The real estate world is always changing. Property values rise and fall daily depending on buyers and sellers. To help clients the most, agents need the latest housing numbers and trends. With different types of real estate websites, you need websites that accurately track current listings, neighborhood stats, and forecasts from the best real estate websites.

We tested best home buying websites to find which provide real-time market data from the best real estate websites. Seeing up-to-date info lets you price homes right, suggest similar properties, and predict upcoming shifts. In a rapidly moving industry, only regularly updated listing databases from the best real estate websites allow agents to best navigate changing markets and serve customers. That's why knowing the top real estate blogs on the best real estate websites is key.

๐Ÿ“‹ Factors We Considered for Choosing the Best Real Estate Websites

  • Number of home listings: More listings are better for customers.
  • Tools for agents: Features on the best real estate websites that help agents work easier.
  • Easy to use: Sites that load fast on any device.
  • Cost: Prices agents pay to use the site, with the best real estate websites offering competitive rates.
  • Available help: Training and support are offered.
  • Customizing your profile: Ability to make it your own.
  • Works on phones/tablets: Mobile-friendly design.
  • Company name: Well-known brands get more visitors.
  • Analytics: Tools on the best real estate websites to see how the business is doing.

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Our Top Picks for the Best Real Estate Websites

1. Zillow


Zillow Real Estate Website

Zillow is a viral website for real estate, often topping the list of the best real estate websites. Whether you want to buy, sell, or rent a home, Zillow can help. It lets you find home prices, listings of homes for sale or rent, and websites for real estate agents. It's easy to access all these things on it.

Zillow gets over 230 million visitors each month. Since so many people use it, it's become one of the main websites for real estate and is often considered one of the best real estate websites.


  • Extensive listing database with over 110 million homes for sale or rent nationwide.
  • Robust home valuation tools like the Zestimate and comparable sales reports to research estimated market value.
  • A large directory of high-rated local agents to match buyers and sellers with experienced professionals.
  • Detailed neighborhood information on schools, demographics, property facts, and nearby amenities to make informed decisions.
  • Helpful resources for getting prequalified and finding personalized mortgage options from multiple lenders, a service provided by the best real estate websites.


  • Home value estimates are often not accurate, causing confusion.
  • Listings show agents who don't represent the home, misleading people.
  • Leads for paying agents may not be good quality or responsive contacts.

2. ๐Ÿ… Our Favorite - Real Estate Website helps people buy and sell homes. It is one of the best websites for real estate agents. They connect home buyers and sellers to real estate agents.

On you can find listings of homes for sale. It is one of the best real estate agent websites. You can also search for an agent to help you or work with your current agent online. The site makes it easy to look at lots of home options. Agents can use to get more customers.


  • Extensive search functionality to filter through millions of listings across the country by location, price range, home features, and more.
  • Professional photos, detailed descriptions, and high-quality information for every property make listings really pop.
  • Neat architecture and neighborhood guides provide visual histories and breakdowns of specific home styles and areas.
  • Top-rated real estate agents standing by to assist through free consultations, local expertise, and full-service representation.
  • Cutting-edge mobile accessibility optimized for seamless searching, browsing, and contact on the go from any device.


  • Search filters are more basic compared to larger sites, limiting customized searches.
  • Listings may not always be up-to-date if agents don't promptly report changes.
  • Less consumer traffic means fewer eyeballs on listings compared to Zillow or

Why is Our Favorite Real Estate Website?

  • It's easy to find lots of homes by location, price and features with their search filters.
  • The home pages have good pictures and information about each house.
  • You can learn about neighborhoods from pictures and descriptions.
  • Top realtors will help buyers and sellers for free whenever you need them.
  • The mobile website is easy to use on phones and tablets to search anywhere.
  • It's a great website for realtors to get new customers looking to buy or sell.
  • They connect people looking for a home with realtors easily.
  • Real estate agents can use one place to work with clients and listings simply.

