If you are a gardening enthusiast, you know that nothing can beat the feeling of satisfaction that comes from going to your garden, gathering some fresh vegetables, and seeing the flowers bloom. We know how much you love your garden, hence we have something in this article which will make you fall more in love with plants.

We have compiled a list of some of the best gardening blogs on the web that will guide you to grow interesting and valuable plants, care for them, and get the best out of them. You will also learn to design your garden creatively and convert it into a dream landscape. From planting to getting the produce, these garden blogs will be your best companion.

👨‍🌾 How We Picked The Best Gardening Blogs

With so many gardening websites out there, it can be hard to know which ones are really worth your time. We wanted to find the top sites to follow and learn from. To narrow it down, we looked at a few key things:

  • Content: The type of articles and guides posted is important. We searched for sites with in-depth guides on different gardening techniques, as well as tips for growing specific plants. Bonus points for sites that include photos so you can see examples.
  • Design: Let's face it, a blog that's cluttered or hard to navigate won't be any fun to regularly visit. We favored sites with clean, easy-to-read designs.
  • Community: Gardening is more fun when you can interact with other plant lovers! We chose blogs that engage readers through comments and online forums. Some of our picks even have their own Facebook groups.
  • Experience: Who doesn't want garden advice from experts? We made sure to select blogs run by garden pros, true green thumbs with years of hands-on knowledge.
  • Frequency: New articles should be posted regularly to keep readers coming back. We went with sites published at least once a week.

Based on these factors, the gardening websites we picked were sure to become your new go-to spots for all things gardening.

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41 Best Gardening Blogs and Websites to Upgrade

1. A Way to Garden

A Way to Garden gardening blog

A Way to Garden

A Way to Garden by Margaret Roach is one of the best horticulture blogs that deliver insightful articles on gardening. You will find numerous contents on vegetables, herbs, fruits, edible plants, trees, shrubs, ornamental plants, etc. Apart from these, there are also helpful how-to blogs that will teach you composting, garden designing, shade gardening, container gardening, and many more.

2. 🏅 Our Favorite - Garden Therapy

Garden Therapy gardening blog

Garden Therapy

Stephanie is a passionate gardener and an award-winning author who has years of experience in gardening. You will find articles, projects, and recipes where she shares her personal experience and methods with attractive photos on her gardening blog. She believes that digging the earth, spending time in the garden, and connecting with mother nature can bring immediate positive results. If you are new to gardening, her gardening blogs for beginners section is particularly insightful.

Why Is Garden Therapy Our Favorite Gardening Blog?

A lot of gardening sites just show pretty pictures of flowers but this one actually teaches you useful stuff. The writer Sarah teaches you how to grow your own food and medicine from plants. She shares recipes for natural beauty products too so you can save money with this gardening blog. We also like that Sarah includes projects for people who don't have a big backyard. Even if you just have a tiny balcony you can still do lots of the activities. That's why this is one of the best gardening websites for us!

3. Home for the Harvest

home for the harvest gardening blog

Home for the Harvest

Home for the Harvest is a well-known gardening blog by Mary Jane Duford. She writes about growing veggies, landscaping with flowers, and growing your own houseplants. This garden website receives millions of visitors each year. Mary Jane is an engineer, certified permaculture garden designer, and Master Gardener. She is based on the West Coast in the Okanagan Valley (USDA Zone 5).

4. Cold Climate Gardening

Cold Climate Gardening gardening blog

Cold Climate Gardening

If you are looking for tips for growing a garden in a cold environment, this garden blog is the one you should follow. Kathy Purdy, the founder of Cold Climate Gardening, says that growing plants in a cold climate is the same as growing in moderate climates, as long as the plants are suited to the cold environment and the soil. The site has in-depth information about plants, growing vegetables, and DIY projects. For those who are keen on more specific topics, there are numerous plant blogs to explore.

5. Tenth Acre Farm

Tenth Acre Farm gardening blog

Tenth Acre Farm

Tenth Acre Farm focuses mainly on permaculture gardening and shares tips and tricks for having a permaculture design in your backyard gardens, residential spaces, or suburban micro-farms. You will also find many environment-friendly methods for increasing soil fertility, garden planning, growing fruit crops and vegetables that are simple as well effective.

