This CAN and WILL happen — whether you’ve just started or you’re in the midst of your blogging journey. Yes, we mean hitting with the ‘writer’s block’ or ‘creative crisis’.

Discover 369 best lifestyle blog post ideas to keep engaging your audience and winning more rankings. Plus, an insider guide on how and where you can find in-demand lifestyle blog post ideas to never run out of content.

Excited already?

Great. Let’s dive deep right into it.

369 Best Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas for Every Sub-niche

Whether you’re a travel blogger, fashion, fitness, finance, or somewhere between — you’re all covered. Discover all blog post ideas below:

Personal Life Blog Post Ideas

  1. Share your this year’s success story.
  2. Share your life-changing event.
  3. Share your daily routine, weekly routine, or what you do when you’re bored.
  4. Share your opinions, thoughts, and remarks on life in general based on your own experiences.
  5. Share what inspires you the most to write or create content regularly.
  6. Share how or when you met your other half. (Singles, I’m sorry.)
  7. Share your best tips to tackle social life situations based on your own experiences.
  8. Share the best moments of your life on a vacation, family trip, gathering, or from your workspace.
  9. Share personal advice on something that can help your readers. For example, on anxiety, how to deal with depression, loneliness, or anything similar that you might also have experienced.
  10. Share your all-time personal favorite books related to your niche. For example, books on beauty, self-development, personal finance, or food.
  11. Ask for content ideas from your audience. Yes, that’s a very clever way to engage with your audience and get tons of content ideas for free.
  12. Share your advice to your younger self, and include your younger audience in it, too. Be a guide. Help them be secure from the same mistakes you made in the past.
  13. Share your all-time personal favorite Amazon wish list.
  14. Share your remarks on a trending topic that’s relevant to your niche. It’s a good way to also stay relevant in the feed.
  15. Talk about your personal favorite Youtubers, bloggers, influencers, or personalities.
  16. Share your favorite movies.
  17. Share your favorite dishes or fast food you can’t live without.
  18. Share your plans for the next year.
  19. Tell what you’d be if you were not a blogger. Talk about any job or career you were seeking before starting blogging. Share how blogging transformed your life.
  20. Share your shopping or eating experience in a nearby store or restaurant that your audience usually goes for. It might take time to research, but you can help a lot of people.
  21. Share your best or worst road trip. Also, ask your audience the same to engage them.
  22. Your favorite workout playlist. Your favorite everyday playlist. Your favorite playlist for rainy days. Combine them all, or create a separate post for each.
  23. Your favorite iPhone or Android apps that help you stay focused, organized, or enhance your productivity.
  24. Share your content creation process.
  25. Share what type of content you endorse the most.

Home and Garden Blog Post Ideas

  1. Share basic guides, how-tos, and insider tips on gardening.
  2. Share tips on growing vegetables, fruits, and plants in containers.
  3. Share gardening tips for small spaces.
  4. Write what square foot gardening is, its pros and cons, ideas, and tips.
  5. Write about gardening mistakes to avoid.
  6. Write about the benefits of gardening.
  7. Share why you chose gardening as a hobby. Reasons to start gardening.
  8. Share some ways to make a career out of gardening. Or list some ideas to make quick bucks out of it.
  9. List some best DIY planters.
  10. List some cool DIY mini gardens.
  11. List how to make your own greenhouse at home.
  12. List some awesome ways to style and design your garden.
  13. List some of the plants, veggies, or fruits you can grow this summer or winter.
  14. List basics of each type of garden; veggies, fruits, or greenery only.
  15. Share what types of seeds are best and where to get them.
  16. How to grow a specific fruit, vegetable, herb, or plant successfully. For example, how to grow carrots the right way.
  17. List some of the best herbs to grow indoors and/or outdoors. Mention where to get them.
  18. List benefits of growing a certain herb. For example, X benefits of growing X in your garden this season.
  19. Indoor plants that are beneficial for air.
  20. List some of the indoor plants suitable for dark rooms, hallways, open rooms, or offices.
  21. List creative ways to display flowers and plants indoors.
  22. Tell them how to get the best out of their small apartments.
  23. Reveal some easy ways to do things; easy ways to water plants, easy ways to get the perfect light and humidity, or easy ways to find the best seeds.
  24. List flowers that require less time in catering, for busy folks.
  25. Reveal some flowers that also bloom in winters.
  26. Ask your audience. How do they style their gardens? What plants, herbs, or flowers are they growing? Ask for pictures. Maybe even start a unique hashtag around it?

