Whether hiring someone, renting a home, or partnering with a company, it's important to check people's history.

Luckily, things like criminal records and addresses are now online. Several websites tap into all those public facts to make checking backgrounds much easier. No more digging through papers - just search names and get details.

So, what are the best background check websites? In this post, we'll tell you about the 20 best background check websites. We'll explain what each one does and how much they cost. By the end, you'll know which site is the best background check site.

Doing checks helps keep your business safe. Let us tell you about these best background check websites so you can start vetting people the smart way. Let's check out the top options!

What are Background Check Websites?

Background check websites are online services that let people research public records. Best background check sites have access to lots of information collected by the government. Things like name, address, phone number, and other facts about a person can be in public records.

Businesses and people use best background check websites to learn more facts when making decisions. All they need to provide is a name or other details. Then the website will search through public records from around the country. Within a short time, the searches show useful things like addresses someone lived at or legal stuff like lawsuits.

Best background check websites time compared to looking through records one by one. The websites automatically gather records for you in one place. This helps those doing background checks get the right facts to help with choices. Whether checking someone before hiring or just wanting more info, these websites make it easy to find out public facts stored away in government documents.

🔒 Is Background Check Legal?

Checking public facts like court records or licenses is usually fine for important reasons like hiring. Just make sure the check makes sense for the job. It's not okay to look at any person whenever. Some details have extra rules too, like credit scores.

There are also fair laws. You can't use things like race or religion to decide in background check websites. And people deserve to see their own records if asked. Companies that do checks must follow privacy laws.

Overall, looking at public facts is legal for good reasons like renting a house or hiring help. Just be sure not to pry into stuff that doesn't matter or single people out unfairly. Respecting rules and people keeps checks fair for everyone. Following the law means doing what's right even when checking someone's past.

🔑 How We Picked the Best Background Check Websites

  • Easy to use: We tested how simple the websites were to search and find what you need. The easiest ones were rated higher.
  • Accurate records: We checked reports against real facts to see how good the site's information was. Sites with reliable data did better.
  • Lots of info: We saw which sites had records from all over the country. Sites checking more places got more points.
  • Detailed reports: We liked websites that gave lots of details about the person. Bonus points for saying where the info came from.
  • Helpful support: We asked questions of each site's workers. Friendly staff that helped get better scores.
  • Good prices: We compared prices and features. Sites with fair pricing and useful options did well.
  • Customer reviews: We read reviews on other sites. Highly rated websites by past users helped us decide.
  • Security: We made sure any best background check site with private info followed privacy laws to keep people safe.

🤝 Why You Should Trust Our Recommendations

  • Years of experience - As a top ThemeForest developer since 2015, we've helped thousands of buyers conduct comprehensive research for informed decisions.
  • Proven track record of excellence - Our 5-star rating from over 600 customers and Power Elite Author induction show expertise through decades in software evaluation.
  • Objective analysis - Rather than push any one option, our goal is to compare features, functionality and value while objectively outlining pros, cons, and industry reputations for transparency.

20 Best Background Check Websites

1. Rentberry Tenant Screening

Rentberry Tenant Screening Background Check Website

Rentberry Tenant Screening

Are you tired of all the hoops you must jump through to find good tenants? Rentberry Tenant Screening has the solution. They make the renting process a breeze. With their seamless online platform, credit and background checks can be done with a single click, then applicants can be reviewed on your schedule.

Need a reliable way to screen renters fast? Their digital tools allow tracking applications, sending customized offers, and e-signing leases anytime, anywhere. Did you know it saves over 20 hours per listing compared to handling things manually? Thousands of owners already love how much time is saved.

Services Offered:

  • Credit Reports: Rentberry pulls credit reports straight from the big 3 credit bureaus like Experian. See applicants' credit score and any red flags like late payments, collections or bankruptcies.
  • Background Checks: They go beyond credit with a more in-depth look at applicants' background. Rentberry searches court records, eviction history and even employment verification so landlords know who they're renting to.
  • Screening Made Simple: Their fully online process is quick and easy for both tenants and landlords. No more paper apps or waiting around - get a screening report in minutes from the comfort of your laptop or phone.


  • Quick Turnaround Times: Rentberry can process applications and reports within hours.
  • Comprehensive Background Checks: Screening includes in-depth verification of criminal, credit, income and rental history records.
  • Online Tenant Portal: Property managers can centrally view and handle all applications and properties remotely.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Screening adheres to relevant federal, state and local housing statutes.
  • Cost-Effective Options: Pricing plans start affordably and offer optional a la carte add-ons.


  • Limited Public Records Coverage: Their database sizes don't match larger providers with broader sources.
  • Mobile-Focused Interface: While handy for landlords, the app-based system may not suit all business needs.
  • Additional Charges: Special requests for documents beyond basic checks could mean unforeseen expenses.

Pricing: $39.99

2. Intelius

Intelius Background Check Website


Intelius,one of the best background check websites, has everything you need for verifying identities and background checks. With millions of public records added daily, from previous addresses to schools attended it guarantees to have the details. Save hours of tedious research- pull full reports within seconds of the accurate records. Offering over 90% accuracy levels, it has what you seek sans wasting precious time.

