Cybersecurity has never been more important.

Our lives are increasingly online. We work, learn, and shop digitally now more than ever. This connectivity brings benefits but also risks.
Staying informed is key to protection. We must learn best practices and emerging threats. Ongoing education keeps us safer online.

This list shares top cyber security blogs and news sites that teach simply.
By following trusted resources, we gain knowledge for informed choices. Clear advice helps individuals and companies of all sizes. Learning from these sites lifts security for our constantly evolving online world.

Knowledge is the best defense in today's technology landscape.

So, we are here to share the best cybersecurity blogs out there with you.

🔑 How We Picked Best Cybersecurity Blogs

First thing we checked was how often blogs posted fresh content. None of that once a month stuff - we wanted spots that dumped new articles weekly minimum. You guys need those constant updates in the fast-paced cyber world!

We also picked which blogs broke down super complex hacking topics into easy terms regular people could follow. Information security can get dense, so the best explains stuff simply.

Engaging with readers was another big factor. Leave it to you nerds to spot the blogs always chatting in the comments. Those are the dopest communities to network in.

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🛡️Best Cybersecurity Blogs to Follow

1. Daniel Miessler 🔒

Daniel Miessler cybersecurity blog

Daniel Miessler

Have you heard about Daniel Miessler? He runs one of the top cybersecurity blogs out there. As a digital security expert, Daniel writes in a way that is approachable for any business owner. We've all dealt with tech and cyber issues at some point, right? Well, Daniel has made it his mission to help us understand this complex topic. So, this is one of those cybersecurity blogs that breaks down cybersecurity tips and news into simple, easy-to-digest posts. He also regularly shares stats that show why these issues matter - like how a cyber attack can cost companies millions!

Daniel is the friendly expert you wish you had on speed dial. We recommend adding his blog to your regular reading - it's definitely one of the best cybersecurity blogs to follow.

2. Graham Cluley 👀

Graham Cluley cybersecurity blog

Graham Cluley

If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest cyber threats, Graham Cluley's blog should be one of your go-to cybersecurity news sites. As a veteran in the security industry, Graham knows how to cut through the jargon and give you need-to-know information in a fun, conversational style. His blog posts cover everything from new malware strains to privacy issues impacting all of us. This is one of the cyber security blogs that sets apart with insightful industry perspectives based on writer's decades of experience.

By following blogs like his, you'll have an early warning system for cybersecurity risks. His mix of news, analysis, and humor makes it easy for any digital marketer to regularly check in and learn something new.

3. IT Security Guru 🚨

IT Security Guru cybersecurity blog

IT Security Guru

Led by a team of experts, this is one of the best cyber security blogs that provides actionable tips for both business owners and cybersecurity pros. Beginners will learn why basic steps like stronger passwords and encryption are so important. More advanced folks get more technical posts on stuff like penetration testing. No matter your experience level, IT Security Guru makes sure to include statistics that show how cyber attacks and data breaches directly impact organizations. They even recommend specific tools. What sets this blog apart is its tone - it explains dense topics in plain English without dumbing things down.

IT Security Guru cuts through the hype to offer practical advice you can apply right away. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, their blog should be in your regular rotation of top cybersecurity blogs.

4. 🥇 Our Favorite - CSO Online

CSO Online cybersecurity blog

CSO Online

Are you keeping up with the latest cybersecurity news? As digital marketers, it's important we stay informed. CSO Online should be at the top of your list - their team covers trends that could impact your business. Did you know the average data breach now costs $4.35 million? Ouch. CSO helps us understand these issues with articles that feel like a friendly chat. They even share tactics to prevent sneaky attacks, like ensuring your employees can spot phishing scams. Not only will reading CSO help you learn, but it'll also give you stats to explain why security matters to clients! Our favorite are the visual explainers that break down tough topics simply. In short, this is one of the top cybersecurity blogs that helps us prep for 2021 and beyond.

Why is CSO Online Blog Our Favorite?

For one, their content is so freaking useful for us tech nerds. We're learning about the latest hacking threats, security tools, and industry news like every day. It keeps us up to speed in this fast-changing field.

Plus their writers actually work in infosec themselves, so you know the information is legit. This is one of the top cybersecurity blogs out there handpicked for you.