Health and Wellness Blog Post Ideas

  1. Your personal favorite self-care routine. (Obviously)
  2. Share your workout plans you’re after.
  3. What health and wellness setbacks have you faced? Still facing?
  4. Top self-development books you’d recommend to your audience.
  5. Share how you deal with boredom, anxiety, or bring in the experts by doing some research.
  6. Share health benefits of healthy eating or following a specific diet. For example, fasting.
  7. Publish some beginner or expert level exercises that your audience would find helpful.
  8. Share your favorite sports and why you love them.
  9. Share productivity hacks.
  10. Share how do you get a deep sleep? Post some ideas to help others.
  11. Share a list of food that can boost immunity, improve metabolism, or any specific concern.
  12. Share latest trends, insights, or statistics in the health and fitness industry.
  13. Share your favorite health and wellness brands you follow.
  14. Share side effects of certain supplements by researching and finding the remarks of experts.
  15. Share a healthy workout routine for busy men or women.
  16. Help them get into running. Share all the tools and necessary info they need to get started.
  17. Share first aid tips or what to do when hit with any sort of emergency. Important one.
  18. What to shop and plan for upcoming summer or winter.
  19. Share yoga poses to achieve a certain benefit.
  20. Share books, articles, or stuff to watch to address mental health issues.
  21. Share the importance of therapy and point out who might need one today.
  22. Break or back some myths: for instance, eight hours sleep, drinking a lot of water throughout the day, or sleep and weight loss relation.
  23. Answer some of the taboo questions that other bloggers might be missing out on: for instance, health risks of masturbation or pornography addiction or drinking too much.
  24. Share best tips and moments to talk about a certain issue with the parents. Share tips on relationships to make everyday living the absolute best.
  25. Share some tips on how to become confident while having social interactions.
  26. Share tips on how to say ‘no’ without letting them or yourself feel bad.
  27. Share tips on work and personal life balance.

Relationship Blog Post Ideas


Post ideas about love

  1. Share how to talk to her or him on the first date. (Fix them up)
  2. Share what to do when she’s not texting back?
  3. Share some practical life signals that the date was successful.
  4. How to make a good first impression when meeting for the first time.
  5. What turns him or her off? Share some dos and don’ts of the dating language.
  6. Where to find the perfect partner. List some legit dating apps and websites.
  7. Share some of the romantic locations to go on a first date.
  8. Share dating and relationship tips for a specific age group. For instance, X sneaky relationship advice for teens.
  9. What gifts to give him or her to signal a positive response?
  10. Share how to talk when you’ve nothing to talk about. How to spice up conversations?
  11. Share what blogs, channels, and podcasts to follow for dating and relationship advice.
  12. List some romantic quotes to warm things up.
  13. List what questions to ask her while texting.
  14. List some of the ways to ask her out tonight.
  15. Share some of the biggest mistakes that kill relationships.
  16. Share how to become really understanding and work things out.
  17. List some ways to fully commit yourself to her or him.
  18. List some things that make or break a relationship.
  19. Reveal some insider texts and conversation ideas to ignite things up between couples.
  20. Discuss when to break up and when to stay.
  21. Guide them: Are they actually being ignored or merely overthinking?
  22. Share a detailed guide on how to break up with someone without hurting them or making them feel bad.
  23. Share some red flags to identify whether you’re in a toxic relationship.
  24. List some of the signs that reveal he or she is totally into you.
  25. List some romantic relationship books and movies to read and watch together.
  26. Discuss how to always work things out without making a big deal.
  27. List some date ideas at weekends to take things to the next level.

