It’s hard to always keep coming up with new blog topics. But there’s a solution for everything. Today, I’ve listed 11 trending blog topics for 2022, which you can publish right away.

And also, to help you always come up with new content ideas, I’ve listed 5 savvy methods for you – no matter what your niche or industry is.

(Wait till the end for a bonus report filled with so many sure-fire trends for every industry, for 2022)

Let’s get started.

How to Discover Popular and Trending Blog Topics: 5 Savvy Ways

These methods work for every industry:

1. Google Trends

To put simply, Google Trends is a keyword research tool that displays a near-accurate search volume of topics being searched on Google. It works like any other keyword tool you’d expect, but there are some practical tips you’d want to listen to. Three ways you can leverage the power of Google Trends:

a. Discovering new fail-proof ideas through seasonal trends.

Some trends are obvious. We already know, without using tools, when and how long they will last. Take Black Friday as an example.

But when you’re dealing with a niche-specific blog, you need accurate data.

For example, say, you run a fitness blog, and you want to write about the best dumbbells. You need to know what time of the year people are most searching about dumbbells, so you can publish the post accordingly, and get more visits and sales.

Do this by putting your desired topic in the search box, and Google will show when that topic gets spiked. You’ll get to see the spikes month-wise.

What’s even cooler is that you can verify the data by going a couple of years back to learn beforehand whether that’s an existing stable trend.

b. New ideas through related topics

This is self-explanatory. Whenever you make a search, you get to see closely-related topics your audience is also searching for. What it does is that it can prompt thoughts. You get to explore new realms of blog topics to think and write about.

c. Region-specific data

By default, Google Trends shows worldwide metrics. But using the filter of ‘country or region’, you get to see what and when exactly your target audience is searching for. Follow the topical trends, and increase your blog’s traffic and earnings.

2. Use Answer the Public Tool

Answer the Public

Answer the Public

A free (paid version available) online tool that helps you discover the exact questions your audience is searching for. All you need is a parent topic in mind, and the tool lets you visualize the data in the form of a search cloud.

You can filter the data with the total of 3 categories: based on comparisons, propositions, and direct questions. And then below is a separate section that shows everything in alphabetical order, if you want to sit back, and analyze in a more organized manner.

What’s cool is that the visual “plate” is in the image form, so you can save it on your device. Use the tool on mobile, tablet, desktop; anywhere, through the website. You don’t even need to create an account.

Leverage its power. Discover what questions and topics your audience is searching for, so you can publish blog posts about it. It’s free, fast, and simple to use.

Especially, if you’re a beginner blogger, it can save you from investing on premium expensive keyword research tools.

Because of how effective and simple its usage is, a lot of big brands and marketers use it for market research. Yet it’s surprising not many people know about it.

3. Get Ideas from eBooks and Magazines/Columns

EBooks, magazines, and columns are jam-packed with deeply researched and useful content. Let me tell you how you can use them for your benefit.

a. In the case of eBooks

First, find the latest and most popular eBooks that are closely related to your industry/niche. Amazon is the best place – because apart from big authors, there are relatively smaller self-published authors as well.

Once you find a book, look at its contents. You don’t even need to purchase it. Following the contents, create posts on those subject-matters by giving them a new or fresh angle.

b. In the case of magazines/columns

Keep an eye on the trending news columns and magazines in your industry.

For example, this Vogue article reveals sexy clothes for men in 2022: you can also create a similar article, talk about the brands mentioned there, or even individually review the products in there.

It’s all about keeping an eye on what’s trending in the news, which basically means what’s trending in the feeds of your target audience.

4. Read Your Foes

Read your online competitors regularly – the bigger ones especially. Go through their content, try to discover loopholes or the things that they may have left untouched.

How exactly will you do that? One easy way is by going through their comment section, and analyzing what people are asking. Take those questions, and answer them on your own blog.

5. Unbeatable power of social media platforms

No other method can beat the power of social media and public forums when it comes to discovering new and relevant content ideas. Why?

Because, there, hang out the people who you actually are writing for. They virtually come there pretty much every single day and talk about regular/common/trending things.

You get to listen to their voices, their comments, posts, how they talk, what jokes they tell, what problems they’re going through, what and how they want to be helped, and so many other things. And when you consider all those things and publish content – that’s when they truly care to read.

Some of the popular places/communities you can tap into:

Discover Popular Blog Topics for 2022 to Stay on Trend

COVID has molded the world. New trends and hashtags have arisen. People are now spending more time online reading blogs. Here are trending topics for any website content writer to stay ahead of the crowd.

