Instagram Integration

Display the Instagram feed in your sidebar with a widget or post content via a shortcode, including your Instagram profile image, number of followers, as well as number of comments and likes per each image in the feed.


You may display your Instagram feed with a widget in your sidebar by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Appearance → Widgets.
  2. Drag the Instagram widget to the desired widget area.
  3. Configure available widget options and click Save.


You may also add your Instagram feed in post or page content by adding the following shortcode:

[powerkit_instagram user_id="envato" number="4" columns="1" size="small" target="_blank" cache_time="60" template="default"]

Accepted Attributes

user_id (Required)

User ID. Default is none.


Number of photos. Maximum 12. Default is 4.


Number of columns. Default is 1.


Photo size (thumbnail, small, large). Default is small.


Open links in a new or same window (_blank or _self). Default is _blank.


Template names. Default is default.


Cache Time (minutes). Default is 60.

Instagram Token

Powerkit doesn’t require an Instagram Token to display the Instagram feed by default.

In some very rare cases, however, it may fail to fetch data from the Instagram server and thus using an Instagram Token is required.

It’s very easy to obtain the token:

  1. Go to and click on Generate Access Token.
  2. Copy and paste your Access token into the setting field.