If you are a music lover, we have got a real treasure for you in this post. We have identified and made a list of 100+ best music blogs on the internet that will help you discover marvelous songs. Most of them share breaking news, and opinions about the new tracks and talk about the hottest artists to ensure that you keep up with the latest happenings.

If you are an aspiring musician, these music blogs will not only provide you with ideas and encouragement for songwriting and music production but also offer a unique opportunity to explore ways to get paid to listen to music. From entertainment to inspiration, these top music blogs will be a constant companion in your life.

20 Most Popular Music Blogs and Websites on the Internet

1. Pitchfork

Pitchfork music blog


Pitchfork is a popular music blog that will keep you updated with the latest news and best new music. You will find reviews covering various genres like electronic, folk, jazz, rock, metal, hip-hop, global, etc. This is one of the most successful electronic music blogs that provides lists of the most popular music under various categories.

2. Billboard

Billboard music blog


This platform needs no introduction because it is one of the biggest music blogs. Apart from the latest and trending music news, reviews, music streaming, and videos, you will find music charts to discover the top exceptional music. These charts like Hot 100 and Global 100 will inform you about the most popular songs in the industry. 

3. Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone music blog

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone is your go-to platform if you are looking for news, lists, reviews, pictures, and videos related to music, television, cinema, politics, etc. The Artists You Need to Know and Song You Need to Know sections of the site are among the best music blogs, they help visitors discover emerging stars and new music.

4. Dancing Astronaut

Dancing Astronaut music blog

Dancing Astronaut

If you are a dance music fan, this music blog is for you. The site delivers music, videos, photos, electronic music, and culture news. Dancing Astronaut has a team of hard-working people who have built this media platform a source of an independent voice.

5. Gorilla vs. Bear

Gorilla vs. Bear music blog

Gorilla vs. Bear

Gorilla vs. Bear is a Texas-based music blog that will help you discover exciting new music. Rolling Stone in 2008 recognized this website as one of the best music blogs on the internet. They occasionally publish a mix of music of various genres, which you will certainly love.

6. Consequence

Consequence music blog


Consequence is a popular music blog based in New York that influences millions. Whether you are looking for breaking news about the music industry, rumors about the hottest artists, or special playlists, this is one of the best platforms to visit.

Apart from music, the site also focuses on film and television.

7. Brooklyn Vegan

Brooklyn Vegan music blog

Brooklyn Vegan

This is an NYC-focused website primarily about music but also covers television, movies, comedy, etc. On this multi-genre music platform, you can expect daily new music releases, worldwide news, the latest gossip, reviews of albums and live shows, etc. This is definitely a hotspot for NYC music bloggers.

8. AdHoc

AdHoc music blog


AdHoc is a Brooklyn-centered music blog and zine that was created by a group of music lovers. You can expect to find photo galleries, the latest news, best albums, interviews, etc., that will keep you updated and entertained.

Head to the Events section to learn about all the upcoming music events. 


EARMILK music blog


This online music publication consists of a team of diverse contributors from major continents like North America, Europe, and Asia.

The website delivers reliable music news and reviews of the latest hits. This is one of the best sites for discovering underground music of all genres.

10. NME

NME music blog


If you want to keep up with the latest happenings in the music, film, television, or gaming world, NME is one of the best sites to visit.

You can expect a list of best songs in a period to help you discover the rising as well as established artists. The site also features insightful interviews with celebrities.

11. Song Exploder

Song Exploder music blog

Song Exploder

Song Exploder is an excellent podcast for music lovers where artists share their stories of making a song. These informative podcasts can help aspiring artists in their journey of becoming great musicians. In addition, the podcasts will also inspire you to face obstacles in your life.

12. The Line of Best Fit

The Line of Best Fit music blog

The Line of Best Fit

Being UK’s one of the biggest independent music websites, The Line of Best Fit helps millions discover new music, emerging artists, and bands every month. You will also find artist news, features, industry updates, and reliable and short reviews of all the new albums.

13. Stereofox

Stereofox music blog


Stereofox runs with a mission to promote the music of new artists and help others discover excellent songs. The platform has contributors from diverse cultural backgrounds with a shared love for music. You can expect music mixes, recommendations, and reviews on the site.

14. Ultimate Classic Rock and Culture

Ultimate Classic Rock and Culture music blog

Ultimate Classic Rock and Culture

If you are a classic rock fan, chances are you already know about this website. The site delivers the latest updates, lists, features, videos, and information about the history of classic rock.

