Twitter Integration

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You need to install and activate our free plugin Powerkit to make this feature work.

You may install Powerkit from the list of recommended plugins in AppearanceInstall Plugins or from the common plugins page in PluginsInstall Plugins.

Display your Twitter feed in your sidebar with a widget or post content via a shortcode, including your Twitter profile image, number of followers, as well as number of replies and likes per each tweet in the feed.


You may display your Twitter feed with a widget in your sidebar by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Appearance → Widgets.
  2. Drag the Twitter widget to the desired widget area.
  3. Configure available widget options and click Save.


[[powerkit_twitter_feed username="envato" number="5" template="default" header="true" button="true" retweets="false" replies="false"]]

Accepted Attributes

username (Required)

Twitter Username.


Number of Tweets. Default is 5.


Template. Default is default.


Display header. Default is true.


Display follow button. Default is true.


Include retweets. Default is false.


Include replies. Default is false.