Managing a travel blog can be hard; you’re constantly busy visiting places, planning out time, or some days you might even get stuck at home. How to manage all, and still always have enough ideas to publish content?

Well, here’s the answer to this burning question: Explore 710 travel blog post ideas that you can completely tweak and customize to generate as many posts as you want. Plus, read an insider guide on discovering new trending travel blog post ideas every time.

Let’s get into it.

711 Customizable Travel Blog Post Ideas to Steal

Find ideas related to every category:

Travel Tips Blog Post Ideas

Insider travel blog


  1. What Not to Do in Foreign Countries.
  2. Locations to Avoid.
  3. Travel Tips to Increase Fun.
  4. Travel Gear List.
  5. Travelling Sops to Look For.
  6. Tips for Better Planning.
  7. Tips for Introverts to Make Friends While Travelling.
  8. Best Apps to Get Help From.
  9. Travel Tips From Personal Experiences.
  10. DIY Travelling on Budget.
  11. How to Take Care of Your Family.
  12. Tips to Make Better Photos.
  13. Short Term Travelling Ideas.
  14. A Complete Guide for Newbie Travellers.
  15. X Must-See Places in X.
  16. Tips for Effective Bargains.
  17. Tips to Avoid Hidden Scams.
  18. Tips on Finding Reliable Travel Insurance.
  19. How to Book Flights.
  20. Survival Tips in the Forest.

Travel Planning Blog Post Ideas

Nerd Wallet travel blog

Nerd Wallet

  1. Ultimate Guide on Planning.
  2. Review Some Locations.
  3. X Locations to Visit This Summer/Winter.
  4. What to Pack When Visiting X.
  5. How to Stick to the Plans.
  6. Review Some Suitcases/Backpacks.
  7. List Some Money-Saving Travel Cards.
  8. Travel Essentials for X Place.
  9. How to Plan Your Budget.
  10. Best Hotels/Hostels in X City/Country.
  11. Packing Hacks to Make It Easier.
  12. How to Save Money on Airplanes, Hotels, and Commuting.
  13. Top Locations for Students/Budget Travellers.
  14. How to Blog and Travel Simultaneously.
  15. Organizing Suitcases or Backpacks.
  16. How to Convince Friends to Go With You.
  17. How to Ask the Boss for Extended Leave.
  18. X Things You Should Know About X Before Visiting.
  19. X Family-Friendly Locations in X City.
  20. Planning Tips From Personal Experiences.

Travel Safety and Security Blog Post Ideas

GoAbroad travel blog


  1. X Mistakes and What to Do After.
  2. Self-Care Routine While Travelling.
  3. Share a Healthy Eating Plan.
  4. Solo Travel Advice.
  5. Family Travel Advice.
  6. Must-Haves in Your Suitcase for Your Own Safety.
  7. Safest Places to Visit.
  8. Security Risks Checking Before Staying in a Hotel.
  9. X Red Flags to Spot a Scam.
  10. Lessons You Learned.
  11. Easy Ways to Learn a Foreign Language.
  12. Why You Should’ve Travel Insurance.
  13. Review Best Places for Family.
  14. Tips to Stay Comfortable in Long Hauls.
  15. List of Must-Have Important Documents.
  16. Emergency Numbers in Different Countries.
  17. Travel Apps to Always Stay Connected.
  18. What Not to Eat While on the Road.
  19. Must-Have Items in Your Medkit.
  20. Tips to Take Care of Pets While Travelling.

Money and Budget Travel Blog Post Ideas

Medium travel blog


  1. How to Save Money.
  2. How to Stretch a Budget.
  3. Budget-Friendly Locations.
  4. Inexpensive Hotels in X City.
  5. DIY Travel Hacks for Budget Travellers.
  6. Have More Fun While on Budget.
  7. How to Keep Track of the Budget.
  8. Unexpected Travel Costs and How to Avoid Them.
  9. Cars vs Trains vs Buses: Which One Is Worth It?
  10. DIY Alternative Travel Hacks to Save Money.
  11. Underrated Places to Travel.
  12. Free Travel Apps.
  13. Free Travel Books to Read.
  14. Guide: Book Trips From Credit Card Points.
  15. Guide: Currency Exchanges.
  16. Recommend Budget-Friendly Airlines.
  17. Travel Ideas in My Hometown
  18. Make Money While Travelling.
  19. Free Language Learning Resources.
  20. Budget-Friendly Travel Agencies.

Transportation Travel Blog Post Ideas

Travel + Leisure travel post ideas

Travel + Leisure

  1. What to Do on a Long Ride.
  2. Guide: Onboarding on a Plane.
  3. Review of Airlines You’ve Travelled With.
  4. How to Use Public Transport in X.
  5. X Modes of Transportation.
  6. Compare Transportation Prices in X.
  7. Free Rides From Strangers: When to Take, When to Avoid.
  8. Review Your Sailing Experiences.
  9. Guide: Saving Money on Transportation.
  10. Things to Know Before Booking a Flight/Cruise.
  11. Inexpensive Airlines in X.
  12. Cabs vs Bus vs Personal Car vs Rental Car: Which One Is Worth It?
  13. Best RV Vehicles.
  14. Best Trains in X.
  15. Guide: Avoiding Homesickness on Planes.
  16. Guide: Pre-booking a Limo.
  17. Guide: Countries With the Least Expensive Transportations.
  18. Guide: Free Road Trips.
  19. Guide: Asking for a Lift From a Stranger.
  20. Guide: Buying Your Own Car in X.

