Thinking of starting a travel blog but stuck at choosing your blog’s name?

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Discover below long lists of travel blog name ideas of all kinds, some expert tips, and a domain registry guide. These travel names are going to be a simple and straightforward post to help you out quickly.

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283 Best Travel Blog Name Ideas to Get Started With Your Blog

Here you’ll find name ideas related to every sub-niche so you can filter the desired one for you:

Clever Travel Blog Names

  1. Wandering Tales
  2. Rambling Machine
  3. Meeting Strangers
  4. Travelling the Hell Out
  5. Travel Energy
  6. Clever Traveller
  7. Spreading Positive Energy
  8. Bounded With Travelling
  9. Sneaky Traveller
  10. Creating Stories
  11. Epic Locationer
  12. Sailing the Globe
  13. Revealing Unseen
  14. PM/Am Traveller
  15. Globe by My Lens
  16. This Guy Travels
  17. Unstoppable Traveller
  18. Visionary Traveller
  19. Risky Routes20. 360 Travels
  20. Sneaky Travels
  21. Now I’m Travelling
  22. Tour Vibes
  23. Unplanned Trips
  24. Somewhere Bewhere

Creative Travel Blog Names

  1. Travelling Everywhere
  2. Discovering New Routes
  3. Tale of a Wanderer
  4. Travelling Breakthroughs
  5. Travelling Magic
  6. Journeys Remastered
  7. Tuning Travelling Frequency
  8. Vibing Wanderlust
  9. Peace in Jungles
  10. Insightful Traveller
  11. Fantasy of a Road
  12. Fancy Nomad
  13. Cheering Trips
  14. To the Other End
  15. Exploring Every Bit
  16. Writing and Travelling
  17. Sailing Silently
  18. Adventures of Nature
  19. Discovering Islands
  20. Everywhereist Blog
  21. Travel Banger
  22. Riding Long Roads
  23. I’ll Be Back

Cool Travel Blog Names

  1. Genz Traveller
  2. Where Next?
  3. Breaking the Boundaries
  4. Travelling Marvel
  5. Spidy Traveller
  6. Coffee of All Continents
  7. Travelgramer
  8. Tik Tok Traveller
  9. New Friends Everywhere
  10. Perfection Wandering
  11. Adventures Unseen
  12. Blogging Every City
  13. Travel Fetish
  14. ‘Name’ the Explorer
  15. Fast Traveller
  16. Wild Energy Everywhere
  17. Travelling Infusion
  18. High on Trips
  19. Jet Set Go
  20. Discovering Soul
  21. Unforgettable Places
  22. Breathtaking Views
  23. Nature Buzzfeed
  24. Travellers’ Netflix

Cute Travel Blog Names

  1. Travelling for Her/Him
  2. Cutie on Roads
  3. Blushing Everywhere
  4. Travelling Blossom
  5. Dating Everywhere
  6. Travelling Barefoot
  7. Good Vibes Travels
  8. Inspiring Routes
  9. Journeys Loved]
  10. Beautiful Blondy Travels
  11. Meeting Awesome People
  12. Discovering Planet’s Cuteness
  13. Capturing Insider Nature
  14. Undiscovered Faces
  15. Napping on Flights
  16. Travelling to Grandma
  17. Couple Trips
  18. Single Travels
  19. Date From the Other End
  20. Everyday Holiday
  21. Started Younger
  22. Cute ‘Name’ Travels
  23. Being Cute on Roads
  24. Travelling Slow and Fast

Funny Travel Blog Names

funny travel names

Funny names are good to remember

  1. Hell Yeah Travels
  2. Later Traveller
  3. Packing Not Again
  4. Freebie Traveller
  5. Left Home
  6. Travelling After Getting Fired
  7. Never Coming Back
  8. Met Her/Him on Road
  9. Dating in Every City
  10. Never Calm Keep Travelling
  11. Shit Gets Crazier
  12. Long Way to Antarctica
  13. Go Travel or Die
  14. Travel Geek
  15. Google Map Traveller
  16. Lost Cuz of Apple Maps
  17. No Gps Traveller
  18. Low on Battery Traveller
  19. What’s the Point of Homes?
  20. Gta Traveller
  21. Late for Train
  22. Hotels Living
  23. Jazzed Up Tours

Inspirational Travel Blog Names

  1. Thoughtful Traveller
  2. Traveller Insider
  3. Discovering Spirituality
  4. Perfect Herb Everywher
  5. Completed After Travelling
  6. True Joy Travel Joy
  7. Reporting Cities
  8. Helping While Travelling
  9. Spreading Love on Roads
  10. Fragrant Traveller
  11. Nature and Travelling
  12. Lost on Hills
  13. Spiritual Infusion
  14. Saving Soul Travelling
  15. Everyday Epic
  16. Reaching Globe
  17. Travelling Earth
  18. Earth Preview
  19. Reviewing Places
  20. Trips for Soul
  21. Volunteer Traveller
  22. Meeting Nature
  23. Nature’s Muse

