Ever had that moment when you're staring at your furry (or feathered, or finned) buddy, thinking, "If only there was a manual for this?" Or maybe just a secret club where pet pros spill the beans?

Good news! That's where pet blogs come into play.

Professional tips? Check. Fun memes that make you go "Aww"? Double check. Wondering if these blogs have that dash of personal touch sprinkled with expertise? Oh, absolutely!

Now, you might be wondering where to even begin.

We've done the legwork (or should we say paw-work?) and curated a list of pet blogs just for you.

🚀 How We Picked Best Pet Blogs

First off, we looked for pet blogs super helpful for caring for all kinds of furry friends. Everything from potty training puppies to grooming long haired kitties. Very useful stuff for pet parents.

We liked blogs with heaps of cute pet pics too. Nothing better than smiling at adorable animals to soothe the soul. Bonus points for funny captions.

Readable design was a must for our handpicked pet blogs. Blogs need to be easy to scroll so you don't get distracted from all the good pup and kitty content.

🤝 Why You Should Trust Us

See, we've been in the blogging game for years ourselves. Our own blog stays poppin' with dope articles. So we get what makes a site engaging.

Plus at Code Supply Co, we build sweet WordPress themes that thousands of blogs use daily. That means we've helped sites of all kinds find success.

Between our hands-on experience running blogs and helping others design them, there's no question we know the deal. We've picked up on every trick to attract readers and spark conversations.

We breathe this stuff, so you can be sure we know the criteria to pick the best pet blogs!

🐶🐱 General Animal and Pet Blogs

1. Adopt A Pet Blog

Adopt A Pet blog

Adopt a Pet

Ever thought about the joy a wagging tail or a soft purr can bring to your life? This website is your go-to spot! Dive into heartwarming tales of furballs finding their forever homes and how adoption can literally add years (and tail wags) to your life.

They say every pet has a story, and here, each one is more precious than the last. And who knows? You might just find your newest family member waiting for you in one of these tales. So, undoubtedly, this is the must-follow pet blog.

2. Take Paws Blog

Take Paws pet blog

Take Paws

Ever found yourself daydreaming about hitting the road with your pet friend? This isn’t just any travel diary—it’s an epic road trip seen through the eyes (and paws) of our four-legged pals.

From pet-friendly destinations to exotic adventures, there's a whole world of wagging tails and scenic trails waiting for you. This blog will get you prepared for any pet-friendly adventure. The caring pet bloggers will guide you through every step.

3. 🥇 Our Favorite - Pet Keen

Pet Keen pet blog

Pet Keen

Among dozens of pet blogs, this is your gateway to a treasure trove of science-backed research and veterinarian-approved products. As if having an encyclopedia and a veteran vet at your fingertips, this pet blog untangles the web of pet training, diet, and nutrition with a sprinkle of ease and fun.

With each article, you're not just getting casual information from pet bloggers. You're gaining friendly pet bloggers in the vast world of pet parenthood. Those who got the facts, the vets, and the stories to make your journey smooth! This is one of the rare blogs about pets that combines everything you need.

Why is Pet Keen Blog Our Favorite?

We especially love how this pet blog highlights real pet parents and their crazy animal tales. It's cool relating to other people's funny dog stories and embarrassing hamster moments. Plus their pet bloggers share an insane amount of videos. Nothing better than seeing cute animals in action instead of just pictures, right?

4. Hepper Blog

Hepper Pet blog

Hepper Blog

Perhaps you've been puzzled by your pet's midnight zoomies or the mysterious rituals at the food bowl. If so, you're in the right place and taken care of by the best pet bloggers here.

This is one of the pet blogs that give answers to all those burning questions about the whys and hows of your furry friend's actions. From decoding your cat's tail twitches to understanding your dog's dreamy snores, this is one of the blogs about pets that covers the A to Z of pet quirks.

5. Freshpet Blog

Freshpet pet blog

Freshpet Blog

This isn't just another page cluttered with cute pet pics (although who can resist those!). No, this pet blog is a treasure trove bursting with the latest in pet news, expert advice, and nutritional guidance.

Whether you're scratching your head over your cat's sudden love for broccoli or trying to figure out how to transition your dog to a new diet, Freshpet is one of the all-covering pet blogs that has got your back.

6. Walkin’ Pets Blog

Walkin' Pets pet blog

Walkin' Pets Blog

In this pet blog every pet, regardless of their mobility or age, is celebrated for the superstar they truly are. It is one of the profitable blog types. It's one of those pet blogs brimming with insights, advice, and that much-needed pep talk for those times when your pet friend faces mobility challenges.

