Alright gamers, grab your controllers cause gaming is taking over the world! Seriously, this multi-billion dollar industry just keeps growing every year.

It's impossible to keep up with all the changes unless you stay tapped into the right resources.

Lucky for you, we've collected a list of the sickest gaming blogs out there that are guaranteed to keep you in the loop. These sites stay on top of all the latest news like new game announcements, release dates, patches, esports events and more.

Whether you're team Xbox, PlayStation or PC, these blogs have got you covered with all the need-to-know deets. No wasting time searching all over - we've done the work to find the dopest hubs that update quicker than you can say "GG!"

🚀 How We Picked the Best Gaming Blogs

Now, let's discuss how the best ones were selected. It wasn't an easy task narrowing it down!

  • Content: The blogs chosen regularly posted new articles several times a week so there's always fresh content.
  • Writing Style: The selected blogs had easy to understand explanations without complicated jargon or lengthy paragraphs.
  • Coverage: They covered a wide variety of games in many genres like shooters, RPGs, adventures. Not focused on a single game or type.
  • Multimedia: Images, videos and additional media were incorporated to make the articles more engaging than plain text alone. Who wants to read walls of text, right?
  • Design: The blogs picked had neat, user-friendly layouts that were pleasant to view. No ugly color schemes or messy formats.
  • Comments: An active community in the comments section suggests people find the content useful and like discussing it. Top blogs had lots of reader responses.

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40+ Top Gaming Blogs and Websites to Follow 🎮

1. Polygon

Polygon gaming blog


Polygon is like the go-to spot for all things gaming – we're talking news, reviews, cool features, and epic videos. Run by the awesome folks at Vox Media, they've got you covered on everything from consoles to PC to mobile gaming. Right off the bat, this gaming blog cover way more than just games. Readers will find stuff about movies, TV shows, comics - basically anything in the nerdy pop culture world. It's awesome having it all in one place.

Topics Covered:

  • PC gaming
  • Console gaming (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo)
  • eSports
  • Retro gaming
  • Reviews
  • News
  • Entertainment (movies, TV, comics)

Notable Features:

  • In-depth reviews of major game releases
  • Exclusive developer interviews
  • Original video content like gameplay videos and explainer clips
  • Live streaming of eSports tournaments and game reveals/announcements

2. 🏅 Our Favorite - Kotaku

Kotaku gaming blog


This is one of the best gaming blogs out there, so you should definitely check it out. The blog's long history and focused passionate writers have built a legendary community of gamers. They've got their fingers on the pulse of the industry. You'll always find out about new announcements and leaks there before anywhere else. It's sick being in the know about upcoming titles.

Topics Covered:

  • PC, console and mobile gaming
  • Japanese games/import scene
  • Retro gaming
  • Esports
  • Gaming industry gossip
  • Pop culture intersections
  • Reviews
  • Features
  • Commentary

Notable Features:

  • Original reporting and deep dives
  • Blunt, opinionated commentary
  • Japanese gaming/import scene coverage
  • Video reviews and gameplay clips
  • Panel-style podcast discussing games and trends

Why is Kotaku our Favorite Gaming Blog?

Kotaku just always knows what's happening in gaming. They break news faster than anywhere else and give their take on all the coolest industry stuff. All the hottest new games, rumors about unreleased titles, interviews with devs, esports stuff, you name it. No matter what game you're into, Kotaku's got you covered. If you only read one blog, Kotaku should be it!

3. VG247

VG247 gaming blog


These guys really know how to find a blog niche. Being one of the tops in the industry, they cover everything and anything in the gaming world. It gives 24/7 coverage on all of gaming on different platforms. They stay on top of breaking news like nobody else. You'll always find out about new announcements, leaks and rumors here before anywhere. It's tight being in the know.

Topics Covered:

  • PC, console and mobile gaming
  • Reviews
  • Previews
  • Industry news and reporting
  • Events
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Guides

Notable Features:

  • Live reporting from events and shows
  • Opinion pieces from experienced writers
  • Video interviews and gameplay clips
  • Weekly podcasts on major releases
  • Extensive database of guides for games

4. GamesRadar+

GamesRadar+ gaming app


GamesRadar+ is best gaming blog that spills news, reviews, previews, features and videos for you, gaming enthusiasts. Looking for reviews of new games? You're in the right place. They'll play everything under the sun and give you the honest lowdown. No bias, just facts. Features are fun too - deeper dives into cool topics if you want some extra reading.