1. Mental Health

Mental health has been a debatable topic for a long time. But, after COVID hit, it’s even more relevant. More and more brands and people on social media are talking about it. Hashtags like #selflove, #selfcare, #mentalhealth, and #mentalhealthawareness are trending in 2022 on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Mental Health

Self care is a trending topic

Have you seen UNICEF’s campaign spreading awareness about mental health issues in children, suggesting how things need to be talked about? Watch it here.

What’s more, KFF’s 2021 mental health report revealed the percentage of average adults showing symptoms of anxiety and depression as 41%, compared to only 11% in 2019.

The awareness needs to spread, and the things need to be addressed.

Participate by publishing blog posts about it. You don’t need to stop at one or two; write as many by sharing personal experiences, thoughts, and motivation to help others.

You can consider talking about:

  • Signs that show someone is going through depression.
  • What to do when you suspect someone is going through depression.
  • Why is it important to talk about it?
  • Write about prioritizing going to see a doctor for the mind, just as a doctor for the body.
  • Types of mental health disease, symptoms, and the right help.
  • How to deal with it.

2. Financial Insecurity

Financial insecurity is one of the biggest threats after COVID. 114 million people lost their jobs in 2020 alone, a report says. Families’ whole lifestyle has been disrupted, now mingled with unhealthy activities and behaviors, such as depression and stress.

Achieving a balanced lifestyle immediately can be tricky, with habits and norms being unaware of such sudden big risks. This is why more residents are now looking to cut the costs, save big, start side hustles, and achieve mental peace by bailing out from the post-pandemic stem.

You can help them by publishing blog posts about it, answering their questions, and giving them ideas on how they can tackle it. Topics you can consider starting from:

  • Expensive items and their less-costly alternatives.
  • DIY crafts to save purchasing costs.
  • Side hustles and skills to learn in 2022.

3. Sustainable Living

People now love more eco-friendly products and talks. After COVID hit, we’re starting to realize how important it is to protect and keep our dear planet healthy. This research shows how folks are preparing for a fair and ethical future ahead.

Whatever and however, it’s for good, and we should have been focusing on this way earlier.

So when it comes to sustainable living blog topics, there are so many things you can talk about. To prompt the thought, I’ll list some ideas below:

  • How to go zero waste (A thorough guide).
  • Ethical online shopping guide.
  • Sustainable food items.

4. Self-education

Self-education in these radical times has seen a rise. Students, teachers, and learners of various fields are joining from a distance online. But this sudden unexpected change of mode of learning has been challenging. There’s this one specific article on the role of self-study, which was published during the pandemic spike in 2020, talks about it.

So, what can you talk about when it comes to self-education? A ton of things. How to boost effective learning, studying, and learning on our own? What can keep learners motivated, challenged, and consistent – even if out of classrooms/study rooms.

You can even talk about what this post-pandemic self-education has brought forth? How much is gained and lost? Where could authorities have done things right, when it comes to promoting self-study? Some more ideas:

  • What education is like for the post-Covid world.
  • How to strengthen the online education system.
  • Achieving a work-life or study-life balance for teachers and learners.

5. Healthy Food and Lifestyle

Health, eating habits specifically, are affected a lot. During the lockdown, there was zero to no access to outside fresh food.

One mega study combined the results of more than four thousand researches done during the outbreak. They discovered the rise in snacks, comfort food, alcohol consumption, and home-cooked meals frequently.

Healthy eating

Healthy life is a great topic for a blog

While another study discovered post-pandemic effects: people are now putting more effort into working out, losing weight, eating fresh and organic, and quitting smoking and alcoholic beverages.

Now, what does this all mean for you as a blogger or a publisher? Trending popular topics ahead in 2022. This year and ahead, people are adapting healthy eating lifestyles and habits, trying different diets, and workouts. Help them by answering their questions, fitness tips and guides, and motivating stories. Some ideas to prompt the thought:

  • Healthy diets after the pandemic
  • Fitness brands that are also environmentally friendly
  • How to become more productive staying at home

6. Vegetarian Food

People are now shifting to farmers, organic fresh food, and plant-based diets. Two reasons for this: one, obviously because plant-based diets are showing effective guarding against COVID. And the second is because of the rise of vegetarianism; 600% more in the US in the last 4 years alone.

That is a clear direction to publishing topics all-things organic, cruelty-free, and vegetarianism.

And this industry is not only just a trending spike for a few years but a consistent movement that’s going to exist. Even if you start a brand-new veg-niched blog, you’ll hardly go wrong.