Travel Products and Gifts

Our Globetrotters travel blog

Our Globetrotters

  1. Guide: Finding a Gift for Your Travel Partner.
  2. Guide: Finding a Travel Affiliate.
  3. Your Favorite Travel Products.
  4. Expensive Travel Products and Their Alternatives.
  5. Must Have Travel Products.
  6. Travel Products to Avoid Carrying.
  7. Guide: Finding Under-Budget Travel Essentials.
  8. Bucket List for a Trip to X.
  9. Beauty Products Absolutely Have on Roads.
  10. Cool Gadgets Helpful on Travels.
  11. Review Some Travel Products.
  12. Guide: Finding Gifts on the Way Back Home in X.
  13. The Ultimate List of Essentials for Business Travel.
  14. Kids Essentials on Travels.
  15. Elderly Essentials on Travels.
  16. Legal Firearm to Carry.
  17. Products to Help in Cooking While Travelling.
  18. Quick Meals to Have With You.
  19. Travel Purses.
  20. Small Freezer for RV.

Travel Destination Blog Post Ideas

Pacaso travel blog


  1. Ultimate Travel Guide to X Place.
  2. X Things to Not Miss in X.
  3. Where to Eat In X.
  4. Best Hotels in X.
  5. Shopping Malls in X.
  6. X Things to Know Before Visiting X.
  7. X Things to Do in X When Bored.
  8. X Places to Never Visit in Winter.
  9. What to Pack for X.
  10. Review Some Places.
  11. Destinations for Couples.
  12. Romantic Date Places in X.
  13. Where You Should Stay In X for a Better View.
  14. Your Personal Favorite Places.
  15. Tips for a Specific Place.
  16. Budget-Friendly Destinations.
  17. Fun Facts About X.
  18. What You Can Do Within X Budget in X.
  19. Inexpensive Food Ideas in X.
  20. Luxurious Places in Different Countries.

Outdoor and Road Trip Travel Blog Post Ideas

The Uncorked Librarian travel blog

The Uncorked Librarian

  1. What to Do When Bored on Long Roads.
  2. Must-Haves for a Long Road Ahead
  3. X Roads to Never Take.
  4. Safest Routes to Take In X.
  5. Outdoor Spaces to Never Camp Around.
  6. Outdoor Fun Places in Your Hometown.
  7. Places to Visit for a Short Trip for a Family Outing.
  8. Cheering Places for Kids in X.
  9. Fun Games to Play on the Road.
  10. Emergency Situations and What to Do on the Road.
  11. Unique Camping Ideas.
  12. Outdoor Party Essentials.
  13. Cool Gadgets to Enhance the Fun in Outdoor Gatherings.
  14. Safest Routes for a Long Drive in X.
  15. Unsafe Places at Night in X.
  16. X Things to Cook at an Outdoor Party.
  17. Things to Avoid Doing on Roads.
  18. Apps to Track Weather.
  19. Books to Read on Long Road Trips.
  20. Outdoor Safe Places for a Date.

Luxury Travel Blog Post Ideas

The Venue Report travel blog

The Venue Report

  1. Finest Places to Visit on Earth.
  2. X Luxury Hotels in X.
  3. Guide: Everything About X.
  4. Luxurious Honeymoon Places.
  5. Epic Historic Places.
  6. Reasons You Need to Visit X.
  7. Five-Star Restaurants in X.
  8. Beautiful Locations for Instagram Photos.
  9. Guide to Fake Luxury Travel.
  10. Camera Equipment for Photos.
  11. The Best of X.
  12. Beautiful Beaches in X.
  13. Adventure Activities in X.
  14. Luxury Drinks in X.
  15. Trendy Date Ideas in X.
  16. New Travel Trends After COVID.
  17. The Fun Picks for Country Trips.
  18. Luxurious Spas in X.
  19. Pure Luxury Buildings and Architects to Visit in X.
  20. Guide: Book a Cruise.

Working Abroad Travel Blog Post Ideas

Verge Magazine travel post ideas

Verge Magazine

  1. Journey to X.
  2. What to Pack and Expect in X.
  3. Office Culture in X.
  4. X Fun Places to Visit in X After Office.
  5. Best Careers to Travel and Work Abroad.
  6. Jobs for Nomads.
  7. International Internships.
  8. Guide: Bring Your Car to X.
  9. Life in X After COVID.
  10. Online Teaching Jobs.
  11. Travel-Related Jobs in X.
  12. Ways to Earn a Living While Travelling.
  13. Lessons After Working Abroad.
  14. What to Keep In Mind Before Shifting Abroad.
  15. Guide: Socialize Without Learning a Language.
  16. Clichés About X Country.
  17. Hottest Jobs Right Now in X.
  18. Guide: Taking a Year Off.
  19. Guide: Decide the Right Country.
  20. Guide: To Go Nomad or Not to Go Nomad.