Services Offered:

  • Find People: Search for names and contact details of people.
  • See Records: Lookup public records like court papers, licenses and liens. They have lots of documents.
  • Background Checks: See criminal histories to help with jobs or stay safe.
  • Different Names: Find profiles that use other names with tools for phones and emails.
  • On Phones Too: Use apps to do checks anytime from your mobile device.


  • Extensive Public Record Collections: Intelius searches a wide range of published databases to present comprehensive profiles.
  • People Search Functionality: Allows users to find profiles linked to names, phone numbers, addresses or emails.
  • Criminal History Screening: Provides access to court records nationwide for identifying criminal backgrounds.
  • Continuous Monitoring of Profiles: Regularly rescans screened individuals so information stays updated.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The website aims to clearly display search results and profiling data in an accessible format.


  • Reports Not Ideal for Hiring: Profiles focus more on personal info than employment/criminal checks needed by businesses.
  • Limited Public Info: While extensive, their records aren't as comprehensive as mega-providers with exclusive databases.
  • Accuracy Concerns: As with any people search engine, results depend on the quality of source material and chance of data errors exist.


  • Intelius People Search: $0.95
  • Intelius Criminal Record: $14.95 for statewide search, $29.95 for nationwide search
  • Intelius Background Check: $39.95

3. 🏅 Our Pick - First Advantage

First Advantage Background Check Website

First Advantage

With a global team of diverse voices, they foster empathy and treat everyone with respect. Rather than a typical workplace, they've built a community devoted to DE&I. Their passionate committee members continuously improve recruiting, training, and inclusion. With experts always identifying new strategies, a focus on DE&I will remain core to their culture. I appreciate that their talented professionals can contribute their best, most authentic selves.

Services Offered:

  • Background Checks: Employment verifications, education checks and criminal history reports.
  • Public Records: Court records, liens, bankruptcies from federal and state sources.
  • Drug Screening: On-site and lab drug testing processing and reporting services.
  • I-9 Support: Assistance with Form I-9 compliance like E-Verify and documentation management.


  • Comprehensive Screening: They research criminal records, driving history, education and employment verification so you get a well-rounded view of candidates.
  • Stay Compliant: First Advantage stays up to date on laws like FCRA so your background checks are properly handled from a legal standpoint.
  • Save Time: Their online portal streamlines the process from application to reporting. No more managing paper forms or chasing down phone calls.
  • Expert Support: You get live customer service from their team of vettin specialists if you need guidance or have questions during the process.
  • Customizable Packages: Whether you need to screen a handful or hundreds of hires, they can tailor their solutions to suit your budget and volume needs.


  • Pricier Than Some Options: While top quality, packages can be more expensive than smaller players.
  • Interface Takes Adapting: Their powerful tools have a learning curve for those used to simpler dashboards.
  • Not Ideal for One-Offs: First Advantage works best for established companies with continuous screening needs to leverage subscription benefits.


  • Basic: $25.00
  • Pro: $60.00

Why is First Advantage Our Top Pick Among Background Check Websites?

  • Comprehensive Service: They provide the gold standard in background checks, aggregating over 20 billion records from thousands of sources globally.
  • Industry Leadership: As the largest screening bureau, they conduct 75 million checks annually and have decades of institutional expertise.
  • Robust Features: Users access tailored compliance-grade reports along with easy-to-use management dashboards and analytics for extensive screening needs.
  • Accuracy: With the most extensive proprietary databases, First Advantage completes the highest accuracy and completeness rates according to independent researcher stats.
  • Reputation: The "Cadillac" of the background screening industry with a long track record and partnerships serving top Fortune 500 firms.
  • Value: While not cheapest, the premium access to critical data sources provides one of the best-cost screening solutions for thorough, large-scale operations.
  • Vast Specialty Options: Beyond core checks, they support advanced needs like education/license verification, drug screening, and more for highly regulated domains.

4. GoodHire

GoodHire Background Check Website


Check out one of the best background check websites, GoodHire. Founded by tech-savvy entrepreneurs, they saw the opportunity to digitize a clunky process using public records data. Their talented team then built an intuitive, paperless platform with you in mind. We aim to take the work out of checks and help businesses hire faster. It is simple to set up and running checks takes just minutes on GoodHire. HR pros love the configurable workflow that brings new folks onboard quickly and efficiently.

Services Offered:

  • Background Checks: Criminal records, work history, and education verified.
  • ID Authentication: Tools ensure the applicant is who they say with photo and ID matching.
  • Screening Made Simple: Intuitive system completes checks fast from any device.
  • Watchlists: Monitor applicant names against sanctioned party lists.
  • Analytics: Insights into risk factors help make better hiring choices.


  • Easy Onboarding: Verifying worker identities is a breeze with fast electronic ID checks and documentation uploads.
  • Automatic Alerts: You'll get notified right away about any red flags like a new criminal charge. No more waiting months for an update.
  • Personalized Screening: Select job-specific checks from over 300 options like employment and education verifications.
  • Compliance Covered: GoodHire takes care ofFollowing privacy laws and regulations so your screening stays on the right side of the law.
  • Support on Hand: Their team is super helpful if you need guidance or have an applicant with a unique situation to review.