Topics Covered:

  • PC, console and mobile gaming
  • Reviews
  • Previews
  • News
  • Features
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Guides
  • Upcoming games

Notable Features:

  • In-depth reviews of major releases
  • Exclusive interviews with industry figures
  • Video and podcast content
  • Live coverage of gaming events
  • Extensive guide sections for games
  • Comparison articles and buyer's guides

5. IGN

IGN gaming blog


This one is one of the oldest and largest video game websites, and it aims to be the gaming world's main destination for both amateur and hardcore gamers with must-have content updated daily. Sections are organized clean so it's a cinch to find what you need. Just click around and see what looks good to you. With IGN, you'll always be in the know about the latest and greatest in entertainment.

Topics Covered:

  • PC, console and mobile gaming
  • Movie, TV and streaming reviews and news
  • Esports
  • Retro and classic gaming
  • Video game wikis and databases
  • Game guides and walkthroughs

Notable Features:

  • In-depth reviews of major releases
  • Video reviews and video content
  • Extensive databases and wikis
  • Gameplay guides and walkthroughs
  • Exclusive interviews and editorial content
  • Live coverage of gaming events and shows
  • Competitive gaming coverage and leagues

6. Eurogamer

Eurogamer gaming blog


Eurogamer has been in the game forever. This is the video gamers blog that drop that top-notch news, break things down real deep for gamers all around the globe. Reviews are super helpful if you want to know if a game is actually fun before dropping cash. The writers play for hours to give you the honest lowdown. Guides and walkthroughs are lifesavers too if you get stuck in a game.

Topics Covered:

  • PC, console and mobile gaming
  • Reviews, previews and features
  • News, interviews and editorials
  • Retro, classic and historic gaming
  • Accessible and competitive multiplayer coverage
  • Downloadable and streaming games

Notable Features:

  • In-depth reviews from a team of expert reviewers
  • Video content from Digital Foundry including technical analyses
  • Exclusive interviews with developers and industry figures
  • Extensive wiki, database and archives section
  • Coverage of eSports and global gaming events

7. 🏅 Our Favorite - GameSpot

GameSpot gaming blog


GameSpot's all about being your ultimate go-to for everything gaming, keeping you in the know with straight-up, balanced reporting and a ton of awesome content. They're like your buddy who's got all the gaming 411. The news section stays fresh with all the latest announcements on games, movies, shows - whatever the game devs and studios are cooking up next.

Topics Covered:

  • PC, console and mobile gaming
  • Game reviews from professional reviewers
  • Extensive news coverage of the industry
  • E3, gamescom and other event reporting
  • Development interviews and feature stories
  • Retro, classic and indie gaming
  • Esports and competitive gaming

Notable Features:

  • In-depth reviews from a team of expert reviewers
  • Original video series like Expert Reacts
  • Weekly podcasts and shows
  • Extensive wiki, forums and community content
  • Live streaming of esports tournaments and games
  • Exclusive interviews and behind the scenes content

Why is GameSpot our Favorite Gaming Blog?

First off, they always have the scoop on upcoming titles. Like way before any other place, they'll give you all the deets on games that aren't even out yet. It's awesome to get hyped about new stuff so far in advance. Another cool thing is their huge library of reviews. No matter what system you game on, they cover everything - from old school classics to brand new releases.

8. GamesErrors

GamesErrors gaming blog


This is the video game blog that's got everything covered for you. GameErrors is here to be your superhero sidekick in the gaming world. They're all about giving you the no-nonsense tips and tricks to squash those annoying game issues. We all know how frustrating it is when your game crashes, lags like crazy or just won't even launch at all. That's where these guys come in - they got solutions for all that nonsense.

Topics Covered:

  • PC, console and mobile gaming issues
  • Troubleshooting guides and tutorials
  • Fixes for installation, launch and gameplay errors
  • Performance issues and optimizations
  • Controller and peripheral connection problems
  • Platform-specific errors on Steam Deck, Xbox, PlayStation etc.

Notable Features:

  • Detailed step-by-step troubleshooting articles
  • Identification of potential causes for issues
  • Quick fixes and solutions tested by the writer
  • Filterable game library for searching errors
  • Additional resources like discussion forums
  • Regularly updated with new error guides

9. PC Gamer

PC Gamer gaming blog

The ultimate PC gaming blog. Gamer's the real deal when it comes to PC gaming, no doubt! They're all about digging deep into the PC gaming scene, bringing you the latest scoop and even some insider guides for gamers all over the world. And forget rumors - they put games to the test with mad in-depth reviews so you know what's good before spending your cash.

