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Thank you for purchasing Authentic!

We at Code Supply Co. are confident that you'll be delighted with Authentic's plentiful feature options and clean, minimal design.

Please reference this file for any questions or issues you may be experiencing. It's likely you'll find the answer to your query here.


This documentation is also available online. Bookmark it to access it anytime.

Should you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel more than free to contact us by submitting a support ticket.

We'll do our very best to reply as promptly as possible within our working time (EST 01:00am - 9:00am, GMT 05:00am - 01:00pm, Monday to Friday).

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Hope you'll enjoy using Authentic as much as we enjoyed developing it.


Setting-up Authentic is easy. Just follow these steps, they won't take much of your time.

Theme Installation

Step 1: Login to your Wordpress admin panel and navigate to AppearanceThemes.

Step 2: Click Add New button at the top of the page, then the Upload Theme button on the next page.

Step 3: Select included in the files downloaded from Themeforest and click Install Now.

You need to upload the archive called It's inside of the main archive, that you downloaded from ThemeForest. Please don't upload the main archive, because it will not work.

Final Step: Once the file is uploaded and installed, click Activate.

Plugin Installation

Authentic requires some plugins to operate correctly. It's easy to install and activate them in one click.

Step 1: After activating the theme, in the notification message on the top of the admin page, click the Begin Installing Plugins link.

Step 2: Select all the plugins in the list and choose Install from the Dropdown menu, then click Apply.

Demo Content

Note: Importing demo content is optional. Demo content is not required for activation of a Demo.

Authentic comes with single-click importable demo content (pages, blog posts, etc.) to help you get started if you have a fresh WordPress installation.

Before importing, make sure you have installed the Theme and recommended Plugins.

  1. Navigate to AppearanceDemo Data.
  2. Click Import Demo Data.

After the import you may uninstall One Click Demo Import plugin.

Theme Demos

You may switch easily between various theme demos in AppearanceCustomizeTheme Demos.

Typekit Fonts

Some demos use premium Typekit fonts. Valid Typekit subscription ($49.99 / year) is recommended for these demos too look exactly, as on our demo website:

  • Heartbeat: Source Sans Pro (Regular), Proxima Soft (Medium)
  • Gossip: Proxima Nova (Light, Regular, Regular Italic, Bold), Proxima Nova Condensed (Regular, Bold), LTC Bodoni 175 (Regular)
  • Luxe Mag: Futura PT (Book, Medium), Acumin Pro (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic)
  • Modest Traveler: Didoni URW (Regular)

Before or after importing the theme demo, add the required fonts to a new kit, then select this kit in AppearanceTypekit.

You may also use any free Google Fonts alternatives.

Theme Options

After installing the theme, navigate to AppearanceCustomize.

Here you have access to all the theme's configuration settings. Each setting is commented and very straight-forward and should be easy to understand and configure.

Authentic supports live preview of all customizations, so you may preview any changes before saving them.


There're numerous color controls in Authentic. All colors can be configured in AppearanceColors. There're some predefined color presets too!


All typography settings can be found in Typography.

Note: Even though you may individually setup each typography element, please make sure you use max two font families in order to keep your website loading fast.


General layout settings can be found in Layout. The section includes global settings for Page Layout, Page Header and Post Archive.

You may also setup individual layout settings for the Homepage, Posts and Pages in their sections accordingly.


In Homepage tab you may specify individual Page Layout and Post Archive settings or use the global ones from the LayoutMain.

There're featured sections available on your Homepage: Post Slider, Post Tiles and Post Carousel. Feel free to change their configurations as you like.

Posts & Pages

In Posts and Pages tabs you may provide individual Page Layout settings.

Addional blocks, like Post Author, Post Tags, Subscribe, Post Pagination and Post Carousel are available for Posts.

Post Carousel is designed for the Related Posts section on your website.


There're several advanced settings located in the Advanced tab.

Additional Content

Additional Content is our brand new feature in Authentic. With Additional Content you may place any content anywhere on your website. There're multiple locations available for each page type and you may place your content either before the location or after it.