They will keep you engaged because they share interesting posts almost every hour.

15. Reverbnation

Reverbnation music blog


You saw a lot of blogs for discovering music. This website is different; it will help you become a musician. From being a better songwriter, learning about copyright, overcoming stage fright to making a successful song, Reverbnation will be your best companion and teacher.

16. Under The Radar

Under The Radar music blog

Under The Radar

Under the Radar is an American magazine that is based on indie music. The site is a fantastic platform that contains many in-depth interviews of artists and bands. Visit the website if you want to know more about celebrities, rising artists, and the latest releases.

17. uDiscoverMusic

uDiscoverMusic music blog


Now, this is pretty clear from the name itself; the website will help you discover new songs and artists. The Featured List section on the site will deliver the list of top music like best anti-Christmas songs, top 20 Frank Sinatra songs, best McCoy Tyner albums, and so on.

18. This Song is Sick

This Song is Sick music blog

This Song is Sick

Nick created this blog in 2010 to share all the new music he found with people. Now This Song is Sick has an incredible team who will help you discover the best new music across all the genres.

You can also submit your or your friend’s music to get featured in TSIS by following a submission process.

19. HypeBot

HypeBot music blog


Hypebot has been featuring posts about the trends and technology that have influenced the music industry since 2004. The DIY section contains super valuable posts that will tell how you can be an established musician. In addition, if you are interested in music technology, you will love this website. 

20. Hype Machine

Hype Machine music blog

Hype Machine

If you are confused about which music blogs to follow because each of them looks excellent, then the solution is Hype Machine. This site indexes posts from top music websites and makes it easy for you to discover and listen to the latest and the most popular songs.

10 Best Rap and Hip Hop Music Blogs to Find the Latest Music

1. XXL Mag

XXL Mag music blog


XXL Mag will take your love for hip-hop to an all-new level. You can expect to find the hottest news and stories in the hip-hop world and a list of the best songs and artists. The Freshman section of this hiphop music blog will help you discover the top rising stars so that you don’t miss anything. 

2. HipHopDX

HipHopDX music blog


This is another popular website for hip-hop lovers. You can expect to find news related to the hip-hop world and updates on famous artists.

The site will inform you about the release dates of upcoming music so that you don’t miss anything from your favorite musicians.

3. AllHipHop

AllHipHop music blog


AllHipHop was created in 1998 and is regarded as the most popular hip-hop website in the world. This website is an incredible resource that will provide reliable and accurate daily news, music reviews, interviews, etc. In addition, they also address rumors about the top artists in the industry.


2DOPEBOYZ music blog


This website was created in 2007 and is known for high-quality hip-hop music reviews and news. 2DOPEBOYZ is one of the best music blogs on WordPress, helped many rising rappers be prominent artists through promotion on the platform. You can visit the Weekly Dope section to find playlists containing fantastic music. 

5. HotNewHipHop

HotNewHipHop music blog


This is one of the best websites for hip-hop fans. It will provide you with artist interviews, the latest news, album and concert reviews, information about various artists, etc. You can take a look at the Top 100 section to learn which songs are trending in the present. 

6. Grunge Cake

Grunge Cake music blog

Grunge Cake

Grunge Cake is another top global site for rap and hip-hop fans that will keep you well informed about everything that happens in the industry. The best thing is the artist interviews that will help you learn about your favorite artists and understand them better.

7. The Word is Bond

The Word is Bond music blog

The Word is Bond

The Word is Bond says that hip-hop has completely changed in the last 10 years with ever-growing fans. This hiphop music blog delivers videos and music for fans and shares informative podcasts.

If you are an aspiring artist and want to promote your song, you can go to the Submit section and fill the form. 

8. Genius

Genius music blog


Genius started as a rap blog that used to annotate rap lyrics, but today it has grown to be one of the top websites to have a huge collection of song lyrics. The charts on the site share the lyrics of the most popular and trending songs.

9. Hot97

Hot97 music blog


Hot97 is one of the world’s biggest radio stations based in New York. The website will provide you with exceptional playlists, help you discover new songs, inform you about the latest happenings, and entertain you with engaging videos.

10. Rap-Up

Rap-Up music blog


Rap-Up is a top among hip hop and R and B blogs, it started by Devin Lazerine in 2001. It mainly focuses on hip-hop and R&B music and features interviews with hot artists and actors. It got featured in many major media publications like CNN, ABC News, mtvU, etc.