Catchy Travel Blog Names

  1. Journeys Postponed
  2. Future Nomad
  3. Travelling to Mars
  4. Discovering Ufos on Earth
  5. Always Awake Traveller
  6. Travelling Till 3AM
  7. Trips Unforgettable
  8. Making Memories Everyday
  9. Discovering Mermaids
  10. Discovering Haunted Spots
  11. Running Out of Locations
  12. Travelling With Snacks
  13. Discovering Adventure Ideas
  14. Learning Lessons Travelling
  15. Non-stop Road Trips
  16. Never-Ending Trip/Journey
  17. Babyboomer Traveller
  18. Traveller Feed
  19. Fusing Travelling Passion
  20. Go Travelling or Get Bored

Study Abroad Travel Blog Ideas

  1. Homecoming Trips
  2. Abroad Travelling
  3. To Study or Travel
  4. The Student Abroad
  5. Feeling Home Abroad
  6. Nomad Student
  7. Culture Driven
  8. Student Adventures
  9. Adventures Abroad
  10. Collage Adventures
  11. Let’s Travel and Study
  12. The Explorer Student
  13. Introvert Student Abroad
  14. To Study or Roa
  15. Collage Nomad
  16. Backpacker Traveller
  17. Finding a Career and Travelling
  18. Becoming Local Abroad
  19. Study Goals and Tours
  20. From X to X.

And remember that traveling is only one part of the journey when you study. You can also share information about scholarships, educational standards and essay help for students’ sites that will come to rescue. So keep it in mind, when you choose a topic.

General Best Travel Blog Name Ideas

  1. Eveywhereist Wanderer
  2. Sane Traveller
  3. Travelling Aqua
  4. Travelman
  5. Travelwoman
  6. Exploring Every City
  7. Farther I Can Reach
  8. Devoted Traveller
  9. Made to Travel
  10. Travelling Everyday
  11. Reaching New Places
  12. Diary in Every City
  13. Born to Wander
  14. Roaming Without Net
  15. Tours Unplanned
  16. Travelling Strikes
  17. Blog for Wannabe Travellers
  18. Insider Travel Advice
  19. Epic Travelling Adventures
  20. Planning a Trip Every Day

Couple Travel Blog Name Ideas

  1. Vacation With Her/Him
  2. Partners Everywhere
  3. Couple Travellers
  4. Tale of Travel Couple
  5. Together Every Corner
  6. Flying With Her/Him
  7. Making Memories on Roads
  8. Dating on Road
  9. Romancing Outdoors
  10. Couple Travel Guide
  11. Adventures of a Couple
  12. Mr. And Mrs. Travel
  13. Loving Roads
  14. Roaming Couples
  15. Finding Love on Earth
  16. Romance We Share on Roads
  17. Together in 7 Continents
  18. This Trip Should Never End
  19. Discovering Places With Her/Him
  20. Where Next, Honey?
  21. Making Out Everywhere We Go

Food and Travel Blog Name Ideas

  1. Exploring the Taste
  2. Recipe of Globe
  3. Foodie Traveller
  4. Food of Every City
  5. Discovering Hidden Ingredients
  6. Eating Everywhere
  7. Finding Taste of the Bud
  8. Adventurer and Foodie
  9. DIY Food and Travelling
  10. Reviewing Dishes Everywhere
  11. Finding Five-Star Food
  12. Famous Cuisine in Cities
  13. Exploring Historic Recipes
  14. Tasting Cultural Food
  15. Me Travelling Appetite
  16. Traveller Meets Hunger
  17. In Love With Eating and Roaming
  18. Eat Travel Live
  19. Finding Hidden Tastes
  20. Taste Hunter

Solo Female Travel Blog Name Ideas

Solo female travel blog

Choose something memorable

  1. She Explores
  2. Sole Female Roamer
  3. Adventurous ‘Name’
  4. Restless ‘Name’
  5. This Gal Travels
  6. ‘Name’ in Wonderland
  7. Young and Adventurous
  8. Dangerous Beauty
  9. Journey Alone
  10. Your Travelling Muse
  11. Solo Travel Star
  12. I Am ‘Name’
  13. ‘Name’ on a Journey
  14. Solo Female Gulliver
  15. ‘Name’ and the Earth
  16. Wandering Her Way
  17. She’s After Adventures
  18. Travel Moodswing
  19. Girl on Globe
  20. Her Travel Diary

Family Travel Blog Name Ideas

  1. Whole Family Travels
  2. Family on a Trip
  3. A Family Journey
  4. Tale of a Roaming Family
  5. Family Left for Good
  6. Living on the Road
  7. Never-Ending Family Trip
  8. Family Travel Adventures
  9. Epic Destinations With Family
  10. On Roads With Kids
  11. Family Travel Tales
  12. Raising Them on Roads
  13. Fam Goes Out
  14. Fam Explores Earth
  15. Fam Outdoor Tales
  16. Nomad Family
  17. Travel With Naughty Ones
  18. Fam Expeditions
  19. Me and These 2/3/4/X
  20. Ultimate Family Travel

Quick Fix: Use Travel Blog Names Generator

If you want travel blog name ideas displayed within seconds, use one of the name blog generators.

