the same. Apart from travel content, they also deliver articles on photography. Whether you need ideas for an upcoming vacay or just like finding new spots to daydream about, their blog has lots of fun content.

13. Uncornered Market

Uncornered Market travel blog

Uncornered Market

Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott are excellent adventurers and storytellers who will make you believe that you also can quit your secure jobs for traveling and making money through it. They deliver stories and lessons that aim to teach travelers how to have memorable travel experiences and take care of the environment and people. They share stories and sweet photos from all the cool places they've visited around the world. But instead of just pretty pictures, they also give tips on how to explore ethically and support local people.

14. Never Ending Footsteps

Never Ending Footsteps travel blog

Never Ending Footsteps

Safety is a concern for many beginner travelers. Never Ending Footsteps is one of the best travel blogs that will tell you how you can enjoy the adventure and also take safety precautions. Lauren says that she has committed several mistakes in the past ten years while exploring the world, and she loves to share them with her readers. She shares cool stories and photos from all the rad places she's visited across pretty much every continent.

15. Travels of Adam

Travels of Adam travel blog

Travels of Adam

Adam created this travel experience blog in 2009 to practice skills like web designing, SEO, and blogging. He also started posting about his experiences, and gradually he realized that blogging is a great way to meet new people. He shares personal destination recommendations and unique city guides. This blog focuses on travel through a hipster lens. Adam has a laidback writing style but unpacks topics like unique neighborhoods, art scenes, lgbtq spots and indie music finds in unusual detail. This is one of the travel blogs examples with unique topics.

16. A Broken Backpack

A Broken Backpack travel blog

A Broken Backpack

Now, this blog pretty much covers everything you will need to know for making traveling a lifestyle. It delivers articles on travel tips, gear, blogging, digital nomad jobs, travel news, quotes, inspiration, and many more. Mel is a Canadian travel blogger who will give you ideas so that you can stay on the road longer. There's also sections on working abroad digitally, volunteer gigs, and bank accounts for travel, so this is definitely one of the travel blogs with lots of useful info for you.

17. Limitless Secrets

Limitless Secrets travel blog

Limitless Secrets

Ophelie found her love for traveling in childhood, and since then, she has always wanted to explore the globe, have an adventurous life, and take stunning photographs. Through this blog, she shares her secrets, travel advice, and recommendations for destinations all around the world. On top of her trip posts, Ophélie gives guides to places with the best hot chocolates, ice cream spots, restaurants and markets. Basically all the tasty spots. This is one of the top travel blogs handpicked for you!

18. Goats on the Road

Goats on the Road travel blog

Goats on the Road

This blog is run by a travel couple named Nick and Dariece who left their jobs years ago to travel full time. They call themselves "The Goats". They share tips and guides to help others do the same - whether that's teaching English online, housesitting around the world, blogging or other remote jobs you can do on the road. There's also lots of destination guides to places they've been, like reviews of neighborhoods in different cities that would be good for digital nomads. This is probably one of the rare examples of travel blogs that inspire to change your life.

19. Roads and Kingdoms

Roads and Kingdoms travel blog

Roads and Kingdoms

Roads and Kingdoms believes that the more you know, the better you will travel. Using this simple idea, they inform the readers about various places in the globe through storytelling and talking about food and music. Check this website to find out how the blog won the 2019 National Magazine Award for Best Website and the 2017 James Beard Publication of the Year award. Overall it gives a more authentic view of places compared to some basic travel blogs.

20. Notes From the Road

Notes From the Road travel blog

Notes From the Road

Notes From the Road is one of the oldest travel blogs that started in 1999 and is still running in full swing. Erik Gauger is a self-employed father who writes notes about the places he visits with his tight budget. The best thing is he shares his honest and independent experiences and is not so fond of accepting money for reviewing. Instead of just hitting the main attractions, his articles dive deep into the culture, history and environments of different places. There's also a lot of cool sketches, maps and photos he does.

Top 10 Family Travel Blogs

1. Jetlag and Mayhem

Jetlag and Mayhem travel blog

Jetlag and Mayhem

Jetlag and Mayhem is one of the best family travel blogs that will help you get the most out of your vacations. When Nicola had a four-month-old baby, she found it difficult to travel and even more difficult to find helpful resources on the internet. Hence she started her own blog to help other families like her by sharing suggestions and travel hacks. This is one of the family travel blogs that tell about comedic or cringey parts of traveling - like dealing with crappy jetlag, cultural misunderstandings, transportation disasters, weird food experiences and so on.