10 Best Indie Music Blogs to Promote Your Music

1. Indie Shuffle

Indie Shuffle music blog

Indie Shuffle

If you are looking for a website where you can discover the best music, you will be a fan of Indie Shuffle. no doubt, this is one of the best indie music blogs. This blog has an international team to help you find exceptional music of various genres like indie rock, hip-hop, electronic, etc. In addition, the Playlist section has the list of the best songs for each month. 

2. Right Chord Music

Right Chord Music music blog

Right Chord Music

Right Chord Music is one of the biggest independent music blogs in the UK. The website has been growing since 2010 when it came into existence.

On this platform, you will find high-quality music from unknown artists because the mission of the site is to reach more people and give them excellent music to listen

3. IndiePulse Music

IndiePulse Music music blog

IndiePulse Music

IndiePulse Music is an online music magazine that focuses on news, celebrity interviews, and the latest album reviews. If you want to know more about your favorite artists and their life, this website will provide you with the right content.

The website also covers topics like lifestyle, food, fashion, home décor, etc.

4. Louder

Louder music blog


From alternative rock, heavy metal, indie, hard rock, blues to prog, this is one of the largest indie music blogs for rock music fans. This site has more the four million followers across various social media platforms.

They are a team of experienced writers who share powerful stories and opinions related to the music industry.

5. Jamsphere

Jamsphere music blog


If you are looking for an indie music magazine that markets indie artists, this website is the right choice. The platform will keep you super updated with news, music reviews, new releases, events information, etc.

In the Indie section, you will learn about the rising independent artists worldwide. 

6. Music Crowns

Music Crowns music blog

Music Crowns

Whether you want to discover the best new songs or want to promote your music to a larger audience, Music Crowns is one of the best places to start.

This indie music blog is significantly artist-focused and has more than 4 million followers on social media. Functioning since 2010, Music Crowns has worked with around 25,000 artists and helped many of them get an incredible break.

7. The Last Mixed Tape

The Last Mixed Tape music blog

The Last Mixed Tape

If you are from Ireland and looking for websites containing music reviews, news, and interviews of artists and bands in the country, then this website is for you.

The Last Mixed Tape by Steve White keeps the music fans engaged and informed by providing quality content.

8. Santa Rosa Records

Santa Rosa Records music blog

Santa Rosa Records

Texas-based recording studio, Santa Rosa Records, is a renowned curator of underground music from all genres. If you have something that you believe the world needs to listen to, then this platform can help you promote your music. You can also expect to find new music releases on the site.

9. Various Small Flames

Various Small Flames music blog

Various Small Flames

Various Small Flames believes that people can connect and understand each other better with the beauty of music and writing.

This blog is based in the UK and focuses on sharing indie music from new artists. You can head to their Contact page to submit your music. 

10. Turtle Tempo

Turtle Tempo music blog

Turtle Tempo

If you are a music lover, you know that finding the right music is a difficult task. If someone could have done it for you, it would have been amazing.

Here Turtle Tempo will be a great help. This is a UK-based music discovery website that will let you explore the best songs before you hear them anywhere else.

Top 5 EDM Music Blogs for Dance Music Fans

1. Beatport

Beatport music blog


Most electronic music fans already know about this fantastic blog about dance music. Beatport was created in 2004 to provide high-quality services and connect the DJs with fans. They are one of the biggest in the field, with more than 36 million users and 465 thousand DJ customers.

2. Your EDM

Your EDM music blog

Your EDM

Your EDM is another big name in the dance music world. The site shares regular EDM news, interviews, opinions in reviews, etc., for the ever growing fans. The Free Download section on the website provides many tracks and remixes which you can listen to and save for later. 

3. EDMTunes

EDMTunes music blog


This website is popular among fans as well as artists because it provides the finest content on EDM and also gives a chance to the new artists to promote their music. You will get to know about emerging stars, the latest concerts, stories, new tracks, and so many things to make you fall more in love with electronic music.

4. EDM.com

EDM.com music blog


EDM.com was created in 2014, and since then, the website has been visited by millions of music fans around the world. They focus on sharing authentic and timely news that inspires and informs the common people about the happenings in the EDM world.

5. Daily Beat

Daily Beat music blog

Daily Beat

Daily Beat focuses on electronic music along with the house, indie, and hip-hop. If you want to know about the music events in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, or Philadelphia, this website will inform you everything. The short and humorous writing style makes the posts fun to read.