Lessons Learned After Travelling Blog Post Ideas

Finding Beyond travel blog

Finding Beyond

  1. X Lessons After X Years.
  2. X Mistakes and What I Learned.
  3. Why Not Fall for Free Stuff.
  4. X Lessons After Overspending.
  5. Alternatives to Expensive Items.
  6. Things I Wish I Knew Before Travelling to X.
  7. Why Do You Need a Vpn When Traveling?
  8. Time-Saving Hacks While Travelling.
  9. Travel Deal Sites.
  10. Travel Bloggers to Follow.
  11. Solved: Signs and Road Riddles
  12. Guide: What to Do When Caught up in a Quarrel Abroad.
  13. Sleeping Tips.
  14. Places You Thought Were Safe.
  15. Worst Experiences and How You Got Away.
  16. Travelling Scams to Not Fall For.
  17. Guide: How I Saved X When Visiting X.
  18. Guide: Ensure Great Experiences in X.
  19. New Travel Habits You Learned After Troubles.
  20. Epic Places You’ll Always Recommend.

Dos and Don’ts Travel Blog Posts

VisitorsCoverage travel blog


  1. Things to Always Pack When Going to X.
  2. X Things to Never Do in X.
  3. Things to Do When Bored.
  4. X Foods to Never Eat on the Road.
  5. Biggest Travel Mistakes to Avoid.
  6. What to Watch Out for When With Family?
  7. Why to Never Visit Solo to X?
  8. Personal Opinions on X.
  9. Why or Why Not Overtravel?
  10. Things I Wish I Had When I Travelled to X.
  11. Who Should Never Go to X.
  12. Why to Never Underestimate These Things While Travelling.
  13. Using Travel Gears Wrong.
  14. Travel Problems and What to Do Instead.
  15. Why or Why Not Never Ignore Affiliates.
  16. Never Fall for These Travel Scams.
  17. When to Take Photos and When to Avoid Them.
  18. Travel Pitfalls You Need to Be Prepared For.
  19. Report Officials Immediately if You Do These Things.
  20. Dos and Don’Ts of Interacting With Strangers.

You as a Traveller Travel Blog Posts

thisis mel drake travel blog

thisis mel drake

  1. Things I Loved About X.
  2. Things I Hated About X.
  3. Why I Love Travelling.
  4. Myths Busted About Travelling.
  5. Lifestyle of a Nomad.
  6. Personal Travel Tips I Always Give.
  7. Do I Regret Being a Travel Blogger?
  8. Dream Places on My Wish List.
  9. Practical Life Lessons Travelling Taught Me.
  10. The Best Thing About Being a Travel Blogger.
  11. How I Manage My Time.
  12. How Much I Make.
  13. Do I Have Advice on Starting a Travel Blog?
  14. My Personal Favorite Travel Bloggers.
  15. My Review of X.
  16. Pros and Cons of Being a Nomad.
  17. My Future Goals as a Travel Blogger.
  18. My Advice to New Travel Bloggers.
  19. Guide to My Hometown.
  20. Places I Regret Visiting.

Stuck at Home Travel Blog Post Ideas

Real Simple travel blog

Real Simple

  1. What Always Inspires Me to Travel?
  2. At-Home Daily Routine.
  3. Recipe Ideas at Home.
  4. Theme Party About X Place.
  5. DIY Ideas to Give Your Home a Specific Place Look.
  6. Future Planning for Travelling.
  7. Guide: How to Kill Boredom.
  8. Netflix Shows and Movies to Watch.
  9. My Worst and Best Experiences in X.
  10. Photos That Were Still Unpublished.
  11. My Embarrassing Encounters With Strangers.
  12. Guide: Visit Places Featured in Movies.
  13. Things I Can’t Forget About X Places.
  14. Reveal Studies Done on Travelling.
  15. Reveal Your First-Ever Trip.
  16. How Travelling Transformed My Life?
  17. Travel Crush.
  18. Weird Things I Tried.
  19. Things You Didn’t Know Existed Before Travelling.
  20. Guide: Make Holidays Fun Days

Entertainment Travel Blog Post Ideas

Conde Nast Travelling travel post ideas

Conde Nast Travelling

  1. Playlists for Road Trips.
  2. Party Ideas Near My Hometown.
  3. Guide: Entertain Yourself When Solo Travelling.
  4. Fun Places to Hang Out in X.
  5. Guide: Have Non-stop Fun on Trips.
  6. Netflix Shows to Watch in Tesla.
  7. Guide: Make Your Long Drive Fun.
  8. Guide: How to Keep Her Excited When Doing an Outdoor Night Out.
  9. Guide: Increase the Fun in Office Trips.
  10. Fun Game Ideas.
  11. Gadgets to Have While Travelling.
  12. Guide: Single Dad/Mom Ultimate Fun Ideas.
  13. New Things to Try in My Own Hometown.
  14. Weekend Travel Ideas.
  15. Increase Travelling Fun While on a Budget.
  16. Things to Try With Only X Money.
  17. Guide: Work and Travel, Achieve Balance.
  18. Prank Ideas With Friends.
  19. Fun New Things to Try.
  20. Gift Ideas for Holiday Travelling.