Whether you're navigating the world of pet wheelchairs, seeking rehab tips, or just after a dose of inspiration from pets who've defied the odds, this blog is your trusty companion. So, in our opinion, this is one of the pet blogs out there that you should check out.

7. I Can Has Cheezburger

I Can Has Cheezburger pet blog

I Can Has Cheezburger Blog

This blog is a place where cats rule, memes reign supreme, and everything is...well, just hilarious. Trust us, these pet bloggers know what they are doing. Now, we know what you might be thinking: "Is it informative?" Well, in the traditional sense, maybe not.

But if you're in the market for a chuckle or just a dose of adorable, this is your place. Because let’s be honest, sometimes, all we need is a cute cat in a silly situation to turn our day around. Pet blogs like this make life better, don't you agree?

8. Pet Bucket Blog

Pet Bucket pet blog

Pet Bucket Blog

This is one of the blogs about pets where you'll stumble upon articles that touch every aspect of pet parenthood: from the details of daily care to those delightful stories that make you smile. This is one of the best pet blogs you can find.

Let's be real: the world of pets is massive, right? And every single day, there's something new to learn, a fresh reason to laugh, and just that little moment that reminds us why we're so crazy about our little (or big) buddies.

9. Best Friends Stories

Best Friends Stories pet blog

Best Friends Stories

This pet blog is kinda like that cozy little corner of the internet where heartwarming tales take center stage. From the rescue stories that'll have you reaching for tissues to the inspiring stories of pets doing downright awesome things, this is one of the pet blogs that is your go-to spot.

And let's be honest, who doesn't need a dose of furry feel-good every now and then? If you're nodding along, "Best Friends Stories" might just become your new favorite pet blog.

10. All About Birds

All About Birds pet blog

All About Birds Blog

For all you bird enthusiasts out there, this one's for you. This blog isn't just about pretty pictures (though they have plenty of those!) — this is one of the pet blogs (well, birds specifically) that goes beyond that.

From understanding bird calls, which might just make you the coolest person on your next nature walk, to insights into their flight patterns, their pet bloggers cover it all. So, if you are looking for outstanding pet blogs, this one is perfect for you.

11. PetSafe Blog

PetSafe pet blog

PetSafe Blog

This blog's got the scoop on everything from figuring out why your pet acts the way they do to pointing you to the coolest and safest toys around. Looking for the latest training tips or a new product review? PetSafe has them prepared.

There you can find safety pointers and real stories from pet parents that might feel super relatable. Think of it as mixing science with everyday pet life, all while getting those vet-approved tips to keep your buddy healthy. This is among the best pet blogs that feel like having a chat with your pet-obsessed friend who always has the best advice!

12. I And Love And You

I And Love And You pet blog

I And Love And You Blog

This isn't just a string of words or some catchy song title – it's a pet blog that's totally worth your time. This blog is like that super-informed friend who always has advice on everything pet-related. So, we made sure that their content fits the standards of our coolest pet blogs.

From pet food recipes (yes, they're a thing) to decoding pet's mysterious behavior, this is one of the ultimate blogs about pets that has the answers. It's not all facts and advice; this is one of the blogs about pets that has a good dose of heartwarming stories, too.

13. Pet Lovers Center

Pet Lovers Center pet blog

Pet Lovers Center Blog

Fancy a mix of handy tips, some good laughs, and heartwarming moments? This blog serves it up just right. This is one of the pet blogs whose content spans from helpful "How-To" guides to product recommendations (we mean, who knew there were that many types of chew toys?).

And if you're the emotional type? They have pretty sentimental stories for you. So if you want to get a bit of everything in one place, we recommend you to follow this option, one of the all-covering pet blogs.

14. Zoetis Petcare Blog

Zoetis Petcare pet blog

Zoetis Petcare Blog

Need the lowdown on that new pet vaccine or want to understand your cat's weird behavior? This one's among the blogs about pets that cover every question you have. That's why it is on our list of the coolest pet blogs.

This blog also brings together the smarts of veterinary experts, sorting out the most relevant issues for pet owners. If you are looking for a place that makes pet care feel both enlightening and entertaining, this is the right option for you.

15. 24 Pet Watch Blog

24 Pet Watch pet blog

24 Pet Watch Blog

Picture this: a blog that's your ultimate companion guide for any scenario. They tell you everything – from the insights of pet insurance (because let's face it, our furballs are basically our kids) to heartwarming rescue stories.