Family and Parenting Blog Ideas

  1. Share your best memories with your family.
  2. Share all the beautiful places you’ve visited with your family.
  3. Introduce your family in a fun way, if you haven’t already.
  4. Share some holiday tips and tricks to stay organized.
  5. Share your favorite family recipe.
  6. Share how to keep up with work and become the best parent at the same time.
  7. Share the shopping list of all the essentials for new parents.
  8. Share cute games to play with kids to help parents increase interaction with their loved ones.
  9. Share tips on how to win the teen’s trust, and get them to talk about the behind the scene issues or setbacks.
  10. Share the biggest parenting mistakes to avoid.
  11. Share how to maintain a perfect balance of being friendly and strict at the same time.
  12. Share some absolute best parenting advice you heard while growing up.
  13. Share some adoption guidelines or experiences.
  14. Share how to love all of them equally.
  15. Do an interview with a parent on your blog. Ask what they do. Help your audience this way.
  16. Share a list of family films to watch.
  17. Share some tips on making sure the child is browsing safely online.
  18. Share tips on making kids understand the meaning of responsibility.
  19. Share tips on how to keep kids away from the online cringe.
  20. Make a list of baby and teen products.
  21. Start discussion: which one is easier to rise? Boy vs. girl. Ask your audience about their experiences to increase your blog’s engagement and start a healthy fun conversation.
  22. Share how to keep yourself healthy during pregnancy.
  23. Share gift ideas after birth.
  24. Share busy mum’s hacks to properly care for their babies.
  25. Share how to become a cool dad.
  26. Share newborn names ideas.
  27. Share the next necessary medical steps to take after birth.
  28. Share how to calm a crying baby.
  29. Ask your audience: their routines, how they care for their kids, and what insider hacks they’d want to share with the community.
  30. How to raise multiples and still keep your house mess-free.

Personal Growth Blog Topics

  1. Share how you plan out your time, plan out weeks or a year. Help them manage and organize their time.
  2. Share a cheat sheet to set goals and how to actually achieve them.
  3. Share books, podcasts, channels, and communities to grow self-confidence in the workplace and social life.
  4. What do you do when you’re having a bad day? How do you cheer yourself?
  5. Share your past mistakes and what you learned from them.
  6. Share some trending hobbies your audience can adopt.
  7. How to love yourself — share your own tips and ideas.
  8. How do you practice what you preach?
  9. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why?
  10. Share what traits one should possess to have a positive impact in the workplace.
  11. Share what to say and when to say. For example, X things you should never say in social gatherings. Or, X things to practice saying in your workplace.
  12. Share tips on practicing gratitude.
  13. Write your life review. Make it fun. Engage your audience. Ask them, too.
  14. What are your hobbies? Are you planning to change them?
  15. Share the traits of introverts and extroverts. And how to switch between the two, if anyone wants to.
  16. How did you become self-aware, intentional, and confident? Share things you practiced and help your audience.
  17. Share quotes, advice, or excerpts from books or magazines that are painted in your heart.
  18. How to always make yourself feel good.
  19. How to get out from the nuisance of breakups fast.
  20. Share how to not let yourself down even when everybody is saying ‘you’ll never make it’.
  21. Share a cheat sheet of shut up calls to give a nice treat to bullies in the workplace or college.
  22. Share tips on how to go from ‘always annoyed’ to ‘kind and polite’.
  23. Share tips on how to truly express your inner feelings.
  24. Share insights on what is rightfully yours in relationships and how to get them.
  25. Share some red flags on how to identify toxic people around you and how to stay away from them.
  26. Share tips on how to make friends fast.
  27. Share tips on making the appearance better, fixing posture, some exercises, and outfits to become attractive.
  28. Share tips on how to pose and look good in every photo.
  29. Share tips on how to discover your style, and own it.