6. Savvy Gardening

Savvy Gardening gardening blog

Savvy Gardening

Savvy Gardening is authored by three excellent garden writers from two different countries. This gardening blog aims to provide you with information, unique solutions, practical advice, and encouragement so that you can grow whatever you want. You will find interesting articles on insects and pollinators, edible and ornamental plants, DIY garden projects, and innovative gardening ideas.

7. You Grow Girl

You Grow Girl gardening blog

You Grow Girl

Gayla Trail started You Grow Girl in 2000, intending to redefine the relationship of the modern world with plants and nature. This organic gardening blog contains valuable resources and guides on container gardening, growing herbs, edible flowers, tomatoes, etc. The blog can be beneficial for both beginners and advanced gardeners, making it one of the best gardening websites for diverse audiences.

8. 66 Square Feet

66 Square Feet gardening blog

66 Square Feet

When Marie lived in a tiny apartment in Brooklyn, her terrace was only 66 square feet. This is where she found the inspiration for her blog. She grows all kinds of edible plants and has good experience with them. You will find tons of content that will inform you about her effective methods, ideas, and gardening hacks.

9. Growing With Plants

Growing With Plants gardening blog

Growing With Plants

Matt Mattus has been a horticulture enthusiast since his childhood. He started Growing With Plants when he didn’t find any gardening blog which delivered in-depth and satisfying content. This horticulture blog is his online journal, where he writes about everything he grows in his garden and things he learns. You will be surprised to know that Matt doesn’t use any SEO or attractive titles but still enjoys huge traffic compared to other gardening websites.

10. Birds and Blooms

Birds and Blooms gardening blog

Birds and Blooms

This is one of the best bird and garden magazines in North America which is subscribed by more than a million readers. If you are interested in birds and want to attract them to your garden, this gardening blog will be a great help. You will also find backyard gardening blogs and informative articles on small space gardening, wildlife, growing trees, shrubs, grasses, vegetables, flowers, and fruits.

11. Garden Rant

Garden Rant gardening blog

Garden Rant

Garden Rant was founded in June 2006 by a team of enthusiastic gardeners. The garden blog has many contributors, including authors, ecologists, horticulturists, nursery owners, activists, etc., from across the world, making it an interesting platform containing diverse voices and opinions.

12. Thompson and Morgan

Thompson and Morgan gardening blog

Thompson and Morgan

Thompson and Morgan is one of the largest seed and plant company in the UK that provides quality products to home gardeners. The blogs shares various easy-to-follow articles like growing raspberries with children, favorite hedges, garden redesigning, easy to grow houseplants, best plants for Christmas gifts, how to store vegetables, etc.

13. Plant Care Today

Plant Care Today gardening blog

Plant Care Today

When Gary Antosh was young, he collected rare plants, learned to grow them, and traded them with collectors and botanical gardens worldwide. His interest in plants grew, and he started teaching others how to grow specific plants. His passion led to the creation of Plant Care, one of the best plant blogs out there. Today, where he shares his knowledge and experience about rare plants and gardening.

14. Espoma

Espoma gardening blog


Espoma is a 90-year-old company in the USA that provides organic fertilizers to the lawn and garden industry. The blogs on the site talk a great deal about plants and fertilizers. If you are looking for gardening websites with guides to grow flowers, vegetables, houseplants, shrubs, or simply want some help in lawncare, Espoma has got you all covered.

15. Vancouver Sun

Vancouver Sun gardening blog

Vancouver Sun

Vancouver Sun is a daily newspaper headquartered in Vancouver that regularly publishes informative articles on gardening and guides for growing various plants. The blogs contain how-to articles and creative ideas to help you maintain your garden, news about different scientific development and farming research, and amazing gardeners’ stories.

16. Gardener’s Path

Gardener’s Path gardening blog

Gardener’s Path

Gardener’s Path is a go-to resource for all beginner and advanced gardeners looking for planting advice and tips. This garden blog also shares in-depth reviews of products you will need to maintain your garden. Founded by Michael Quinn in 2014, the blog has a team of writers who share their expertise. In addition, if you have any specific queries about growing or caring for plants, you can ask it in the comment section of any post, and Gardener’s Path will respond.