  • Reporting Limitations: Their screening is tailored for small businesses, lacking more complex dossier formats.
  • Narrow Data Sources: GoodHire utilizes a select network of public records, whereas larger firms tap exclusive nationwide sources.
  • Tech Issues Possible: Like any smaller service, they may experience more frequent system glitches that larger automated operations can avoid.


  • Basic Plan: $29.99
  • Standard Plan: $59.99

5. Information.com

Information.com Background Check Website


They've been helping folks find facts for longer than Google has been around. Information.com compiles millions of public records so users can learn quick stats on names. See addresses, phone numbers and more in easy profiles. Thousands utilize the site monthly for background checks on clients or employees. Friendly customer support is available too. It doesn't matter if you need basic details or an in-depth report, Information.com has official files to provide the real details. Great for both work and personal use.

Services Offered:

  • Address Search Tools: Allow users to locate address records associated with names or identifiers.
  • Phone Number Lookup Features: Enable finding contact information linked to phone numbers.
  • Email Tracer Utilities: Help identify profiles connected to specific email addresses.


  • Wide-Ranging Search Tools: Dig into public records, court data, licenses and more from over 20,000 government sources.
  • Powerful People Search: Between name, phone, email or address lookups, hard-to-find profiles are uncovered.
  • Full Reporting Suite: Get consolidated individual data plus adverse action-ready employment screening files.
  • Advanced Filters: Drill down on exact record types, jurisdictions and date ranges to target your search.
  • 24/7 Support: Expert agents stay just a call or chat away for guidance on results and ongoing account needs.


  • Limited Functionality: They're a search portal rather than full-service provider, lacking robust screening reports.
  • Reliance on Partners: Result quality depends on third parties they aggregate, with less oversight than industry leaders.
  • Barebones User Experience: The interface feels dated versus more polished competitors, undercutting usability somewhat.

Pricing: Custom

6. BackgroundChecks.com

BackgroundChecks.comBackground Check Website


Serving customers for over 20 years, they've built one of the largest online criminal databases around with over 650 million records. This is one of the best websites for background checks that got just about anyone and everyone in there! Plus their quick and intuitive interface makes running checks a breeze. With stats like that and locations across the country, we're talking serious firepower in the screening world.

Services Offered:

  • Check Crimes: Find criminal records fast from counties, states, and federal.
  • Make Sure It's Them: Tools help prove the person is who they say.
  • See Files: Access court papers, licenses, and other public documents.
  • Check Again: Re-check employees or get updates on new things.
  • On Phones Too: Do checks from phones or computers anytime.


  • Wide Range of Checks: They do criminal records, driving histories, drug tests, you name it to give a full picture of candidates.
  • Compliance Experts: No need to stress about FCRA or other laws - their legal team stays up to date so your screening is always covered.
  • Easy Online System: From setting up accounts to running checks to viewing reports, their interface makes the process a breeze.
  • Great Support: Have questions along the way? Their customer service reps are always happy to help point you in the right direction.
  • Big Data Coverage: Over 200 million records at their fingertips means fewer "no results" and more thorough background files on everyone you screen.


  • Pricier Packages: As a large established player, their solutions may be more expensive than smaller up-and-comers.
  • Interface Takes Adapting: Their many capabilities have a steeper learning curve than basic options some new users prefer.
  • Not Ideal for Occasional Vetting: BackgroundChecks.com works best if you run multiple checks regularly to maximize subscription perks. One-offs may find better value elsewhere.


  • County Criminal History Check: $12
  • State Criminal History Check: $10

7. Checkr

Checkr Background Check Website


If you're looking for a screening company with a caring heart, check out Checkr, one of the best background check websites. These guys were started by some tech buddies who realized the old ways weren't always fair. They want to modernize things and make it equal for all. With fairness built right in and focus on speed as well as treating candidates well, they're smoothing out the rough edges. Using smart technology and people with expertise, Checkr cuts through unjust biases to help folks get a real chance.

Services Offered:

  • Identity Verification: Services to validate an applicant's identity details match public records. This ensures the correct person is screened.
  • Criminal Record Searches: Access to criminal history databases at both the state and federal level to identify offenses in an applicant's background.
  • Driving Record Reports: For positions requiring driving privileges, Checkr offers motor vehicle reports from DMV records.


  • Fast Turnaround: With an instant ID check option, you can get a candidate cleared in under 24 hours to speed up hiring.
  • Compliance Guidance: Their legal experts help ensure your screening process adheres to FCRA and other privacy laws.
  • Intuitive Systems: Between the online dashboard and mobile apps, launching checks is seamless across devices.
  • Scalable Solutions: Whether you need a basic vetting package or enterprise-level options, Checkr has you covered.
  • Supportive Specialists: Besides self-service help, you get dedicated account reps to answer unique screening questions.