5 Best Music Review Blogs to Explore the Latest Songs

1. Spin

Spin music blog


Spin is an online music magazine that contains news, reviews, music, and videos. The blog will help you find the best songs by delivering lists like Best Albums, Best New Artists, Year-End Lists, etc. The website’s design is pretty cool, and the writing style is also engaging.

2. We Plug Good Music

We Plug Good Music music blog

We Plug Good Music

We Plug Good Music is a global publication that believes there is power in good music. It shares album reviews, EP reviews, artist features, best new music lists, etc.

The website aims to promote and make people aware of the top new music and its creators. It also put efforts to revolutionize the way people discover and enjoy the latest music.

3. Exclusive Audio

Exclusive Audio music blog

Exclusive Audio

Whether you are an aspiring musician, songwriter, producer, or established artist, Exclusive Audio can give you the right platform and spotlight to promote your music to a larger audience.

You can find insightful interviews, excellent playlists, and hot songs of genres like pop, EDM, hip-hop, R&B, rock, and indie.

4. AllMusic

AllMusic music blog


Whether you are looking for reviews of classic albums, new songs, or upcoming releases, AllMusic has it all. It is a resourceful website that will let you know more about your favorite songs, musicians, and bands. You can also expect music streaming and personalized music recommendations on the platform.

5. Album of the Year

Album of the Year music blog

Album of the Year

Album of the Year is one of the best music recommendation websites that is focused on many genres like electronic, indie, hip-hop, folk, indie rock, etc.

The website has music lists like Highest Rated, Lowest Rated, Year-End Results, and New Releases to help you know which songs performed well and which didn’t.

5 Best Classical Music Blogs

1. Slippedisc

Slippedisc music blog


Slippedisc is one of the most popular classical music websites, visited by more than two million readers every month. It was created in 2007 by Norman Lebrecht to provide the latest information about classical music. The site has contributors worldwide who keep it updated with international happenings.

2. Ludwig Van Toronto

Ludwig Van Toronto music blog

Ludwig Van Toronto

If you are a classic lover, you will become very fond of Ludwig Van. The home page of the platform has a sentence written in big fonts; If you think classical music is dead, you are dead wrong.

This is undoubtedly one of the best classical music blogs sharing news, reviews, and podcasts that will inform you about Toronto’s local artists and music.

3. Classical-Music

Classical-Music music blog


This is a top music magazine that will guide you to the world of classical music, reviews, interviews, podcasts, artists, history, etc. The website focuses on different types of classics like orchestral, opera, chamber, instrumental, concerto, jazz, etc. So if you are in search of classical music blogs, this will definitely become your favorite.

4. The Violin Channel

The Violin Channel music blog

The Violin Channel

The Violin Channel started in 2009 as a Facebook page and then a YouTube channel. Today, it is one of the most prominent classical music media platforms that features news and streams music for free.

It consists of a team of 17 people with a common goal of always keeping classical music relevant in the modern world.

5. Classical Connect

Classical Connect music blog

Classical Connect

You can assume Classical Connect as your virtual concert hall that has got many music recordings. It is a top classical music website that has music of every instrument, including piano, flute, and violin. Independent artists can upload their own music on the platform to get heard worldwide.

5 Best Jazz Blogs to Follow in 2022

1. Free Jazz

Free Jazz music blog

Free Jazz

Started in 2006, this is one of the biggest jazz blogs that focus on publishing music reviews. If you are an aspiring musician, you can send your creation to them. If they like it, they will promote it on the site, giving you a break. The best thing is you will discover some of your to-be-favorite songs on the platform.

2. Jazz Blog

Jazz Blog music blog

Jazz Blog

This is another website based in New York that caters to jazz lovers. They aim to entertain people and make a global community of jazz fans.

The site primarily delivers news, but it will also help you in various things like finding the best jazz clubs in NYC, top piano records, essential albums, etc. This is a big community among NYC music bloggers.

3. A Jazz Noise

A Jazz Noise music blog

A Jazz Noise

If you are an avid jazz lover, this blog is going to be on your following list. A Jazz Noise will give quality recommendations on the latest improvised music. You will discover exceptional music and interviews of artists that will keep you entertained and informed.

4. JazzTimes

JazzTimes music blog


Whether you are a musician or a fan, JazzTimes will keep you engaged with its fantastic content, including audio and video premieres, interviews, lists, album reviews, educational guides, news, and many more.

This is one of the best jazz magazines in America whose beginning dates back to the 1970s.