2. Our Overseas Adventure

Our Overseas Adventure travel blog

Our Overseas Adventure

If you are searching for family travel blogs with topics like the best family destinations in the world, activities with kids, and amazing places to stay, this is the blog you must check. Our Overseas Adventure shares the experiences of a New Zealand family who has traveled to more than 60 countries and around 40 with their kids. You can find their best recommendations for places to stay, things to do and see, and top family-friendly activities in each spot. They also have posts on the best gear to pack like strollers, car seats, activity books and games to keep little ones entertained.

3. 5 Lost Together

5 Lost Together travel blog

5 Lost Together

5 Lost Together is about a Canadian family of five members who enjoy their life being on the exploring mode. Dawn, the author of this blog, has traveled to more than 50 countries with her husband and three children. They believe that there is no right way to travel and will certainly motivate you to pack your bags and set out with your kids. There's practical info on how to plan trips with kids and what to pack for family vacations. This is also one of the best family travel blogs that talks about balancing expat life with traveling as a family.

4. The Global Wizards

The Global Wizards travel blog

The Global Wizards

The Global Wizards, one of the best travel blogs, is about adventurous family of four who documents their journeys, shares family travel tips and ways of earning while traveling. They will also give you ideas for budget-friendly traveling to ensure that your bank balance doesn’t stop you from hitting the roads. They have posts with practical tips on things like budget travel, van life, planning trips and what to pack for different places. There's also heaps of inspiration for family-friendly activities, days out and stuff to do in different cities that would be fun with kids.

5. Adventure and Sunshine

Adventure and Sunshine travel blog

Adventure and Sunshine

Some families believe that having kids means the end of travel and exploration. But Adventure and Sunshine proves this wrong, being oen of the travel blogs for families. The blog is about an Australian family who is passionate about adventurers and has traveled to more than 30 countries with their kids. There's also heaps of inspiration for cool outdoor activities to do with kids like hiking, cycling, road trips and safaris. The family even did a huge family gap year, so there's lots of info if you want to take an extended trip together.

6. Travel Babbo

Travel Babbo travel blog

Travel Babbo

It's run by a guy named Eric who takes his family on awesome trips all over the place. Eric shares sweet stories and photos from their adventures together. Wanna see what traveling with kids is really like? Check it out. If you need recommendations for family-friendly spots to visit, Eric's got you covered. He hits destinations worldwide. Along with trip stories, Eric gives out helpful tips for traveling with little ones. Probably saves a lot of headaches.

7. Mum on the Move

Mum on the Move travel blog

Mum on the Move

Marianne Rogerson, author of Mom on the Move, is a freelance writer and a mother of two. She will make you believe that having kids is not the end of adventurous living. In fact, her children enjoy the adventures like rafting, kayaking, snorkeling, climbing, etc. As well as highlighting great destinations, she gives practical tips for planning trips with the little ones. Like kid-friendly resorts, gear reviews, and printable packing checklists. Whether you want inspo for your next trip or just daydreaming about traveling more, this is one of the best family travel blogs for you.

8. 🏅 Our Favorite - The Jetsetting Family

The Jetsetting Family travel blog

The Jetsetting Family

The Jetsetting Family will teach you that you don’t have to wait for retirement to realize your dreams of traveling. They are a family of four who challenges the traditional lifestyle and live based on location independent online business. You can read all about their adventures traveling around different places. They've been everywhere from cool spots in Europe like Scotland and Ireland, to South America, Southeast Asia and lots of places in the US too. So, this is one of the top travel blogs for you.

Why Is The Jetsetting Family Our Favorite Travel Blog?

On top of their travel stories, they share practical advice for planning trips with kids. Like what to do in certain cities, reviews of family-friendly resorts and more. They even have a podcast where they deep dive into destinations and offer tips. Perfect for listening on long flights! It really sounds like they're experts at making memories as a family through travel.