It can be custom ads, shortcodes, simple HTML content or anything else!

Since the fields accept raw HTML, there're some useful templates for your convenience:

Content Inside Container

<div class="container">

Content Inside Container with Padding and Background

<div style="padding: 30px; background: #eeeeee;">
    <div class="container">

Content Inside Container with Top and Bottom Margins

<div class="container" style="margin-top: 30px; margin-bottom: 30px;">

Full-Width Content with Padding and Background

<div style="padding: 30px; background: #eeeeee;">

Post Options

You may feature a post in the following locations:

  1. Post Slider
  2. Post Tiles
  3. Post Archive
  4. Post Carousel
  5. Posts Widget

In order to feature a post, please navigate to Post Edit page and mark the desired locations in Featured Locations metabox.

Make sure, that your featured location's Source is set to Featured in AppearanceCustomize.

Different sources can be set individually for Slider, Carousel, Tiles on Homepage and Category pages.

Authentic supports several types of Page Header:

  1. Default: Page header options are inherited from the AppearanceCustomizeLayoutMainPage Header.
  2. None: Page header isn't displayed.
  3. Simple: Simple page header without an image.
  4. Small: Small page header with an image or video background.
  5. Wide: Fullwidth page header with an image or video background.
  6. Large: Fullscreen page header with an image or video background.

Page Layout

Each post's layout can be configured individually to have either left or right sidebar or no sidebar at all. Please choose the desired option from the select field in the Page Layout metabox.

Media Location

If you select either of these formats: Gallery, Image, Video, Audio a new metabox Media Options will appear, where you may select the desired location of your media content.

Video Background

Creating video backgrounds is easy:

  1. First set Post Format to Video.
  2. Paste the YouTube or Vimeo video URL into the Embed field under the Post Title.
  3. Select the desired locations for your video backgrounds in Video Background metabox.
  4. You may also specify the Start and End Time. It can be useful for skipping the intro text in some of the videos.
  5. If you wish to feature a post in a Featured Location, select it in the Featured Locations metabox.

User Options

Social Accounts

Each post author can have their own Social Accounts that are displayed below the post content. Their URLs can be defined in UsersYour Profile.


We developed several custom plugins for our themes. These plugins and included with your purchase free of charge.

You may install them from AppearanceInstall Plugins.

Basic Shortcodes

There're various shortcodes, supported by our themes.

You may easily generate your shortcodes right from the WordPress editor:


Warning: The Basic Shortcodes plugin is a replacement for the CSCO: Shortcodes plugin. Please read the Migration Guide, if you purchased Authentic before May 2, 2017.

Basic Share Buttons

Basic Share Buttons settings are located in SettingsShare Buttons.

There're several locations for the share buttons in Authentic. You may disable, enable, select and reorder share buttons for specific locations. You may also enable or disable Titles, Counts and Labels.

Basic Social Accounts

In order to make the plugin work, please fill in your social accounts API credentials in SettingsConnect.

Basic Social Accounts allows you to display a list of social accounts in predefined theme locations, widgets and shortcodes.

After you activate the plugin, a new widget Social Accounts will appear in AppearanceWidgets. It supports various templates: Default, 2 Columns, 3 Columns, 4 Columns, 5 Columns and Horizontal List. You may also enable Titles, Labels and Counts for your Social Accounts.

Shortcode is available in the User Interface of the Basic Shortcodes plugin via a button in the WordPress editor toolbar.

Basic Twitter

In order to make the plugin work, please fill in your Twitter API credentials in SettingsConnect.

Basic Twitter allows you to display a your Twitter feed in a widget or via a shortcode.

After you activate the plugin, a new widget Twitter will appear in AppearanceWidgets. It supports various templates: Default and Slider.

Shortcode is available in the User Interface of the Basic Shortcodes plugin via a button in the WordPress editor toolbar.

Basic Facebook

In order to make the plugin work, please fill in your Facebook API credentials in SettingsConnect.