Topics Covered:

  • PC gaming
  • Hardware
  • Game reviews
  • Industry news
  • Esports
  • Features

Notable Features:

  • Expert game reviews and previews
  • Hardware labs for components
  • Best gaming PCs guides
  • Hidden gem discoveries
  • Intriguing long-form narratives
  • Podcasts informing weekly news
  • Video playlist on YouTube
  • Live coverage of trade shows, launches and tournaments

10. Destructoid

Destructoid gaming app


Destructoid? Oh yeah, they're like your hilarious gaming buddy. This is one of the gaming blogs that got all the deets on video game news, vids, and even a chill forum. And they keep it real with snarky and funny write-ups. And they really be putting in work with the reviews too. No half-assed reads, they full-on test games so you know what's good before you grab it.

Topics Covered:

  • PC, console and portable gaming
  • Game reviews
  • Industry news and updates
  • Videos
  • Podcasts

Notable Features:

  • In-depth reviews from a team of critics
  • Original video projects and gameplay clips
  • Regular podcasts on current topics
  • Interviews with developers and publishers
  • Live reporting from industry expos and tournaments
  • Engaging community forums
  • Retro coverage of older titles

11. Rock Paper Shotgun

Rock Paper Shotgun gaming blog

Rock Paper Shotgun

They're one of the top gaming blogs with a snarky style. They've got the latest PC gaming news, sneak peeks, reviews, and even some funny stuff to keep you entertained in the PC gaming world every day. Reviews be thorough as hell too, they really put games through they paces so you know if something's worth your time or cash. Features got extra context on devs, history lessons, whatever - they make sure you informed.

Topics Covered:

  • PC gaming
  • Indie games
  • Major releases
  • Hardware
  • Game opinions/criticism
  • Interviews
  • Events
  • Game culture

Notable Features:

  • Humorous and casual tone
  • Reader-supported model
  • Regular video content
  • Opinion pieces from experienced critics
  • Access to developer insights
  • Live reports from industry expos
  • Extensive guides and explainers
  • Engaging community forums

12. That VideoGame Blog

That VideoGame Blog gaming blog

That VideoGame Blog

They've got reviews from their awesome team, plus a bunch of other cool gaming stuff. It's a gaming blog for all kinds of games on different platforms – they've got you covered, no sweat. There are also in-depth reviews that thoroughly test out games. These can help you decide what titles are worth buying. There are features too, like previews of upcoming games or profiles of game developers. Sometimes they write about gaming history.

Topics Covered:

  • Video game reviews for PC, consoles, handheld and mobile
  • Industry news and previews
  • Editorial discussions and analyses
  • Retro gaming content
  • Accessory/hardware guides

Notable Features:

  • Review scoring scale for critiques
  • Trending/Latest sections highlighting top content
  • Contributions from variety of authors
  • Focus on both AAA and independent releases
  • Extensive editorials and educational guides
  • Product recommendations for enhancing setup

13. Attack of the Fanboy

Attack of the Fanboy gaming blog

Attack of the Fanboy

Attack of the Fanboy is one of the best gaming blogs for all things gaming and entertainment. They dish out the latest news, tell you what's hot and what's not, and even give you some killer guides. Reviews too so you know which titles are really worth your money. And they cover more than just games, with stuff about anime, movies and shows too. It's easy to find what you need with the clear categories.

Topics Covered:

  • Video game reviews for all platforms
  • Industry news, previews and announcements
  • Game guides and tip/tricks articles
  • Discussion of movies, TV and entertainment
  • Retro games and classic titles

Notable Features:

  • Regular podcast episodes
  • Dedicated guide sections for top games
  • Original editorial content and commentary
  • Social media presence on YouTube and streaming platforms
  • Mobile responsive design for on-the-go access

14. Game Informer

Game Informer gaming blog

Game Informer

This is one of the best gaming blogs that is like an online gaming guru, a gaming blog that always spilling the beans on the latest and greatest games. They're all about diving deep into the new releases, no matter if you're on console, PC, or mobile. They have all sorts of articles that cover different genres like shooters, RPGs, platformers - pretty much anything you can think of! They do reviews for new games so you can see if something just came out is even worth grabbing.