9. The Wandering Daughter

The Wandering Daughter travel blog

The Wandering Daughter

Astrid is a mother to three who help other families to travel and explore in a responsible way with their kids. She says that traveling with kids is an extremely rewarding and memorable experience, which she loves to share with her readers. Rather than traditional schooling, she teaches her kids through traveling - something called "worldschooling." The blog has all sorts of ideas for making education part of awesome family trips. If you've ever thought regular school is boring and want a more fun way to learn with your kids, this is one of the family travel blogs that is definitely worth a read.

10. Families Love Travel

Families Love Travel travel blog

Families Love Travel

This is one of the community-run family travel blogs that will advise you about kid-friendly travel around the globe. Families Love Travel will provide you with a platform to learn from others’ experiences as well as share your own travel stories. If you want to connect with people with the same interests, you can’t miss this site. As well as highlighting great places, they give practical tips for traveling with kids. Stuff like packing lists, dealing with little ones on planes, road trips and more.

10 Best Solo Travel Blogs

1. Be My Travel Muse

Be My Travel Muse travel blog

Be My Travel Muse

Be My Travel Muse is one of the most visited female travel blogs on the web. Kristin believes that solo traveling is an excellent way to promote women’s empowerment. So, she shares resources to make traveling more accessible, interesting, and adventurous for women. She gives heaps of practical advice too, like how to save money traveling solo and tips for staying safe. Kristin also reviews different travel products to see what's actually worth buying. From luggage to coffee mugs - handy product recs.

2. Hey Ciara

Hey Ciara travel blog

Hey Ciara

Ciara is a passionate solo traveler who made traveling a priority when she was extremely dissatisfied with her professional life. This is one of the most inspiring female travel blogs. If you are looking for some unique travel advice, thoughts, stories, and photos, you can’t miss her blog. You can find practical travel tips on her blog too. Like how to save cash, pack light or tackle solo trips. Ciara knows her stuff since she's been doing this for years.

3. 🏅 Our Favorite - Spirited Pursuit

Spirited Pursuit travel blog

Spirited Pursuit

You might have noticed that most travel bloggers don’t talk much about Africa, which makes it one of the most unexplored places. Spirited Pursuit, run by a solo female traveler, will tell you everything you need to know about Africa if you plan to visit this mysterious continent. She reviews different hotels and destinations too, so this is definitely one of the coolest travel blogs. Good to see what spots are actually worth checking out. Looks like a super inspiring blog if you love travel. Erin will give you lots of ideas and motivation to start exploring yourself.

Why Is Spirited Pursuit Our Favorite Travel Blog?

Erin is obsessed with exploring the world and wants to show others cool places they may not have thought of going. Her energy is so bright, you can't resist. Ciara keeps it real about the challenges of solo travel as well as the high points. This makes her advice feel grounded and trustworthy. espite covering serious topics, her personality comes through and makes the blog fun to read. She has a storytelling ability.

4. Solo Traveler

Solo Traveler travel blog

Solo Travele

This website is a community of passionate travelers who shares their unique experiences and travel suggestions. You can expect valuable content on the importance, ideas, and destinations for solo traveling that will certainly help you get the most out of your adventures. You'll find heaps of tips on stuff like planning trips, packing light, staying safe, meeting other travelers, saving cash and all that good stuff. Probably one of the super handy travel blogs examples if you're new to going it alone.

5. Solitary Wanderer

Solitary Wanderer travel blog

Solitary Wanderer

Aleah Taboclaon is an experienced digital nomad and a professional writer who created Solitary Wanderer, one of the most inspiring travel blogs, to document her mostly solo travels. The articles will give you advice as well as inspire you to go alone on your adventures. One of her posts, titled Date a Girl Who Travels, got viral and translated into several languages. She keeps things real about the highs and lows too which makes her blog feel honest. Aleah gives lots of practical travel tips too. Like what stuff to pack, how to plan trips, cool things to do in certain cities.

6. Solo Travel Girl

Solo Travel Girl travel blog

Solo Travel Girl

This blog is one of the best solo female travel blogs that will tell you that traveling alone and being lonely are two different things. The author is around fifty years old who loves living and navigating the world solo. Take a look at her blog, which will certainly inspire and empower you to drop your fears and enjoy being alone. She shares lots of fun stories and cool pics from her adventures - like glamping trips, camping out in state parks, trying new foods around the Sunshine State. This website is among the best travel blogs that makes you wanna hit the road!