So, if sometimes you feel lost in your pet owner status, and you're eager to learn, this blog is made for you. It's one of those heartwarming yet very informative pet blogs handpicked for you.

16. Animal Hearted Blog

Animal Hearted pet blog

Animal Hearted Blog

This option is one of the blogs about pets that have truly mastered the art of combining hearty content with, well, a lot of heart. They guide you in understanding your pet's emotions and give clever hacks that make day-to-day pet life as smooth and joyful as possible.

Every piece of advice, every story feels like it's coming from someone who genuinely gets the ups, downs, and sideways of being a pet parent. If you are looking for wholesome content and need to receive lots of positive energy, this is one of the best pet blogs for that purpose.

🐱 Best Cat Blogs

1. Excited Cats

Excited Cats pet blog

Excited Cats Blog

Why does your cat suddenly decide that 3 a.m. is playtime? Or why does your fluffy friend prefer the box over the expensive cat bed? We are sure, those are relatable questions for any cat owner. And this is one of the best pet blogs that answers to these questions.

What's more, they sprinkle in some clarity on cat health, nutrition, and even give reviews on the coolest cat toys and accessories. So this is one of the cat blogs that find the perfect balance between fun and facts.

2. 🥇 Our Favorite - The Conscious Cat

Conscious Cat pet blog

Conscious Cat Blog

It's about communication and cats. This blog helps to better understand our pets, their needs and behavior. What's even better is that it also gives some cool insights on how cat owners can make sure their pets are taken care of properly and live a happy life.

The blog is based on the experience of the author, Ingrid King, and her own cat, Buckley. It's so genuine that every article feels as cozy as a chat over a cup of tea. If you are looking for the best pet blogs out there, this is the right option for you.

Why is The Conscious Cat Blog Our Favorite?

We've learned a lot from this blog. The articles give great tips for cat behavior, care and training. The advice feels genuinely helpful and doesn't talk down to us - major bonus points. It really makes you understand your pet.

More than anything though, we love that tis is one of the cat blogs that celebrates cats just being their goofy, adorable selves. It reminds us to slow down, appreciate the little moments and let our furry friends bring more joy into our lives.

3. Cats.com

Cats.com pet blog

Cats.com Blog

From the tiny details of cat behavior patterns to their bigger personality pictures, this is one of the top pet blogs that covers it all. You can find different articles here, from practical guides to funny cat stories that'll have you nodding in agreement because your cat does that too.

The writing is supported by expert insights, ensuring that you're getting reliable info while also enjoying a fun, casual read. So we included this website on our list of blogs about pets for a reason.

4. Katzenworld

Katzenworld pet blog

Katzenworld Blog

It's like that hipster coffee shop in town but for cat content – unique, cozy, and full of surprises! "Katzenworld" isn't just other cat blogs. This is one of the pet blogs that is like a theme park dedicated solely to cats.

Dive deep, and you'll find a colorful tapestry of stories, tips, reviews, and yes, those absolutely essential cute cat photos (because, let's face it, who doesn't need more of those?).

5. Cat Wisdom

Cat Wisdom pet blog

Cat Wisdom Blog

This one's among the best pet blogs that not only answers all your cat questions but also talks about the deep bond cats can form with their humans. You'll find experts sharing their advice from real experience owning cats.

There are also some funny cat stories sprinkled in. One of the coolest things is how it's one of the rare cat blogs that explores the wisdom cats can bring to our lives. Those furry creatures have more to teach us than we might think!

6. Heads Up for Tails

Heads Up for Tails pet blog

Heads Up for Tails Blog

If you are looking for cat blogs thar are like that friendly neighbor who's always got the inside info on the coolest pet toys and the best treats in town, we've found it for you. You can learn a lot of stuff about cat parenting here.

From training to simple communication basics, the blog is created to make your experience with your cat less stressful. If you think that it's like blogs about pets that are just about providing info, then, no, it’s about creating a community of like-minded pet parents.

7. Apollo Fluffy Cat

Apollo Fluffy Cat pet blog

Apollo Fluffy Cat Blog

Run by long-time cat parents Amy and Jason, this blog is a great place to get a daily dose of cat cuteness. Amy and Jason share all kinds of stuff about their lovable kitty Apollo - from funny photos and videos of his silly adventures to heartwarming stories about their bond.

The blog also has lots of helpful info for fellow cat owners. Amy and Jason give advice on training tips, food recommendations, toy reviews, and more. They want to make owning a cat as easy and enjoyable as possible. This is definitely one of the best blogs about pets to follow if you're a cat lover!