Niche Travel Blog Post Ideas

AllTrails travel blog


  1. Best Movie Theaters Around the Globe.
  2. Places for Spiritual Experience.
  3. Safe Places to Be Alone.
  4. Fitness Equipment to Take With You.
  5. Men/Women Traveling Blogs to Follow.
  6. Guide: Market Your Travel Blog.
  7. Isolated Locations for Couples.
  8. Luxurious Vacation Plans.
  9. Reliable Travel Companies.
  10. Economical Travel Companies for Families.
  11. Guide: Fly With Kids.
  12. Places Safe for LGBT+ Communities.
  13. Guide: Travel With Car.
  14. Guide: Travel With Elderly.
  15. Safe Hiking Spots for Families in X.
  16. Adventurous Risky Hiking Spots for Pros.
  17. Guide: Go Green While Travelling.
  18. Top Tips for International Travels.
  19. Your Encounter With a Celebrity.
  20. Unexpected Kind Gestures Experienced While Travelling.

Holiday Travelling Blog Post Ideas

Good Housekeeping travel blog

Good Housekeeping

  1. Guide: One-Day Holiday Trip in X.
  2. Weekend Trip Ideas.
  3. Christmas/Easter/Eid Travel Ideas.
  4. Holiday Trip Ideas for Family.
  5. Less Crowded Places During Holidays to Visit.
  6. Guide: Plan Your Holiday Trip to X.
  7. Gift Ideas for Christmas.
  8. Gifts for Travel Partners.
  9. Safety Guide for Holiday Travels With Kids.
  10. Best Festivals Around the World.
  11. Things Not Allowed in X Festivals.
  12. Best Places for a Valentine’s Date.
  13. Thanksgiving Outdoor Locations for the Whole Family.
  14. Holiday Spots Only for Couples.
  15. Earth Day Travelling Ideas.
  16. Guide: Get Extended Leave From Your Boss.
  17. Guide: Asking Your Parents for Permission to Travel at Weekends.
  18. Places Convincing Enough to Travel to in Summer Holidays.
  19. Guide: Asking Her Out for a Date at a National Park.
  20. What Holidays Are Best to Travel to X?

Restaurants and Nightlife Travel Blog Posts

Photography Course travel blog

Photography Course

  1. Guide: Eating Etiquettes in Restaurants.
  2. Eating Culture in X.
  3. Famous Dishes in X.
  4. Foods to Never Try in X.
  5. Jewish/Christians/Muslims Restaurants in X.
  6. Under Budget Night Stay Ideas.
  7. What to Do When the City Is Sleeping.
  8. Dangerous Cities During the Night.
  9. Safest Cities for Night Tours.
  10. Restaurants That Stay Open All Night in X.
  11. My Review of X Restaurants.
  12. Night-Time Fun Ideas.
  13. Photo Ideas at Night in the Street.
  14. Romantic Places for Couples at Night in X.
  15. Things to Never Do at Night When Travelling.
  16. Safest Routes to Take at Night in X.
  17. Guide: Night Tour With Family in X.
  18. Restaurants With the Best Customer Service in X.
  19. Outdoor Night Stay Ideas for Epic Sky View.
  20. Outdoor Restaurants for Night Stay.

Cuisine Travel Blog Post Ideas

Food&Wine travel blog


  1. Modern Cuisine in X.
  2. Outdoor Cooking Ideas.
  3. Recipe for a Dish With Fewer Ingredients.
  4. Making X With This New Recipe.
  5. Seasonal Recipes to Try During Travelling.
  6. What to Eat When You Don’t Feel Like It.
  7. Your Go-to Meals in X.
  8. Food Culture in X.
  9. BTS of You Making X.
  10. Cities You Loved the Food Of.
  11. Interview a Local Chef in a Restaurant.
  12. Famous Food and Its Benefits.
  13. Share Your Homemade Recipe.
  14. An Unhealthy Recipe Transformed Into a Healthier One During Travelling.
  15. Your Favorite Snacks on Travels.
  16. Trying a New Recipe.
  17. Guide: DIY Kitchen on Travels.
  18. Your Favorite Food Travel Bloggers.
  19. Fat Loss Meals While Travelling.
  20. Guide: Dine While Travelling.
  21. Guide: Measuring Your Meals.

Self-care and Health and Fitness Travel Blog Posts

Solo Traveler travel post ideas

Solo Traveler

  1. Healthy Sleeping Routine on Long Trips.
  2. Healthy Eating Routine.
  3. Guide: Travel With Fitness Equipment.
  4. DIY Cooking Hacks.
  5. Make-up Essential.
  6. Guide: Skincare in Hot Areas.
  7. Guide: Skincare After a Beach Trip.
  8. Vitamin Supplements for Travelling.
  9. Guide: Maintain Fitness During Travelling.
  10. Guide: Take Care of the Family While Travelling.
  11. Cheat Meals While Travelling.
  12. What to Avoid Eating.
  13. Places With Less Air Pollution.
  14. Hygiene Food Restaurants in X.
  15. Guide: Interact With Strangers.
  16. Streets to Never Visit in X.
  17. Comfortable Portable Mattresses.
  18. The Safest Place in X to Take a Break.
  19. Weather Apps to Plan Your Route.
  20. Solo Travel Safety Tips.