17. Family Food Garden

Family Food Garden gardening blog

Family Food Garden

You already know that foods nowadays are polluted and intaking them may harm your physical health. Hence, Family Food Garden believes you should grow your own food and control what you intake to ensure healthy living. This garden blogs will guide you to grow fresh vegetables and fruits to get the best out of your backyard garden.

18. Gardeningetc

Gardeningetc gardening blog


If you are looking for blogs that will help you turn your garden into an excellent outdoor living area, Gardeningetc can be the best one to follow. This blog contains thousands of brilliant design ideas and easy-to-follow guides to make your garden the best place to spend quality time. In addition, you will also find several guides for growing fruits, flowers, and vegetables.

19. Grow a Good Life

Grow a Good Life gardening blog

Grow a Good Life

Rachel, the founder of Grow a Good Life, is a gardener and recipe developer. From growing your own organic food, preserving the production, to cook tasty meals, she will help you become self-sufficient. Rachel believes that you don’t need a vast area to be a gardener; you can start by growing some herbs in small containers.

20. The Survival Gardener

The Survival Gardener gardening blog

The Survival Gardener

The Survival Gardener is one of the best gardening blogs that will teach you how to grow more food by putting in the least amount of effort. The author, David The Good, is a garden writer with more than three decades of gardening experience. If you want to grow healthy food for your family, this garden blog will support you in your adventure.

21. Farm Food Family

Farm Food Family gardening blog

Farm Food Family

Farm Food Family touches on various topics like gardening, DIY projects, gift ideas, and home décor. You can expect valuable gardening contents that will answer your questions like which plants repel spiders, how to build a vertical DIY garden, what are some of the best medicinal plants, which plants can help you sleep better, etc.

22. Empress of Dirt

Empress of Dirt gardening blog

Empress of Dirt

Melissa J. Will, the face behind Empress of Dirt, is an avid garden and wildlife lover from Ontario, Canada. Her blog is packed with creative ideas and information that will help you build an incredible garden.

23. Garden Betty

Garden Betty gardening blog

Garden Betty

Garden Betty teaches people how to grow their own healthy food easily. Even if you live in a small space like a city, you can still have a big garden. The lady that writes it, her name is Linda, shows lots of fun pictures of the pretty plants and yummy foods. She explains in a way that is not hard to understand. On the blog you can learn to plant vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. Linda tells you what to do each month so your garden always does well.

24. A Green Hand

A Green Hand gardening blog

A Green Hand

This blog shares honest reviews of gardening tools like fertilizer spreaders, snow blowers, sprinklers, lawnmowers, reel mowers, soil tillers, etc. Nowadays, food is getting contaminated due to soil and water pollution. A Green Hand, as the name suggests, is focused on organic and healthy ways of growing food so that you can prevent yourself from diseases and enjoy living a quality life.

25. Backyard Gardener

Backyard Gardener gardening blog

Backyard Gardener

This backyard gardening blog is one of the most resourceful websites that contains growing and caring tips for more than 30,000 plants. This go-to site has everything you need to know about gardening, including shade, vegetable, flower, water, alpine, dry, organic, and rose gardens, lawn care, fence design, composting, garden planning, insects, plant diseases, popular plants, etc.

26. Enchanted Gardens

Enchanted Gardens gardening blog

Enchanted Gardens

Jana Milbocker, the face behind Enchanted Gardens, is an author and lecturer who has an inclination towards horticulture, travel, and design. She documents her trips to various gardens and shares them in her blog to inspire other gardeners. Check her blog to learn about the magnificent places she visits.

27. Garden America

Garden America gardening blog

Garden America

Garden America shares knowledge and provides information about tools and accessories to enhance your growing experience. The website focuses on eco-friendly ways to prevent the degradation of soil and the atmosphere. This is one of the best garden blogs that also posts about plant research and innovation to keep you updated with worldwide happenings.

28. Tending My Garden

Tending My Garden gardening blog

Tending My Garden

Tending My Garden is run by Theresa, who has been gardening for 40 years. She shares her decades of experience in a simplified way to encourage and help all the gardeners. Her articles will enhance the quality of time you spend in your garden and kitchen.