  • Less Robust Records: As a newer player, their public records coverage is smaller than established heavyweights.
  • Limited Customization: Options provided are more standardized with less room for tailoring checks to unique needs.
  • Narrow Industry Focus: While ideal for transportation/ridesharing, Checkr may not meet specialized verification requirements outside that niche.


  • 3 Years Verification: $15
  • 5 Years Verification: $25
  • 7 Years Verification: $35
  • 10 Years Verification: $50

8. HireRight

HireRight Background Check Website


In business for over 30 years, they've become one of the best websites for background checks company worldwide by offering fast, accurate checks across the globe. With unrivaled data sources covering hundreds of millions of records worldwide, you know you'll get all the info you need on candidates no matter where they're located. Telling you, with that kind of experience and reach, your people screening is in good hands.

Services Offered:

  • Identity Verification: Services to validate an applicant's name, SSN and other identifying details.
  • Criminal Records Searches: Access to local, state and federal databases to identify criminal convictions.
  • Driving Records: Reports on traffic violations and accidents when driving history is relevant.
  • Education and Employment Verification: Confirmation of education credentials and previous job history.


  • Global Databases: With data sources worldwide, they can screen candidates virtually anywhere.
  • Experienced Experts: As the largest screening provider, their legal compliance is rock solid.
  • Wide Array of Checks: Beyond basic criminal/driving records, you can add drug tests, degrees and more.
  • Scalable Technology: Configure solutions for organizations of all sizes, from self-serve to enterprise.
  • Reliable Support: 24/7 service from professionals knowledgeable about their extensive products.


  • Steeper Learning Curve: Their extensive HR tools have a steeper onboarding process than simpler options.
  • Pricier for Occasional Use: Subscriptions better serve high-volume screening needs, while pay-as-you-go may offer more value for sporadic checks.
  • Less Customization: Standard package configurations have less flexibility than completely tailored screening built from scratch elsewhere.

Pricing: $29.95/month

9. BackgroundChecks.org

BackgroundChecks.org Background Check Website


BackgroundChecks.org is one of the best background check websites for searching public records and criminal checks online. They have information for checking out almost anyone in any of the 50 states. Easy search tools and state guides make it simple to find arrest histories, lawsuits, and more. You can also check yourself first using free sources, as they explain. Unsure where to start? They provide reviews of top background check sites.

Services Offered:

  • Public Records Database: Allows searching court records, licenses and other documents from jurisdictions nationwide.
  • People Search Tools: Provides the ability to locate basic identifying information on individuals.
  • Address Lookup Features: Helps trace address history details to profiles associated with those locations.


  • Free Public Records: They have a huge database of court records, licenses and other docs that you can search without charge.
  • Wide Search Coverage: Scope out candidates across the U.S. with access to state and nationwide data sources.
  • Simple Tools: Their user-friendly interface lets you ping databases quickly to ID red flags or verify credentials.
  • Extra Services: Things like ID verification, SSN checks and ongoing monitoring give broader candidate insights.
  • Helpful Guides: Whether you're screening for a new hire or your own name, their online resources unpack checks simply.


  • Limited Functionality: As a directory, they don't actually conduct checks themselves, just guide users to other sites.
  • Accuracy Not Guaranteed: Directories rely on others' data quality, so information shown may have errors beyond their control.
  • Bias Toward Free Options: While recommending free sources is helpful, paid providers often deliver much more robust profiles crucial for some uses.

Pricing: $20/monthly

10. BeenVerified

BeenVerified Background Check Website


Trying to research people, addresses, or vehicles? BeenVerified is the best background check site for public records searches. As the leading aggregator, they've helped over a million users access everything they need from one convenient place.

Save time with their intuitive tools that provide fast results. Our subscription gives unlimited searches across multiple product categories. You'll get comprehensive access for less than using individual reports elsewhere.

Services Offered:

  • People Search Tools: Allows users to search public profiles and records linked to names.
  • Criminal Records Screening: Provides access to court records databases to identify criminal histories.
  • Identity Verification Features: Helps confirm an individual's identity details through document scanning and social connections.


  • Giant People Database: Their records cover over 99% of Americans, so you're more likely to get a complete profile.
  • Robust Search Filters: Drill down on anyone via advanced options like phone, email, name variants, relatives and more.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Ongoing right-to-know checks alert you if a candidate's details change after vetting.
  • User-Friendly Dashboards: Intuitive, tech-savvy interface makes background sleuthing a breeze on any device.
  • Helpful Support Reps: Their live chat angels are just a message away if you need extra guidance interpreting reports.


  • No Traditional Screening: They rely on social media and web data rather than official court/database records used elsewhere.
  • Accuracy Depends on Sources: User-generated online profiles can contain errors or dubious claims beyond their checks.
  • Limited Utility for Businesses: While fine for personal review, their insights may lack depth required for pre-employment or tenant screening compliance needs.

Pricing: $26.89/monthly

11. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate Background Check Website

Instant Checkmate

They've been in the background-checking business for years and have built an extensive collection of public records data. Through their user-friendly best website for background check, you can uncover details like criminal histories, addresses, phone numbers, and more. Thousands of businesses utilize Instant Checkmate daily to screen employees or customers.