Inspirational Travel Blog Posts

Nomadic Matt travel blog

Nomadic Matt

  1. Reasons You’re Inspired to Travel Every Day.
  2. Travelling Experience You’ll Never Forget.
  3. Quotes on Travelling and Exploring Nature.
  4. Advice to Wanna-Be Travellers.
  5. Your Personality: Before and After You Started Travelling.
  6. Travelling and Spiritual Connection.
  7. Wonders of the World You Witnessed.
  8. Travel Stories Worth Sharing.
  9. Unexpected Encounters and Practical Life Lessons.
  10. Kind Strangers You Met Around the World.
  11. Beautiful Memories in X With Your Partner.
  12. Layman’s Guide to Travelling.
  13. Reasons Everyone Should Travel.
  14. Travelling Trends and Insights.
  15. Share What You’ve Learned.
  16. Your Favorite Trips.
  17. Unseen in Your Hometown.
  18. Travel Quotes You Love.
  19. Travel Advise You Heard and You Want to Pass On.
  20. Share Stories of Fellow Bloggers.

Terrifying Travel Experiences Blog Posts

AlfredCamera travel blog


  1. Cities I Regret Visiting.
  2. Encounter With a ‘Con’ Artist.
  3. Scammed and Realized Later.
  4. Travel Agencies to Never Trust.
  5. Haunted Locations in X.
  6. Dangerous Cities for Female Bloggers.
  7. Travel Stories That Haunt at Night.
  8. Guide: Spot a Creep and Get Away Quickly.
  9. Characters to Never Trust.
  10. Unsafe Locations for Families.
  11. Horrible Hiking Tracks to Stay Away From.
  12. Guide: What to Do After Getting Mugged.
  13. Experience That You’ll Never Forget.
  14. Guide: Spot a Creepy Hotel Before Staying In.
  15. Dangerous Animals to Stay Away From.
  16. The Time I Was Left Alone in X.
  17. Near-Death Accidents.
  18. The Time You Got Away From Crooks.
  19. Places to Never Visit, Even With Friends.
  20. Deep Caves to Never Dive Into.

Travel Companies Blog Post Ideas

Trip Canvas travel blog

Trip Canvas

  1. List of Travel Agencies to Trust.
  2. Best Travel Companies in X.
  3. My Review of X.
  4. Reasons Why You Might Need a Travel Agency.
  5. Guide: Book a Travel Company.
  6. Under Budget Travel Companies for Family Trips.
  7. Guide: Spot a Fake Travel Agency.
  8. Travel Companies to Get Affiliated With.
  9. Guide: Get Travel Insurance.
  10. Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance.
  11. Travel Companies for Small Businesses.
  12. Save X With Travel Insurance.
  13. Is X Agency Safe? Guide.
  14. Plan a Trip With Google Maps.
  15. Small Business Travel Ideas for Employees.
  16. Hire a Photographer in X.
  17. Eco-Friendly Travel Products Companies.
  18. Travel Medical Insurance Companies.
  19. Best Adventure Companies.
  20. Businesses That Support an Independent Lifestyle.

On a Budget Travel Blog Posts Ideas

The Professional Hobo travel blog

The Professional Hobo

  1. Guide: Fly and Travel for Free.
  2. Genius Ideas to Travel Under Budget.
  3. Travel More on a Smaller Budget.
  4. Guide: Cut Unexpected Costs.
  5. Guide: Smart Use of Vpn.
  6. New Apps to Explore Cities Bag-Free.
  7. Comparisons: Hotels vs Motels vs Hostels.
  8. Negotiation Tips.
  9. Guide: Full Under-Budget Tour of X.
  10. Island Trip on a Budget.
  11. Remote Jobs While Travelling.
  12. Financial Plan For Going Complete Digital Nomad.
  13. Remain Financially Stable as a Full Time Traveller.
  14. Guide: Get Free Accommodation.
  15. Travel Cards to Get Rewards and Cashbacks.
  16. Minimalist Packing List to Avoid Costs.
  17. Best Under-Budget Luggage.
  18. Travel on a Fixed Budget.
  19. Guide: Filing Taxes.
  20. Personal Secrets to Save Money While Travelling.

Travel Photography Blog Post Ideas

A World to Travel travel post ideas

A World to Travel

  1. Epic Photo Locations in X.
  2. Guide: Sell Your Photo Prints.
  3. Guide: Take Better Photos With Your IPHONE.
  4. Guide: Take Photos With Dslrs.
  5. Best Website for Travel Photos.
  6. Photography Travel Blogs You Follow.
  7. Where Do You Take Photo Inspiration?
  8. Find a Better View for Photos in X.
  9. Must-Visit Photography Spots in X.
  10. Instagramish Photo Locations in X.
  11. Guide: Make Money With Photography While Travelling.
  12. Professional Camera Gear List.
  13. Couple Photo Ideas on the Road.
  14. Professional Portrait Photo Locations in X.
  15. Professional Landscape Photo Locations in X.
  16. Photo Editing Apps.
  17. Guide: Take Pictures in Crowded Places.
  18. Guide: What Camera Gear Do You Need?
  19. Guide: Take Better Self-Portraits.
  20. DIY Travel Photo Hacks.