29. Hort Zone

Hort Zone gardening blog

Hort Zone

If you want to run an agricultural business or grow your garden to earn revenue, Hort Zone can help you in this pursuit. The website contains resources that will teach you how you can develop, manage, market your productions and earn the best profit. Some of the posts of this site got featured on reputed platforms like wikiHow, Mother Earth News, SFGATE, etc.

30. The Impatient Gardener

The Impatient Gardener gardening blog

The Impatient Gardener

Erin has a garden in Southeastern Wisconsin and has been blogging about her experiences since 2009. If you are a gardener, her insightful articles, DIY ideas, and inspiration mixed with humor will certainly help you level up your skills. Her site is one of the best gardening websites to visit for new ideas and inspiration.

31. Guide to Houseplants

Guide to Houseplants gardening blog

Guide to Houseplants

It’s clear from the name itself, the website is a guide to houseplants that will help you get the best indoor experience. You can find content on interesting topics like tropical, exotic, and poisonous house plants, indoor vegetable gardening, indoor palm trees, hanging plants, and many more.

32. Gardenerd

Gardenerd gardening blog


If you are enthusiastic about organic farming, have a desire to learn more, and love a sense of humor, Gardenerd is made for you. Irrespective of whether you are a novice or experienced gardener, the blogs will prove to be very resourceful. The information on the platform will help you convert a plot of land or containers into a garden that produces healthy food.

33. Afton Villa

Afton Villa gardening blog

Afton Villa

Michelle Whyte, from North Dakota, USA, is from a family of farmers and had an interest in gardening from a young age. But she realized there was not much reliable information on gardening websites, so she decided to launch her own website. She aims to share all her knowledge of agriculture in a simple way to help budding gardeners. If you were looking for best garden blogs, this one is for you.

34. Growing Family

Growing Family gardening blog

Growing Family

Growing Family by Catherine is one of the best home and gardening blogs in the UK. The website strives to make your family life fun and enjoyable by sharing ideas and inspiration to grow and create something interesting. Whether you want to buy a real Christmas tree, want the best winter plants for pots, or looking for some eco-friendly gift ideas, the blog has got you all covered.

35. Miss Smarty Plants

Miss Smarty Plants gardening blog

Miss Smarty Plants

Miss Smarty Plants is for those who love plants and gardens and are always interested in outdoor projects. This is one of the garden blogs where you can expect helpful tips and creative project ideas to create something exciting. Keri Byrum, the creator of this blog, is an experienced horticulturist and loves to help gardeners through her knowledge.

36. Swan Sons Nursery

Swan Sons Nursery gardening blog

Swan Sons Nursery

Swan Sons Nursery believes that digging the soil and planting for tomorrow can satisfy your soul. The blog will provide you with valuable resources to help you grow healthy and beautiful gardens. This blog can be beneficial for those looking for gardening blogs for beginners. If you are a beginner, the freshmen section will benefit you the most by teaching you everything from preparing the soil, planting, watering to pest control.

37. Garden Synthesis

Garden Synthesis gardening blog

Garden Synthesis

Garden Synthesis is another gareden blog where you can find valuable resources that will answer many common questions and help you get the best production from your garden. It aims to be a reliable company to deliver the best gardening products and services.

38. Gardening Step by Step

Gardening Step by Step gardening blog

Gardening Step by Step

Gardening Step by Step by Martin Cole aims to provide simple, actionable gardening tips and advice that would assist you in upgrading your skills. You will get easy-to-follow articles on growing vegetables, fruits, and ornamental plants. This is one of the garden blogs that offers information on soils, weeds, gardening tools, ornamental plants and more.

39. Sumo Gardener

Sumo Gardener gardening blog

Sumo Gardener

Have you ever felt that with so many gardening tools available in the market, it is very difficult to select the right one for you? If yes, then Sumo Gardener will solve this problem. The website has reviews and comparisons of various tools so that you can make an informed decision before investing your money. In addition, this is one of the best garden blogs where you can get excellent gardening advice to make the planting process easy.