Topics Covered:

  • Console gaming
  • PC gaming
  • Retro gaming
  • Reviews
  • Previews
  • News
  • Interviews
  • eSports

Notable Features:

  • In-depth reviews across all genres
  • Exclusive developer interviews
  • Gameplay videos and live streams
  • Coverage of big industry events

15. Gamepur

Gamepur gaming blog


Another one on our list of best gaming blogs. They're all about those handy guides, cool features, and reviews that make you think. Get ready to level up your gaming knowledge with these folks. They post all the new articles right at the top so you don't miss any big announcements or updates. Below that you can browse by News, Guides, Features and Reviews to find what you need quick.

Topics Covered:

  • PC gaming
  • Console gaming (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo)
  • Mobile gaming
  • eSports
  • Retro gaming
  • Reviews
  • News

Notable Features:

  • In-depth game guides covering everything from gameplay tips to character builds
  • Exclusive interviews with developers and industry figures
  • Video content such as let's plays and live streams
  • Daily news updates on announcements, releases and eSports events

16. XBox Wire

XBox Wire gaming blog

XBox Wire

Xbox lovers, where you at? Xbox Wire is the official and one of the best game blogs for Xbox news by Microsoft. This is one of the best gaming blogs for Xbox. If you're in the Xbox Insider program they got news specific to that too with new updates to try out early. They also give highlights on first party studios like Bethesda, Rare, Obsidian and all the games they're working on.

Topics Covered:

  • Xbox console gaming
  • Xbox Game Pass
  • First-party Xbox games
  • Third-party games on Xbox
  • Xbox accessories
  • Xbox events
  • ID@Xbox indie games
  • Xbox Game Studios
  • Xbox Insider Program

Notable Features:

  • Announcements on new games, hardware and services
  • Interviews and profiles of Xbox developers
  • In-depth features on major Xbox releases
  • News around major esports events like the Xbox Elite Series
  • Sneak peeks at upcoming titles and Xbox updates

17. PlayStation Blog

PlayStation Blog gaming blog

PlayStation Blog

PlayStation.Blog is the official PlayStation blog published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. so it is definitely among the best game blogs. This is the best option among gaming blogs if you are into PlayStation. If you rock with PlayStation then this is the spot to check for all the latest news, updates and announcements on PS5, PS4, PSVR. Don't forget to check out their podcast and social links too if you want even more content.

Topics Covered:

  • PlayStation 5, 4, VR
  • PlayStation Store
  • PlayStation Plus
  • First-party PlayStation games
  • Third-party games on PlayStation
  • PlayStation accessories
  • PlayStation events

Notable Features:

  • In-depth features on major PlayStation releases
  • Exclusive developer interviews
  • News on weekly PlayStation Store updates
  • Announcements on new games, services and hardware
  • Sneak peeks at upcoming titles and system updates
  • Share of the Week fan photo feature
  • Official PlayStation Podcast

18. TechRaptor

TechRaptor gaming blog


This is the perfect indie gaming blog for you. They're all about the games, and they've got the scoop on everything you need to know, from epic video games to rad tabletop adventures. You'll find tons of up-to-date stuff here on new releases, updates and announcements. They cover everything from indie games to big AAA titles. There's sections for different platforms too so you can find news specific to Switch, Xbox, PlayStation etc. So, this is one of the best game blogs for those who are into indie.

Topics Covered:

  • PC gaming news and reviews
  • Console gaming news and reviews
  • Tabletop gaming news and reviews
  • Indie gaming
  • Videos games retrospectives
  • Game guides and features
  • Game previews
  • Esports

Notable Features:

  • In-depth game reviews from a variety of critics
  • Exclusive developer interviews
  • Game trailers and videos
  • Extensive game guides and Wikis
  • Tabletop gaming coverage and reviews
  • Regular podcasts and streams
  • Coverage of gaming events and tournaments

19. N4G

N4G gaming blog


N4G is like your go-to hangout for all things gaming news. They're all about talking games, games, and more games. You'll find tons of up-to-date articles on new releases, announcements from companies like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, and early info about games that might be coming down the pipeline. If you were looking for the best gaming blogs, we've found one for you!

Topics Covered:

  • PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC gaming news and reviews
  • Major game releases
  • Game trailers and videos
  • Previews of upcoming titles
  • Industry news and interviews
  • Commentary and opinion pieces

Notable Features:

  • Regularly updated news articles from staff writers
  • User-submitted news stories and discussions
  • Screenshot gallery for many games
  • Game database and release schedule
  • Platform-specific news sections for consoles
  • Podcast covering broader industry trends

20. PlayStation Lifestyle

PlayStation Lifestyle gaming blog

PlayStation Lifestyle

PlayStation LifeStyle is a gaming news and reviews website and it talks about PlayStation platforms like PS4, PS5, PSVR and PlayStation Vita for true PlayStation fans. So if you are into PS stuff, this is one of the gaming blogs we would recommend following. It's nicely organized too so you can just see the latest news or browse different sections for gameplay guides, features on different titles, and their forum community.