Interview Travel Blog Post Ideas

HuffPost travel blog post


  1. Guide: Interview Blog Post Template.
  2. My Interview With X.
  3. Experts Tips on Travelling.
  4. Guide: Lead Interview Effectively.
  5. Guide: Questions to Ask.
  6. Guide: Find Influencers to Interview.
  7. An Unexpected Encounter With Another Travel Blogger.
  8. X Questions With X.
  9. X Burning Questions Answered Related to Travelling.
  10. X Travel Blogger Through My Lens.
  11. My Collaboration With X Travel Blogger.
  12. Travel Blogger Interviews You Love.
  13. What You Learned Following Fellow Bloggers.
  14. Revealing Behind the Camera Secrets of X Blogger.
  15. Answering Your Personal Questions About Me.
  16. Honest Answers to X Questions About Travelling.
  17. X Things Traveller Bloggers Are Hiding From You.
  18. Myths on Digital Nomads’ Life.
  19. Interview Strangers on the Road, Then Publish.
  20. Famous Celebrities Who Went Complete Nomads.

Eco-Friendly Travel Blog Posts

The Momentum travel blog post

The Momentum

  1. Eco-Friendly Products to Use During Travelling.
  2. Recyclable Products to Use.
  3. Ways to Travel Eco-Friendly.
  4. Sustainable Airlines.
  5. Save the Planet While Travelling.
  6. Atmosphere Resorts to Stay At.
  7. Green Travel Resources.
  8. Guide: Apps to Check Your Flight’s Carbon Footprint.
  9. Secret Natural Places to Visit.
  10. Places Soon to Be Demolished.
  11. Secret Islands to Visit.
  12. Things to Avoid Sustaining Our Planet.
  13. Eco-Luxury Hotels.
  14. Guide: Full Eco-Friendly Travel Plan to X.
  15. Luxury Treehouses in X.
  16. Go Green Trends to Keep an Eye On.
  17. Guide: Save Species While Travelling.
  18. Travelling Lessons From COVID.
  19. Guide: Spot if the Hotel Is Truly Eco-Friendly.
  20. Eco-Hotels in the Heart of Nature.

Solo Travel Blog Posts

Rough Guides travel blog post

Rough Guides

  1. River Cruises for Solo.
  2. Solo Travel Places.
  3. Insider Tips for Solo Travellers.
  4. Budget-Friendly Hotels for Solo.
  5. Guide: How to Enjoy Your Own Company.
  6. Why Solo Travel Is the Best.
  7. Solo Travel Safety Tips.
  8. Travel Freebies for Solo Travellers.
  9. Money-Saving Tips for Solo Travellers.
  10. Guide: Entertainment Ideas When Alone.
  11. Guide: Travel and Get Paid.
  12. Travel Costs in X for One Person.
  13. Safest Places for Female Solo Travellers.
  14. Lessons Learned After Travelling Solo for X Years.
  15. Is Life Interesting While Travelling Solo?
  16. Guide: Manage Everything Travelling Solo.
  17. Personal Solo Female Travel Advice.
  18. Is It Safe to Travel Around the World Solo?
  19. Getting Started With Solo Travelling.
  20. Guide: Hike Solo.

Hometown Travel Blog Posts

Vox travel blog post


  1. X Things You Could Always Do X.
  2. Guide: Spend a Perfect Weekend in X.
  3. Insta Spots in X.
  4. Places I Never Knew Existed in My Own Hometown.
  5. My Favorite Things About My Hometown.
  6. Short Road Trip Ideas in X.
  7. A Time When Traffic Is Less in X for a Peaceful Drive.
  8. Fun Travel Ideas in Your Own Hometown X.
  9. Ways to Be a Tourist in Your Own Home Town.
  10. Eat and Review Restaurants in Your Own Hometown.
  11. Stay at a Hotel in Your Own Hometown, Write a Review.
  12. Create a Visitors’ Guide for Your Home Town.
  13. Take Tourist Style Photos in Your Own Hometown, and Publish.
  14. Historic Places, Libraries, and Buildings in X.
  15. New Businesses in X.
  16. Collab With Other Bloggers in Your Hometown.
  17. Set up a Meet-up With Fans or Followers in a Restaurant.
  18. Shopping Guide in X.
  19. Talk About Fashion Trends in X.
  20. Talk About Repair Shops in Your Hometown to Help Visitors.

Long-Distance Relationship Travel Blog Posts

Good Housekeeping travel post ideas

Good Housekeeping

  1. Guide: Travel to Her Country, Things to Pack.
  2. Guide: Texting Routines in Different Time Zones.
  3. Guide: What to Do on the First Visit.
  4. Gifts for Him/Her for the First Visit.
  5. Guide: Travel as a Couple.
  6. Vacation Plan With a Long-Distance Partner.
  7. Online Date Ideas.
  8. Guide: Asking Him/Her for the First Meet-up.
  9. Is He/She Busy or I’m Overthinking?
  10. Guide: Saying Goodbye Till the Next Meet-up.
  11. Guide: On Closing Distance.
  12. Benefits of Ldr.
  13. Guide: Propose Over the Call.
  14. Guide: On Choosing Where to Live After Getting Closer.
  15. Guide: Preparing for Her/His Arrival.
  16. Guide: Cope With Long-Distance Syndrome.
  17. Online Gifts for Her/Him.
  18. Cute Texts for Her/Him.
  19. Guide: Plan a Surprise Visit.
  20. X Harsh Realities About Ldr.