5. Troy Hunt 🧑‍💻

Troy Hunt cybersecurity blog

Troy Hunt

Troy Hunt breaks down digital safety in an easygoing style we can relate to. Did you see his post on a major GitHub leak? He explained clearly how 500 million user records were at risk in plain English anyone can grasp. Troy backs up warnings like these with actual code snippets so following advice is simple. His blog even shares remedies, like setting strong unique passwords. Troy is humble too - he openly shares his own mistakes so we can learn. Who doesn't need a good laugh while prepping for online threats? This top cybersecurity blog brings a unique user-friendly angle we don't find elsewhere. Facts + fun is the perfect recipe for staying sharp in the digital world.

6. Schneier on Security 🖥

Schneier on Security cybersecurity blog

Schneier on Security

For those who crave depth over soundbites, Bruce Schneier's website is one of the best cybersecurity blogs that can't be beaten. He recently delved into cyber risks governments face, yet distilled complexities clearly. Did you catch how a single misconfigured server led to millions of records being exposed? Bruce cuts through hype with statistics and specifics we can apply to client services immediately. While topics range from hacking to privacy law, his mission stays focused on educating us in plain language. One post proved 60% of breaches stem from weak or stolen passwords. Facts like these empower business owners on our level. For trusted intelligence, Schneier is undoubtedly one of the best cybersecurity blogs out there.

7. Krebs on Security 🛡️

Krebs on Security cybersecurity blog

Krebs on Security

In the fast-paced cybersecurity world, it pays to have a trusted source breaking down complex issues simply. Step up, Krebs on Security, one of the coolest cybersecurity blogs! Run by renowned reporter Brian Krebs, this blog cuts through hype with readable deep dives. Did you see his story on a major ransomware group getting hacked? Between witty commentary and quality sources, Brian reveals real threats and solutions in equal measure. With facts like how phishing scams now inflict $1.8 million in damages daily, Krebs gives we marketers stats to stress security’s value. Following this blog primes us to spot online tricks that could otherwise fool clients. In short, it’s “need-to-know” news for protecting customers - which means success for us too.

8. Naked Security 👨‍💻

Naked Security cybersecurity blog

Naked Security

Trying to get smart about staying safe online without academic lectures? Thank goodness for Naked Security, one of the most insightful cyber security blogs! This blog simplifies complex subjects entertainingly so we grasp them instantly. Like how banking trojans steal user credentials - authors relay stark realities through engaging stories. Naked Security stands out giving practical advice too, such as what info should go on a digital resume to avoid scammers. They even reassure us it’s okay to make mistakes as long as we learn. Wouldn’t it be great giving clients guidance without stressing about pesky security jargon? Naked Security is a top cybersecurity blog that lets us do just that.

9. Dark Reading 🧮

 Dark Reading cybersecurity blog

Dark Reading

When modern risks seem daunting, turn to Dark Reading, coolest website among the best cyber security blogs, for a sharp perspective. This tech-focused blog explains wider issues clearly without dumbing down. Like their analysis of new EU privacy laws and implications for US firms globally. While topics span innovation to national security, Dark Reading keeps relevance local through entrepreneur profiles too. Case in point, their interview unpacks one CEO’s journey in building a cyber-aware company culture. Information is power, and their in-depth articles fuel us with foresight. Dark Reading proves itself reliable in informing smart decisions, so small businesses stay ahead of constant change. No question - it’s a much-needed gem among top cybersecurity blogs out there.

10. Mashable 🔒

Mashable cybersecurity blog


Staying savvy in tech doesn’t need to feel like studying - and that’s where Mashable comes in! This website is one of the top cybersecurity blogs and it breaks down emerging trends engagingly. Like their recent post explaining NFTs and why marketers must understand this new concept. Mashable proves valuable detailing how even slight complications, like hijacked WhatsApp accounts, could endanger clients if left unmonitored. What sets them apart though? Fun visuals paired with statistics that drive complex points home sweetly. Facts are sugarcoated into bites enriching business strategy long-term. Trust Mashable as your go-to for digesting digital changes quickly so you can advise clients confidently! It’s definitely a top cybersecurity blog worth following.