Finance and Frugal Living Blog Post Ideas

Financial data

Finance post ideas

  1. Share how you save money while shopping on Amazon.
  2. Share the difference between ‘the need’, and ‘the desire’ to help them save money.
  3. Following your own hacks, share how much you save per month.
  4. Share websites and tools to hunt bargains, get discount codes, and compare prices.
  5. Share your favorite personal finance blogs, podcasts, channels, or communities.
  6. Share some little side hustle to make quick bucks every month.
  7. Share your best and worst spending.
  8. Share some inexpensive super markets.
  9. Write on trending deals and offers from stores.
  10. Write about holiday sales from the biggest brands. Help them plan out when, where, and how to hunt for perfect bargains.
  11. Share the best alternative products against luxury brands.
  12. Share tips on how to bargain effectively.
  13. Share tips on how to buy a certain product at a lower price. For instance, how to buy a kitchen table on a budget.
  14. Share some best freebies or test out products that brands give.
  15. Share some DIY hacks to save money on buying gifts, toys, or tools.
  16. Share tips on how to be a tutor to save tuition fees.
  17. Share a complete guide on getting insurance.
  18. Share some location ideas for a vacation that won’t drain the bank account.
  19. Share family vacation trip hacks and ideas to save costs.
  20. Share latest under budget fashion trends and brands.
  21. List some surveys that give cash backs and gifts upon completion.
  22. Share tips and locations on hunting for a budget-friendly apartment.
  23. Share money-saving hacks when traveling solo.
  24. List some ways to save money while shopping for kids.
  25. Reveal some marketing and money traps brands use to sell more and expensive products.
  26. Share some free resources on the Internet to learn a skill and earn money from it. For example, Codecademy to learn coding for free.
  27. List some free online workout programs, apps, clubs to stay fit at home.

Seasonal Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

  1. Share your New Year resolutions, and ask from your audience as well.
  2. Share the best photos of yours from last year and the story behind them. Engage your audience, too.
  3. Share the lists of goals that you achieved and failed last year.
  4. Share the planning, goal-setting strategies for the upcoming year.
  5. Share romantic valentine date ideas.
  6. Share what gifts and flowers to buy this Valentine's day, based on what’s trending.
  7. Share how to ask out your valentine.
  8. Share ways to make a perfect valentine’s date on a budget.
  9. Share mother’s day quotes. Share, inspire, and express mother’s love and their role in our lives.
  10. Spring photoshoot ideas.
  11. Share why you love spring and what message it gives.
  12. Share a fashion style guide for spring.
  13. List some of the Easter gifts for kids and adults.
  14. DIY hacks for perfect Easter.
  15. Take part in mental health awareness week. Express your thoughts. Address the issue effectively. Share some insights on how to become mentally strong and healthy.
  16. Welcome summer; share some of the style guides, bucket lists, and things you’re looking forward to.
  17. Share some summer locations to visit.
  18. Write down a summer vacation plan to help your audience learn how to have fun and remain organized throughout.
  19. Share some trending and secret summer locations to travel.
  20. Welcome autumn. Share X things you love about autumn and why.
  21. Talk about Halloween. What you love about it. Some DIY hacks to get the best out of it while staying on a budget.
  22. Share some safety tips for Halloween.
  23. List some of the best ways to celebrate bonfire night.
  24. Write about winter. Why do you love it? Why do you hate it?
  25. List the best outfits and wear to try this winter.
  26. Share some Christmas gift ideas.
  27. Share some DIY hacks to enjoy Christmas on a budget.
  28. List some best holiday sales at the end of the year.
  29. Goodbye post for the current year. Share recap; major stories in your country: best, worst, fun, and sad.
  30. Set resolutions for the next year.