5. Yoko Miwa

Yoko Miwa music blog

Yoko Miwa

Yoko Miwa is a renowned pianist, composer, and award-winning jazz artist. This blog will help you know more about her life and learn from her experiences. She shares interviews, photos, videos, podcasts, news, etc., on the blog.

5 Best Country Music Blogs for Breaking News and Playlists

1. Whiskey Riff

Whiskey Riff music blog

Whiskey Riff

Whether you want to know about the best songs by Triston Marez, the worst country songs of 2021, or artists who broke Guinness records, this website has got you all covered.

Whiskey Riff calls itself the unfiltered voice of real country fans. Visit the site if you want the real taste of country music. 

2. Sounds Like Nashville

Sounds Like Nashville music blog

Sounds Like Nashville

Here you can expect trending country music news, interviews with the biggest and hottest artists, backstage reports, and many more. The playlists on the site will recommend exceptional new music from top artists and the best songs in a season or year.

3. CMT.com

CMT.com music blog


CMT.com, based in the US, is for all country music lovers who want to know about the latest happenings in the industry and information in the form of articles, video, and audio. This brand was established in 1997 and is a top place to find excellent news and interview archives.

4. Taste of Country

Taste of Country music blog

Taste of Country

If you want to read the latest country music news and remain updated with different events, Taste of Country is the platform you should follow.

You will also get to know more about your favorite artists and major happenings in the life of celebrities.

5. Saving Country Music

Saving Country Music music blog

Saving Country Music

The mission of the site is pretty clear from the name itself. You can expect country music reviews, the latest news, historical information, artist profiles, and many more. The platform was created in 2008, and it receives around 500k unique visitors per month.

Top 5 Experimental and Ambient Music Blogs

1. A Closer Listen

A Closer Listen music blog

A Closer Listen

Created in 2012, A Closer Listen is one of the best music blogs that publish honest reviews of music from new artists. If you're seeking a deep dive into experimental sounds, then following such top music blogs is crucial. The Experimental section will help you discover wonderful music, recommendations, and rising artists in the experimental genre. 

2. ATTN Magazine

ATTN Magazine music blog

ATTN Magazine

For those with a penchant for the avant-garde, ATTN Magazine stands out among music blogs. If you are looking for a website that will help you explore new experimental music, ATTN Magazine is the right choice for you. Engaging with top music bloggers is essential for a holistic understanding, and this site doesn't disappoint. You can head to the Features section to find songs by new artists. The website also shares short reviews of the latest tracks.

3. A Strangely Isolated Place

A Strangely Isolated Place music blog

A Strangely Isolated Place

Among the more ambient-focused music blogs, Strangely Isolated Place is all about reviews, features, and ambient and electronic music mixes. This was founded in 2008 and is a good place to hang out if you are an ambient music fan.

Be careful while visiting the site because your next favorite song can be only a click away.

4. Ambientblog

Ambientblog music blog


This is a personal music blog by Peter van Cooten from Holland. He shares his favorite ambient music and posts reviews of them. The music reviews are neither lengthy nor contain poetic words but have enough information to decide whether you should go for the song.

5. Ambient Landscape

Ambient Landscape music blog

Ambient Landscape

For enthusisasts of ambient sounds, Ambient Landscape is a must-visit among best music blogs. The blog is all about the discussion and marketing of ambient music. You can expect to find the latest music and excellent mixes that you would become fond of. If you are an aspiring ambient musician, you can submit your art and get it promoted on this platform.

5 Best House Music Blogs

1. Afro House King

Afro House King music blog

Afro House King

This website mainly focuses on afro house, deep house, extended plays, soulful house, etc. You can go to each of the above categories and explore the latest songs. This is a hotspot for a house music blogger. There is also a download option to save the songs on your device.

2. 5 Magazine

5 Magazine music blog

5 Magazine

This electronic music blog is based in Chicago. The main genres the site touches are house music, garage, disco, and various forms of electronic music.

It has been over 15 years since 5 Magazine was created, and today it reaches more than 100k followers through the website and social media platforms.

3. House Music With Love

House Music With Love music blog

House Music With Love

If you are a house music lover from Sweden, you should take a look at this site. House Music With Love finds excellent musicians, and shares their stories on the blog. The platform was created in 2008, and it is one of the oldest Swedish electronic music blogs.

4. Deep House Amsterdam

Deep House Amsterdam music blog

Deep House Amsterdam

This is another excellent platform for music discovery. Deep House Amsterdam focuses on electronic music and provides engaging content. This is the best among electronic music blogs. The News section will inform you about the latest stories in the industry and popular artists. 