3. Real Estate Website

If you need to buy or sell a home, is the site to use. It has its place among top 10 real estate websites. For years, it's been the top online marketplace for residential real estate.

Whether you're just browsing homes or ready to make a deal, has you covered. The listings database has pretty much every property out there. With the My Home feature, homeowners can also track their investments. It's a cool tool for getting your home's value over time.


  • Extensive listings from real estate agents across the country provide buyers and sellers with a wide selection of properties.
  • Best realtor websites help potential clients connect with experienced professionals locally.
  • Streamlined access through the realtor website domain offers straightforward visibility and branding recognition online.
  • As the largest real estate marketplace, the platform gives agents broad exposure to serious buyers and sellers actively searching nationwide.
  • By limiting listings to licensed agents only, it cuts through competition that non-professional users bring on some other top realtor websites.


  • Leads go to multiple agents, so there's lots of competition for each customer.
  • Potential buyers may get annoyed with lots of agents calling about the same thing.
  • It's hard to lock in customers as your exclusive, since your leads see other options too.

4. Trulia

Trulia Real Estate Website


Trulia is a website for finding homes. You can search through lots of houses for sale on Trulia. It lets you look at homes in the area you want. Trulia has homes from all over.

Trulia tells you an estimate of what homes are worth. And it shows how prices change over time in different places. You can also see info about neighborhoods. Like safety or school ratings. This can help when picking a new home.


  • Extensive property database with detailed listings and valuable neighborhood facts.
  • Intuitive interface customizable filters and mapping tools for targeted searching.
  • In-depth data on individual homes alongside area crime and school information.
  • Highly usable on both desktop and well-designed mobile apps.
  • The trusted source of property listings and community insights.


  • Listings are sometimes wrong or outdated - homes shown as for sale are already gone.
  • Prices and finances on listings may not be correct like other top realtor websites.
  • It can be confusing to use with cluttered searches and filters that don't work well.

5. Real Estate Website helps people find properties in India. You can search for homes, land, rentals, and more.

They have a lot of options in different cities. Housing makes it easy to look at properties. You can also get loans and hire movers on the site. It covers everything you need for real estate.


  • Extensive property listings of homes, plots, lands and commercial spaces across India's major cities customized search filters make finding the right property easy.
  • The one-stop platform provides additional services for financing, paperwork, moving, and more all in one convenient location.
  • A robust database includes detailed information on neighborhoods, amenities, and property rates to evaluate options comprehensively.
  • Convenient mobile app allows searching on the go and direct communication with agents anytime
  • A trusted brand in India's booming real estate market serving buyers, sellers, renters, and investors for years.


  • Only focused on the Indian market, so not much use outside the country.
  • Listings are mainly in large cities, smaller towns have limited options.
  • Their payment services like loans involve interest costs, which other sites may not.

6. Real Estate Website lists homes for sale cheaply. It has over 1 million homes that banks own.

You can find nice homes for low prices on They get details from lenders. Their site is easy to search. You can set up alerts to find deals near you too. is popular with investors and the media. It has the most foreclosures listed in one place.


  • Browse thousands of foreclosure listings at prices well below market value nationwide.
  • Get pre-sale access to best deals through exclusive email alerts before they hit the open market.
  • Robust search tools let you easily filter properties by location, price, features and more for targeted browsing.
  • In-depth listing details with photos, tax records and neighborhood facts help evaluate prospective properties.
  • Robust learning center offers FAQs, foreclosure laws by state, and guides to purchasing process and financing options.


  • Listing details may not be accurate if the site doesn't regularly update information from its sources.
  • You can search for foreclosures for free on other sites like Zillow instead of paying fees on
  • Buying a foreclosed home remains a complicated process even with's tools - additional legal or inspection help may still be needed beyond what the site provides directly.

7. Apartments

Apartments Real Estate Website

Apartments shows people rental properties across the US. It has listings for apartments and homes. The site gives renters a big selection of places to choose from. Over 100 million people visit each month to find housing.

As the largest apartment listing website, gets a lot of attention from people looking to rent. Property managers can advertise on to get tenants. They say it works well to fill vacancies.