7. Wild About Travel

Wild About Travel travel blog

Wild About Travel

Simon Falvo is a travel blogger, photographer, and digital marketing expert who left his decade old career in the corporate world when she experienced burnout and set out to the adventures. She shares everything about her journeys through captivating storytelling and spectacular photographs. He reviews different destinations too so you know what places are actually cool to see. Saves trying to figure it out solo. Simon seems like a really chill guy and his writing is super inspiring. This is really one of the examples of travel blogs that makes you pumped to get out there exploring!

8. Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt travel blog

Nomadic Matt

One of the biggest dream killers is a lack of money. Focusing on this fact, Nomadic Matt, with his creativity and experience, will guide you to travel wherever you want, as many times as you want. It is one of the best budget-friendly blogs, which got featured on various media platforms like CNN, BBC, National Geographic, The Guardian, The New York Times, and many more. He shares heaps of sweet stories and bomb photos from all over the place. Like exotic locales in Asia, dope cities in Europe, hidden gems in South America. Matt also slings lots of helpful travel guidance. He's got the lowdown on scoping flights, finding cozy places to crash, packing light, planning trips.

9. Nomadic Samuel

Nomadic Samuel travel blog

Nomadic Samuel

Samuel Jeffery spent most of his 20s exploring Asia and using his expertise in English, photography, and freelance writing to earn a living. You can expect fantastic travel stories, incredible photos, and photography tips on this website. Samuel focuses a lot on travel guides to help others plan trips. He's got in-depth guides for specific cities and entire countries to give you the rundown on what to do, eat, and see. Saves lots of research time. There's also a big travel blog section where he writes about recent adventures. This website is on our list of travel blogs for a reason!

10. Indiana Jo

Indiana Jo travel blog

Indiana Jo

You will find that most travel bloggers quit their corporate lives to travel full time. Well, it’s because once you experience the real fun, you can’t continue to live a boring life. For example, Indiana Jo quit her job in law and bought a world-travel ticket, and she never returned. Her blog contains helpful articles, including city guides, travel hacks, packing lists, and many more. She shares tons of fun stories and pictures from all over - especially Europe since that's what she knows best. She's got in-depth looks at specific cities and whole countries so you know what's up. This is one of the travel blogs examples that saves a lot of research time.

10 Amazing Adventure Travel Blogs

1. Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond travel blog

Expert Vagabond

Matthew Karsten, the founder of Expert Vagabond, is an adventure enthusiast, photographer, and digital nomad. The website is packed with captivating stories, wonderful photos and videos, budget-friendly travel ideas, and advice on numerous outdoor adventures. He shares heaps of dope stories and bomb photos from exploring places all around the globe. From remote jungles to frozen Arctic circles, dude gets up to some wild stuff. Matt also slangs helpful travel guidance. He's got the lowdown on snagging cheap flights, packing light, digital nomad jobs, photography tips, and more.

2. Local Adventurer

Local Adventurer travel blog

Local Adventurer

Local Adventurer is one of the top adventure blogs that will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and embrace new experiences. From destination recommendations to adventure hacks, the blog will guide you to get the most out of your trips. Esther and Jacob also sling guides to dope spots in different areas to help people plan trips. Probably handy if you're ever in one of their mentioned locales. They seem super stoked on life and their writing gets you amped to drop everything and embark on an adventure.

3. The Planet D

The Planet D travel blog

The Planet D

Some might believe that adventure is only for those who are ultra-rich or experienced athletes. But Dave and Deb, founders of The Planet D, will tell you that adventure is for everyone who has a desire to achieve something extra. This blog was mentioned in the list of Top Travel Influencers by Forbes Magazine. They share stories and bomb pics from 110 countries on their adventures. Dave and Deb also sling helpful travel guides with detailed itineraries if you need inspo planning your next trip. If you were looking for best travel blogs with great visuals, this is it!

4. 🏅 Our Favorite - Off the Path

Off the Path travel blog

Off the Path

Off the Path is another best adventure blog that features articles on adventure tips, hacks, unexplored place recommendations, and city guides that will make your journey easier and, at the same time, full of adventure. Some of the types of adventures they share about include hiking, camping, wildlife encounters, road trips, mountain biking and more. They visit exciting destinations from all over the globe and provide recommendations for cool places worth exploring off the beaten path.