Basic Facebook allows you to display a your Facebook Page widget in the WordPress widget or via a shortcode.

After you activate the plugin, a new widget Facebook will appear in AppearanceWidgets. It supports several display options.

Shortcode is available in the User Interface of the Basic Shortcodes plugin via a button in the WordPress editor toolbar.

Basic MailChimp

In order to make the plugin work, please fill in your MailChimp Embedded Form URL in SettingsConnect.

Basic MailChimp allows you to display a your MailChimp subscribe form in a widget, via a shortcode or in the predefined theme locations: after post content and in the footer section.

After you activate the plugin, a new widget MailChimp will appear in AppearanceWidgets.

Shortcode is available in the User Interface of the Basic Shortcodes plugin via a button in the WordPress editor toolbar.


Authentic automatically resizes images to make them look nice depending on their location in templates.

Minimum recommended image sizes:

  • HD Images: 1920px
  • Standard Images: 1280px

Please try to select images that match the minimal dimensions to avoid whitespace, bad alignment and other image related problems.

Resizing Thumbnails

If you install Authentic on the existing blog with existing images we strictly recommend that you should regenerate your images.

Please install and run Regenerate Thumbnail plugin.


Shop Page Options

After you installed WooCommerce and created Shop page, there're the following additional options available on the shop page edit screen:

  • Products per Row
  • Products per Page

You may also change the Page Layout of the Shop page:

  • Default (Page Layout will be inherited from AppearanceCustomizeLayout)
  • Left Sidebar
  • Right Sidebar
  • Fullwidth


If you set Page Layout of the Shop page to either Left Sidebar or Right Sidebar, you may add widgets to WooCommerce sidebar in AppearanceWidgets.

Authentic supports all default WooCommerce widgets.

Cart in Header, Top Bar and Navigation Bar

You may add a cart icon with number of products to your header, top bar and navigation bar in AppearanceCustomizeLayoutHeader / Top Bar / Navigation Bar.

WooCommerce Documentation

For other WooCommerce issues, please refer to the WooCommerce official documentation.


Drop Caps and Lead-Ins

Authentic supports Drop-Caps and Lead-Ins right in the WordPress editor toolbar:

Drop Caps & Lead-Ins

Mega Menus

Mega menus can be enabled by simply checking the checkbox on the parent menu item:

Mega Menus

Multi-Column Menus

To create a multi-column menu simply add menu-columns to its parent menu item:

Multi-Column Menus

There're also several additional classes available:

  • menu-center will align the menu items to the center
  • menu-justify, will justify the menu items
  • menu-equal will make the menu items widths equal
  • hide-titles will hide the child menu item titles

Add them separated with a space.

Guest Authors and Multiple Authors

support guest authors and multiple authors per post.

In order to use this feature, please install Co-Authors Plus and follow their instructions.

Google Adsense

You may place Google Adsense ads in several locations by using the Additional Content feature.

First make sure you've enabled Google Adsense scripts in AppearanceCustomizeAdditional ContentGeneral.

Then put the ads code starting with <ins and ending with </ins> in one of the Additional Content fields:

<ins class="adsbygoogle"

That's it!


Latest Version

v4.3.0 (29/05/2018)


  • Fix RTL
  • Fix WooCommerce compatibility
  • Fix extra whitespace in the media section for video post formats
  • Fix WooCommerce product without reviews and description broken layout
  • Fix Mega Menu checkbox on secondary languages with Polylang


  • Fix GDPR compliance


v4.2.1 (29/04/2018)

  • Fix escape of class names in post titles
  • Fix highlighted icon colors
  • Fix Pin It button appearing even when disabled in theme options
  • Fix ratio overlay in Firefox and Edge

v4.2.0 (22/03/2018)