5. My House Radio

My House Radio music blog

My House Radio

This non-profit music website covers the house, deep house, and classic dance music genres. You can expect to discover exceptional house music from the rising stars because My House Radio runs with the aim to promote the creation of artists and bands on this platform.

5 Best Alternative Music Blogs to Follow in 2022

1. Louder Than War

Louder Than War music blog

Louder Than War

Louder Than War is one of the fastest-growing music and media publication that believes that music is a powerful art. They are always looking for new music, so you can expect to find unpopular songs. Also, the site will inform you about the major happenings in the industry. If you're into house music, be sure to also check out some of the house music blogger sites for a diverse music experience.

2. Alternative Nation

Alternative Nation music blog

Alternative Nation

This is a top website for alternate music lovers. Alternate Nation focuses on informing the readers about the latest news and stories, making it one of the top music blogs for alternative genre enthusiasts.

You can also find celebrity interviews to know more about their life and their process of making a song.

3. Stereo Stickman

Stereo Stickman music blog

Stereo Stickman

Stereo Stickman stands out as another prominent music blog that covers the latest news about underground music and promotes the songs of new artists. Among the vast collection of music platforms, many consider Stereo Stickman to be among the best music blogs in the alternative genre. For those who love discovering fresh sounds, it's worth checking out the newest music blogs as well

The Alternate section on the platform contains reviews of the newest music. This section will entertain you the most if you are interested in the alternate. 

4. Rock Sound

Rock Sound music blog

Rock Sound

Rock Sound is all about music news, solidifying its reputation It is the most popular music blog covering various genres like metal, rock, pop-punk, etc. The site publishes many music recommendations, including the best songs in a year that will help you explore trending music. For those passionate about house tunes, a quick search for a house music blogger can complement the genres found on Rock Sound. Engaging with top music bloggers can also further enhance your music journey. You will also find many engaging photos, videos, and blogs.

5. Alternative Press

Alternative Press music blog

Alternative Press

Alternative Press is a music website that focuses on culture and style. If you want to keep up with the latest updates from the music industry, artists, and events, you should follow Alternate Press. In addition to this site, music enthusiasts often search for the best music blogs to ensure a diverse and comprehensive music journey. The site also has interesting quizzes to find the best match between you and a song or celebrity.

5 Best R&B Music Blogs for the Ultimate Music Recommendation

1. This is RnB

This is RnB music blog

This is RnB

If you are an R&B fan looking for a reliable platform that can deliver breaking news, artist interviews, the latest music, and videos, you have got to follow this site.

The website was created in 2008 for R&B lovers worldwide, and it was the winner of the 2013 Soul Train Awards as the best music website. 

2. Rated R&B

Rated R&B music blog

Rated R&B

This is one of the top music websites and R and B blogs that provides the readers high-quality content in the form of news, feature stories, interviews, music, and many more. The site also helps the R&B artists irrespective of whether they are mainstream or unsigned.

3. Fake Shore Drive

Fake Shore Drive music blog

Fake Shore Drive

Fake Shore Drive is a Chicago-based blog about new music. It started its journey in 2007, and the site is updated regularly with daily news, interesting insider information, music, and informative posts. You can also expect to discover the best new music which is entertaining and inspiring.

4. Singersroom

Singersroom music blog


Singersroom was recognized as one of the top music sources and R and B blogs on the internet by XXL magazine. The site mainly focuses on R&B and pop music. It aims to educate the readers by providing the correct information and news. You can also expect many candid interviews to know more about your favorite artists.

5. YouKnowIGotSoul

YouKnowIGotSoul music blog


If you are an R&B fan, you may already know that this genre of music is losing popularity. But YouKnowIGotSoul, a dedicated R&B music website, always remains active to conserve the culture of this genre.

There are more than 1000 interviews of artists and producers of the industry, including Ne-Yo, Tyrese, Brandy, etc., on the platform.

5 Most Popular Folk Music Blogs

1. Folk Radio UK

Folk Radio UK music blog

Folk Radio UK

Folk Radio UK started in 2004 as a radio station, but now it has converted into an online music and media publication. The music blog will be the best if you are looking for excellent album mixes, music shows, comprehensive information on folk music and artists, etc.