8. Your Cat

Your Cat pet blog

Your Cat Blog

The blog is run by vets and cat behavior experts, so you know you're getting legit advice. They cover all sorts of cat topics like health issues to watch out for, the best toys and plants (that won't get eaten!), and training tips for problem behaviors.

The blog explains everything in a way that's easy to understand, so you will not get lost. So this is one of the best cat blogs that you definitely need to add to your following list.

9. Cats.org

Cats.org pet blog


Sharing advice and tips, the blog has lots of shelter stories that are heartwarming to read. The posts raise important topics like cat overpopulation or street cat welfare. It's eye-opening to learn more about those issues.

Whether you just got a cat or have had them for years, are super into cats or just curious - there's articles on the blog for any cat fan. This pet blog is definitely worth following for cat lovers who want to stay informed on various topics.

10. Modern Cat

Modern Cat pet blog

Modern Cat Blog

If you like your cat content with a side of cool style and humor, check out cat blogs like this. There's a lot of sweet sillyness here. As the name suggests, they bring a more modern to the typical cat blog. You'll find lists, comics, photos, and videos of weird and wonderful cat behaviors we all recognize.

While light in tone, they also mix in interesting facts about cat history, biology, and ownership. The writers are clearly cat experts who write with a casual vibe. Blogs about pets like this are great for both laughter and learning more about our feline friends.

11. Cat Care of Vinings

Cat Care of Vinings cat blog

Cat Care of Vinings Blog

If you like your cat content with a side of cool style and humor, check out cat blogs like this. There's a lot of sweet sillyness here. As the name suggests, they bring a more modern twist to the typical cat blog. You'll find lists, comics, photos, and videos of weird and wonderful cat behaviors we all recognize.

While light in tone, they also mix in interesting facts about cat history, biology, and ownership. The writers are clearly cat experts who write with a casual vibe. Pet blogs like this are great for both laughter and learning more about our feline friends. These creative pet blogs provide an entertaining yet insightful look at the world of cats.

🐶 Best Dog Blogs

1. 🥇 Our Favorite - The Dogington Post

 The Dogington Post dog blog

The Dogington Post Blog

Among blogs about dogs, this one has articles with lighthearted looks at the funny, quirky things our pets do on a daily. They also share sweet shelter stories about the amazing bond between people and their rescued pets. It really warms your heart reading about the great work those places do.

The writers create a warm atmosphere. just like when you're chatting with a friend who loves animals as much as you. This dog blog is full of heartfelt and humorous content for animal lovers.

Why is The Dogington Post Blog Our Favorite?

We've learned tons by following the blog too. The training tips, care advice and articles on the latestwoof-worthy topics are actually helpful without being preachy. Major props. At the end of the day though, what we dig most is that the blog celebrates dogs just being dogs.

2. Dogster

Dogster dog blog

Dogster Blog

If you're constantly asking your pup "Who's a good dog?" then the Dogster blog was made for you. They cover all things dogs - training tips, gear reviews, photos of pooches being total derps.

The topics are varied enough that there's always something new, whether I just want a quick read or to find out about stuff like health issues. And they don't take themselves too seriously which we appreciate. Blogs about dogs like Dogster are great sources of both fun and useful information for dog lovers.

3. Pango Pets

Pando Pets dog blog

Pando Pets Blog

If you've got your hands full at home with multiple pets, the Pando Pets blog is a great resource. You'll find some relatable stories about the kind of stuff that goes down when you've got several pets under one roof. Like toys causing fights or group zoomies that erupt out of nowhere.

Beyond just the laughs, Pando also gives tips for taking care of your whole pack. Feeding everyone, keeping the peace, avoiding too much chaos wrecking your place - useful no matter if you have two pets or a dozen. Pet blogs like Pando Pets offer practical advice and humor for fellow "multipet" owners.

4. I Heart Dogs

I Heart Dogs blog

I Heart Dogs Blog

They cover everything from cute puppy videos to reviews of the best doggie gear. Any info you need about keeping your pet happy and healthy is probably there too.

The articles are super positive, just celebrating how awesome dogs are on the daily. It's basically tail-wagging therapy. Dog blogs like this are great for reliable information in an upbeat, dog-loving spirit.

5. Dog Tipper

Dog Tipper dog blog

Dog Tipper Blog

If you've always got questions about living with your dog but hate super stuffy advice columns, then Dogtipper is the best dog blog for you. This blog takes a super down-to-earth approach to giving tips and answering dog dilemmas.