Some ideas to publish:

  • Shifting to veganism: a whole new diet for newcomers.
  • Vegan food for workouts and bodybuilding.
  • How first few days feel like.

7. Conscious Consumption

COVID has turned consumers more ethical, environmental, and ingredient-conscious, says BBC. The pandemic has left us stroked, motivating us to care more about our planet, and ourselves. People are leaning towards reusable and sustainable alternatives.

Just a recent 2020 global survey by Accenture revealed that 60% of consumers “have evolved dramatically”, into environmentally-friendly buying habits – as an immediate post-Covid response.

So, it’s safe to say that the trend is here to stay and grow in 2022, and beyond as well. And that’s great for a blogger or publisher like you to stay relevant in your industry, post more traffic-driven content, and stay ahead of your competition.

Some ideas you may consider talking about:

  • Sustainability brands in different industries: Fashion, Food, Lifestyle, etc.
  • Conscious consumerism and how to apply it.
  • What positive buying feels like.

8. Balanced Lifestyle

Little-to-no physical activities, unhealthy food, no proper meal timings, and stress and depression over the pandemic have left serious effects on lifestyle. 1, 2, 3. The whole lifestyle has been literally transformed in some way or the other. People are now striving for COVID-free balanced lifestyle.

Balanced Life

A full life with work and family is very actual

What can you do? Help them by publishing articles and blog posts. Tips, tutorials, motivation, and real-life experiences – anything relevant, talk about it.

You can even do surveys on social media networks like Reddit and Twitter to gather as much helpful content and spread the useful information. Some of the questions you can answer right away:

  • What does work-life balance actually look like?
  • Lifestyle changes after Covid and how to identify them?
  • Tips for improvement.

9. New Hobbies to Take on

The thing about hobbies, which makes it an evergreen topic to discuss, is its diversity. Think about how many people there are with varying interests. Millions. From collecting gaming cards to watering plants, and from working out to collecting rare stones: the diversity is immense.

And when it comes to taking on new interests especially in the upcoming years, there are some specific trends people are following. Talk about those and possibly share new ideas.

Here are some topics you can consider publishing posts about:

  • 2022 hobbies and trends.
  • Hobbies to take on while staying at home.
  • Go-green hobbies to catch on.

10. Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion in workplaces are important – but now it’s even more crucial after stressful changes we’ve seen during and post-Covid. People of color, from different geographical locations, or especially those who support LGBTQ+, are the ones affected most, research shows.

But the question is what can you do as a blogger? – Well, you can publish posts concerning issues of the sided communities, bring out their voices, talk about the importance of inclusion in leadership, how D&I is affecting workplaces, tips and ideas to make the team more connected, and so much more. Read this to understand it better.

Some ideas to prompt the thought:

  • How to create an equal work environment for everyone in the remote team?
  • Crucial mistakes you can’t make when it comes to D&I?
  • Ways to keep it fair and fun for all in the workplace.

11. Sharing personal experiences

The more personal you get, the more universal you become.

Share your personal stories – and if you ever run out of those – gather them from social media. Ask people/your target audience.

Share experiences of the people: how the pandemic has changed their lives, what is gained and lost, the fears and grieves, the hopes and desires, the mistakes and the lessons, and how they foresee the future. And not only related to pandemic – but anything lesson-filled in general that your target audience can relate to.

Stories are a perfect way to connect at a deeper level with your audience, Researchgate’s research shows.

So, sharing personal or lived stories – either your own or your audience’s – can dramatically boost your engagement. And that’s the dream of a blogger.

Bonus: Fail-Proof 2022 Trends Prediction by Pinterest.

Every year, Pinterest releases a report revealing future trends of the whole year ahead. Why I said fail-proof is because 8 out of 10 trends came true in 2021 already, so that’s enough proof of them being accurate.

Based on what people are planning on the biggest visual search engine, Pinterest has now revealed the 2022 trends. Read the full Pinterest Predicts report in pdf.

If you’re a blogger or publisher – doesn’t matter from any industry – you need to see this. Discover what your target audience is planning, loving, and wanting. Revolve your content strategy based on that to publish exclusive traffic-driven posts they really want to read.

Conclusion: The tip of the day

That’s it for today – a tip of the day from me personally would be to always stay relevant to your target audience. Hang out with them on their favorite social media networks and public forums.

That way you not only get to discover new and relevant content ideas, but also you get a chance to understand them at a deeper level. And understanding the audience is the first step to publishing posts that they care to read.