Beauty and Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

  1. Help your audience discover their beauty style. Post ultimate makeup style guides.
  2. Share helpful tips to ignite makeup routines for beginners.
  3. Share a bucket list of skincare essentials.
  4. Things to add to your habit for beautiful skin.
  5. Share how they can discover their skin type. And how to care for it.
  6. List some of the best beauty brands to shop from.
  7. Share caring routines for different skin types.
  8. Reveal some of the secrets of glowing skins.
  9. Share how to make DIY face masks.
  10. Break some beauty and makeup myths.
  11. Share before and after photos of a certain makeup touch-up.
  12. List some of the best celebrity makeup styles you love.
  13. Share your makeup kit collection.
  14. List your favorite nail arts.
  15. Share some insider tips to get that luxury look on a budget.
  16. Share your shopping routine; how you buy, where you start from, what brand website you visit first, and where do you finish.
  17. Publish some trending product reviews related to makeup and beauty.
  18. Share your holiday look.
  19. List your favorite places to buy lipstick, nail polish, eyeliners, and more.
  20. Share your seasonal favorite routines and products: winter, summer, autumn, and fall look.
  21. Share the biggest mistakes to avoid during make up or using make up products.
  22. Reveal your wardrobe.
  23. Do a home tour.
  24. List books, movies, songs, and podcasts you’re currently hooked on.
  25. Share your vacation plans.
  26. How do you maintain your daily routine?
  27. Reveal some unheard secrets about you.

Travel Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

  1. How to pack and what to pack: the ultimate guide.
  2. List of things for certain places.
  3. What do you pack? What’s in your travel bag pack?
  4. How to get flights at a bargain.
  5. Nearby places to visit this summer or winter.
  6. Safety tips for solo travelers.
  7. What not to do when visiting certain countries.
  8. Emergency essential to not travel without.
  9. Travel essentials and their cheaper alternatives.
  10. Biggest traveling mistakes to avoid.
  11. Travel apps to get help from.
  12. Food ideas on the go.
  13. Books on traveling. Books to read while traveling.
  14. Travel credit cards to save money and earn cash back.
  15. How to survive if left alone.
  16. Review places you’ve visited.
  17. Some DIY hacks.
  18. List some best travel insurance companies.
  19. Perfect suitcase to choose; what to look for.
  20. Ideas to get travel leaves from my boss.
  21. Ultimate guide: A-Z Travel plans for popular locations.
  22. Unheard facts about places.
  23. Reveal your favorite places. Ask them as well.
  24. What inspires you to travel? Your mission.
  25. Travel blogs, channels, and podcasts to follow.
  26. Fun short family trip ideas.
  27. Fitness equipment to carry while traveling; e.g. yoga mats, resistance bands, or dumbbells.

Inspirational Blog Post Ideas


Share an inspirational story

  1. Share stories of successful bloggers in your niche.
  2. Talk about unheard heroes of history.
  3. Everyday heroes we overlook.
  4. List some movies based on true stories.
  5. How small ideas can lead to big innovations. Talk with examples.
  6. Brands that started with nothing but now rule the industry.
  7. Your favorite books that inspired you to become what you’re.
  8. List some inspirational documentaries to watch on Netflix.
  9. How to take inspiration from ordinary things.
  10. Difference between inspiration and motivation.
  11. Is it a must to get inspired before you set and work on your goals?
  12. From whom do you get inspired? What would you suggest to your audience?
  13. Share your initial struggles.
  14. Share the latest innovations and what to learn from these changing times.
  15. How to become an optimist.
  16. Why today does someone need an online presence? Especially business owners.
  17. Does your company matter? How your friends can determine your success.
  18. Biggest enemies within you that are stopping you from achieving success.
  19. Motivation vs. Discipline? Which one wins in the long term?
  20. Habits of people who rule the world.
  21. Leadership lessons from top leaders who ever lived on the earth.
  22. Inspirational quotes that revoke your inner passion.
  23. Mindset plays a foundational role in achieving success. Talk about it.
  24. What to do when life sucks, and you’ve nowhere to go.
  25. Benefits and negatives of overthinking things.
  26. How does each individual contribute to the growth of society? How does each one of us matter?