Topics Covered:

  • Announcements and releases on PlayStation platforms
  • Exclusives, multiplatform titles and indie games
  • Retro games, features and histories
  • Interviews with developers and industry insiders
  • Opinion pieces and readers' discussions

Notable Features:

  • In-depth reviews of major releases
  • Developer interviews and insights
  • Guides and tutorials for games
  • Weekly news roundups
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Active forums for community interaction
  • Coverage of PlayStation events and announcements

21. Giant Bomb

Giant Bomb gaming blog

Giant Bomb

Giant Bomb is a gaming blog focused on game reviews, news, podcasts and videos. The site also features an active forum community. They deep dive into discussion on all the hottest new games plus also talk about tons of retro stuff too. Whether you're into shooters, RPGs, indies, whatever - they got you covered.

Topics Covered:

  • Video game reviews of major releases
  • News and previews across console, PC and mobile gaming
  • Extensive video and livestream content
  • Opinion pieces and commentary forums and wiki for community discussion

Notable Features:

  • Quick Look videos for hands-on impressions
  • Premium videos and livestreams
  • Long-running podcasts like the Giant Bombcast
  • Wiki with detailed game, company and industry histories
  • Interviews with developers and personalities
  • Annual Extra Life charity livestreams
  • Active forum community and user reviews/content
  • Jeff Gertsmann's janken tournament series

22. PC Invasion

PC Invasion gaming blog

PC Invasion

They're all about that PC gaming life! They've got the latest news, reviews, guides, and even dive into the nitty-gritty of PC hardware. And they've got some cool long reads to keep you entertained. They've been covering everything happening in the world of PC games forever. You'll find all the latest news on new releases, updates, controversies and rumors. Plus this is one of the best gaming blogs that got tons of in-depth reviews that'll tell you if a game really slaps or if it's whack.

Topics Covered:

  • PC game reviews
  • Hardware and tech news/guides
  • Industry news and commentary
  • Previews of upcoming PC titles
  • Opinion pieces on PC gaming
  • Guides and help content
  • Video and podcasts

Notable Features:

  • Detailed reviews analyzing multiple aspects of games
  • Extensive guide hubs for major releases
  • In-depth hardware deep dives and explainers
  • Interviews with developers and publishers
  • Regular podcasts and video features
  • Wikis cataloging game and hardware info
  • Steam curator group featuring PC games
  • Mobile optimized with responsive design

23. Wolf’s Gaming Blog

Wolf’s Gaming Blog gaming blog

Wolf’s Gaming Blog

Wolf's Gaming Blog is all about giving you the lowdown on games, no matter if you're on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch. This is one of the gaming blogs that can even chat it up with a gaming podcast. You'll find all the latest stuff on releases, updates and rumors. As well as mad in-depth reviews that'll tell you if a game is pure fire or straight garbage. And every genre under the sun from shooters to RPGs to indies.

Topics Covered:

  • Game reviews for new releases and back catalogue titles
  • News and commentary on the video game industry
  • Platform reviews for hardware
  • Features and opinion pieces
  • Board game reviews
  • Weekly gaming podcast

Notable Features:

  • In-depth reviews that analyze all aspects of a game
  • First impression previews for upcoming titles
  • Retro reviews of older and overlooked games
  • Videos and podcast discussing wider industry news
  • Board game reviews expand coverage beyond video games
  • Approachable writing style with humor
  • Monthly most popular content lists
  • Reader comments on posts

24. GameSpew

GameSpew gaming blog


These guys are one of those best video game blogs that spill the beans on video games, no matter if you're gaming on a console, PC, or even your phone. Where GameSpew really shines is their ridiculously in-depth reviews. These guys will analyze everything from big blockbusters to tiny indie gems. And they keep it real - you'll always get the unfiltered truth on if a game is a banger or trash.