  • Reach a huge pool of potential renters online with detailed property listings.
  • Collect applications and screen tenants efficiently with built-in digital tools.
  • Automate rent collection and payments for stress-free monthly transactions.
  • Access customizable lease agreements without needing a lawyer on retainer.
  • Public response function handles reviews professionally and resolves issues.


  • Listings may not always be up-to-date. Some units are already rented or have different terms than what's advertised. This can frustrate apartment hunters.
  • The site is aimed more at larger apartment communities than individual landlords renting single-family homes or condos. Options may be limited in some areas.
  • You still need to do your own research beyond listings. View units in person and verify important details with managers before signing a lease. can't replace your due diligence.

8. Real Estate Website helps people sell their homes by themselves being one of the best real estate agent websites. It has listings since 1997. You can post your home on FSBO cheap. They give signs and tips to sell without an agent.

FSBO also lets buyers browse discounted homes. Sellers save broker fees. Their site guides buyers and sellers through each step. Millions use it every year.


  • Potential to save thousands in realtor commissions. Going through a site like reduces the fees you pay.
  • Make your own decisions on pricing, open houses, showings, and offers without agent input.
  • advertises your home on its site plus other top real estate websites like Zillow to get maximum exposure.
  • Features like customizable listing templates offer reviews, and document storage takes the hassle out of DIY.
  • The basic package for $99.95/month is very affordable for independent home sellers to do it alone.


  • As a FSBO site, it only caters to sellers who want to go agent-less. If you do want representation, other top real estate websites may be better.
  • Selling yourself is a lot of work like marketing, pricing, negotiations. provides tools but no actual agent help holding your hand.
  • Statistics show FSBO homes often sell for less than agent-listed homes. Without an expert guiding you, it's easy to leave money on the table.

9. Century21

Century21 Real Estate Website


Century21 helps people buy and sell homes. It's one of the largest real estate companies in the world. Their realtors are very experienced, with thousands of offices worldwide. Century21 agents sell more homes than others.

The company supports agents with good tech tools. They make the home buying/selling process easy. Century21 has been in business for over 50 years. It's trusted by many people for all their real estate needs.


  • Global brand recognition and established network. Leverage the trusted C21 brand in 84 countries.
  • Full service from an experienced brokerage. Get 24/7 support, leads, tech tools and high-tech offices.
  • Extensive training and resources. Advance your skills through on-site coaching and industry events.
  • Powerful all-in-one tech. Streamline workflows using their CRM, mobile app, website platform and digital marketing.
  • Engaged centralized leadership. Benefit from managers overseeing operations to empower success.


  • They have many franchisees operating independently, so experience can vary widely between offices and agents. Quality is not guaranteed.
  • Being one of the bigger brands, their agents may have large caseloads which means less individual attention for clients during the home buying/selling process.
  • Like most large brokerages, their primary priority is financial success and turnover. An agent's loyalty may lay more with Century 21 than taking the extra effort to truly serve clients.

10. Re/max

Remax Real Estate Website


Re/Max has over 100,000 agents worldwide. They are highly successful selling homes.

The company focuses on local markets with over 7,000 offices globally. Agents get support. Re/Max has been in real estate for 50 years. They provide tools and leads to help agents succeed.


  • Agents know the local market inside and out to help buyers or sellers at the right price.
  • Leverage RE/MAX's global brand recognition and extensive network.
  • Homes are advertised across multiple platforms to maximize exposure.
  • Rely on process knowledge and recommendations for smooth transactions.
  • Success is tied to client satisfaction, so agents will work hard on behalf.


  • They take a large cut of agent commissions, around 50% compared to other brands that are lower. This leaves less money for the agent.
  • Their membership structure means higher overall fees for agents. This gets passed on sometimes as higher prices for consumers.
  • Being franchise-based, quality can vary a lot between individual agents and offices. Just because it's Re/Max doesn't guarantee top-notch service.

