Theme Demos

Theme Demos are presets of configuration settings in the WordPress Customise section. These presets do not depend on the content. You may easily activate a demo or switch between them without importing the demo content or effecting the existing content.

It’s a very convenient feature, if you have existing posts and content and don’t want to import any dummy data, but you still would like your website to replicate a demo of Spotlight.

To activate a demo, simply navigate to Appearance → Customise → Theme Demos and click on Activate next to a demo thumbnail.

Typekit Fonts

There’re some theme demos, that are using Typekit fonts.

Follow these steps to use Typekit fonts with theme demos:

  1. Make sure you’ve installed Powerkit.
  2. Navigate to the WordPress dashboard to the Powerkit settings page and activate the Typekit module.
  3. Add the required fonts to a new kit on Typekit.
  4. Go to Appearance → Fonts → Typekit and add your Typekit API key.
  5. Select the created kit from the select field.
  6. Navigate to Appearance → Customise → Theme Demos and activate a theme demo.

If you activated a demo first and then activated Typekit, you will need to re-activate a demo. This way Typekit fonts will appear in typography controls instead of the default system fonts.

For more information on the Typekit Integration, please refer to the Typekit module documentation.

Typekit Fonts Used