Inline Posts

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You need to install and activate our free plugin Powerkit to make this feature work.

You may install Powerkit from the list of recommended plugins in AppearanceInstall Plugins or from the common plugins page in PluginsInstall Plugins.

Display related posts inline with other post content for ultra-high conversion rate and user engagement in multiple different layouts.

The Inline Posts module will register a new shortcode [[powerkit_posts]], that will allow you to insert posts into your post content.

Post Source

The shortcode accepts different post source attributes (category, tag, IDs). If no post source attributes are specified, then the shortcode will automatically display posts from the same category and from the parent category (if any).

Exclude Duplicate Posts

The shortcode will automatically exclude duplicate posts, if you place more than one instance on the same page.


[[powerkit_posts title="Related Posts" count="5" category="travel, lifestyle, food" tag="worth-reading, top-5, playlists" ids="10, 20, 30" orderby="date" order="DESC" time_frame="2 months" image_size="pk-thumbnail" template="list"]]

Accepted Attributes


Display title. Default is none.


Number of posts to display. Default is 1.


Filter by categories. Default is empty.


Filter by tags. Default is empty.


Filter by post IDs. Default is empty.


Orderby. Default is date.


Order type. Default is DESC.


Filter by time frame. Default is none. Accepts English strings, for example 2 months.


Thumbnail size. Default is pk-thumbnail.


Template of posts (list, grid, grid-2, grid-3, grid-4). Default is list.