11. Real Estate Website

Redfin has great agents and technology to help buy or sell homes.

Their site updates listings every 5 minutes. You can tour homes virtually with agents too. Redfin sellers get higher prices than others. And their low fees save sellers money.


  • Agents are based where you need them and have deep local market knowledge.
  • Pricing strategies rely on accurate neighborhood comps from boots-on-the-ground experts.
  • Redfin takes care of photography, staging, listing promotion so you can focus on other priorities.
  • Homes are featured across top real estate websites and local channels to reach serious buyers everywhere they search.
  • Redfin's streamlined model passes on savings with a 1% listing fee, half that of most others in the area.


  • As a discount brokerage, Redfin agents have large caseloads which means less individual attention for buyers and sellers compared to smaller firms.
  • Their discounted commissions also mean Redfin agents make less money per transaction. This could impact their dedication and experience levels.
  • Redfin's lower prices rely partially on savings from operations costs, so their customer service may not be as personalized as a full-service local agency. Technology handles more of the process.

12. Point2Homes

Point2Homes Real Estate Website


Point2Homes has lots of home listings to browse from many agents.

Whether buying or selling, you can easily find properties with their search tools. The site connects users with successful local agents too. Point2Homes makes touring homes online quick and easy.


  • They handle everything. No stress over showings, paperwork or negotiations.
  • Local experts are accessible anytime through the mobile site and app.
  • Your home reaches more buyers through Point2's global brand recognition online.
  • Agents have the best data to create customized strategies for your needs.
  • As the largest network, Point2 guarantees a great customer experience.


  • They seem to have poor customer service and technical support based on reviews. Email notifications not working properly is a big issue that was not resolved well.
  • As a customer, you have little recourse if issues arise. They can close your account at any time without much explanation, as was the case here.
  • Their policies are not always clear or consistent. This long-time user claims their licensing was suddenly an issue after 11 years, even though nothing changed on their end. Lack of transparency.

13. LoopNet

LoopNet Real Estate Website


LoopNet is your one-stop source. For years, they've connected buyers and sellers in the office, retail, industrial, and land space markets.

With LoopNet, you get access to thousands of exclusive listings from brokers around the globe. Search options let you filter tightly to find your perfect fit.

A great thing is how their site centralizes pertinent deal info. Not only do you see listing details, but also ownership histories, leases, taxes, and more. It's a full picture.


  • Search from millions of commercial listings and properties not found anywhere else.
  • Market insights. Leverage comprehensive data and analytics to make more informed investment decisions.
  • Global visibility. Maximize exposure for your listings on the industry-leading commercial portal.
  • Full-service platform. Complete end-to-end leasing and sales capabilities in one convenient digital hub.
  • Valuable connections. Tap into an engaged network of brokers, owners, investors and other professionals.


  • They seem to have issues with accurately displaying listing information. Critical details like contact info and descriptions were incorrectly shown or missing according to this review.
  • Entering new listings can also be problematic, with errors preventing completion of posting. This wasted time and missed weekend marketing.
  • Customer service did not resolve problems in a satisfactory manner. Listings still weren't posted after being provided all details. No good explanation was offered for repeated issues either.

14. RealtyTrac

RealtyTrac Real Estate Website


RealtyTrac provides property data and insights for real estate pros.

Its database saves time with key info on listings, comps, and more. Search tools help analyze listings easily. RealtyTrac's real estate info helps users make smart decisions. Its valuable resources have powered the industry for over 20 years.


  • Leverage the most comprehensive collection of US housing data and analytics.
  • Make timely decisions with access to the latest foreclosure, housing and economic trend reports.
  • Research properties and markets across the country from a single, reliable source.
  • Filter data exactly how you need through custom reports and highly configurable datasets.
  • Tap RealtyTrac's team of analysts for help interpreting data and shaping savvy investment strategies.