Food and Drink Blog Post Ideas

  1. Share where do you get help from; cookbooks, food blogs, or podcasts.
  2. Your favorite seasonal recipe.
  3. Cook something by copying a trending recipe and share.
  4. Why do you love cooking? What motivated you to start this food blog?
  5. Why not make some foreign dishes and share your experience?
  6. DIY kitchen hacks.
  7. New ways to cook an old dish.
  8. Start a cooking contest.
  9. Make a list of essential ingredients that a cook should have.
  10. Share the history of different foods, drinks, and ingredients.
  11. Cook X in X minutes in your kitchen.
  12. Organizing your kitchen.
  13. How do you manage your food blog while being busy?
  14. What do you eat on a regular day, every day?
  15. Share your taste changes.
  16. Talk about chefs you love.
  17. Try trending baking and cooking hacks.
  18. Where do you get your ingredients?
  19. Share your favorite drinks.
  20. Review food of a nearby restaurant.
  21. Why you should eat X this summer.
  22. Your worst and best food experiences.
  23. DIY cooking hacks to cook for your date.
  24. What to cook this season or holiday. For example, what to cook this Easter.

Social Media and Blogging Blog Post Ideas

  1. How to gain X followers on Instagram in X days.
  2. The best strategy to follow to gain more YouTube subscribers.
  3. How to get more views on your videos.
  4. Blog content strategy; what to post and when to post.
  5. How to edit Instagram pictures for more likes. Some Apps to choose.
  6. Where to find the right hashtags.
  7. How to write social media captions for more engagement.
  8. How to get blog post ideas? How to start a blog?
  9. How to do your blog’s marketing on social media?
  10. List some reliable social media marketing agencies.
  11. Books on writing, marketing, and business.
  12. Mindset hacks to stay focused and consistent.
  13. How to motivate yourself to write every day. Watch this great video on the topic: Write everyday
  14. Make money while blogging.
  15. Blogging essentials; what do you need before starting?
  16. Is blogging lucrative? What’s the potential?
  17. How to choose the right niche for blogging?
  18. List some social media and blog post content ideas.
  19. What YouTube channels, podcasts, and blog posts to follow for marketing and growth advice.
  20. How to interact with new followers on your channel. How to welcome them.
  21. Some easy designing apps to create social media banners, thumbnails, and covers.

Blog Posts Ideas for College or University Students

student blog

Post ideas about students

  1. Some easy side hustles to earn extra money.
  2. Playlists to listen to while studying.
  3. Where to study on the campus.
  4. Document a complete day in the life of a student.
  5. Share complete study plans subject-wise.
  6. How to move into a hostel.
  7. How to find perfect roommates.
  8. How to choose your majors.
  9. How to write college essays. Different formats and how to use them effectively.
  10. How to go through an interview. Some important questions and how to answer them.
  11. How to make new friends in college.
  12. How to decide whether this university is right for you.
  13. What to do on holidays.
  14. How to expand your network in college and get a better opportunity of finding a job earlier.
  15. The proper response to a bully.
  16. How to become confident in giving class presentations.
  17. How to get involved with everyone in the class.
  18. Guide to complete the admission process.
  19. How to stay professional.
  20. Guide to choosing the right career, keeping in mind the technological advancements.
  21. How to become a good CR.
  22. DIY studying hacks.
  23. How to find a subject specialist for tuition.

Insider: Categorize Your Blog Posts in Different Formats [and Why]

Categorizing your posts in different formats can help in three ways mainly:

  • Your audience will find the desired content easily.
  • Search engines can index your posts faster over relevant keywords.
  • It will be easier for you to plan out your content strategy.

Here are some ideas to start with:

How-to Guides

Make a separate section of all the how-to guides so readers can easily find the guide they need help with. Target more and more answers to increase your engagement time.