  • Fix link styles inside lists in post content and taxonomy description
  • Fix REST API loading bug
  • Fix responsive navigation logic
  • Fix GitHub icon
  • Fix WooCommerce button styles
  • Fix post meta "by" translation
  • Add function_exists checks for template-tags.php
  • Fix VK requests in Basic Social Accounts plugin
  • Make all tiles visible on mobiles
  • Jetpack tiled galleries and lightbox caption fix
  • Hide hamburger button on desktop, when disabled in the Customizer
  • Remove fixed ratio for small headers, as text doesn't fit
  • Compatibility with WPBakery Page Builder
  • Fix lightboxes on single posts with standard post format
  • Add User Fonts feature for adding custom web fonts and integration with Customiser
  • Add captions to featured images
  • WooCommerce 3.3 compatibility
  • Better handling of static front page and posts page
  • Add post author at the top of the single post
  • Add support for lightboxes on single images without captions


Release date: January 23, 2018

- Fixed: Instagram blurry images with lazyload feature disabled
- Improved: Sticky navigation bar options
- Fixed: Pin It buttons in galleries
- Added: Option to display previous / next post pagination within the same category
- Added: Option to change standard post summary type (either full post content or post excerpt)


Release date: January 13, 2018

- Fixed: Instagram Feed
- Fixed: Mega Menu and Google Adsense compatibility
- Updated: MailChimp integration


Release date: December 10, 2017

- Fixed: Multiple slides playing the same video in slider


Release date: December 05, 2017

- Fixed: Missing captions in lightbox
- Fixed: WPML compatibility
- Added: Option to disable narrow content width for fullwidth posts
- Added: Image orientation select for Authentic: Posts widget
- Updated: Translation files


Release date: December 04, 2017

- Fixed: Missing styles in the Customiser
- Fixed: Missing gallery types dropdown


Release date: December 02, 2017

Warning: This version is a major one and thus manual migration is required.
- Added: New theme demos
- Added: Images and iframes lazyloading
- Added: Low Quality Image Placeholders
- Added: New overlay text position
- Added: Mega menu
- Added: REST API pagination
- Added: Jetpack galleries compatibility
- Improved: thumbnail sizes.
- Improved: Google PageSpeed Insights performance
- Improved: Pinterest integration
- Improved: Lightbox
- Improved: Parallax backgrounds
- Improved: Retina logos
- Fixed: Google Structured Data
- Fixed: Jumping large header
- Fixed: ThemeCheck compatibility
- Fixed: WooCommerce mobile styles
- Updated: Dependencies

Migration to 4.0.0

Please follow these steps to migrate to version 4.0.0 from earlier versions:

  1. Backup your files and database.
  2. Download and install the new theme version. See our FAQ on how to update your theme.
  3. Update recommended plugins.
  4. Regenerate thumbnails.
  5. Set up new logos.

If you upgrade from version 1.x.x, please see this guide first.


Release date: November 16, 2017

- Fixed: WordPress 4.9 compatibility


Release date: August 14, 2017

- Fixed: Footer subscription form
- Fixed: WooCommerce mobile styles
- Updated: Dependencies


Release date: July 04, 2017

- Fixed: Exlude featured posts and pagination
- Fixed: WooCommerce mobile styles
- Fixed: iOS sticky elements


Release date: July 03, 2017

- Added: WooCommerce support
- Added: Typekit integration
- Added: Tag description
- Fixed: Tag cloud font size
- Fixed: Category on post pagination
- Updated: Basic plugins
- Updated: Dependencies


Release date: May 26, 2017


- Added: RTL Support
- Added: Spanish translation
- Added: French translation
- Added: Italian translation
- Added: Jetpack responsive videos support
- Added: Filter for number of Instagram images in footer
- Fixed: Logo width control
- Fixed: Custom button colors in sliders
- Fixed: Post order in Masonry archives on mobile devices

Modified Files:

* /css/*
* /js/*
* /languages/*
* /framework/customizer/theme-mods.php
* /framework/demo-import/theme-demos.php
* /framework/core-functions.php
* /framework/deprecated.php
* /framework/filters.php
* /framework/init.php
* /template-parts/footer/footer-instagram.php
* /index.php
* /page.php
* /single.php
* /404.php
+ /rtl.css
+ /style-rtl.css
* /style.css