40. Red Dirt Ramblings

Red Dirt Ramblings gardening blog

Red Dirt Ramblings

Dee is an expert garden writer and speaker living in Oklahoma. She regularly writes her experiences, informative posts, and all the happenings in her garden that will benefit you a lot if you live in Oklahoma or nearby places. This is one of the plant blogs that will educate and inspire you. And it's on our list of best gardening websites for a reason!

41. Chelsea Green Publishing

Central Texas Gardener gardening blog

Central Texas Gardener

This blog teaches about living in a way that doesn't hurt the earth. They show how to be healthy and help the environment. You can buy books on the website about gardening, cooking with plants and building houses with natural materials. There are ones for kids too. They have new books coming out each month listed on the site. You can read about what they are about or preorder them.

10 Best Flower Gardening Blogs to Grow a Spectacular Garden

1. The Frustrated Gardener

The Frustrated Gardener gardening blog

The Frustrated Gardener

Dan Cooper, the founder of this flower gardening blog, has an immense passion for plants and flowers. He has a beautiful garden with various trees, shrubs, climbers, perennials, lilies, aroids, dahlias, ferns, indoor plants, and many more. Apart from the excellent content, this is one of the rare plant blogs, that has an attractive design with a natural look.

2. White Flower Farm

White Flower Farm gardening blog

White Flower Farm

White Flower Farm is a nursery in the northwest part of Connecticut that provides a variety of plants, gardening tools, and advice to many in the USA. Whether you want to attract butterflies to your garden, want to know about the tools required for bulb planting, or looking for easier ways to grow roses, the blog contains all the information that will help you in flower gardening.

3. 🏅 Our Favorite - Floret Flowers

Floret Flowers gardening blog

Floret Flowers

This is a farm and seed company that focuses on beautiful heirloom flowers. If you are a flower lover and want valuable information for growing your dream garden, you must take a look at this blog. The website contains many interesting flower farming ideas, workshops, and farm tours.

Why Is Floter Flowers Our Favorite Gardening Blog?

This is one of the best gardening websites for us, because they share really useful info. It teaches you how to grow all different kinds of flowers really well. The videos and articles explain it so anyone can understand. It's from a real farm - Floret is a working flower farm, so they know what really works cause they do it for their business. You know the advice is tried and true.

4. ONfloriculture

ONfloriculture gardening blog


If you are looking for helpful technical information to improve flower crop production, you must visit this site. From management, control of insects and weeds to solutions to production problems, ONfloriculture will become your go-to guide for growing an excellent crop.

5. Flower Patch Farmhouse

Flower Patch Farmhouse gardening blog

Flower Patch Farmhouse

Flower Patch Farmhouse by Pamela is a lifestyle blog that delivers easy gardening advice and unique DIY ideas. You will find many informative plant blogs that will teach various things like what is the right way to plant Iris bulbs, how to dig up Dahlias for winter storage, how to take care of rose plants, how to propagate sweet potato vine, etc.

6. Freshcutky

Freshcutky gardening blog


Tonya found her passion for flower production and growing her own food when she noticed a little pumpkin plant struggle to grow. Now, she owns a fabulous garden and writes about the plants and flowers she grows. Tonya is an excellent example that you can achieve anything through your hard work. All the flowers of her garden are donated to hospitals, nursing homes, and other places.

7. Floraldaily

Floraldaily gardening blog


Floraldaily is run by a team of writers, editors, and account managers who deliver horticulture news from around the globe. If you own a horticulture business or just have a passion for growing plants, this is one of the plant blogs that can be a great resource for valuable information. In addition, you will also find many inspiring success stories to boost your motivation.

8. Central Texas Gardener

Central Texas Gardener gardening blog

Central Texas Gardener

Central Texas Gardener is one of the best gardening blogs that shares top tips and ideas for growing and maintaining a beautiful dream garden. Whether you face problems related to pests, heat, drought, or bad soil, this website has all the information that will help you to be a passionate gardener and keep growing.

9. Gingham Gardens

Gingham Gardens gardening blog

Gingham Gardens

Joanna, the face behind Gingham Gardens, started gardening from her childhood, and now she grows flowers and edibles. You will find numerous wonderful garden tours, makeovers, and tips. You will also like the amazing DIY projects like vintage water pump fountains, garden décor with tree branches, etc.