Travelling with Pets Blog Post Ideas

The Wildest travel blog post

The Wildest

  1. Where to Stay With a Pet.
  2. Guide: Fly With a Pet.
  3. Guide: Taking Care of Pets on Long Roads.
  4. Guide: Must-Haves for Your Pet While Travelling.
  5. Guide: Becoming a Good Pet Daddy/Mommy While Travelling.
  6. Dog-Friendly Places to Visit in X.
  7. Pet-Friendly Trips for Summer.
  8. Guide: Hiking With Pet(s)
  9. Hotels Where Pets Stay Safe and Free.
  10. Guide: Enjoying With a Pet on a Beach.
  11. Guide: Keeping Pets Safe Near River Banks.
  12. Watch Out for X Things When Travelling With Pets.
  13. Cat-Friendly/Dog-Friendly Activities During the Night.
  14. Places Cats/Dogs Love.
  15. Guide: Keeping Your Pet Busy and Safe While You’re Working.
  16. Guide: Health Risks for Pets and What to Do.
  17. Guide: Pet Allergies and Meds.
  18. Guide: Making a DIY Toy for Your Pet.
  19. Guide: Getting It Involved With Other Pets/Strangers.
  20. Guide: Pet’s Poop Schedule and How to Always Keep Clean.

Where to Stay Travel Blog Post Ideas

The Family Vacation Guide travel blog post

The Family Vacation Guide

  1. Where to Stay In X.
  2. Safest Places for Solo Female Travelers to Stay In X.
  3. Don’t Stay In X Locations in X.
  4. Money-Saving One-Week Guide on Staying in X.
  5. Guide: Get a Free Hotel Stay In X.
  6. DIY Camping Hacks.
  7. Safest Locations to Camp in X Forest.
  8. Things to Keep In Mind Before Staying.
  9. Camping Essential List.
  10. Luxury Places to Stay In X.
  11. Safe Guest Houses for Couples in X.
  12. Get Accommodation Cheap.
  13. Guide: Finding the Just Perfect Hotel.
  14. Guide: Staying With Pets.
  15. Avoid Staying in These Bad Hostels.
  16. Guide: Luxury Hotel Etiquettes.
  17. Guide: The Best and Worst Time to Stay.
  18. Guide: Pre-booking Your Stay.
  19. Guide: Comfortable Ways to Stay In RV.
  20. Guide: Staying In Religious Places.

Fashion Travel Blog Post Ideas

Travel Fashion Girl travel blog post

Travel Fashion Girl

  1. Guide: Choosing Your Luggage.
  2. Guide: Choosing Electronic Items.
  3. Guide: Choosing the Right Shoes.
  4. Guide: Choosing What to Wear on Different Occasions.
  5. Guide: Clothing Culture in X.
  6. Where to Get the Best Travel Outfits and Other Items?
  7. Guide: Minimalist Packing.
  8. Vegan Skincare Routine.
  9. Style Guide for X.
  10. Ways to Wear X.
  11. DIY Hacks for Fashion Wear.
  12. Fashion Magazines to Read While Travelling.
  13. Best Brands in X for Under-Budget Clothes.
  14. Current Fashion Trends in X.
  15. Summer/Winter Outfits.
  16. Guide: Makeup on the Road.
  17. Fashion Photo-Shoot Ideas.
  18. What’s in My Portable Wardrobe?
  19. Guide: Affordable Fashion for Travellers.
  20. What to Pack for X?

Volunteering Abroad Travel Blog Posts

Gapforce travel blog post


  1. Ways to Work and Travel.
  2. Opportunities in X.
  3. Benefits of Volunteering Abroad in Your Career.
  4. Jobs After Volunteering for X Years/Months.
  5. Free Internships for Travellers to Get Job Experience.
  6. Guide: Creating a Funding Organization.
  7. Guide: Creating a Movement to Save Trees.
  8. Benefits of Building a Network Abroad.
  9. Things to Know Before Volunteering Abroad.
  10. Guide: Studying and Volunteering in X.
  11. Guide: Make Money While Volunteering.
  12. Guide: Discovering a Trustable Organization to Partner With.
  13. Guide: Become an Aid Worker Abroad.
  14. Guide: Volunteering at School.
  15. Things You Learned After Volunteering for X Months/Years.
  16. A Day in the Life of an Abroad Volunteer.
  17. Guide: What to Do When Missing Home.
  18. Guide: Creating a Positive Motto and Spreading It.
  19. Why Did You Choose to Volunteer in X?
  20. What’s It Like to Live In X?

Seasonal Travel Blog Posts

Our Escape Clause travel post ideas

Our Escape Clause


  1. Guide: Planning a Trip to X This Summer.
  2. Summer Places to Visit Under Budget.
  3. Best Beaches to Visit This Summer.
  4. Family-Friendly Festivals Around the World.
  5. Best Cities to Celebrate X This Summer.
  6. Summer Fashion Trends This Year.
  7. Outfits for the Beach.
  8. Summer Hairstyle on the Road.
  9. Guide: Treat Sunburn.
  10. Cool Places to Travel in Summer.