The best part is their helpful customer support team is available to ensure you can get the most out of your searches. So whether you need insights for a business purpose or personal reason, Instant Checkmate is a handy site to turn to for fast background checking needs.

Services Offered:

  • ID Verification Tools: Helps authenticate a person's identity by scanning IDs and cross-checking details.
  • Driving Records Searches: Surfaces any traffic violations or accidents included in a driver's motor vehicle report.
  • Court Records Database: Browser access to case filings and docket information from different jurisdictions.


  • Fast Reports: Get key check data in under 24 hours with their accelerated processing.
  • Wide Range of Searches: Scan criminal history, relationships, properties and more beyond typical checks.
  • Advanced Tools: Make the most of social media checking, email verifications and continuous monitoring.
  • 24/7 Helpline: Speak to a live person whenever support is needed on reports or account issues.
  • Great Value: Their fair pricing covers the extensive intel and extras their platform provides.


  • Accuracy Concerns: Some customers report issues with incomplete or outdated information in checks.
  • Lacks Regulatory Oversight: As a non-FCRA company, they aren't held to the same standards as other consumer reporting agencies.
  • Interface Usability: Their site is cluttered and disorganized compared to sleeker competitors, which can hamper the user experience.

Pricing: $35.12/monthly

12. Spokeo

Spokeo Background Check Website


Spokeo can be considered as the best website for background check. They've helped users since 2006 with people search. Spokeo takes public records and puts them into easy profiles. You can find contact details, locations, photos, and more. They have over 12 billion records. Businesses use Spokeo every month to learn about customers and partners. Customer support is there to help with your searches. No matter what you need - casual details or full background checks - Spokeo has tons of info to help solve your people mysteries.

Services Offered:

  • Contact Information Resources: Surfaces addresses, phone numbers and social media profiles for due diligence searches.
  • Continuous Monitoring Options: Subscribers can opt-in for ongoing alerts on any updated profiles.
  • Comprehensive Public Records Database: Aggregates identity, employment and background information.


  • Massive Public Records Database: Over 90 billion profiles scraped from across the web let you discover deep details.
  • People Finder Too: Pull complete contact info so you get truth from the source if needed.
  • Powerful Search Tools: Advanced features like fuzzy matching help when leads are light.
  • Constantly Updating: Their AI bots work 24/7 to expand records with new online sources.
  • Affordable Pricing: Starting free level meets most check needs, but premium is still a steal for advanced.


  • Accuracy Not Guaranteed: As an aggregator, errors may exist in records from third parties.
  • Limited Functionality: Strictly a people search site, lacking official public records or full screening reports.
  • Data Privacy Issues: Faces ongoing criticism over gathering extensive profiles without explicit consent.

Pricing: $14.95/monthly

13. TruthFinder

TruthFinder Background Check Website


TruthFinder can help you learn about people for work. They find facts from public records since 2005. You put in names and get back profiles with easy details. Things like phone numbers, family, court papers, and houses are in the profiles. Companies use TruthFinder every month to check clients and staff. Customer helpers are there if you need help. Whether you just want basics or a full report, TruthFinder digs up true info from official papers. This helps you know exactly who you're working with.

Services Offered:

  • People Search: TruthFinder allows you to search for individuals using their name and location. It provides comprehensive reports that include details such as social media profiles, location history, and more.
  • Reverse Phone Lookup: With TruthFinder, you can identify the owner of a phone number that you don't recognize. This feature can help you uncover information about suspicious calls or unknown numbers.
  • Reverse Email Lookup: TruthFinder offers the ability to search for information using an email address. This can be useful for finding additional details about someone or verifying the authenticity of an email.


  • Extremely Extensive Data Sources: They draw from over 20 billion public and proprietary records, more than any other provider.
  • Powerful People Search: Whether it's basic info or an address, TruthFinder will likely track the person down.
  • In-depth Profiles: Beyond background check essentials, get a full dossier with address history, relatives, court records, and more.
  • Intuitive Tools: Their simple navigation and filters allow you to hone in on the exact details you want seamlessly.
  • Helpful Customer Care: Live chat, video call, and text support can walk you through any part of the process.


  • Questionable Accuracy: They scrape data without verification, so stories of false info abound.
  • Lack of Context: Reports mix public and non-public details without explaining sources.
  • UI Frustrations: The disorganized interface buried relevant sections, getting in the way of efficient searches.

Pricing: $28.05/monthly

14. US Search

US Search Background Check Website

US Search

They've helped folks search since 1992. US Search takes records from all 50 states and puts them online. You can get name details, phone numbers, addresses, and court reports - all in easy profiles. Thousands use US Search monthly to learn more about clients and employees.

Their friendly supporters help if you have any questions. It doesn't matter if you need a lot or a little, US Search has official details to give you the real picture. Whether for personal reasons or your business, they make finding facts fast and fun.