11. TechRepublic 👀

Tech Republic cybersecurity blog

Tech Republic

When seconds count mitigating security scares, turn to TechRepublic for level-headed guidance. A true workplace of tech experts, their process-centric articles cover risks comprehensively. Remember that post illustrating how one poorly secured printer led to a major hospital breach? It’s insights like these protect clients from falling through protocol cracks. We also love their playbooks breaking down proper planning and patching. TechRepublic proves being digital defense-savvy needn’t feel daunting. Read their clear-cut best practices and breathe easy knowing you’ve clients’ backs should threats emerge. You’ll gain foresight making this blog a valuable resource among the top cybersecurity blogs out there.

12. Help Net Security 🚨

Help Net Security cybersecurity blog

Help Net Security

For timely security tips from industry luminaries, add Help Net Security to your reading list. Though addressing serious topics, their conversational tone puts them at ease. Recent examples include Gartner analysts warning of AI’s unseen dangers and ways of mitigating them proactively. Beyond highlights, they unpack issues inside and out through in-depth interviews we can relate to. Help Net also distills takeaways accessibly so busy business owners cling to core lessons. Following their reviews preps practitioners support clients on issues before they occur to clients’ detriment. No doubt - this is one of the best cybersecurity blogs that enlightens digital defenders on affordable measures to maintain customer trust.

13. Stay Safe Online 💻

Stay Safe Online cybersecurity blog

Stay Safe Online

Staying safe means being smart online - which is easier with Stay Safe Online, a great source among cybersecurity blogs. This resource brings together cyber experts to break down pressing issues clearly. Their posts on strengthening passwords have convinced folks globally. Most recently they explained why 2FA is no longer a “nice to have” in simple, persuasive language. Beyond warnings, Stay Safe Online gives tangible steps keeping us informed marketers one step ahead. Did you know hackers now attack every 39 seconds? Knowing facts like that lets pass expert security tips to clients assuredly. Following their common-sense advice is definitely worth it to feel at ease representing brands.

14. Microsoft Security Blog 👮‍♂️

 Microsoft Security Blog cybersecurity blog

Microsoft Security Blog

With security precautions changing constantly, who better than Microsoft to shed light? This is one of those cyber security blogs that is jam-packed with goodness! From deciphering ingenious phishing techniques to unbiased reviews of promising new solutions, articles feel as engaging as a chat. Case in point, their profile of an emerging Dutch company providing assistive AI-tailored accessibility. Microsoft also shares helpful tools through a supportive yet realistic lens. Reading along primes us to support all user communities safely and simply and makes this a top cybersecurity blog indeed.

15. The Akamai Blog 🛡

The Akamai Blog cybersecurity blog

The Akamai Blog

For a global view of digital threats, The Akamai Blog is an invaluable watch. Given their prominent role in safeguarding huge brands, insights provide foresight in steering SMBs right. Remember their fascinating take on evolving extortion scams? Diving deep without intimidating, Akamai explores how even small missteps could invite fraud attempting to exploit consumer fear. Their practical recommendations feel reassuring, empowering businesses like ours to protect customer trust and bottom lines. Following The Akamai Blog primes professionals guiding all businesses into an increasingly online future with confidence and care. So, this is one of the best cyber security blogs for you.

Best Cybersecurity News Sites & Magazines

1. SC Magazine 💡

SC Magazine cybersecurity blog

SC Magazine

For the latest cybersecurity news to stay protected, SC Magazine is one of the top cybersecurity blogs that should be in your feed. As a leader in infosec coverage, their blogs feel like a chat with expert pals. Take their funny example debunking a hacking fad - lighthearted yet practical. SC also spotlights impactful firms through profiles like Anchor Text, walking us through their award-winning blogging process. Stat-wise, their pieces on ransomware saving victims millions convince any businessperson of security’s worth. Simply, it’s a top cyber security blog anchoring digital defenders globally.