2. Ear To The Ground Music

Ear To The Ground Music music blog

Ear To The Ground Music

The site focuses on folk music along with country, indie rock, pop, rock, etc. Ear To The Music is one of the top country music blogs that runs with a mission to make a digital platform where music lovers find high-quality songs and musicians find the right audience.

3. Twangville

Twangvillev music blog


This small music blog is for those who love folk, alt-country, indie, blues, rock, or anything involving a guitar. This website started in 2005 as a platform to share favorite playlists, but now it also contains informative reviews and artist interviews.

4. For Folk’s Sake

For Folk’s Sake music blog

For Folk’s Sake

For Folk’s Sake is another folk music website based in the UK. It consists of a team of music lovers from around the globe who publish diverse content on the platform. They share balanced news and recorded reviews of genres like folk, country, root, etc.

5. Cunning Folk

Cunning Folk music blog

Cunning Folk

The author of Cunning Folk is an excellent singer, songwriter, and producer of folk music. If you are a folk enthusiast this will definitely be your favorite on your list of country music blogs. The author has performed all over the world in different disguises for years and posts many of his entertaining music on the site.

5 Best Pop Music Blogs That Will Double Your Love for Music

1. Pop Justice

Pop Justice music blog

Pop Justice

Pop Justice is one of the most popular music blogs on the internet. Peter Robinson, a music journalist, started this site in 2000, and since then, the growth has never stopped. Recognized among the top music blogs, the site contains insightful interviews and excellent playlists to explore new pop music. For those looking to delve deeper into the music industry's insights, following the writings of top music bloggers can be quite enlightening.

2. Fluxblog

Fluxblog music blog


If you want to learn consistency, you will learn from Matthew Perpetua, the founder of Fluxblog. He started this site in 2002, and since then, he has been writing almost every weekday. It stands as a testament to the evolving nature of music blogs, where you will find song reviews and recommendations. The site is one of the oldest mp3 blogs where you will find song reviews and recommendations.

3. Idolator

Idolator music blog


Idolator is another leading music publication and music blog that focuses on pop music. The website will inform you about breaking news and provide you with reviews of the latest releases. Catering to those in search of the newest music blog insights, Idolator ensures its readers are always in the loop. If you want to know more about the hottest acts, there are also interviews on the platform.

4. Stereogum

Stereogum music blog


Stereogum was created in 2002, and today it is one of the biggest music blogs on the internet. You will learn about the top songs and bands from their lists like 5 Best Songs of the Week, Ultimate Playlist, etc.

The site has an active comment section where you can share your views and get to know the opinions of other fans.

5. The Fader

The Fader music blog

The Fader

The Fader is a New York City magazine that was started in 1999. Positioned among the best music blogs, the website is a source of hot content on style, culture, and music of all genres, including hip-hop, electronic, pop, folk, etc. As a hub for the musically curious, you can also find music lists to discover new songs and rising artists.

5 Best Educational Music Blogs to Be a Successful Artist

1. Bulletproof Musician

Bulletproof Musician music blog

Bulletproof Musician

Noa is an experienced music educator who also pursued psychology. She started Bulletproof Musician to share her knowledge and experience with budding artists.

Her blog posts mostly touch the psychological perspective of music like confidence, courage, focus, overcoming anxiety, etc. This website is one of the most educative platforms on this list of music blogs.

2. Melanie Spanswick

Melanie Spanswick music blog

Melanie Spanswick

Melanie Spanswick focuses on piano music education. She regularly posts articles and videos that help teachers as well as students. She also interviews many professional artists and features piano performances on the platform.

It is one of the best music blogs for new artists where they can ask doubts and get answers.

3. Musicians Way

Musicians Way music blog

Musicians Way

Whether you are an aspiring musician or teacher, Musicians Way will provide ideas, hacks, and information that will help you upgrade your skills. The blogs will also assist you in increasing creativity and making a successful music career.

4. Mrs. Miracle’s Music Room

Mrs. Miracle’s Music Room music blog

Mrs. Miracle’s Music Room

The author of this music education website is a music teacher, writer, and content creator. She has been teaching elementary music for the last two decades. She focuses on teaching K-7 music, strings, choir, and beginning band.

5. The Cross-Eyed Pianist

The Cross-Eyed Pianist music blog

The Cross-Eyed Pianist

Clear from the name; the website will be a great help if you want to learn piano. Frances Wilson, an expert pianist, blogger, and music enthusiast, created this leading classical music blog that helps established as well as young artists.