Services Offered:

  • Reverse Phone Lookup: If you have a phone number but don't know who it belongs to, our reverse phone lookup service can help. Simply enter the number, and we'll provide you with the associated name and other available details.
  • Email Search: With our email search feature, you can find information about someone using their email address. This can be useful for verifying the identity of an email sender or finding additional information about a contact.
  • Property Records: US Search allows you to access property records, including ownership details, property value estimates, and more. This can be helpful for real estate professionals, investors, or anyone interested in property information.


  • Exclusive Public Records: Their huge network of state and county sources give exclusive access to legal documents.
  • Intuitive Interface: Advanced yet simple filters help refine results across comprehensive nationwide records.
  • ID Verification: SocialSecurity verify feature confirms candidate identity facts match public records.
  • Compliant Solutions: From employment screening to tenant vetting, they have profiles for all kinds of legal checks.
  • Dedicated Support: Contact your personal account rep for one-on-one guidance on specific screening needs.


  • Limited Scope:As a basic people search site, much official data is excluded versus full-service screening bureaus.
  • Interface Frustrations: The busy interface can be cluttered and unintuitive versus sleeker competitors.
  • Quality Control Issues: Accuracy is a potential concern since manual oversight cannot match industry heavyweights.

Pricing: $59.00/monthly

15. PeopleFinder

PeopleFinder Background Check Website


They've spent years gathering public records accessible profiles. Simply enter a name to uncover useful information like contacts, relatives, addresses, court records. Thousands of companies utilize PeopleFinder monthly for background checks. And their very helpful support team is available too. It doesn't matter if you need many details or just basics, PeopleFinder makes finding folks fun and fast so users stay informed. Both efficient and effective for business use.

Services Offered:

  • Public Records Reports: PeopleFinder provides access to public records reports, which can include information such as property records, criminal records, and other publicly available data.
  • Genealogy Records: PeopleFinder offers access to genealogy records, allowing you to trace your family history and discover information about your ancestors.
  • Assisted Searches: If you need help with a specific search or require more in-depth information, PeopleFinder offers assisted searches to assist you in finding the information you need.


  • Giant Public Records Database: Over 20 billion profiles give it broader insights than most other providers.
  • Advanced Search Tools: Intuitive filters by name, location, relatives, and more help you precisely target who you need.
  • Robust Reports: Get a deeper analysis of a candidate beyond basic checks with comprehensive dossiers.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Ongoing alerts about people in your searches ensure the reported info stays current.
  • Multilingual Support: Whether you need help in English, Spanish, or other languages, agents can assist!


  • Limited Criminal Data: Being solely a people search site, background check services incorporate a wider array of public records.
  • Accuracy Varies: As an aggregator, they have less direct oversight over the quality of third-party sources.
  • Interface Clunkiness: Their busy, text-heavy layout could be more streamlined for quick searches versus competitors.

Pricing: $24.95/monthly

16. Sterling Check

Sterling Check Background Check Website

Sterling Check

When you need thorough employee screening, Sterling Check, ne of the top background check sites is here to use. Operating since 1975, Sterling Check has expert researchers who scour databases to compile thorough profiles. Provide some basic info and their team delivers addresses, criminal histories, license verifications, and more. Each month thousands of businesses employ Sterling Check's employment verification services. Requesting checks is simple, and helpful support stands by. Whether a quick check or a full FBI file review, Sterling Check streamlines background searches so users can make wise hiring decisions.

Services Offered:

  • Identity Verification: Sterling Check provides identity verification services to confirm the authenticity of individuals' personal information, such as name, address, and social security number.
  • Criminal Background Screening: They offer criminal background screening services to help businesses identify any criminal history of potential employees. This includes searching through databases for information on arrests, convictions, and other relevant criminal records.
  • Employment and Education Verification: Sterling Check conducts thorough employment and education verification checks to validate the work history and educational qualifications of candidates. This helps businesses ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided by applicants.


  • FCRA Compliance Expert: They make legally vetting candidates for hiring a breeze with foolproof processes.
  • Reliable Turnaround: Reports are fast but thorough thanks to dedicated compliance teams at their nationwide offices.
  • Adaptive Screening Options: Customize checks perfectly for your company's needs like drug/health tests too.
  • Intuitive Technology: Their digital tools simplify initiating checks, reviewing results and document storage.
  • Award-Winning Service: Recipients of the BBB's Top Rating effectively delivering courtesy, clarity and care for clients.


  • Pricier Option: While thorough, their comprehensive service comes at a higher cost than some more basic screening providers.
  • Learning Curve: Advanced features aimed at large enterprises have a steeper learning curve than simpler consumer-focused checks.
  • Redundancies Overlooked: Occasional users may not fully recognize overlap between add-on services when core reports already deliver sufficient data.

Pricing: Custom

17. Universal Background Screening

Universal Background Screening Background Check Website

Universal Background Screening

When thorough employee screening is essential, Universal Background Screening, best background check website, is the go-to service. Operating for over 15 years, Universal Background Screening has a dedicated team that extensively researches across America to uncover helpful details. Submit some basic information and they get to work finding addresses, licenses, court records, and more.