10. The Blooming Garden

The Blooming Garden gardening blog

The Blooming Garden

The Blooming Garden by Chloris is an excellent flower gardening blog. Chloris doesn’t have any horticulture training, but her years of experience have made her blog a must-visit. This is one of the top gardening websites where you will find fantastic garden tours, information about rare plants, and guides for growing them. Also, the incredible photos give this site an attractive look.

Top 10 Vegetable Gardening Blogs That Will Make You Self-Sufficient

1. Quickcrop

Quickcrop gardening blog


Andrew Davidson and Niall Mc Allister created Quickcrop in 2008 when they discovered that people are interested in being self-sufficient and growing their own food. They have their farms where they grow vegetables without using any artificial means, and they will show how you can do the same. The blog will help you make vegetable growing simple and effective without requiring much effort.

2. GrowVeg

GrowVeg gardening blog


GrowVeg is a UK-based company known for creating innovative planning apps for gardens. The website will teach you how to plan your vegetable garden, which are the best plants to grow in your area, how to protect your plants from pests, how you can keep your plants healthy, and so on. You will find more than 700 detailed guides for growing edibles on the site.

3. Suttons Gardening Grow How

Suttons Gardening Grow How gardening blog

Suttons Gardening Grow How

Suttons Gardening Grow How is one of the best gareden blogs for learning vegetable growing. The website is packed with in-depth and easy-to-follow guides for vegetables, fruits, and flowers. You can expect to learn about growing mushrooms, potatoes, shallots, herbs, tomatoes, pumpkins, sweet corn, onions, garlic, cabbages, etc.

4. 🏅 Our Favorite - Creative Vegetable Gardener

Creative Vegetable Gardener gardening blog

Creative Vegetable Gardener

If you feel that most gardening advice is complicated, then Megan can help you out. Through Creative Vegetable Gardener, she provides simple gardening tips to help all passionate growers get the best production. She believes that if you are willing to experiment and get it done, you will love her blogs. This website is definitely among the best garden blogs.

Why Is Creative Vegetable Gardener Our Favorite Gardening Blog?

This is one of the best gardening websites because they teeach what NOT to do. This blog points out common errors so you don't repeat them. Also, You can get a personalized planting guide just by signing up. This helps everything go smoothly. Even small spaces or city lots can follow the strategies. You don't need a big farm.

5. Old World Garden Farms

Old World Garden Farms gardening blog

Old World Garden Farms

Old World Garden Farms is one of the gardening blogs for beginners. Jim and Mary created Old World Garden Farms to share adventures of raising chicks and growing plants. Over time, they made mistakes and learned from their experiences but continued their adventures. Now, the blog is visited by more than 10 million monthly visitors worldwide. You can expect valuable articles on gardening, DIY, and recipes.

6. Big Blog of Gardening

Big Blog of Gardening gardening blog

Big Blog of Gardening

Todd Heft created Big Blog of Gardening when he didn’t find enough information about organic gardening on the internet. He started sharing what he knew, which he still does, and his blog has grown to be an excellent resource website for gardeners. You will find practical advice about growing and caring for vegetable and flower gardens without using artificial fertilizers or pesticides.

7. Home Grown Happiness

Home Grown Happiness gardening blog

Home Grown Happiness

Elien, the founder of Home Grown Happiness, converted her shady backyard into a productive edible garden. She says that growing her own food is worth the effort, and it doesn’t seem like work at all. She documents all her garden adventures in her blog, sharing her experience, knowledge, and unique garden hacks.

8. The Gardening Dad

The Gardening Dad gardening blog

The Gardening Dad

If you are a beginner looking for blogs to find resonating content about growing plants, you might need the advice of an average gardener or The Gardening Dad. Paul created this website to teach other dads and moms cost-friendly and simple ways to grow vegetables and flowers. You will also find articles that will inform you about gardening tools, help you attract birds and pollinators, etc.

9. Harvest to Table

Harvest to Table gardening blog

Harvest to Table

This blog is a go-to resource for vegetable growers. You will find tons of in-depth guides for growing vegetables like beans, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, corn, peas, soybeans, watermelon, spinach, sweet potato, potato, onion, lettuce, cucumber, and you name it. The founder of Harvest to Table, Steve Albert, is a must-follow blogger if you want to be a pro gardener.