Release date: May 18, 2017


- Fixed: Performance issues
- Fixed: Internet Explorer issues
- Fixed: Pagination on pages
- Fixed: Child theme screenshot
- Added: Spanish translation
- Added: Reddit, Facebook Messenger and Mail to share buttons
- Updated: Language files
- Updated: Dependencies

Modified Files:

* /css/*
* /js/*
* /images/demo-*.jpg
* /languages/*
* /framework/custom-fields/acf-pro.php
* /framework/custom-fields/custom-fields.php
* /framework/customizer/kirki.php
* /framework/customizer/theme-mods.php
+ /framework/customizer/options.php
* /framework/demo-import/theme-demos.php
* /framework/includes/kirki/*
* /framework/actions.php
* /framework/arrays.php
* /framework/body-classes.php
* /framework/core-functions.php
* /framework/custom-content.php
* /framework/filters.php
* /framework/partials.php
* /framework/post-meta.php
* /framework/template-tags.php
* /template-parts/loop/archive.php
* /template-parts/loop/content.php
- /template-parts/page-header/header-bg.php
- /template-parts/page-header/header-simple.php
* /index.php
* /page.php
* /single.php
* /404.php
* /style.css


Release date: May 04, 2017


- Fixed: Google Adsense ads
- Fixed: Multiple authors with registered users
- Updated: Dependencies

Modified Files:

* /framework/includes/kirki/*
* /framework/template-tags.php
* /framework/custom-content.php
* /template-parts/post/post-author.php


Release date: May 02, 2017

Warning: This version is a major one and thus manual migration is required.


- Added: 15 color palettes
- Added: 59 color controls
- Added: Controllable border radius
- Added: Improved typograhy
- Added: Individual page layout for home, posts, pages, categories
- Added: Sidebar width control
- Added: 5 page header layouts and global page header options
- Added: 4 post archives types
- Added: 2/3 columns grid and masonry archives
- Added: Individual post archives for home and categories
- Added: Hide or show post archive elements (summary, post meta, more button)
- Added: Ajax load more and infinite load
- Added: Controllable image sizes in archives
- Added: Controllable image widths in list archives
- Added: Repeatable widgets in archives
- Added: Header builder: menus, HTML, social icons with counters, search, container width, custom width, three header layouts, custom height, custom buttons with icons
- Added: Text logo and font control
- Added: Site description in header
- Added: Smart sticky navbar with text or image logo
- Added: List of social accounts in navbar
- Added: Offcanvas widget area and menu with text or image logo
- Added: Footer builder: Instagram, widget area, menu, text and image logo and nav, subscribe section
- Added: Auto play and timeout for sliders
- Added: New featured post tiles: 9 layouts, custom padding, video background, container control, custom width and height
- Added: Controllable featured carousels: image size, number of columns, padding, container control, custom width
- Added: Tiles and carousels on category pages
- Added: Custom source for featured areas: views, category, tags, featured posts; order by date, post views; timeframe limit
- Added: Switched to taxonomy featured for performance
- Added: Switched to Post Views Counter instead of WP-PostViews
- Added: Video background added for page headers, archives, sliders, post tiles
- Added: Video background start and end time
- Added: 2 post author layout: standard and compact
- Added: Guest authors and multiple authors per post with social accounts and bios
- Added: Disable or enable individual post elements: author, tags, related posts, post pagination
- Added: Improved post pagination subtle design
- Added: Controllable related posts: number of columns, image size, title, post source
- Added: Custom options per category
- Added: Custom Sidebars plugin supported
- Added: Gridable plugin supported
- Added: Advanced settings
- Added: Subscribe after post content
- Added: Refactored theme structure: based on actions and filters
- Added: Compliance with the WordPress Coding Standards
- Added: Ads and additional content including Shortcodes and custom HTML
- Added: New custom plugins: Basic Share Buttons, Basic Social Accounts, Basic Shortcodes, Basic Twitter, Basic Facebook and Basic MailChimp.
- Added: Share buttons: 3 color schemes (default, bold and monochrome), 4 locations (in post archives, before post content, after post content, in the post sidebar), 12 supported social networks, counters, shortcode
- Added: Social accounts: variouse layouts (default, 2 columns, 3 columns, 4 columns, 5 columns, horizontal list), counters, widget and shortcode
- Added: Shortcodes: 10 shortcodes with UI and shortcode generator right in the WordPress editor toolbar
- Added: Facebook page widget and shortcode
- Added: Twitter feed widget and shortcode with two templates
- Added: MailChimp subscribe form widget and shortcode
- Added: Custom brand new demo import and demo switcher
- Added: Optimized post meta and reading time
- Added: Multi-column menu