They also cover the not-so-cutesy sides of being a dog parent, like vet care, dog chronic issues, and aging. It's nice to learn from others who've been there. Pet blogs like Dogtipper provide a realistic yet helpful perspective on various aspects of dog ownership.

6. Oh My Dog

Oh My Dog Blog dog blog

Oh My Dog Blog

You'll find tips and tricks - products they tried or little things that made walks better. Chill advice without essays. They share stories, photos, vids, anything.

The blog is all positivity. These writers really get the unconditional love between humans and dogs. Wholesome content for anyone obsessed with their pup! These type of best dog blogs provide inspiration for dog lovers everywhere.

7. Champion of My Heart Blog

Champion of My Heart dog blog

Champion of My Heart Blog

These ladies shine a light on rescues and the rescuer community. They share heartwarming stories of dogs finding their forever homes, including pics of the pups getting adopted. They also raise medical issues and spread awareness about common problems.

On top of adoption updates, the blog gives a behind-the-scenes look at shelter life and the dedicated rescuers. Really shows how much rescues do beyond helping pups find homes. This dog blog highlights the rewarding yet challenging work of animal rescue.

8. Life With Dogs

Life With Dogs blog

Life With Dogs Blog

These guys get that dogs basically make every day more fun. They share all sorts of funny and feel-good stories about living with dogs. From the hilarious stuff our pups do to the little moments of pure joy they bring

There's chill advice too for taking care of your pup's needs without it being lectures, more like friendly chat. Dog blogs like these recognize that living with dogs should be an enjoyable experience above all.

9. My Dog Likes

My Dog Likes dog blog

My Dog Likes Blog

These people test all kinds of toys, treats, gear, you name it - to see which things get tails wagging and which leave dogs unimpressed. They try all different price ranges too so you know what is worth bying or where you can save without sacrificing doggy joy.

This dog blog also shares fun roundups of themes, like the best interactive toys for smart pups or the coziest dog beds for lazy bones. Blogs about dogs like this take the guesswork out of shopping for canine companions.

10. Here Pup

Here Pup dog blog

Here Pup Blog

This dog blog is all about dog training - but not the boring textbook type. They share easy ways to teach pups fun tricks and neat obedience tips using positive reinforcement. Even if you've had dogs for years, Here Pup gives fresh ideas for keeping mental stimulation and the bond tight between you and your pet.

They also review all kinds of gear for making training more fun - clickers, flirt poles, portable outdoor pens, etc. Handy info whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro. Best dog blogs like Here Pup make learning new techniques an enjoyable experience for both dogs and owners.

11. Golden Woofs

Golden Woofs dog blog

Golden Woofs Blog

If you are a fan of golden retrievers like us, this is the right dog blog for you. They share the funniest things goldens do - thinking they're lap dogs at 100+ pounds or finding any excuse to stick their head out the car window on rides.

Plus all kinds of sunset beach shots of the grown goldens living their best lives - does't get much better! On top of that, they have fun golden facts, product reviews for owners, and training advice. Best dog blogs like this one are treasure troves of golden retriever goodness.

12. Fidose of Reality

Fidose of Reality dog blog

Fidose of Reality

You'll find product reviews on things that actually work - not just hype. Plus tips from other owners on training hacks they tried. Super practical advice. At the end of day, this blog reminds you while dogs are family, they also come with lots of random shiz we laugh at later.

The type of dog blogs that give a real honest look at pet life. Blogs about dogs like this one provide a down-to-earth perspective beyond just the cute photos.

13. Come Wag Along

Come Wag Along pet blog

Come Wag Along Pet Blog

This is one of the dog blogs that is all about finding fun hikes, beaches, parks, and trails that welcome our fuzzy hiking friends. Really inspires you to explore! They give full reviews of places - from scenery shots to details on facilities, terrain difficulty, and leash situations.

Perfect for planning your next weekend getaway. They also write about integration into the family, some hacks about children and dogs, and many other useful topics. Best dog blogs like this provide useful travel inspiration for outdoorsy dog owners.

Summed Up

Be sure to follow some of these blogs to learn more about dogs and the experiences of other pet owners.

Connecting with the online pet community is a great way to get advice, share your own stories, and discover new products or places to enjoy with your furry friend!

Not to mention all the laughs and "aha!" moments you'll have that make life with your pup better. Who doesn't want more of that, right?

Also check out the list of best lifestyle blog names that catch every reader's attention.