10. Joe Gardener

Joe Gardener gardening blog

Joe Gardener

Joe found his passion for gardening early in childhood, which later led to the creation of Joe Gardener. The gardening blog delivers high-quality videos, podcasts, courses, and horticulture blog posts for learning gardening, which will be beneficial for beginners as well as experienced. Take a look at this blog, and we are sure it will inspire you.

Top 10 Garden Design Blogs to Boost Your Creativity

1. 🏅 Our Favorite - Garden Design

Garden Design gardening blog

Garden Design

Garden Design is one of the best gardening websites that will give you incredible design tips, provide you with ideas for exciting projects, teach you how to make a landscape look stylish, and inspire you with spectacular photos. Whether you are a beginner or expert, the site contains plenty of in-depth blogs that will help you upgrade your garden designing skills.

Why Is Garden Design Our Favorite Gardening Blog?

Even if you're new to gardening, everything is explained in a basic way that's easy to understand. The blog posts advice for different times of year so your plants always do their best. They have options no matter your yard size, sunlight, or budget, too. So, this is one of the best gardening websites to find answers to all questions.

2. Dirt Simple

Dirt Simple gardening blog

Dirt Simple

Deborah Silver, the face behind Dirt Simple, is an expert garden and landscape designer. She has been writing about her experiences in the blog since 2009, making the site useful for aspiring garden designers looking for innovative ideas. If you are in search of gardening blogs for beginners this is a perfect place. You will find documented projects with many explanatory images, which makes them easy to understand and follow.

3. Urban Gardens

Urban Gardens gardening blog

Urban Gardens

Robin Plaskoff Horton created Urban Gardens to share her love for design and sustainable living. She writes about the latest design trends and innovative ideas to beautify your garden. This is a prominent blog having a significant number of readers and followers on social media. The current Facebook following of Urban Gardens is over 169,000.

4. Successful Garden Design Blog

Successful Garden Design Blog gardening blog

Successful Garden Design Blog

Garden designing may seem a challenging task requiring a good deal of creativity and effort, but Rachel Mathews can simplify it for you. She is an experienced designer who has designed numerous gardens worldwide. Her website is one of those garden blogs that will motivate you and help you convert your garden into a beautiful landscape without putting in much effort.

5. Ann-Marie Powell Gardens

Ann-Marie Powell Gardens gardening blog

Ann-Marie Powell Gardens

Ann-Marie Powell is an award-winning garden designer who has excellent experience in designing. Her blog serves as a great resource for gardeners. From ideas for spring-flowering trees for your garden to garden designing tools, the site will deliver you unique ideas, priceless information, and inspiration.

6. The Room Outside 

The Room Outside gardening blog

The Room Outside

Sometimes you accidentally stumble upon something and find your passion. The same happened with Lisa Cox. She discovered her interest in garden designing when she got her own garden some decades ago. The Room Outside is the online journal of her life as a designer where you can expect to find creative ideas and inspiration.

7. Paper Garden Workshop

Paper Garden Workshop gardening blog

Paper Garden Workshop

Paper Garden Workshop by Lisa Nunamaker is one of the best websites to learn the art of garden designing. Lisa shares awesome courses, blogs, and free newsletters to educate her readers about landscape graphics and design. She is an expert landscape architect having decades of experience in her trade.

8. Pith and Vigor

Pith and Vigor gardening blog

Pith and Vigor

Rochelle Greayer wanted to be an astronaut. She studied Applied Physics, got a job in an aircraft company, contributed to launching satellites but couldn’t go to space. She went to a flower show one day, and suddenly her life changed. She studied garden design and gradually became one of the best designers. Rochelle can inspire all beginner garden designers going through a career switch.

9. Pretty Purple Door

Pretty Purple Door gardening blog

Pretty Purple Door

Pretty Purple Door by Amy Fedele started in 2014 as a garden design blog. Amy completed a degree in Garden Design and Maintenance to start a professional career. This is one of the garden blogs that is packed with valuable information and ideas. Check her blog to find why Buzzfeed and Country Living Magazine featured her excellent articles on their platforms.