Modified Files:

All theme files

Migration from 1.x

Please follow these steps to migrate from version 1.0.9 and earlier:

  1. Backup your files and database.
  2. Backup your translation files.
  3. Remove deprecated plugins:
    1. CSCO: Twitter API
    2. WP-PostViews
    3. CSCO: Shortcodes (see Migration of Shortcodes for details)
  4. Deactivate and uninstall Advanced Custom Fields Pro from the PluginsInstalled Plugins. Then install it again from AppearanceInstall Plugins. It will update the plugin to the latest version.
  5. Download and install the new theme version. See our FAQ on how to update your theme.
  6. Install new plugins from AppearanceInstall Plugins:
    1. Basic Shortcodes
    2. Basic Facebook
    3. Basic MailChimp
    4. Basic Social Accounts
    5. Basic Share Buttons
    6. Basic Twitter
    7. Gridable
    8. Post Views Counter
    9. Regenerate Thumbnails
  7. Regenerate post thumbnails with Regenerate Thumbnails plugin.
  8. Import existing post views from WP-PostViews into Post Views Counter by clicking Import views in SettingsPost Views Counter.
  9. Set up your Social Accounts in SettingsSocial Accounts.
  10. Enter your social accounts API credentials in SettingsConnect.
  11. Add Custom Menu widget to the Offcanvas Area for mobile navigation in AppearanceWidgets
  12. Set up new widgets:
    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. Social Accounts
    4. Subscribe
  13. Check and customize theme settings in AppearanceCustomize.
Migration of Shortcodes

We replaced the deprecated CSCO: Shortcodes plugin with the new Basic Shortcodes. The new shortcodes have a bsc_ prefix. Please add this prefix to all your existing shortcodes.

Before: [alert]Alert[/alert]

After: [bsc_alert]Alert[/bsc_alert]

We also dropped [row] and [column] shortcodes in favor of the Gridable plugin.

Please install Gridable from Appearance → Install Plugins and replace [column md="6"] with [col size="6"] and add total number of columns to the [row] shortcode, like this [row cols_nr="2"].


[column md="6"]
Left Column
[column md="6"]
Right Column


[row cols_nr="2"]
[col size="6"]
Left Column
[col size="6"]
Right Column

You may also use the old CSCO: Shortcodes plugin and leave your shortcodes unchanged. It's working fine, though it won't be updated.


Release date: January 06, 2017


- Updated: Dependencies
- Fixed: Hentry Errors in Google Search Console
- Fixed: Header Alignment
- Fixed: Prev / Next Post Pagination
- Added: Skype, Spotify, Bloglovin, LinkedIn, Google Plus, RSS icons
- Added: Category Descriptions
- Added: Russian Translation
- Updated: Translation Files
- Fixed: Larger Logo on Mobile
- Fixed: Instagram Feed on Larger Screens (27'+)

Modified Files:

* dist/js/scripts.min.js
* dist/fonts/*
* lang/authentic.pot
+ lang/ru_RU.po
+ lang/
* lib/assets.php
* lib/dashboard.php
* lib/template-tags.php
* lib/theme-mods.php
* templates/content-featured.php
* templates/content-grid.php
* templates/content-list.php
* templates/content-masonry.php
* templates/content-standard.php
* category.php
* single.php
* header.php
* home.php
* page.php
* single.php
* style.css


