Justified Gallery

Create beautiful tiled galleries with the Justified Gallery module. Control the image height and padding between images per gallery or globally.

Both the Justified and Slider galleries are seamlessly integrated in the WordPress UI. To create a Justified Gallery follow the same steps as you would as if inserting a default WordPress gallery:

  1. Navigate to the post edit screen and click on the Add Media button above the WordPress post editor.
  2. Click on Create Gallery.
  3. Select the images to include in your gallery and click on the Create new gallery button.

Then in the Gallery Settings tab select Justified from the Type select field:

Gallery Settings Tab


Justified Galleries will look nice, only if you combine both landscape and portrait images.


To configure global Justified Gallery settings, please navigate to Settings → Media → Justified Gallery.


[gallery type="justified" ids="10,20,30" pk-jg-margins="10" pk-jg-row-height="160" pk-jg-max-row-height="-1"]

Accepted Attributes

type (Required)

Type. Required justified.


IDs of attachments. Default is none.


Space between images. Default is 10.


Row height. Default is 160.


Max row height. Type -1 to remove the limit of the maximum row height. Default is -1.