10. Jack Wallington Garden Design

Jack Wallington Garden Design gardening blog

Jack Wallington Garden Design

Jack Wallington is a horticulturist and landscape designer you must follow if you dream of being a pro garden designer. He writes about gardening ideas for different months and shares tips and tricks for growing specific plants. Interesting horticulture blogs, along with beautiful photos, makes his website one of the best.

10 Best Beginner Gardening Blogs to Understand the Basics

1. Fine Gardening

Fine Gardening gardening blog

Fine Gardening

Fine Gardening is one of the best beginner gardening blogs that will teach you everything to understand the basics. The blog will tell you how you can set up, maintain, and design your garden. The plant guide section of the site delivers valuable information like how to care, problems related, moisture requirement, etc., about various plants.

2. Hobby Farms

Hobby Farms gardening blog

Hobby Farms

If you love growing your own food by running a sustainable farm, this gaedening blog will help a lot. Hobby farms by Roger Sipe will provide you with farming tips, DIY guides, and inspiration to start your gardening project and succeed even if you have no prior experience. Apart from this, rhis is one of the garden blogs that will educate you about farm management, urban farming, and various types of equipment.

3. Sustainable Gardening Australia

Sustainable Gardening Australia gardening blog

Sustainable Gardening Australia

Sustainable Gardening Australia is a non-profit social organization interested in the natural environment and aims to create this planet a more beautiful place to live. You can expect authentic information and research about soil, plants, water, gardening, sustainable development, etc. The articles will educate you about different scientific aspects of gardening.

4. Fantastic Gardeners

Fantastic Gardeners gardening blog

Fantastic Gardeners

This is one of the plant blogs that features gardening ideas and information severed in a simple-to-understand way. The site has won many awards for being a high-quality gardening blog. Whether you want to know how to prune a Christmas tree or how to grow Norway spruce, the website has got you all covered.

5. The Middle-Sized Garden

The Middle-Sized Garden gardening blog

The Middle-Sized Garden

As the name suggests, this is one of the gardening websites that will help you convert your middle-sized garden into a beautiful landscape. From choosing the right plants to designing, the blog will help you upgrade your gardening skills. Some of the popular posts cover topics like how to increase your garden privacy, what color you should paint your shed, easy-care evergreen pots, etc.

6. Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips gardening blog

Gardening Tips

You already know what the blog is about. Apart from the tips like in casual plant blogs, you will find numerous content on various gardening categories like home, vertical, outdoor, greenhouse, terrace, balcony, organic, container, etc. All of these are written in an easy-to-understand way, ensuring that beginners don’t struggle to follow.

7. Garden Beast

Garden Beast gardening blog

Garden Beast

Garden Beast is all about the latest news, informative articles on plants, and valuable guides to help you get the most out of your garden. Whether you are looking for different types of climbing roses, a guide to grow Venus Fly Trap, or the best herbs to grow at your home, Garden Beast has everything to help you out.

8. DIY Garden

DIY Garden gardening blog

DIY Garden

DIY Garden is one of the most prominent online gardening publications in the UK that is visited by more than 3 million people per year. The website aims to make your outdoor space a brilliant place to stay. It delivers monthly guides that help readers select the right plants for their garden and maintain them to have effective irrigation and pest control.

9. Digging

Digging gardening blog


This is not like casual plant blogs. If you are a nature enthusiast who loves plants and seeks insights about various plants to grow your own garden, you will certainly love Digging by Pam Penick. The site is packed with spectacular photos and innovative design ideas for your garden that will make you more interested in plants.

10. Almanac

Almanac gardening blog


The Almanac is North America’s one of oldest periodicals that touches various topics like weather, gardening, recipes, calendar, etc. The gardening category contains many highly informative and helpful content like growing guides, beginner gardening information, pest and disease control, garden planner, and many more. You must take a look at this legendary site, and it will undoubtedly benefit you.


These are the 80 best gardening websites, including backyard gardening blogs and horticulture blogs, that you should follow to upgrade your knowledge and skills. Now you must have realized that gardening not just gives you healthy food or a beautiful backyard but also teaches you to trust the process and be patient in life.

So, get started with your own garden and convert it into a dream landscape. And, let us know in the comments if there are any garden blogs we missed that you would recommend us to follow.