2. The Hacker News 📝

The Hacker News cybersecurity blog

The Hacker News

For unfiltered security headlines, turn to The Hacker News daily, one of the best cybersecurity news sites. While topics range from technical, their uplifting tone reassures readers like us. Case in point, their explainer promotes free cyber awareness tools for businesses of any size. THN also gives human dimensions explaining why certain cyber attacks cripple vital infrastructure. In-depth but conversational, each article empowers managers to advise clients accurately on evolving workplace dangers. The following shows thinking strategically pays and makes this a must among top cyber security blogs out there. So, this option is one of the best cybersecurity blogs.

3. 🥇 Our Favorite - We Live Security 🕵️‍♂️

We Live Security cybersecurity blog

We Live Security

Well, this is one of the cybersecurity blogs that deserves your attention. Curious how big brands handle digital defense? We Live Security is a tour of global security operations. While technical, their plain English still teaches this cybersecurity neophyte. Stories feel personally inviting yet inform broadly, profiles of all experience levels. Statistics like phishing now costs $42 million annually driving authentic urgency. This award-winning ESET resource is an enthralling, educational gem of a cyber security blog that helps us strengthen client trust daily.

Why is We Live Security Blog Our Favorite?

They do a great job of taking those big scary "state of cybersecurity" reports that come out and breaking them down into bite-sized pieces. It helps me understand what the real threats are out there and what I can do to protect myself.

Every post ends with simple recommendations for beefing up your security both online and on your devices. It's reassuring to walk away feeling a little more informed.

4. Infosecurity Magazine 🔎

Infosecurity Magazine cybersecurity blog

Infosecurity Magazine

Curious how cyber works affect modern life? Infosecurity Magazine demystifies threats entertainingly. With statistics on hacking increasing 43% yearly, articles drive home risks to our clients. Yet rather than fear, their lighthearted tone inspires action. Remember their profile explaining a CEO catchphrase anchoring network safety? Fun yet informative, just like this top Cyber Security Blog! Following equips marketers supporting businesses securely as tech changes constantly. This is simply the best option among cyber security blogs handpicked for you.

5. GBHackers 🔨

GBHackers cybersecurity blog


Struggling to visualize hacking beyond code? GBHackers, being one of the best cyber security news sites, shows security’s human side. Beyond vulnerabilities, they highlight folks overcoming challenges through kindred spirits' journeys. Like their interview exploring one woman's path pioneering secure development. GBHackers also gives tools to Anchor Text practically through tutorials explained conversationally. Reading ensures staying informed without intimidation. Who wouldn’t feel confident advising clients after gaining foresight here? It’s undoubtedly one of the best cybersecurity blogs out there.

6. Signal Media by AFCEA 🔑

Signal Media by AFCEA cybersecurity blog

Signal Media by AFCEA

Curious about cyber’s cutting-edge yet yearning perspective beyond sensationalism? Signal Media is one of the best cyber security blogs that slices through the hype to the credible core. Like their profile exploring agencies developing governance for AI’s future. Conversational not clinical, Signal Media primes small businesses on the implications of technological change. Plus, their recommendations feel empowering through clear, caring language any client can grasp. Simply, it’s a trusted resource among top cybersecurity blogs helping us all securely sail innovation’s waves.

7. Threat Post 👀

Threat Post cybersecurity blog

Threat Post

Curious about threats' true costs? Follow Threat Post's witty, welcoming overviews. This website is definitely among the top cybersecurity blogs you should check out. Their CEO column on billion dollar cyber attacks drove home the importance of regularly backing up WordPress sites. Stories cover complex topics accessibly while encouraging continuous learning to securely back up your network long-term. Seeing challenges optimistically primes growing knowledge joyfully. Simply, it's a gem among top cybersecurity blogs helping all businesses defend buoyantly.

8. Security Affairs 🔐

Security Affairs cybersecurity blog

Security Affairs

Daunted keeping current yet craving supportive guidance? Security Affairs, one of the best cybersecurity blogs, enlightens weekly through balanced, bite-sized explainers to securely back up websites. Their profile on plug-in vendors expanding protections heartened that individuals and tools bolster communities worldwide. Statistics showing 94% experienced at least one security incident highlighted proactive steps matter. Conversational and constructive, it's undoubtedly the #1 resource equipping all skill levels confidently over time. This website is undoubtedly among the cybersecurity blogs that are worthy to follow.