  1. Unseen Romantic Locations in Winters.
  2. Winter Vacation Travel Plan.
  3. Frozen Lakes/Beaches to Visit This Winter.
  4. Short Winter Trip With Kids.
  5. Winter Outfits During Travelling.
  6. Where Is It Snowing Near X?
  7. Safety Tips in Winters While Travelling.
  8. Guide: Get the Best Out of This Winter in X.
  9. Guide: Make Your Home a Winter Wonderland.
  10. Places to Hike in Winter.


  1. Fall Travel Bucket List.
  2. Beautiful Locations to Travel to in the Fall.
  3. Haunted Towns to Visit This Halloween.
  4. Brands Ideal for Travel Black Friday Deals.
  5. Where Were You Last Year at This Time of the Year?
  6. Dream Places to Visit in the Fall.
  7. Restaurants for Thanksgiving Parties in X.
  8. Fall Travel Style Guide.
  9. Scenic Hikes in Fall.
  10. X Things to Do in Your City This Fall.


  1. Best Locations for Spring Road Trips.
  2. Best Flowery Scenes in Spring in X.
  3. Where to Travel This Spring Break?
  4. Packing Essentials for Spring.
  5. Locations to Spend Easter Outdoors.
  6. Spring Travel Plan.
  7. Get the Best Out of This Spring Trip.
  8. Airlines Offering Discounts This Spring.
  9. Where to Spend Earth Day This Summer?
  10. Your Favorite Spring Outdoor Activities.

4 Ways to Categorize Your Travel Blog Posts

Categorizing content will help your audience find the needed travel content ideas easily, leading to more engagement time for your blog. Plus, it will also be easier for you to plan a better content strategy for travel topics.

So, you definitely need to categorize your travel content. Here are four major travel blog posts categories to start with:

  • Destinations: Talk about locations, what to expect, about the weather, the best things about them, and more. There are tons of variations for travel blog topics.
  • Tips: Publish travel posts ideas like tips, tricks, DIY hacks, either from personal experience or someone else’s.
  • How-to Guides: Write journey guides on specific locations or anything that answers travel queries in detail. This is one of the best travel post ideas.
  • Photography: Publish travel photos, either yours or landscapes. It's not only about topics for travel blog, it's also about visuals. Use a digital lookbook to showcase all your photos.

You can create as many as you want to depend upon the style of your blog. So, unique travel blog posts will boost your content. For example, products you endorse, airlines you’re affiliated with, wish lists, money-saving tips, collabs, interviews, and more. Anything that helps filter content for your travel blog post.

Brief Guide: Where Can You Find New Travel Blog Post Ideas Every time?

The ideas come to an end, eventually. So, you need to keep up with inspiration to help yourself with travel posts ideas. Discover the below-mentioned platforms and methods to find new in-demand travel blog post ideas:

Social Media and Public Forums

Explore traveling groups, communities, and forums on Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram, or anywhere on the Internet. See what people are commenting, posting, and asking. Those platforms are perfect for finding travel content ideas.

Analyze their problems, and create helpful posts, it will make your travel topics outstanding and creative. For better reach, track hashtags on each platform. You can even ask them about new blog post ideas. This is our secret on how to find the best travel content out there!


Search for your competitors, and see their post archives. Browse their travel blog topics. Analyze what keywords or questions they’re targeting to help their audience. You can target the same, but with your own flavor, and experience. Visit Feedspot to find your competitors and come up with fresh travel post ideas.

Google Trends

Google trends is a tool developed by Google to track the latest trends in every industry, so you won't miss relevant topics for travel blog. Use this tool to track search terms of your audience and create better relevant content. If you don’t know how to use it, Google also offers free training. Visit here. So, Google Trends will hint at some good ideas for your travel blog posts.

Keyword Research

Keyword research tools generate travel blog post topics within seconds, along with search volume matrixes so you can plan a better content strategy.

Use to discover low-competition travelling keywords to rank on Google, and help your audience at the same time because it will help to come up with new and relevant travel topics. Start with a free month trial to see how fast and better it helps. Follow this step and your travel content game will completely change.

Industry Leaders

You can also find blog post inspiration from businesses within the travel and tourism industry. These companies will regularly post travel-related content on their internal blogs or resource pages, which might include travel guides, safety tips, or advice about living and working abroad. So you can browse some cool travel content ideas from them! And make sure you don't steal travel posts ideas. Make your travel blog topics as authentic as possible.

A global employment expert such as Remote, for example — which helps businesses hire employees from overseas through its employer of record service — may publish content on the best travel destinations for digital nomads or guides to the countries with the best work-life balance. This suggestion will help you a lot to come up with the best travel post ideas.

Did You Get the Travel Blog Post Ideas You Were Looking for?

How many ideas did you love, and are going to create content around…right now? Topics for travel blog are easy and fun to generate.

Comment below and let us know if we helped you with your travel blog posts.

Also, here’s a life hack: add this page to your ‘bookmarks’, to steal travel blog post ideas anytime you feel stuck in the future.

Hope you'll nail your travel blog post with our suggestions.