Companies nationwide rely on Universal Background Screening to streamline employment verification monthly. Helpful customer support is also readily available. Whether a quick check or in-depth review is required, Universal Background Screening makes verification effortless for informed hiring decisions.

Services Offered:

  • Extended Workforce Screening: They can also help businesses conduct background checks on vendors, temporary staff, consultants, volunteers, students, executives, and other populations of their extended workforce.
  • Employee Re-Screening: Universal Background Screening offers re-screening services to help businesses ensure ongoing safety and compliance by identifying any new criminal records or relevant background information.
  • Advanced Technology Solutions: They provide web-based technology solutions, including an easy-to-use online platform, integration with ATS providers, and electronic signature of disclosure forms.


  • Complete Screening Packages: All your needs like employment, tenant, volunteer and credit checks in one bundle.
  • Industry Expertise: As a leader with two decades of experience, they know background screening inside and out.
  • Technology Advantage: Automated integrations with your applicant tracking systems seamlessly upgrades your process.
  • Legal Compliance Specialists: Ensuring adherence to all privacy and employment laws takes the pressure off you.
  • White Glove Customer Service: With dedicated account reps to handhold through any issues or customization needs.


  • Geared Toward Enterprise: While very full-featured, their focus on large FCRA-regulated customers means an enterprise learning curve and pricing.
  • Reliance on Third-Party Data: As an aggregator, quality depends on their public and private sources being comprehensive and up-to-date.
  • Bureaucracy of Compliance: Providing legally-vetted checks imposes processes some find administratively burdensome versus simpler options.

Pricing: Universal Background Screening offers customized pricing based on the specific needs and requirements of each business.

18. PeopleLooker

PeopleLooker Background Check Website


PeopleLooker is the site to check out. For years they've accessed vast public records to let users easily view profiles. Enter basic info and their specialists quickly uncover addresses, relatives, licenses, and more. Countless companies each month rely on PeopleLooker's background screening services for recruitment. Their customer support team also provides helpful assistance. Whether a simple check or comprehensive report is required, PeopleLooker streamlines the search process so informed hiring decisions are swift.

Services Offered:

  • Reverse Phone Lookups: If you have a phone number and want to know who it belongs to, PeopleLooker offers a reverse phone lookup service. It can provide information about the potential owner of the phone number and other relevant details.
  • Public Records: PeopleLooker provides access to aggregated public records, allowing you to search for information on individuals. This includes court records, criminal records, and other publicly available information.
  • Email Addresses: PeopleLooker allows you to search for information related to email addresses. You can find potential owners of email addresses and other relevant details.


  • In-depth People Searches: Their extensive public records access helps uncover obscure details about individuals.
  • Powerful Filters: Advanced options like SSN, phone, relatives, and proximity searching help track candidates down.
  • Complete Profiles: Get a full dossier on a person beyond checks with integrated social media screening.
  • Customizable Alerts: Opt into ongoing monitoring so any shifts in a profile immediately flag to you.
  • Multilingual Support: Whether you need assistance in English, Spanish or other languages, their team can help!


  • Results Quality Varies: As an aggregator, accuracy depends on the sources providing information to them.
  • Barebones Features: It's strictly a basic people search site without robust background check capabilities.
  • Cluttered Interface: The disorganized layout can make targeted searches tricky compared to sleeker competitors.

Pricing: $22.86/monthly

19. Social Catfish

Social Catfish Background Check Website

Social Catfish

When verification of online profiles is essential, Social Catfish, as one of the best background check websites is the site to investigate. Specializing in authentication for years, Social Catfish thoroughly searches social media platforms once users submit profiles. Within a short time, verified insights such as real locations, relative connections, and more are produced. Countless companies weekly leverage Social Catfish's services to screen associates and prospects. Help is also on hand for users. Whether a simple check or a comprehensive report, Social Catfish efficiently separates facts from fakes for confidence in digital connections. Take a look at best background check website!

Services Offered:

  • Background Checks: Social Catfish allows users to run background checks on individuals, including social searches (names, emails, usernames, and phone numbers) and reverse image searches.
  • Free Resources: Social Catfish provides free resources such as cybersecurity blogs with articles on online security, a YouTube channel called "Catfished" that covers topics related to online scams, and a TikTok account that offers information and resources on online safety.
  • Paid Services: Social Catfish also offers paid services for more in-depth information and analysis. These services may include detailed background checks, advanced algorithms for accuracy, and features like alerts and monitoring to help users stay informed about potential risks.


  • Comprehensive Social Media Scans: They thoroughly analyze all major platforms for red flags.
  • Advanced Image Searches: Reverse image searches pinpoint if pictures have been used fraudulently.
  • Dark Web Monitoring: Their tools detect if candidates' personal details are being used nefariously online.
  • Continual Updates: As social profiles evolve, you remain in the loop on any new findings.
  • Expert Analysts: A team of tech-savvy investigators precisely discern authenticity so you don't have to.