Features of these guides:

  • Easy to read.
  • Contain infographics for better understanding. (Videos are even greater)
  • Leave no stone untouched. Often lengthy.
  • Keep updating if anything new comes up.
  • List-based

List-based content is usually short, quick, and contains important elements in separate headings/bullet points/lists. It’s to help readers who are short on time and provide them with the exact information without talking or explaining much.

For example, ‘Top 10 laptops to buy now.’ Here, readers don’t want the history, origin, or all the stuff related to laptops. All they need is the list of top 10 laptops and critical information precisely written to make the right purchasing decision.

Interview Based

Interviewing an expert in your industry and posting that on your blog is another popular technique many bloggers use. This can help you and your readers in the following ways:

  • Your audience will get insider information from an industry expert.
  • You can attract more visitors.
  • You can increase the authority of your blog.

For example, have a look at this interview post by Goop, a lifestyle blog that publishes interviews of interesting people.


This is where you can publish your OWN views of things, stories, and beliefs that may or may not relate to your audience. You’re free to say anything; after all, it’s just an opinion.

Opinionistic articles

You can write opinionistic posts

Back up your claims and views with personal experiences or studies to make your posts more effective. Opinions can sometimes become controversial, and that’s the best thing about them.

Controversy leads to more people talking and generating more views. SO, feel free to say what you believe in. But say it with honesty because that will build trust in your audience, leading to a powerful community around you.

Pro Tips: Where do I find high-demand lifestyle blog post ideas?

First of all, research where your target audience hangs out mostly. What social channel, community, or public forum they use to ask questions, share opinions, discuss, or generally talk about anything. Then, discover content ideas from there.

Here’s where you can discover in-demand lifestyle blog post ideas:

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best places to discover content ideas. Tons of topics, pins, and a whole lot more from more than 454 million users will definitely suffice. Plus, because you’re a lifestyle blogger, you’ll find most of your audience there, too.

So, here’s how to get lifestyle blog post ideas from Pinterest:

  • Open Pinterest website or App.
  • Next, let’s say, you’re a beauty blogger, type “beauty” in the search bar.
  • As soon as you type beauty there, you’ll see suggestions in the drop down menu, like ‘routine’, ‘hacks’, ‘tips’, and more. These are the keywords your audience is already searching for.
  • If you dig deeper, type ‘beauty routine’, and you’ll see ‘for teens’, ‘oily skins’, ‘for men’, and more.

Write down those keywords in the doc file. And make content ideas like:

  • 5 best beauty tips for oily skins.
  • Best beauty hacks for men.
  • Best beauty routine to follow this summer.

Get creative. Explore and search for more, and you’ll never run out of content ideas.

2. Twitter Hashtags

Twitter is pure gold to discover relevant and trendy topics. What’s best is that you’ll spend less time figuring out what to search as Twitter automatically shows trending hashtags. That’s great to keep your lifestyle blog relevant and fetch some short-term visits on your blog.

Besides, you can track hashtags to see what people are talking about, their questions, and their problems.

Here’s how you can discover blog post ideas from Twitter:

  • Open the website or Twitter app.
  • Next, from the search bar, type the main or broad keyword. Let’s again take the example of ‘beauty’.
  • Hit enter, and you’ll see relevant hashtags and posts.
  • Also, have a little sneak peek at your competitors on Twitter, too. See what they’ve already published, and create content around those topics if you can do better.

An easy way to decide whether the topics or keywords would be interesting to create content around is to check how many people are talking about them. If enough people are into them or enough people need help, and/or you can easily give a new angle to the story, well, go ahead.

3. Instagram

Instagram is also almost similar when it comes to generating content ideas. Here’s how:

  • Search for relevant topics in your niche through the search bar.
  • Track trending hashtags or hashtags with most posts.
  • See what creators or competitors are posting.
  • Publish blog posts around those topics.