Release date: September 16, 2016


- Updated: Dependencies
- Fixed: Pin It Buttons
- Fixed: Code Validation

Modified Files:

* dist/js/scripts.min.js
* inc/widgets/posts.php
* lib/template-tags.php
* lib/theme-mods.php
* parts/wp-instagram-widget.php
* templates/content-featured.php
* category.php
* footer.php
* header.php
* home.php
* page.php
* single.php
* style.css


Release date: September 1, 2016


- Fixed: Internet Explorer compatibility
- Fixed: Previous / Next Post Button Links
- Fixed: Category Post Count
- Fixed: About Widget Typo

Modified Files:

* dist/js/scripts.min.js
* inc/widgets/about.php
* lib/template-tags.php
* style.css


Release date: August 25, 2016


- Fixed: Visual Composer Compatibility

Modified Files:

* lib/template-tags.php
* page.php
* single.php
* style.css


Release date: August 24, 2016


- Added: Global Settings for Featured Image Types
- Added: Setting to Disable Share Buttons
- Added: Italian Translation
- Fixed: Twitter Embeds Whitespace

Modified Files:

+ lang/
+ lang/it_IT.po
* lib/custom-fields.php
* lib/theme-mods.php
* lib/custom-fields.php
* header.php
* page.php
* single.php
* style.css


Release date: August 06, 2016


- Added: Dribbble, Behance and Vimeo Social Links
- Fixed: Custom CSS Field

Modified Files:

* lib/dashboard.php
* lib/init.php
* style.css


Release date: August 04, 2016


- Added: Post & Page Global Layout Settings
- Fixed: Category Filter

Modified Files:

* lib/template-tags.php
* lib/theme-mods.php
* style.css


Release date: July 27, 2016


- Added: One Click Demo Import Options
- Updated TGM Plugin Activation

Modified Files:

- dist/demo/customizer.dat
+ dist/demo/customizer-1.dat
+ dist/demo/customizer-2.dat
+ dist/demo/customizer-3.dat
+ dist/demo/customizer-4.dat
+ dist/demo/customizer-5.dat
+ dist/demo/customizer-6.dat
+ dist/demo/customizer-7.dat
+ dist/demo/customizer-8.dat
+ dist/demo/customizer-9.dat
* lib/dashboard.php
* lib/theme-mods.php
* inc/classes/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php
* style.css


Release date: July 25, 2016


- Added: Video Backgrounds for Featured Posts
- Added: Navbar Logo
- Added: Top Bar Toggle
- Improved: Updated Dependant Plugins
- Fixed: One Click Demo Import Notice
- Fixed: Reading Time Grammar Mistake

Modified Files:



Release date: July 23, 2016

First Release.



We have used the following open-source projects or other files as listed:

  • jQuery
  • Owl Carousel 2
  • Bootstrap
  • Justified Gallery
  • Masonry
  • Waypoints
  • Jarallax
  • Magnific Popup
  • ImagesLoaded
  • Headroom.js


The sample images viewed in the theme preview are for demo purposes only and are not included with your purchase.

These images have been purchased by us from: Shutterstock.

Thank You!

We take great pride in creating solid themes and strongly believe in robust customer service practices. Should you have a question that neither this documentation file nor Themeforest's forums can resolve, please submit a support ticket and we'll do our very best to assist you.

If you like our theme, please take 1 minute to rate it on Themeforest:

  1. Go to Themeforest and login with your credentials.
  2. Hover on your account name in the top right corner of the screen. Click Downloads link and you will see your purchases list.
  3. Click stars next to our theme to leave your rating.

It will help us a lot to keep being motivated to release new theme updates and improvements for free.

If you don't like something, please submit a support ticket. We'll always be happy to help you!

Thank you very much for purchasing Authentic.

Take care!