Topics Covered:

  • Console and PC game reviews
  • Mobile and indie game coverage
  • Retro game features and retrospectives
  • Industry news and commentary
  • Previews of upcoming titles
  • Opinion pieces on gaming culture
  • Guides for popular games
  • "Lists" rounding up games by genre/theme

Notable Features:

  • Video game reviews that analyze multiple elements
  • Weekly "Lists" compilation articles
  • Interviews with developers and personalities
  • Regular guided lookbacks at classic games
  • Hardware and tech overviews
  • Weekly YouTube series covering topics

25. Siliconera

Siliconera gaming blog


Siliconera is a gaming blog that's all about video game news, reviews and features across major platforms including console, PC and mobile, with a focus on Japanese-developed games. They stay hip to games on every system too. All the new Switch, Playstation, Xbox and PC stuff is here along with older classics. Every genre is represented too from RPGs to fighters to visual novels.

Topics Covered:

  • Console and handheld game reviews
  • Industry news and commentary
  • Mobile and indie game coverage
  • Retro game features and retrospectives
  • Manga and anime related to games
  • Previews of upcoming titles
  • Opinion pieces on gaming culture

Notable Features:

  • Interviews with Japanese developers
  • "Community" forum for reader discussion
  • Weekly podcast covering gaming news
  • Translation of Japanese-exclusive info
  • Focus on Eastern games in the West
  • Event reporting from expos like Tokyo Game Show

26. Gaming Blot

Gaming Blot gaming blog

Gaming Blot

Gaming Blot is among one of the best gaming blogs, where they dish out the juiciest gaming news and reviews like it's nobody's business. They've got your back whether you're into console, PC, or mobile gaming. If you wanna stay tapped into the game world deeper than memes and tweets, these guys got you. Bookmark them and stay in the know!

Topics Covered:

  • Console and PC game reviews
  • Hardware and tech analysis
  • Industry news and commentary
  • Mobile and indie coverage
  • Retro reflections and best-of lists
  • Previews of upcoming titles
  • Original graphics comparison articles
  • Game guides and tips articles

Notable Features:

  • Extensive reviews analyzing multiple elements
  • Exclusive developer interviews
  • Regular video game guides
  • Graphics/performance analysis pieces
  • Subscriber-only video-on-demand service
  • Staff-authored opinion editorials

27. Game Critics

Game Critics gaming blog

Game Critics

By gamers, for gamers, as it's said. This is one of the most iconic gaming blogs with juicy video game reviews, editorials and commentary on games, the industry and gaming culture. You'll find quality assessments on everything dropping across all systems. They keep it honest too - nothing is off limits when it comes to calling out flaws or giving praise.

Topics Covered:

  • Console and PC game reviews
  • Industry news and commentary
  • Retro reflections and analyses
  • Podcasts and video content
  • Developer profiles and interviews
  • Editorial features on criticism and culture

Notable Features:

  • In-depth critical analysis in reviews
  • Podcast covering gaming news/opinions
  • Archived game information database
  • Video and audio previews/impressions
  • Designer insight articles

28. The Sixth Axis

The Sixth Axis gaming blog

The Sixth Axis

TheSixthAxis is one of the gaming blogs that's focused on video game news, reviews, previews and videos on all consoles, PC, handheld and mobile. These guys stay on top of all the latest news, trailers and rumors across PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC and mobile. Anything major that drops you'll find it here.

Topics Covered:

  • Console and PC game reviews
  • Industry news and commentary
  • Editorial features and opinion pieces
  • Mobile and indie game coverage
  • Retro gaming articles
  • Video previews and first impressions
  • Developer interviews
  • eSports and competitive gamine

Notable Features:

  • Platform hubs collecting news and media
  • Video content including previews and reviews
  • Weekly editorials and reader blogs
  • Podcast covering major releases
  • Game profiles and databases

29. Gematsu

Gematsu gaming blog


Gematsu is your go-to spot for all the latest info on Japanese video games. They're all about keeping you in the loop with the hottest news and coverage – it's gaming, Japanese style. It's real comprehensive coverage - they don't just talk big titles, you'll find info on smaller niche games too. Whether it's big franchises or indie stealth drops, Gematsu is on it.

Topics Covered:

  • Japanese video game news and announcements
  • Console and PC game coverage
  • Industry news and interviews
  • Release dates and media
  • Event reports from expos and shows
  • Reviews and previews
  • Developer profiles and histories

Notable Features:

  • Dedicated databases of games, series, platforms etc.
  • Live blogs of gaming events and streams
  • Reader comment sections and forums

30. Touch Arcade

Touch Arcade gaming blog

Touch Arcade

TouchArcade is your go-to spot for all things mobile gaming, whether you're rocking iOS, Android, or any other portable gadget. They've got the latest scoops, reviews, and handy guides to help you dominate your mobile gaming world. They got dope coverage of big releases and stealth drops alike. Whether it's AAA ports or dope indie gems, Toucharcade will put you on.