Let’s say, you’re in the health and wellness niche. Search ‘health and wellness’, head over to the ‘tags section’, and analyze top posts. I just did, and under five minutes only, I found these topics:

  • How and when to walk for a healthy routine.
  • What causes health risks?
  • Top exercises to reduce belly fat.
  • Fat loss meal plans.

Become creative with those tags, and you’ll never run out of blog post ideas. You can even dive deeper by going through comments and seeing what’re the questions of your audience.

4. Facebook

Exploring content ideas on Facebook is kind of similar to Twitter or Instagram. You just need to look at the right places, follow the right hashtags, and you’re all set.

post ideas on Facebook

Get ideas on Facebook

For example, if your blog is around traveling, join relevant groups and follow relevant pages. Visit them one by one, and make a list of topics and keywords that people are talking about mostly. Here’s how:

  • Enter a Facebook group; you’ll see a ‘Topics’ section just below the name and the header of the group. Click on it, and you’ll see all the ‘hashtags’ people are using in that specific group for discussion. Track those hashtags, see the posts and comments and make a list of useful blog post ideas.
  • Visit a relevant page; see what they’re posting and how people are reacting in the comments. Dig deeper, and analyze comments if they would want to hear more about those topics. If they do, create content for them.

Or, if these things don’t help, how about asking for a little help from your audience in those groups? Ask for topics they’d love to read.

5. Quora and Reddit

Quora and Reddit, both are awesome platforms to never run out of blog post ideas. Make sure you know how to use them both. If not, check out free video guides on YouTube. Quora, Reddit.

Here’s how these platforms can help you:


This platform is solely based on questions and answers. Folks come, post their questions, and get help from others like them or even from industry experts. Just like Facebook has the concept of groups and pages, Quora has the concept of Spaces. All you need to do is to either visit the relevant Spaces in your niche or search anything from the search bar.


  • Find relevant ‘questions’ or ‘posts’ in those Spaces.
  • Filter questions that are either less answered have more upvotes, trending, and/or questions that you can better elaborate.
  • It doesn’t matter much if questions are already answered: as long as you can bring something new to the table, let’s say personal experiences, you’re good to go.
  • Keep digging, and you’ll never run out of ideas.

To your surprise, even giant publishers like Forbes repost questions from Quora, and answer them in their feed. (Of course, with a disclaimer that this question was originally found on Quora)


Reddit is where folks related to every community hangout, discuss their problems, get help, and more. It’s 43% more engaging than Facebook, stats show. So, for regular non-stop lifestyle blog post ideas, you should be using them already.

Here’s how you can get content ideas from Reddit:

  • Join relevant subreddits in your niche. For example, search ‘fashion’, and join all the relevant communities.
  • Then, in those subreddits, search for posts and comments from users who need help with something.
  • Dig deeper, and re-engineer their ‘core problems’, ‘what’s causing them’, and ‘what solutions’ can help them. Create content around them, and publish it on your blog.
  • You can even turn back on Reddit, and say ‘Hi, I’ve published a blog post related to X query on my blog, in case anyone wants to checkout. I’m sure it will help.

6. Competitors

Check out your competitors or any successful blogs in your niche, and get ideas from there.

Here’s how you can do that:

  • Visit resource houses like FeedSpot. Search for blogs related to your niche, and you’ll get long lists.
  • Visit them one by one, and explore their archives.
  • Look for topics that interest you, make a list, and try to come up with better content.

It’s actually pretty beneficial. How? Because you can already see the topic in action, engagement rate through the comments and analyze what style or format is already working. Later, you can either copy that format or add more details to it.

Wrapping up on Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

So, that was it. It’s a long list of ideas of all kinds, pretty hefty to remember everything. Hey, why not ‘bookmark’ this page? Next time, whenever you’re running short on blog post ideas, open this tab, and you’ve everything on the table already.

And don’t just stick to this list: these are mere ideas, you’re creative, generate some more out of this list, and imagine the number of posts you can publish.

By the way, which idea got you saying…’hmm that’s a good one, maybe I should write this’? Comment below and share with us.