Why Is Off The Path Our Favorite Travel Blog?

This is one of the best travel blogs for us. In addition to sharing their own adventures, Off The Path contains many resources to help readers plan their own trips. They have guide sections on different countries and travel themes to browse for inspiration. There are also gear guides, packing lists and route suggestions to help with trip planning logistics.

5. Young Adventuress

Young Adventuress travel blog

Young Adventuress

Liz discovered her passion for travel when she was 16 years old. It has been 12 years since that time, and she has visited more than 50 countries, but her excitement for travel continues to grow. She tells stories and shares her experiences that are featured in major media platforms like BBC and CNN. The blog provides inspiration for places to visit as a solo female traveler and moving/living abroad experiences in countries like New Zealand and Spain.

6. Monkeys and Mountains

Monkeys and Mountains travel blog

Monkeys and Mountains

Laurel, the author of this incredible female travel blog, will help you get the most out of your outdoor time because this is what lets you know yourself fully. She believes that engaging in adventures can have a profound positive impact on your life. Here you will find information on self-guided hiking tour itineraries in mountain regions of Europe like the Tour du Mont Blanc and Dolomites. Laurel also provides recommendations and reviews of the best hiking gear like backpacks, boots, jackets, leggings, watches, etc.

7. The Adventure Junkies

The Adventure Junkies travel blog

The Adventure Junkies

The Adventure Junkies will assist you in making the outdoors accessible to you so that you become a responsible protector of nature and the ecosystem. The blog has valuable resources that will enable you to have a profound experience of nature. These guys have gear recommendations for a wide range of outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, cycling, paddling, snow sports, photography, and more. Gear is organized by activity and gender. Definitely one of the top travel blogs you need to follow!

8. Outdoorsy Diva

Outdoorsy Diva travel blog

Outdoorsy Diva

Outdoorsy Diva strives to inspire all black women to embrace uncertainty, experience travel and adventure, and get connected with nature. Lauren is a single mom who believes that we are not here just to exist but learn and leave something valuable as we go. There are trip guides for outdoor activities like camping, kayaking, beaches, hiking and more. There's a special focus on family travel tips and things to do with kids/teens in Florida. If you were looking for female travel blogs that empower women to step outside their comfort zones and fully appreciate nature. this is the right choice.

9. Adventure in You

Adventure in You travel blog

Adventure in You

Tom and Anna, the couple behind this blog, have been traveling for over 10 years to more than 50 countries. They share personalized destination choices and travel hacks that are read by millions of visitors every month. They also review travel gear. This helps people pick the right things to bring on trips like backpacks, tents and hiking boots. The blog teaches how to start your own travel blog or work from anywhere online. You can learn to earn money while traveling.

10. Adventure Journal

Adventure Journal travel blog

Adventure Journal

Adventure Journal is one of the best online magazines that focuses on travel and outdoor adventure. You can expect inspiring stories and articles on various topics like mountain bikes, mountain climbing, cycling, camping, and many more. he articles talk about culture, equipment, places to go and sports in nature. You can get the magazine or buy past magazines too. There is also an online store. It sells hats, shirts and notebooks with the Adventure Journal name.

5 Most Inspiring Road Trip Blogs

1. Wandering Bird

Wandering Bird travel blog

Wandering Bird

Whether you travel by motorbike, car, or motorhome, Wandering Bird will help you get the most out of your road trips. Kat, the author of this blog, quit her job in 2018 to get into travel and adventure with a motorhome. On the blog, Kat shares advice for people who are beginners with motorhomes, as well as tips for taking a motorhome abroad to places like Europe. If you are looking for motorhome adventures, this is one of the top travel blogs to start with!

2. Road Trip Dreamer

Road Trip Dreamer travel blog

Road Trip Dreamer

Road Trips are one of the most adventurous things to do in your life. David Morris will provide you with tips and advice to make your journeys more fun and memorable. He will pass you the lessons he has learned the hard way in his road trips. David writes about road trips he takes in different places. The blog has articles about planning road trips and questions people ask. David answers questions like the best time of year to visit places. He also talks about equipment to bring and advice for planning trips.