  • Accuracy Varies Greatly: Without official public records, results depend entirely on sometimes dodgy online sources.
  • Privacy/Legal Concerns: They scrape extensively without explicit consent, potentially raising issues versus transparent providers.
  • Limited Functionality: As a social sleuthing tool, it lacks robust background check capabilities required for tasks like tenant screening.

Pricing: $27.48/monthly

20. Accurate

Accurate Background Check Website


When dependable verification is essential, Accurate.com is the best background check site hiring managers should investigate. Operating for many years, Accurate.com accesses extensive public records to facilitate efficient searches. Submit some basic details and their specialists quickly uncover addresses, licenses, court records and more within hours. Recruiters across industries regularly utilize Accurate.com's employment screening services monthly. Helpful customer support is also available to assist users.

Services Offered:

  • Process Serving: Accurate Attorney Services specializes in process serving, ensuring that legal documents are delivered accurately and efficiently.
  • Public Records Retrieval: They can assist in retrieving public records from county, state, and federal courts, saving you time and effort.
  • Document Retrieval: Accurate Attorney Services can help retrieve specific documents for your case or business needs, such as court records.


  • Precise Search Capabilities: Powerful algorithms help uncover even hard-to-find people and records.
  • Legal Compliance Experts: Their processes adhere to all national and state-level screening regulations.
  • User-Friendly Tech: Intuitive systems simplify everything from submitting checks to analyzing results.
  • Tons of Report Options: Choose formats aligned with your specific HR, leasing or other information needs.
  • White Love Support: A dedicated team ensures all your questions are answered so screening is stress-free.


  • Limited Functionality: As a basic people search tool, it lacks the robust screening services larger full-service bureaus provide.
  • Spotty Accuracy: Reviews suggest results aren't always reliable since they aggregate external sources without direct oversight.
  • Barebones UI: The interface feels dated and cluttered compared to competitors with cleaner, more intuitive designs.

Pricing: from $20 to $50 per report


Well, everyone, we've covered best background check websites! Many handy sites can help with vetting needs. They each offer different features, prices, and reliability.

Hopefully finding the best background check site is now easier after our overview. You can start screening potential employees, tenants, or partners with confidence. Doing regular checks protects businesses, especially when you know what are the best background check websites.

Be sure to pick reputable providers. Background info is sensitive, so choose best background check sites that are secure, accurate, and helpful. Protecting privacy is important too.


1. What is the best most accurate background check site?

First Advantage is the best all-around background check site. It provides fast results and can do checks internationally along with other types. The company will contact candidates directly if more info is needed, so you don't have to.

Getting results quickly worldwide sets it apart. First Advantage also handles any follow-up with people, taking that step off your plate. At the same time, it delivers screening across multiple locations.

2. How do I get a background check in the US?

To get a background check in the United States, you first need to figure out if you need to search criminal records in one state or across the whole country. For checking just one state, contact the law enforcement office for that state. They can look up criminal history there.

If you want to check the entire nation, you have to ask the FBI directly. They keep criminal records for the federal level. You can also visit the website for the Department of State. That site has clear information about how background checks work in each state and with the federal government. It will explain the processes and rules for getting background check reports both locally and nationally.

3. Can you background check a non-US citizen?

You can do background checks on people who aren't from the United States. But it depends on where they're from. For criminal history, look at that country's databases. Some companies can search globally for records anywhere. Things like marriages and homes may be in other public archives too. To check well, you'll need to explore records in both the U.S. and other places they've lived. Thorough checks involve taking a look at domestic and foreign sources for full details on their history.

4. How much does a US background check cost?

The cost of a background check in the US depends on what you look into. A check just for the criminal court in one county usually costs $15-20. It will show things like crimes committed, when they happened, case ID numbers, and arrests. A background check that searches the whole state is a bit wider. That costs around $10-20. Both county and state checks give arrest information.

The more areas of a person's history you examine, the higher the cost tends to be. Checking just one county court is the lowest price usually. A wider search of an entire state system costs a little more. The scope impacts how much you pay.

5. How long does a background check take in USA?

How long background checks take in the US can be different based on what you search. Checks of criminal records in a single county or whole state usually get done within 1-3 normal work days. But the FBI takes a report on the whole country, so that takes maybe 5-10 work days. Some companies help businesses hurry to finish even quicker. Employers often get quick early looks before the full official check is done. No matter what, checking only one small area is faster than the bigger nationwide search.

6. What is the best background check site free?

Intelius is the best free background check website. It shows social media, public records, criminal history, contact info and addresses. Reports have lots of details. Intelius uses a big collection of data.

However, paid features cost more money. Other free background check websites to use are TruthFinder, BeenVerified, Information.com, Instant Checkmate, CheckPeople, and Socialcatfish. While Intelius is tops for free stuff, you get what you pay for. Premium perks are pricey. But Intelius and those other websites let you search without charge, which is helpful.

7. What is the best criminal background check website?

BeenVerified is the best site to check someone's past. It lets you find people easy and look up phones and emails too. They have access to lots of public records. You get detailed reports with criminal history, addresses, jobs, and social networks.

BeenVerified is accurate and easy to use. It gives reliable results. It's a trusted choice when you need to look into someone's background thoroughly.