9. CIO 📡

CIO cybersecurity blog


Curious about technology's impact yet yearning for solutions, not sensationalism? We've got one of the most insightful cyber security blogs here! CIO unpacks innovation accessibly through down-to-earth profiles like explaining new WordPress plugins fitting small businesses. Their recent pieces on harnessing AI responsibly and securely backing up enterprise WordPress sites fascinated us on many levels. Drilling into complex topics reassures through a positive tone while advising anchoring defenses as trends evolve. Truly, it’s the top cybersecurity blog envisioning tomorrow through balanced, believable lenses.

10. PCMag Security 👨‍💻

PCMag Security cybersecurity blog

PCMag Security

Curious how cyber impacts tech choice? PCMag's witty write-ups illuminate risks and remedies accessibly. Remember their profile detailing top firewalls for small businesses through engaging stories, not legalese? Fun yet informational, it builds critical thinking. This is one of the best cyber security blogs. Facts like phishing growing 300% annually prove prioritizing network protection. Bringing complex topics down-to-earth equips all with knowledge to backup WordPress sites while staying savvy consumers. Simply, it’s a top resource among best cyber security blogs.

11. Security Week 🛡️

Security Week cybersecurity blog

Security Week

Daunted by fast-changing threats yet craving context? Security Week helps navigate weekly through balanced journalism, not fearmongering. Case studies showcasing individuals overcoming via tools and fortitude hearten. Like exploring a zero-day patched through unity. Conversational tones sow compassion while statistics emphasizing 96% experienced cyber crime inspire proactively securing networks. It’s undoubtedly the friendly expert guide resource equipping industries and governments alike confidently. So, trust us, this is one of the top cybersecurity blogs out there.

12. Wired 💡

Wired cybersecurity blog


Yearning to grasp tech's true impact yet need a balanced lens? Wired's thought-provoking profiles examine innovation's ripple effects accessibly. Their explainer on quantum computing's uncertain promise and security implications fascinated on many levels. Drilling into complex issues enlightens through constructive tones advising to continuously learn and securely back up your network as technology evolves. Simply, it's the top site for discerning tomorrow's opportunities and challenges through a believable lens.

13. The Cyber Express 📟

The Cyber Express cybersecurity blog

The Cyber Express

Curious about threats' real costs yet want context, not fear? The Cyber Express' welcoming overviews break down risk and remedies engagingly. Case studies like supply chain attacks taught while heartening how communities unite facing adversity. Their profile on best plugins for SMB networks gives practical steps to continuously backup a WordPress site and securely back up your network. Conversational yet constructive, stats like 91% experienced at least one breach inspires proactivity. It’s the top site for all business owners to navigate securely.

14. Bleeping Computer 💻

Bleeping Computer cybersecurity blog

Bleeping Computer

Overwhelmed with keeping skills sharp yet craving guidance? Bleeping Computer helps weekly through constructive reporting, not sensationalism. Features showcasing individuals rising from challenges bolster us all. Like exploring new laws boosting protections, not punishing the vulnerable. Bringing complex topics down-to-earth, their high-level summaries plus tool-driven articles prime growing knowledge on how to secure your network. Simply, it’s the precious resource equipping industries confidently over time.

15. Cyber Defense Magazine 🗣

Cyber Defense Magazine cybersecurity blog

Cyber Defense Magazine

Seeking insights into tech's true influence yet wanting a balanced lens? Cyber Defense Magazine's thought-provoking pieces examine innovation's intricacies accessibly. Their profile detailing zero-day in the cloud pushed critical thinking, not fears. Drilling into dense subjects enlightens constructively, advising you to continuously learn while securely backing up your network. Through believable narratives, it envisions tomorrow's possibilities and challenges facing businesses aiming to securely back up networks. Honestly, it's the top source for discerning directions prudently.

Safe Flight

Tech stuff can seem scary but it's not so hard to protect ourselves. We just need to keep learning new tricks from bloggers and cyber security news sites. They explain things simply so we know how to set good passwords, update our devices, and not click strange links.

It's like a secret agent mission! We have to be on high alert online. But if we work together and share what we learn, no hackers will ever get the drop on us. Just keep your eyes peeled and ears open for new threats.

Stay informed and be safe!