Here’s how to use Nameboy the smart way:

  • Visit Nameboy.
  • On the top right corner, you’ll find “all generator tools”. Point your mouse there, and from the drop-down menu, make sure it’s selected as “blog name generator”.
  • Now come up with some words related to travelling, and make a short list. Use thesaurus or travelling glossary on google to find words. This can help in brainstorming unique travel names.
  • Now, enter 2 or 3 words in the box where it says to. Click ‘submit’. You’ll get lists of travel names displayed instantly. Find the ones you love.
  • Repeat by adding new words. Make different combinations.

Do this for a few minutes, you’ll discover better ideas to help you kick start.

13 Tips: How to Come Up With a Good Travel Blog Name

Below you’ll find expert tips on creating a memorable travel blog name. Read some advice and some dos and don’ts to follow:

1. Don’t Use Hyphens, Numbers, Characters, or Wrong Spellings

Using characters, numbers, hyphens, or punctuations can give you a hard time remembering and searching for your travel website names. There are already too many blogs, businesses, and pages that your audience follows or sees in their feeds.

So why not give them something catchy yet easy to spell or write so they can remember you? Plus, simple names are good for branding. Ever seen a big brand with travel website names flowered with characters, hyphens, or numbers? No? That’s the reason.

2. Foresee Years Ahead

Keep in mind your personality, future plans, and goals when choosing travel website names. Why? Because here’s how these factors can affect your blog’s name: if you choose a name just because it’s catchy, but you don’t vibe with it, you’ll eventually tire yourself of creating content around it. Or, it won’t match with the type of person you’ll present yourself in the content.

Plus, when it comes to your goals, where are you traveling? Sticking to your hometown only or planning to roam around the world?

For example, if you choose ‘travel tales of los angeles’, the outside audience might be less excited about your blog’s name or simply won’t care. Also, it will be difficult for you to target global audiences.

So, be mindful of everything beforehand.

3. Brainstorming Helps

You’re aware already that you can brainstorm a name for your travel blog, then why is it in the top tips list? Well, because we tend to overlook it when thinking of travel name ideas.

Partly, because of being lazy. We google everything in a snap. But, hear this out; a lot of awesome travel name ideas come during brainstorming. That’s why businesses spend hours in brainstorming meetings, for example.

So, take your time, relax, and brainstorm ideas while on a morning walk in a nearby park. That time of the day is when the mind is fresh, distractions are less; who knows, you might click something epic. Another great way to get your creativity flowing is using an AI writing software to generate names.

4. Check Other Travel Bloggers

Take inspiration and see what’s already working by hovering over other successful travel bloggers. Rephrasing already used names can be a quick fix, too. For example, ‘*name* explores’. Visit feedspot to discover your competitors and gather more travel name ideas.

5. Find a Keyword Inspired Name

Finding a better keyword-inspired name, especially travel nicknames, can be a tricky business. But, if you become successful doing so, here’s how you’ll have an advantage: your audience will qualify you as a blog of their interest instantly.

Find a keyword for a blog name

Name can be keyword-inspired

Plus, search engines will easily qualify you as a travel blog and might even rank you higher in related search terms. Combine these two benefits: you’ve a better reach, faster.

6. Mix, Match, or Find Rhyming Words

Explore glossaries of travelling, discover new words in dictionaries and thesaurus, or put your middle name before or after a word.

When thinking about travel nicknames, mix, match, and crossbreed words. Generate something new. It doesn’t necessarily need to be meaningful: but it should be catchy, simple, and relevant.

Examples: Google, sony, and Kodiak are meaningless words, but behind these words, are amazing brands of all time. When searching for travel nicknames, visit thesaurus, wordhippo, and rhymer for this one.

7. Stay Away From Overused Names and Clichés

Overused names and clichés don’t create hype or interest. Your audience is probably used to them. There’s a chance they might even simply ignore after seeing your blog’s name. For instance, ‘travel blogger’ is a lot less exciting than ‘roaming in magic lands’. But catchy travel names can make a difference.

So, stay far away from clichés and generalities. Put some thoughts and research into catchy travel names, and create something specific that stands out.