  • They primarily focus on distressed property data like foreclosures, which limits their information to a specific segment of the market. For broader research, other sites may be better.
  • Some of their foreclosure and pre-foreclosure data relies on third party public records that aren't always accurate or up-to-date. Errors and delays can occur.
  • As a subscription-based site, real estate professionals have to pay to access all of RealtyTrac's reports and analytics. Competitors offer more free information that could satisfy occasional users.

15. Real Estate Website matches renters with the right listings easily. Its database has many home options like houses and apartments.

Search and tour features make finding a rental simple and convenient.'s tools take the work out of your apartment search. It aims to simplify renting and get you into your new home fast.


  • The website is easy to use and understand when looking at ads and maps.
  • Renters can find useful things to help with moving everything in one place.
  • Look at lots of different places you can rent from to pick the best one.
  • Search tools let you choose what you want to see better.
  • Do all the steps of finding a rental like search, apply, and sign on


  • The website seems to have performance issues according to reviews. Being slow and glitchy makes for a poor user experience when searching for a new place.
  • If any issues come up, the customer service doesn't have a good reputation. Reports of being unhelpful and not addressing problems like refunds in a timely manner.
  • Inventory is limited to certain property types. Since it mostly focuses on apartments and complexes, tenants looking for standalone houses won't find many relevant listings there.

16. Movoto

Movoto Real Estate Website


Movoto aims to make homeownership achievable for all.

Their agents partner with buyers and sellers every step of the way. With tailored guidance, Movoto removes the stress of the process. Experience hassle-free real estate with their customer-focused service.


  • Intuitive tools and tips to make your search seamless. Browse man-on-the-street recommendations, walk scores and school info for instant insights.
  • Personal help when you need it. Chat right on the site with a friendly agent who knows the area inside and out.
  • Data made digestible. Neighborhood pages give you the vibrant local lowdown way better than dull stats.
  • Views beyond just listings. Fun heatmap surveys and community forums connect you to the real pulse.
  • Updates that find you. Targeted deal alerts keep your search energized wherever life takes you.


  • As a smaller site, it doesn't have as large of a listings database as the major players. You may miss out on some properties only found elsewhere.
  • Their reviews can be unreliable since almost any user-submitted comments show up without verification. True quality is hard to assess.
  • Movoto aims to be a one-stop shop but some specialized tools like MLS searches or professional documents are lacking compared to industry-tailored options.

17. Houzeo

Houzeo Real Estate Website


As a one-stop hub for real estate pros and clients, Houzeo creates collaborative property searches. Using their interactive tools, agents can add clients to "open houses" anytime, anywhere. No more playing phone tag!

Clients see listings handpicked for their needs. And with chat functions, getting questions answered is super simple. Plus, sharing property pix and docs on Houzeo makes office meetings obsolete. Virtual viewing is the future.


  • The website makes it easy to change your ad pictures and price from anywhere.
  • Someone can help if you have a question or need help.
  • Houzeo will take care of letting people know about your home and setting up visits.
  • Reports show you how to get more people to see your home and set the right cost.
  • It automatically schedules papers, visits, and reminders so everything flows nicely.


  • As a small site focused only on California properties, it doesn't have the nationwide reach and listings database of larger portals. You may miss potential buyers/sellers outside California.
  • Their main value is listing aggregation, but they don't offer the robust agent marketing and CRM tools provided by larger brokers. Productivity features are limited.
  • Not being affiliated with an actual brokerage means less back-end support for legal/compliance issues that may arise. Going with an established brand provides more resources.

18. Coldwell Banker Realty

Coldwell Banker Realty Real Estate Website

Coldwell Banker Realty

Coldwell Banker Realty connects home buyers and sellers with the best local agents nationwide. As the largest residential real estate brokerage, they have over 56,000 agents ready to help you with whatever stage of property ownership you're in.

Whether you're searching listings in your city or looking for an expert guide, their site is packed with useful resources. Proprietary tools like neighborhood data and market reports ensure you make smart decisions.


  • Big sites get millions of monthly visitors looking to buy/sell.
  • Analytics show what's working to attract the most interested clients.
  • Sites spot future price changes and hot neighborhoods before others.
  • Get your profile seen nationwide for more client opportunities.
  • CRMs, contracts and marketing templates save time to spend on clients.