Topics Covered:

  • Mobile game release coverage and announcements
  • In-depth reviews of iOS and Android titles
  • Game guides and strategy articles
  • Industry insights and commentary
  • News from developers and publishers
  • Coverage of app and software updates

Notable Features:

  • Extensive game databases and wikis
  • Podcast discussing top mobile games
  • Video previews and gameplay captures

31. Alpha Beta Gamer

Alpha Beta Gamer gaming blog

Alpha Beta Gamer

At Alpha Beta Gamer, you're in for a treat – they've got the freshest video game Alpha and Beta tests every day, from big-name AAA titles to cool indie games. It's basically the motherlode of beta testing sites. Also one of the biggest gaming blogs. Whether you on console, PC or mobile, they got you covered.

Topics Covered:

  • News and signup info for game betas and alphas
  • Coverage of mainstream and indie game test periods
  • Genres include FPS, adventure, horror, RPGs and more
  • Updates on upcoming beta events and periods
  • Information for signing up to test pre-release builds

Notable Features:

  • Dedicated game database for searching
  • Regular blog articles about new testing ops
  • First-look previews of alpha/beta builds
  • Discussion forums for fellow testers

32. DroidGamers

Droid Gamers gaming blog

Droid Gamers

This is one of the best gaming blogs for our fellow Android lovers. The blog is here to tell all the news and just lots of fun stuff about Android games and more. You can find the freshest news, reviews and features droppin' for mobile. Whatever ya flavor - match 3, metroidvanias, gachas - they got it covered G.

Topics Covered:

  • Android game news, updates and announcements
  • In-depth game reviews
  • Guides and tips for popular mobile games
  • Genres include gacha, RPG, strategy and more
  • Best/top lists for different game types
  • Interviews with devs and insights

Notable Features:

  • Dedicated database of games
  • Regular blogs and articles
  • Comment sections for discussion
  • Affiliate program for developers
  • Social media integration

33. MonsterVine

MonsterVine gaming blog


MonsterThey're the cool cats of gaming blogs, always serving up the freshest takes on video games. From reviews to news, this is one of the coolest gaming blogs that got you covered in the world of gaming. They be covering every platform you can think of - Switch, PlayStations, Xbox, PC, mobile - the whole shebang. Whatever you are into there's coverage.

Topics Covered:

  • Game reviews for various platforms and genres
  • Previews of upcoming titles
  • Features/opinion pieces on industry topics
  • Podcasts and video content
  • Interviews with developers
  • News and announcements
  • Discussion of retro and classic games

Notable Features:

  • Large database of reviews
  • In-depth previews of games
  • Exclusive developer interviews
  • Video and podcast content
  • Regular blog articles and columns

34. CGM

CGM gaming blog


They're like the ultimate gaming gurus, dropping knowledge on all things gaming with style. From epic reviews to geeky insights, they have it all served. This site talks about comics, movies, games and more. You can find all the latest news and articles. They write reviews to help you choose stuff. They also have long stories on popular topics.

Topics Covered:

  • Game reviews across all platforms
  • Movie, TV and comic book reviews
  • News, previews and interviews
  • Opinion pieces and editorials
  • Technology and hardware coverage
  • Retro/classic games
  • Family gaming and parenting

Notable Features:

  • Magazine-style long form writing
  • Large archive of past articles
  • Newswire for industry announcements

35. The Game Fanatics

The Game Fanatics gaming blog

The Game Fanatics

They're all about the cool stuff we nerds and geeks love – games, movies, TV, you name it. They're on a mission to give you a fresh take on all things entertainment, no matter where your geeky heart lies. These guys cover everything from games to movies, anime, collectibles - all the geeky stuff. They stay on top of all the latest news too. You can find in-depth reviews to help pick new games or shows.

Topics Covered:

  • Video game news, previews and reviews
  • Console and PC gaming
  • Anime, TV and film
  • Comics, collectibles and merchandise
  • Technology, hardware and peripherals
  • Events coverage from conventions and expos
  • Retro, indie and upcoming titles
  • Commentary and editorial pieces

Notable Features:

  • Original video content and livestreams
  • Podcast series
  • Interviews with industry figures
  • Merchandise and exclusives store
  • Diverse range of contributors

36. Nova Crystallis

Nova Crystallis gaming blog

Nova Crystallis

They're like one of the best gaming blogs for everything Final Fantasy and Japanese RPGs. They've got the scoop on all the news, media, and juicy details about these epic game franchises. This site covers all sorts of video game news, but mainly focuses on RPGs - especially Square Enix titles like Final Fantasy. They've got tons of articles that keep you updated on the latest games.