8. Descriptive, Verb-Driven, or Statement-Driven Name Can Be Powerful

Names like ‘let’s do travelling’, ‘exploring asia’, or ‘tales of frozen lakes’ can be moving and powerful. These names drag the visitors in. Verb-driven names contain call to action, which feels inviting and powerful.

Plus, descriptive names paint a picture: see an example, tales of frozen lakes; this name presents the exact picture, gives something to imagine what the blog is about. Also, people who’re in love with frozen lakes will be instantly drawn towards your blog because of such catchy travel names.

So, try to put some interest through call to action or presenting a clear picture.

9. Go With Anything Unique, Easy to Read, and Pronounceable

This tip is also closely related to #1. Something that’s easy to pronounce and unique has also the tendency to be memorable. When considering luxury travel blog names, this aspect becomes even more vital. People from different areas of the world will see your blog’s name; after all, you’re a travel blogger.

Picture this: if someone non-English in another corner of the world asks about luxury travel blog names while travelling, you tell them, and what if it’s really hard to get on the tongue for them?

Think that deep and big already. Keep it short, less than 15 characters. Something that even a 7-year-old can read and pronounce. You’ll get a brandish name for your luxury travel blog.

10. Check the Availability on Social Channels Before Purchasing

Check if you’ve social media handles available for your blog’s name. You’ll not only write and publish for your web blog, but also you’ll be active on social networks.

Most of the travelling audience hangs out on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. So you’ll need to create accounts there as well to attract visitors on your blog.

11. Expressing Your Personality Might Create Interest

Express your vibes. Are you adventurous? Are you a wanderer? Are you a thoughtful spiritual traveller? Are you a cool character taking amazing insta photos around the world?

Express your energy in your blog’s name. That fuses emotions. Emotions can lead to interest. And interest can lead to long-term followers.

12. Attach a Story/Outside Element

Don’t just limit ideas to typical travel page names. Include a strong specific and positive narrative, message, vision, you name it.

For example, when considering travel page names, think of concepts like “travelling to inspire people”, “go green traveller”, or “volunteer traveller”. These positive messages generate instant respect, credibility, and create impact.

People will be willing to follow your travel page everywhere just to support your narrative. But, be honest with it. Say what you truly stand for to achieve long-term success.

Choose a story behind the name

Don’t limit yourself

Next, you can also add a fun element. For example, “travelling with pets”, “travelling with radio”, or “travelling with fidget spinner”. These fun or outside elements give more to imagine. They’re like side characters around the protagonist.

Also, these can fuse curiosity and interest: “why is he travelling with a radio in 2021?”, “what’s it like to travel with pets?”, “is he really using a fidget spinner on the roads?”, “I need to see that”.

But, don’t just name it; present that element in your content, too.

13. Fact Check Your Blog’s Name

After you’re done deciding your name, do some final fact check, just like you’d do in a final draft of something. Here’s how:

  • Check if the name is already taken.
  • Check if you’ve any legal issues with the name.
  • Ask for feedback from your family members, friends, or work fellows. If they say it’s short, sweet, easy to read and spell, and relative, you’re good to go.

Ultra pro tip: never ask for feedback on the internet, you might get your idea stolen.

If you’ve chosen your desired name, register your name instantly before it might get taken:

Guide: How to Register Your Travel Blog Name via Bluehost

Why Bluehost? It’s one of the reputable hosting service providers with over 2 million users. They’ve been helping businesses and bloggers since 2003. During our research, we discovered immense positive reviews, especially on their customer support team.

Moreover, they’re more affordable than most web hosting companies. That’s best for a travel blogger like you to easily manage your hosting cost and travel budget at the same time.

If that’s not convincing enough, hear this out: you’ll get to register your domain name free of cost for a whole one year.

Here’s your guide:

  • Visit the main page; click where it says get started.
  • Here, choose your plan. For starters, ‘basic’ is good. You can always upgrade later.
  • Next, enter your domain name in the ‘create new domain’ box. Always shoot for .com domains.
  • Now, fill in the required information correctly. In the extras menu, we recommend getting ‘domain privacy + protection’ to protect your personal info. Uncheck other boxes in the extras, you can find free plugins for those or better service providers later.
  • Submit, and you’re ready to edit your website through WordPress, and create awesome content.

You might be interested in travel blog post ideas. Also, if you'd rather opt for hosting that's more sustainable and a bit better for the planet, you could explore environmentally friendly web hosting providers as an alternative.

Concluding: Did Love Reading Travel Blog Ideas?

Share which one you loved the most? Which one are you thinking of using? We created this list to help your creative juices flow, so you can come across a name you love. Hopefully, we’ve done our part, and now you’re ready to start right away.

Share your favorite travel blog names ideas below. Let’s see where you are heading.