3. 🏅 Our Favorite - The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad travel blog

The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad is an award-winning solo travel blog that shares informative articles on road trips, travel tips, guides, photos, and videos of destinations around the globe. Kiersten left her career in corporate finance to fulfill her dream of exploring the world. She has traveled to more than 70 countries on the major continents. Kiersten writes different kinds of articles. Some are about places she visited and things to do there. Others give planning tips for trips alone or with friends. She also has articles about packing and beauty products for travel.

Why Is The Blond Abroad Our Favorite Travel Blog?

This is one of the female travel blogs we totally recommend to follow. Readers can see places Kiersten recommends visiting in each region of the world on the site. It splits up locations into continents like Asia, Africa and Europe. Each place lists popular things to see and do. The blog helps readers travel by using credit card points. Kiersten explains how she gets free flights and hotels. There are guides to help others also travel for less money.

4. Bearfoot Theory

Bearfoot Theory travel blog

Bearfoot Theory

Bearfoot Theory, one of the best road trip blogs, will help you understand that road trips are not only budget-friendly but also allows you to get into the off-beat paths. From camping to living a van life, this blog covers everything you need to start your travel blog. There are tips for beginners on the blog too. Articles explain how to hike, camp and live in a van simply. They teach skills and safety when outdoors. The blog wants everyone to feel comfortable in nature.

5. Road Trip USA

Road Trip USA travel blog

Road Trip USA

This website is another interesting blog that can give you many unique ideas for road trips in the USA. Road Trip USA shares information about long road trips across America. It features 11 epic cross-country routes to explore by car. Each route goes from one side of the country to the other. You will find content on various topics like Pacific Coast Highway, the Oregon Trail, Appalachian Trail, Atlantic Coast, and many more.

5 Best Luxury Travel Blogs

1. A Luxury Travel Blog

A Luxury Travel Blog travel blog

A Luxury Travel Blog

Dr. Paul Johnson and a team of around 700 writers and guest bloggers will inform you about the most luxurious hotels and resorts, best restaurants, and travel news. This is a prominent blog that is visited by more than 130k unique visitors per month and has more than a million followers across various social media platforms. This is one of the travel blogs examples with real opinions on high-end accommodations and dining. The goal is inspiring others to indulge in more lavish vacations.

2. Luxury Columnist

Luxury Columnist travel blog

Luxury Columnist

Whether you want to visit the best destination in a country or want to dine at a luxury restaurant, Luxury Columnist covers everything that will provide you with an opulent experience. In addition, it also touches on topics like luxury trends and travel advice. The articles are grouped by topic like destinations, dining, fashion and homes. There are also sections on expensive things. Many places in the world are covered like different countries and cities.

3. Wandering Carol

Wandering Carol travel blog

Wandering Carol

Wandering Carol believes that luxury travel is not about having plenty of money but having plenty of beautiful experiences. This is an award-winning travel website that features articles on luxury, culture, adventure, and wellness. Most articles focus on high-end destinations and reviews of fancy hotels, resorts, attractions and spas. Carol describes everything in an easy to understand way. Her goal is to inspire readers to have their own adventures.

4. We Blog the World

We Blog the World travel blog

We Blog the World

This online travel and transformative magazine cover pretty much everything you need to know to be a pro travel blogger. Renee Blodgett created this website to make you aware of various cultures across the world, which in turn will make you empathetic towards others. In-depth guides help plan trips and find local tips. Sections cover spiritual topics, products, and upcoming events. Readers discover new destinations and activities.

5. Live Share Travel

Live Share Travel travel blog

Live Share Travel

Live share Travel is one of the best luxury travel blogs on the web. Sarah and Terry Lee, the couple running this blog, believe that luxury travel is all about authenticity. They write about their honest experiences to help the readers enjoy trips to the fullest. Readers can find travel ideas and get inspired for their next trip. There are recommendations for hotels, tours, activities and other things to see and do.

Wrapped Up

This is the list of 60 top travel blogs on the internet. We hope they have inspired you enough to make a new beginning, get out of your comfort zone, set out to explore this amazing world, and share everything you learn in your travel blog.

Remember that you have limited time on this planet, so get started to realize your dreams without wasting any second. Also, let us know which of the above blogs you liked the most and would love to follow.