Topics Covered:

  • Final Fantasy games news and updates
  • Final Fantasy XIV coverage
  • Kingdom Hearts and Dragon Quest
  • Video game reviews
  • Developer interviews
  • Gameplay previews and media
  • Convention and event reporting
  • Opinion pieces and analysis
  • Retro/classic titles

Notable Features:

  • Detailed game guides and wikis
  • Extensive video and screenshot galleries
  • Comment sections on all articles
  • Podcast and video series

37. Pure Nintendo

Pure Nintendo gaming blog

Pure Nintendo

Hey, Nintendo fans! They've got the latest Nintendo game and system news, plus reviews and fan comments that'll make you feel right at home in the Nintendo world. Some unique things they do is gameplay videos on new releases. Good way to actually see games in action before you buy. They also do video reviews which is more fun to watch than just readin' text reviews.

Topics Covered:

  • Nintendo Switch game news, updates and releases
  • Nintendo 3DS, Wii U and retro console coverage
  • Video game reviews for Switch and legacy platforms
  • Interview features and convention reporting
  • Opinion pieces and commentary articles
  • Podcasts and video content
  • Previews of upcoming Nintendo titles

Notable Features:

  • Frequent news updates and reporting
  • Extensive review coverage and scoring
  • Comment sections on all articles and posts
  • Regular podcasts and video shows
  • Profiles of Nintendo developers and communities

38. Gnome Stew

Gnome Stew gaming blog

Gnome Stew

One of the best gaming blogs for roleplaying lovers. hey've got all the tips, tools, and goodies you need to level up your game, whether you're the Game Master or a player. It's all about making your roleplaying adventures epic. They also do longer deep-dive articles that really get into the nitty-gritty of RPG design and storytelling. This website is among gaming blogs useful for really improving your GM skills.

Topics Covered:

  • GMing advice and tutorials
  • Campaign and session planning tools
  • Rule explanations and house rules
  • Player tips and perspectives
  • System reviews and comparisons
  • Interviews with RPG industry figures
  • Convention coverage and event reports
  • Advice columns and GM roundtables

Notable Features:

  • "Gniblets" short-form articles
  • Weekly Gnomecast RPG podcast
  • Random article button
  • Codex of GMing advice reference

39. GameOgre

GameOgre gaming blog


This blog is about multiplayer and MMO action. Get the latest scoop, check out reviews, and dive into the forums – they've got your back in the gaming world! A unique thing they do is giveaway codes for in-game items and currency. Always cool to get free loot! Their shop also sells games you can buy with points you earn on the site. So, if you are looking for cool gaming blogs, this is the right one.

Topics Covered:

  • MMORPG news, guides and game directories
  • MOBA and online shooter coverage
  • Indie and browser game articles
  • Reviews of PC, online and mobile games
  • Esports competitions and tournament reports
  • Game developer interviews and insights
  • Giveaways and contests

Notable Features:

  • Active forums for discussion and group finding
  • Regular editorials and video game content
  • Shopping for in-game currencies and items
  • Game awards programs and "Game of the Week"
  • Flash games, RPG maker titles

40. Into Indie Games

Into Indie Games gaming blog

Into Indie Games

This blog is here to share the love for narrative-focused indie gems, with reviews, sneak peeks, chats with devs, and even some how-to guides. It's your indie game paradise! It's a great place to find out about cool new indie titles. They do features interviewing developers and sharing gameplay previews. Good if you wanna discover your next fave.

Topics Covered:

  • In-depth guides and walkthroughs for indie games
  • Reviews and previews prior to/on release
  • Indie game developer interviews
  • Indie game news and announcements
  • Indie game genre guides and retrospectives

Notable Features:

  • Extensive library of narrative-focused indie game coverage
  • Regular indie game-related editorials and insights
  • Video and gameplay content
  • Weekly newsletter featuring indie game deals

Wrapped Up

Now that we went through the best gaming blogs out there, it's your turn to pick what's good to your heart.

So next time you log on, do yourself a favor and explore these awesome blogs.

Drink in all the cool content they offer.

Happy hunting!