5 Best Metal Music Blogs to Get Lost in the World of Music

1. Metal Underground

Metal Underground music blog

Metal Underground

If you are always discovering new metal music and bands, this website is for you. It has been running for over the last two decades and delivers mainstream and underground music news. A dedicated and energetic team of metal enthusiasts regularly updates the platform.

2. Metal Blade Records

Metal Blade Records music blog

Metal Blade Records

Metal Blade Records consists of a team of people from different countries like the US, Germany, UK, Canada, etc., who post their diverse voices on the platform. This is another best site for those who want to keep up with the happenings in the metal music industry.

3. Loudwire

Loudwire music blog


Loudwire is one of the biggest American music websites that focuses on heavy metal and hard rock music. The site will keep you updated with the latest stories of the music world, provide you with lists of the best metal and rock songs, and inform you about the latest happenings in the life of hot artists.

4. Metal Injection

Metal Injection music blog

Metal Injection

Metal Injection is one of the biggest metal music blogs on the web, with over 1.2 million followers on Facebook and 250 thousand on Instagram. The website delivers original documentaries, breaking news, music reviews, videos, and many more.

5. NextMosh

NextMosh music blog


If you are looking for sites that contain rock and metal news, show listings, concert images, information about tours, NextMost is for you. The website has been serving the fans since 2009 and never fails to provide the correct information.

5 Best Blogs About Songwriting That Will Make You a Creative Writer

1. American Songwriter

American Songwriter music blog

American Songwriter

This is one of the most popular songwriting websites that gets over 1.5 million visitors per month. The platform shares valuable content for aspiring as well as established songwriters. In addition, it will provide you latest news, album reviews, concerts details, and many more.

2. I Do Coach

I Do Coach music blog

I Do Coach

Mark Cawley, the voice behind I Do Coach, is an experienced songwriter, author, and famous blogger. Through this website, he has trained around thousands of songwriters from across the world. Head to the blogs on the site to learn from his experiences.

3. Songwriting Magazine

Songwriting Magazine music blog

Songwriting Magazine

From ideas for a song, ways to keep a song fresh, secrets of established artists, to increase creativity, this website will provide high-quality resources to be a great songwriter. The best thing is the insightful artist interviews that will let you learn from others’ experiences.

4. Song Town

Song Town music blog

Song Town

Song Town is one of the best songwriting websites that will teach you the basics of writing. The Free Resources section contains many articles that will give you ideas, help you find the best songwriting books and tools, and teach you to write faster and better. 

5. Songfacts

Songfacts music blog


Songfacts is an excellent resource platform for aspiring songwriters. You will find the lyrics of your favorite songs, stories behind them, and information on what made them unique. Follow the site to understand the process of song creation.

5 Best Music Production Blogs to Master the Art of Production

1. Produce Like a Pro

Produce Like a Pro music blog

Produce Like a Pro

Produce Like a Pro by Warren Huart is a resourceful platform for aspiring music producers. Warren shares his experience of making wonderful music that will teach you various things like home recording, mixing with compression, recording and mixing vocals and drums, etc.

2. LANDR Blog

LANDR Blog music blog


LANDR is a creative website that focuses on teaching aspiring musicians the art of music mixing and production. From effective music production tips, inspiration to best gear recommendations, the site will help you be an established artist.

3. Audio Mento

Audio Mentor music blog

Audio Mentor

Reuben Ch’ng, the founder of Audio Mentor, is a music producer and digital marketer. He believes that you should focus on developing your skills more than buying equipment. From recording, editing, mixing to creating exceptional music, he will guide you to make a successful career in music.

4. Hyperbits

Hyperbits music blog


Hyperbits by Serik is a popular blog that will help you learn the art of music production. His story of becoming a producer is certainly going to inspire you. He will teach you advanced music production and show how you can effectively increase creativity and output.

5. Producer Hive

Producer Hive music blog

Producer Hive

Producer Hive will give you tips, ideas, information, and inspiration to produce the perfect music that everyone loves. You will find content on production, recording, product reviews, and music marketing that will make you a pro musician. The website is visited by over 200k visitors per month and is featured on media platforms like The Guardian.


These are some of the top music blogs on the internet that will entertain, educate, and empower you. Music is a powerful art that fills your life with vibrant colors. So, whether you are an aspiring artist or music lover, dissolve yourself in the world of music and redesign your life.FInf the most popular music blog for your heart.

We hope you found some of your favorite blogs and websites from the list above. Let us know in the comments if we missed any music blog which should have been on the list.