  • As a large national brand, you may get lost in the shuffle at a busy office and get less personal attention from brokers.
  • Their commission structure is on the high side, leaving less money in agents' pockets versus smaller, lower-cut competitors.
  • All the marketing perks that come with a big name also mean higher monthly or annual membership fees than discount options. The costs need to be justified.

19. Opendoor

Opendoor Real Estate Website


Opendoor reimagined the home selling process as a digital real estate platform. Since launching in 2014, it's made trading homes easy for thousands.

Whether upgrading your family home or taking a new job, Opendoor helps people smoothly make their next move. Opendoor remotely evaluates your home then directly buys it or lists it for you on the open market. Either way, no more dealing with hassle yourself.


  • Sell your home fast and hassle-free. Opendoor will make you a cash offer so you can move quickly.
  • Set your own closing date. If you find a new home before Opendoor takes possession, you can delay the closing.
  • No open houses or showings are needed. Opendoor takes care of the paperwork and prepping your home for its new owners.
  • Certainty through the process. Know the final sale price from your initial offer without unexpected costs eating into your equity.
  • Sell without preparing or staging. Opendoor handles any updates or repairs, saving you time and money to get your home market-ready.


  • Since they aim to buy quickly, Opendoor's offers may be lower than what could be obtained in a traditional sale process with an agent where the home is marketed fully. You sacrifice top dollar.
  • Once you sell to Opendoor, you lose negotiation power and can't consider counteroffers from other buyers like you would in a multiple offer scenario. Flexibility is reduced.
  • Opendoor takes a fee at closing just like an agent would. However, with an agent there is expertise provided to maximize the sale price that offsets this. Going it alone via iBuyers provides less guidance.

20. Hotpads

Hotpads Real Estate Website


Hotpads makes apartment hunting in busy cities a little less exhausting. Founded by renters tired of unreliable listings, they created a map-based search tool with comprehensive options.

Whether you need walkability to dog parks or short commute times, Hotpads suits customized searches. Landlord ratings, user reviews, and real-time updates ensure you find the perfect match quickly.


  • All rental details in one place. Reviews, photos and landlord info save lots of hassle.
  • User-friendly and easy to navigate. Even non-tech folks can get what they need.
  • Flexible search options like drawing zones. Fast finds for your next place.
  • Central listings hub brings rentals to you. No hunting spread out over many sites.
  • Constant updates so you always see new spots. Always stay one step ahead of the listings game.


  • As an apartment rental site, their focus and listings are more tailored towards renters rather than buyers and sellers of other property types.
  • Features for agents are relatively basic compared to large brokerage sites with more robust marketing and CRM tools integrated.
  • Being a smaller site, listing coverage may not be as wide-ranging as competitors with access to large MLS databases nationwide. You could miss out on some properties.

21. Centris

Centris Real Estate Website


Centris is Quebec's leading real estate website. It connects home buyers and sellers with a large network of local agents across the province. Search their database of Quebec listings or access market reports. Centris offers the resources you need to navigate Quebec's property market.


  • Prices are lower than other similar homes to sell fast.
  • You can buy and flip for more if it is fixed up nicely.
  • Banks want them gone, so deals move quickly.
  • Large selection of foreclosed properties.
  • Not as many people bidding compared to regular buys.


  • Their listings and services only cover a single province. Agents looking to expand nationwide will need other options.
  • Features for professionals aren't as fully developed as platforms from major brands like that invest heavily in tools.
  • You must use Centris for online presence instead of having your own custom domain name site, which can be less flexible long term.


In summary, real estate moves fast so agents need up-to-date market info. We looked at best home buying websites and found the ones with regularly refreshed listing details and analytics.

Accessing fresh data through these platforms helps navigate always-changing neighborhoods. Stay informed with the featured tools to most smoothly serve clients. Keeping current on trends guides professionals easily through property matters.